Obscure Modeling Poses That Make Shopping Online At Zara Awkward

By Liezel L November 4, 2021

We all know that fashion can be pretty odd. From walking beds on the runway to meat dresses, fashion doesn’t seem to have limits when it comes to weirdness. In fact, it embraces it. However, it seems that Zara has taken that weirdness to a new level. It’s not the clothes per see, though, that would make you wonder what in the world is happening, but rather the posing of the models showcasing the clothes or the products. And when we say they’re weird, we really mean WEIRD. Because of this, they have become somewhat iconic. People have even started collecting pictures of all this Zara awkwardness. One such page that does this is the Instagram page “Awkward Zara,” which is on a mission to round up all of these odd Zara images out there in the world. Here are some of the best ones they’ve found so far. 

When You’re In Yoga Class And Trying So Hard To Pretend That You’re Not In Your Limit Of Holding In The Biggest Fart Of Your Life

When modeling clothes or other products, you can’t just stand stiff and still like a stick unless that’s the concept, of course. Most of the time, you have to incorporate movement. This might be going overboard a little, though. 

Image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Maybe they were going for a more realistic concept of how people would look in that dress. After all, this is how many of us end up on the couch at home sometimes when nobody’s looking at us. It’s like the post-going-out vision for the dress. 

Anti-Social People Be Like…

When it comes to fashion, they say there is always something for everyone, and while it may not be hard to believe, this picture had us really believing in it, like how we believe that a lot of humans are complete idiots. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

How nice of Zara to showcase fashion for the anti-social. At least these people will now know what they’d look like in case of emergency situations when they have nothing else to hide with when they see someone they absolutely don’t want to talk to. 

When You’ve Got That Important Person To Meet But Your Pits Stop Cooperating 

We all know the relief of standing in front of a fan or an air cooler in the midst of a hot day when we’re all blazing and sweaty, right? Unfortunately, we don’t think this picture is the best way to sell clothes. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/ Instagram

Do we want to know what we would look like when we’re desperately trying to cool off by ripping off our clothes? Uhm, no. Do we want to know what our clothes would look like when they’re all sweaty and gross? Definitely not. 

When You Lost In The ‘It’s Too Hot vs It’s Too Cold’ Argument In The House And Now You Have Five Frozen Toes Look

When the weather turns cold and blistering, it’s nice to bundle up in a cozy jacket to keep you warm. We’re just not sure we would want to suffocate ourselves with our jackets like this model is sporting here. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

With all the funky button arrangement and the weird stuffing here and there, you’d think that whoever dressed her wasn’t taught how to dress properly as a child. And guess what? These jackets are actually called straight jackets. Ironic. 

When You’re Walking The Fine Line Between Ordering Everything In Your Cart Or Actually Saving Something For Your Meals

In photography, photographers learn how to make something shine through perspective. In this case, it looks like an example of “How not to photograph.” Unfortunately, we don’t think this is entirely the photographer’s entire fault. Sure, the picture isn’t great, but that’s not the only thing that’s unfortunate about this whole picture. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

First off, why does the poor girl look like she’s being forced to walk the plank? Second, who in the world put her in that dress and then those shoes? Last, how in the world are we really supposed to find that bag attractive at this point?

When Your Shoes Aren’t Getting The Attention They Deserve

There are so many shoe options out there in the world, but finding the perfect shoe is like finding a needle in a haystack. What makes it difficult is finding the right balance between comfort and style. That’s why when we do find ‘the’ shoe, we’d naturally want to show it off just like this model right here. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Her face says it all. Her shoe is perfect. It’s stylish. It goes with anything. She can dance in it all night, and it’s also perfect for a sweet little date. So, she’s wondering where all the compliments are. At least she’s not wondering how this picture is going over with Zara’s fans. 

When You’re Trying To Avoid Pit Stains On The Day You Forgot To Wear Deodorant

We all hate stinking like a sweating buffalo on a hot summer day while wearing a cute outfit. Unfortunately, there are just haggard days when you run out the door without the essential swipe of deodorant. We all start looking like this model when the heat begins peaking eventually. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Seriously though, we have nothing to say about the clothes or the styling. It’s just the pose. There are so many ways to showcase this model’s long beautiful arms, and having her hunch over is definitely not one of those. 

When One Half Of Your Body Says Go To Work And The Other Half Says Go Back To Bed

We love this dress, and we kind of hate the slipper,s but you know what really freaks us about this pose? It’s the fact that this woman’s upper and lower half looks like it came from two different people. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Her upper half is really straightforward, but her leg is just going in all sorts of directions. We don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but once you notice it, it’s all you can stare at instead of the clothes. 

