Trend Talk: Styles Stealing the Spotlight this Season

By Pavneet L March 18, 2024

Fashion isn’t just about clothes; it’s about expressing yourself loud and clear. It’s how you tell the world who you are and what you’re all about. Rocking outfits that scream “you” can instantly boost your confidence wherever you go. Fashion isn’t just about personal style; it’s a global force to be reckoned with.

Curious to dive deeper into the world of popular fashion styles? Well, you’re in luck! Get ready for some serious inspo that might just make you want to revamp your entire wardrobe. We’re dishing out everything from the history of different styles to super handy tips (and killer pics!) on how to rock these looks without emptying your wallet. So, buckle up and get ready to slay the fashion game like never before!

1. Bohemian 

Only a few other fashion styles have been able to parallel the popularity of the bohemian style. This fashion trend is about free-spirited dressing. It first gained prominence as a fashion trend in the 60s and 70s, drawing inspiration from the hippie fashion movement.

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Bohemian staples include flowy fabrics, floral and paisley patterns, and earthy colors. Tie-dye prints also continue to be a favorite to this day. Maxi dresses, loose-fitting harem pants, and thin shirts are the modern rage. Crochet, fringe, and even macrame are used for accessories like bags, shrugs, and necklaces.

2. NYC fashion

As Parisian divas were making headlines with their iconic, timeless looks, the fashion scene in NYC evolved quickly to catch up. From the chic grandmothers with their timeless sophistication to the workaholics acing the formal aesthetic, this city is full of surprises!  

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However, a few elements could be key to what could be called the ‘NYC fashion style.’ These include off-shoulder tops, casual dresses, and basics like white shirts and t-shirts paired with blue jeans. Miniskirts are also making a comeback, along with strappy high heels.

3. Academia styles

The widely-loved aesthetic associated with ivy-covered universities and scholars is gaining popularity as an entirely new kind of fashion style known as light and dark academia. After all, who among us hasn’t fancied the brooding, mysterious, intellectual fictional characters with their turtlenecks, trench coats, and tweed jackets?

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This gothic-inspired fashion, known as the dark academia aesthetic, contrasts with the light academia aesthetic, which features softer colors like beige and brown. It is a celebration of the romanticized academic life. Layer it up to add to the charm. Accessories like satchels, glasses, and watches can elevate your look.

4. Minimalistic

If there’s a style that embodies the essence of ‘less is more,’ it’s minimalist fashion. Focusing on clean lines and simplicity does not mean you have to compromise on elegance. In fact, incorporating minimalism in your wardrobe is a sure-shot way to turn heads wherever you go!

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You can experiment with textures and fits to add more personality to your fits. Monochromatic palettes are the hallmark of this trend. The focus is not on fleeting fashion trends but classics that outlast temporary trends. Blazers, shirts, turtlenecks, and casuals can be a minimalist fashion statement.

5. Cowgirl

When we hear the word ‘cowgirl,’ our minds race straight to the ranches. Even if you’re not one to go all out with the bold aesthetic of cowgirl style, there’s a lot more you can explore! This edgy and attractive style can be adapted easily. 

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This style’s key elements include wide-brimmed hats, dusty ripped jeans, and tall black boots. Leather jackets can add an extra touch of vintage charm to the outfit. You can also opt for checkered shirts if you prefer keeping it casual.

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