5 Timeless Fashion Rules Every Stylish Woman Should Live By

By Fatime G

Ever looked at your pictures from ten years ago and thought, “Cringe, what was I thinking wearing that?” At the core of looks that did not age well are seasonal pieces that lack longevity. But the question remains, what would you have done differently? It all comes down to quality and timelessness. Even in twenty years, some women today would still be considered fab! Achieving timelessness is not a secret project. It is all about embracing effortless style, but first, you have to get acquainted with the five timeless rules of every fashionable woman. 

1. Make Tailored Pieces Your Best Friend

Before you come for my neck, here me out first, oversized fits may be in right now, but the question is, for how long? Tailored pieces like fitting pants or blazers will give you a polished look that has a better chance of remaining stylish for years. 

2. Keep Things Neutral

Image courtesy Maycon Marmo/Pexels

A pop of color adds luxe to your fit and gives it an edge; however, maintaining a neutral palette for your fits exudes a timeless look. Neutral fits have longevity, whereas colors come and go. If you have to add color, a secondary will work fine to keep things visually interesting. 

3. Lean-to The Classics

For your wardrobe staples, pick classic pieces, from pants, shoes to outwear. Traditional clothes are designed to look good for years to come, so this is your go-to if you want to look timeless. 

4. Keep The Accessorizing To A Minimum

Image courtesy Tamara Velazquez/Pexels

By all means, accessorize, but measure the accessories you add to your outfit. Dress up your fits with quality and impactful pieces that improve your style. To create a sophisticated ageless look, you can pick one statement piece like a classic black watch or gold hoop earrings. 

5. Skip Out On The Trends

There is no arguing; trends are fun but before jumping on board with a new style, ask this, how long will the hype last?’ It is better to focus on pieces that can stand the test of time as they bring you a step closer to attaining that ageless look. 

Final Word

These five fashion rules should move you through seasons without feeling outdated in your fits. You can now build a dominant style that not only looks good but also transcends seasons.