The First Time You Try To Put On Lashes After Watching One Youtube Video

At one point, all of us were learning how to do our makeup from all these beauty gurus on YouTube. And while we are thankful for those helpful videos that provided us with the basics of our makeup skills, we can all agree that our first attempts trying to do what we’ve seen are pretty gruesome. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We’re pretty sure that the team who glued these lashes on this model isn’t on their first days of makeup training, though. And yet, we’re seeing this epic fail with a giant online seller like Zara. It kind of makes us rethink if all those days on YouTube were worth it. 

Trying To Work Out Which Bag Is Heavier So You Can Give It To Your Sibling To Carry Inside While Helping Mom

Honestly, this picture is a lot better than the others. Here, we can see the product clearly, and we can imagine how it will look when we use it. It’s just hard not to poke fun at it when it looks like she’s weighing the bags. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

This is probably what we all look like when we’re weighing two of the same products at the grocery store, market or when we’re trying to decide which bag is lighter to carry for us. Truth be told, though, we can only wish we were half as gorgeous as this girl while doing it. 

When You Forgot To Bring All The T-Shirts To A Shoot And You Just Have To Improvise

There are so many things that can go wrong in a shoot. For one, the equipment might not be working correctly. Two, the model might not know what she’s doing. Last but not least, some people might actually forget to bring the product you’re shooting. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

In this case, we’re hoping they’re trying to sell the pants because as much as we love their resourcefulness and creativity with the shirt, it’s not doing anyone any favors. We’re only giving it points for fast thinking on the spot, but that’s that. 

When They Run Out Of Ideas How To Sell An Outfit

Modeling may seem so full and glitz and glamour for simply just standing there and looking nice in everything they give you, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, even models run out of ideas on how to sell an outfit. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We’re not sure if it’s the model’s fault or just the clothes themselves in this instance. What’s even more confusing is that Zara is selling that purple camisole shirt, but it looks like the model is trying her best to hide it. 

When You Don’t Want An Accidental Wardrobe Malfunction Happening While You’re Rushing To An Important Meeting

Ladies, we think we all know the struggles of having boobs. They might look nice on us, but we all know that they cause more trouble than we want. From boob sweat to the unfortunate nip slip, there’s an array of troubles we’re always on the lookout for. Zara seems to have found a solution to one of those, though. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We’re not sure if that’s a belt or what, but from the way she’s holding it up, it does look like a belt for boob safety. If this were an ad, it would probably say something like, “Don’t let another accident ruin your day. Buckle up now!”

Trying To Get That Sauce Stain Off Your Dress Using The Washroom Sink

It’s hard to stand a stain, no matter how small it is. Even though no one else notices it, you know it’s there like a big old ugly pimple, and you won’t be as comfortable moving around in that case. So naturally, we’d want to get it off. This picture is the perfect representation of that. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

However, aside from that, this picture shows how easy it would be to stretch that dress around, at least. Now, you know that if you buy it, you have to watch out for the edges because there’s just no way you can get it to reach the sink unless you full-on pull it up. 

When You Were Ordered To Stack The Chairs At The End Of Class But You Don’t Even Get A Compliment For Your Job Well Done

This is how we imagine we looked every time we were the ones tasked to fix up the classroom or the assembly area after a long day at school and weren’t even rewarded with a simple “good job.” But of course, this is minus the nice boots and styled hair. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Seriously though, what is Zara really trying to tell us here? Are the chairs sturdy? Is this girl awesome enough to lift all of them in those heels? This is the new way to sit stylishly on chairs? We kind of need to know. 

When You’re At A Team Building Event, But You’ve Just Had Enough Of Everyone

Sometimes, it’s not the workload and tasks that make your job a living hellhole. It’s the coworkers, and we’re not just saying this because we hate people of something like that. There are people who just make you want to bang your head on a wall. This girl right here chose the wiser option. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Instead of punching your co-worker’s face, this would be a perfect way to destress. And if Zara is advertising that dress as something that would help the de-stressing process, we’re all for it, as weird as the concept might be. 

Hoping Those Trousers Still Stretch Out And Are Able To Accommodate Our New Pandemic Bods

It might just be us, but it seems like our washers have become too good at shrinking our trousers and, well, everything else. Every time we try a new something on from the wash, it seems like it has shrunk another inch or so. Thanks to Zara, though, there’s a remedy we could try. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It’s just like the squat test for leggings. If it rips, then well, it’s time to say goodbye to those trousers. If they don’t, then keep the pose still for as long as you can, and voila! You’ve saved a pair of trousers from the brink of demise. 

When Your Body Is Up But Your Brain Is Still Hitting The Snooze Button

No matter how much we want to wake up all sunny and bright, there are just those days when we feel like we’ve left our souls in a sleeping daze, and everything just feels robotic. Unfortunately, those moments have consequences like this. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

That coat looks great, and we’d actually want to buy that. It’s just that we’re pretty sure it should be on the other way around. Was everyone from the styling team all the way to the marketing department asleep when they allowed this to happen? We hope not.

When You Step On An Unknown Wet Patch On The Floor And Now You Have To Burn Your Entire Outfit

Have you ever tried stepping on something weird, wet, or sticky with your bare feet while you’re simply trying to get a glass of water or maybe going to the bathroom in the middle of the night? It sucks, right? Well, that’s what this model looks like she’s going through. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

If it were us, though, we wouldn’t be as calm as this model. Instead, we might be jumping around trying to get our foot off, or we’d be inspecting our feet with absolute disgust on our faces. Good for her for keeping composure. 

How To Keep Your Precious And Expensive Makeup Items Away From The Reach Of The Dogs And Kids

By the look on this model’s sour face, she’s not too happy with what she’s doing, and we completely get it. This product placement really isn’t doing anyone any favors. We don’t even see the product completely at all. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Plus, who in the world would use the bag like that for them to have her model it like that? It just makes no sense. It might work as a trick to keep any of your precious expensive items away from the reach of tiny little grabbing toddler hands or pets looking for their next chew toy. 

When You Get Out Of The Salon Covering Your New Do After Lying To Your Hairdresser That You Loved It 

It’s a weird thing, but it’s rare for a lot of people to be utterly thrilled after a haircut. Some might regret losing a few inches, while others might be distraught over the decision to even go to the salon. If we were the latter, this is how we would walk around after the cut. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We wonder, though, what in the world is the point of this pose, Zara? Is it to show that the coat is as good as covering up our ears and hair as it is at keeping us warm? If that’s the case, then it’s not totally a bad job. 

When You Turn Your Eyes Away From Your Toddler For One Second

Toddlers are curious creatures. That is why you have to keep your eyes on them at all times. If not, then this might be what you come back to after just taking your eyes off your kid for a second.

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Seriously though, what is Zara trying to sell here? We don’t have a clear view of any of the clothes she’s wearing, and we doubt it would be the mud that she has dipped her hands into. Even the shoes look ruined.

When You Spill Your Coffee On Your Mum’s New Carpet And She Walks In The Room

Moms are kind of overprotective over the things they buy, and we get it. They want things to last a long time. On the other hand, this makes it scary to accidentally mess up things like the carpet they bought. This is what we would look like while desperately trying to cover up any stain we put there. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We’d want to cover up any mess we make until we get the chance to get out and run away from the house/ Well, Zara makes it clear that this is the perfect coat to do that. It also looks like a great blanket if you need to sleep outside, just in case. 

When You’re Playing A Game Of Charades At The Office Party And You Get The Word ‘Frog’

This pose looks great for when you’re playing charades under the animal category, but it also looks like it’s asking us to play charades in guessing what Zara wants us to think about their dress if that’s what they’re selling. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

We don’t see the form of the dress. We don’t see its silhouette. We don’t even see how long it is or what the bottom looks like. How are we supposed to know how this would look like on us in normal circumstances when we’re not squatting like that?

Accomplishing Your Daily Yoga Sessions While Doing A Photoshoot

Sometimes, multitasking is the only thing that will get you through the day without you losing your sanity and patience. Just look at this model putting together her yoga sessions and photoshoots. She’s getting everything done like a pro!

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Like the professional model that she is, she also seems to have mastered that signature Zara modeling look where she’s not really sure what product is being sold and was just told to do any pose she could think of. 

Disconnecting The TV After You Come Home To Zero Chores Done At Home

This is basically a picture of a mom who comes home tired from work to find the kids and the husband on the couch with a messy house around them, and zero chores are done. Kudos to Zara for getting it perfectly right. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

As comfy as those leggings look, we’re not sure this is the right photo for a fashion brand. It more of looks like a PSA for all those lazy couch potatoes out there who are just waiting for their roommates to take care of the house. 

A Master Technique On How To Stop Creeps From Getting Too Close On The Bus

Creeps remain prevalent on public transportation no matter what we do. While a lot of them don’t do anything as drastic as groping you in public, it can still be pretty frustrating to be in their vicinity or to have their eyes on you. To help with that, here’s a technique you can use as shown by this Zara model. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

With this, you remain hidden from their view, plus you also don’t get to see their ugly faces. More than that, it’s also a great way to hide pit stains and avoid touching the germ-riddled handles on your rides. 

When You Spot Someone From Your Old Highschool At Your Local Mall

For a lot of us, high school is that time that we want to pretend didn’t happen. It was our time of self-discovery and as everyone knows, that doesn’t always go too well. And well, seeing someone from that time in any public space is just quite awkward. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

This Zara picture is the perfect representation of that situation. It also perfectly showcases how to put that bag to good use, which is, in fairness, the perfect cover-up and tool to get away safely without any awkwardness in such a situation. 

When You Take The Risk Of Letting Your Child Dress Themselves

We want our children to explore their preferences, develop their own sense of style, and all that jazz, but ironically, there is just something in us that will not allow them to go out looking like they dressed themselves. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

That is why we are utterly confused by this Zara picture. Is this how they’re telling us to be free in our fashion choices? Or is this how they’re trying to sell this outfit by dressing up like kids who weren’t dressed by their parents? Is the new “in” because we definitely never heard anything about this? 

When You Have To Pray With All Your Might To All The Gods Before Going Into Work At The Job You Hate

Sometimes, it’s not what you have to do that makes the job suck. Sometimes, it’s the people you have to work with. Other times, it might be the long hours you have to endure. No matter what it is, there are just times when going into work seems to merit so many prayers to keep you sane, just like what this model is doing. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It looks she is kneeling and praying that everyone can get through the shoot she’s in, and we’re not wondering why. Her hard work may not be paying off how she thought it would, but it’s paying the bills, and that’s what matters. 

When You Get Dragged Out Of Your Pajamas For A Family Reunion But You’d Rather Be Back In Bed Watching Friends And Cuddling The Cats

Some people really go out of their way to take photos in exotic places, and we get it. They have to get ‘the’ shot, and the green screen just won’t cut it. Sometimes, though, the green screen might have been a lot more worth it. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

This model right here looks like she got dragged out of bed for one of those shoots they could have done in a nice, comfy studio. As nice as the field is, she looks like she’d rather have those few precious minutes of sleep more than anything. 

When Your Feet Have Given Up, But You Still Need Your Hands To Carry The Takeout

All ladies out there should know the struggle of wearing heels. Sure, you feel pretty, sexy, and maybe a little bit more confident in them, but by the end of the night, they act like torture devices for your feet. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

However, taking them off and holding them in your hands isn’t a wise choice. Especially if you have a bunch of other stuff to carry, like, say, the takeout you’ll be eating for dinner. Thankfully, Zara is here giving out some tips. 

When They Try To Stick Cornflakes To Your Face To Try To Be More Interesting

Thinking of photoshoot concepts is not an easy task especially if you’re thinking for hundreds of clothing pieces. Sometimes, the creative juice can run dry, and you end up with something like this. Sure, it’s interesting, but just no. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

This model also looks so done with her job. And we can’t not blame her for feeling this way. For us shoppers, we don’t need any of those fancy cornflake petal things on her face. We just want to see the clothes properly. That’s it. 

Still Not Going To Notice My Pretty Shoe?

When they take pictures in the studio, especially at Zara, they should be clear, concise, and just a little bit in your face for the product to appeal to customers. This one, though, might be a little too in your face. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It’s like it’s saying, “BUY THIS SHOE NOW,” and honestly, that’s kind of scary. It feels like we’re being threatened. Seriously, those shoes are cute enough on their own to attract buyers. There’s no need to rub it in our faces. 

Using Your Houseplants To Spy On The New Cute Neighbor And Not Seem Like A Creep

We hate being the center of the neighborhood gossip, but there are times when we love doing a bit of spying, especially if there’s a new cute neighbor in town. To avoid being labeled as the creepy neighbor, we have to employ some hardcore spy techniques with whatever we have on hand, like our houseplants. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

This is probably what we look like while doing that. Not creepy at all, right? It may be a bit scary, considering we might not be as well put together as this model. Still, though, it’s a great idea from Zara, isn’t it? They might not have been able to sell anything to us, but at least they gave us a great idea. 

When The Seat Is Still Nice And Toasty From The Person Before You

You know what, this pose could have worked in a way. It looks kind of cool and unique, and it’s not totally hiding the product. But with all that’s running in our minds, she just seems disgusted by the fact that the seat is warm from the person who sat there before her. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It’s disgusting. We get it. But come on. It’s hard to believe that there aren’t really any better photos or poses than this one that they really chose to go with for a legitimate product picture. That’s just sad. 

When Arm Day At The Gym Hit Hard And Now You Can’t Even Put On Clothes Without Feeling Like You’re Lifting 50 lbs

Honestly, this photo isn’t as bad as the others. We actually see a genuine smile here of all things, and that is a rare sight to see with these kinds of photos, and yet, it still doesn’t do the job very well, does it?

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

She looks like she’s been to the gym, did a whole lot of arm workouts, and forgot that she had to wear clothes over her head the next day. She even looks like she’s still holding a couple of dumbbells. Those fists just look tense. 

“Just Chilling With My Book”

We got to give an A for effort on this one. That is not an easy pose to pull of, especially in those clothesSadly that’s all we’re giving the A for because everything else about it is just plain ridiculous for a Zara product picture. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

If it were some kind of photoshoot other than a fashion one for Zara, we would be a little bit more accepting of it, but given that the point here should be the clothes, well, we can say this is a little confusing. 

Payday Vs The Rest Of The Month

This is probably one of the most accurate pictures we’ve seen that represents payday and the aftermath. On the day of giving ourselves to our work, we feel like workhorses. We feel like Cinderellas in gorgeous garments that we spent all of our salaries on the days after. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Seriously though, what is with this hose and jumpsuit? Are they trying to show us that this is what Kim Kardashian looks like if she watered her lawn while wearing a cool outfit? Because sadly, it doesn’t really appeal. 

When You See All The People At The Mall From A Party Where You Greatly Humiliated Yourself

Usually, one bag is enough to hide us from anyone we don’t want to see. Plus, one bag up your face doesn’t draw too much attention. When desperate times come, though, desperate measures need to be put in place. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Imagine getting stuck at the cashier at the mall and then suddenly, all these people from the party that you went to last Saturday where you have a clear memory of embarrassing yourself arrives. That’s what we imagine all this cover-up is for, or at least something like that. 

When You Thought The Duck Was Drowning

This is probably the most absurd out of all of these photos. She’s wet and knee-deep in a pond holding a freaking duck. What do any of those elements have to do with the dress that she’s wearing? Please, help us understand.

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

If anything, she looks like a wedding guest who just had a little bit too much of the free wine and who just wanted to do some good with that bird in her hand. At least that would have made so much more sense. 

When You Are Just So Done Hearing Tracy From Work Talk About Her Cats

People who get to combine their passions and their jobs are so lucky. The rest of us have to put survival first, meaning we have to work jobs that don’t necessarily make us happy, especially if we have coworkers that we just can’t stand. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

If only we could replicate this Zara picture to avoid all those unnecessary convos, we would in a heartbeat. In all honesty, though, the only thing stopping us is how miserable and pitiful it looks. We’re not yet that miserable in life, are we?

When You’re Still Desperately Trying To Enjoy Hot Tub Season In The Middle Of A Freezing Winter

We don’t know what happened to the creative team that thought of this, but we think they may need some help or at least a full 12 hours of sleep. This is just preposterous, and we don’t think anyone would be lining up to buy a sweater advertised like that. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

Sure, it can look cute, but why put it in water? Are they trying to show us how miserable we would look if any accidents occurred while we were wearing the sweater? We understand the futuristic concept, but no, thank you. 

When You’re Angling For A Texas Promotion In Your Call With Your Boss

One thing with the corporate world today is that if you don’t assert what you want, you might not ever be able to get it. Assertiveness is key. Just take a look at this picture and see how she’s angling for that Texas assignment. Clear, right?

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It’s either that, or she’s telling us that she’d rather hit her head with that gorgeous red boot before she allows herself to get reassigned. We’ll never know her desires, honestly. At least she put it out there, right?

When You Say Christmas Is Your Absolute Favorite Time Of The Year

We get it. Everybody loves Christmas because of the vacations, presents, food, parties, and everything else that comes along with the season. We just don’t quite get why Zara thinks a girl hugging a Christmas tree would be a great picture for an ad. 

image courtesy of Awkwardzara/Instagram

It might be their way of saying that they’re passionate about the Christmas spirit, too, and that’s nice, but honestly, if that’s the case, all we’d want to see are those big red holiday sale signs for all those Christmas sweaters.