6 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Scarf In 2022

By Fatime G

Here comes the century-long accessory that has had both men and women, fashion enthusiasts and queens on chokehold- drumroll please-the scarf.  Scarfs are not just a fashion statement but a work of art. Dating back to the 1350s, when Queen Nefertiti wore it as a barrier between her headpieces and scalp, the scarf has only evolved. But how are we rocking the scarf in 2022? Here are styles you can explore when adding a scarf to your fit.  

Image credits: Candice Picard / Unsplash
  1. Toss N Go 

You may know it as the basic drape, but this scarf style has defied decades. Popularized in the 2000s, this style has become the go-to style wrap, more so for long scarves. Drape the scarf on your neck while keeping both ends even. Toss one end of the scarf on the opposite shoulder, and you are good to go. See why they call it toss n’ go? 

  1. Loop It

If you are running late and looking for the easiest way to keep warm; loop it. Drape the scarf on your neck with one end hanging longer than the other, the shorter end reaching your chest area. Take the longer around your neck, then let both ends hang. 

  1. Celeb Knot

You may have seen this on several of your Hollywood faves, Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart, or the early 2010s Kim K. Remember it? With the scarf draped on the neck, wrap one end of the scarf once, then tie the two corners of the scarf together in a loose half knot. Pretty easy, right? 

  1. Headwrap 
Image credits: Khaled Ghareeb / Unsplash

If you can get your hands on an oblong scarf, then consider rocking the head scarf the Belle Hadid way. Fold the scarf in half and place it on your head with the center at your forehead. Tie the scarf at the back of your head in a half knot. You can add some sunnies to make your look twice as cooler. 

  1. Classy Neckerchief

Runways, magazine covers, and billboards, models have a way of making scarves look so classy. With this style, so can you. Half your scarf into a square, then fold it diagonally into a triangle. Here you can rock it two ways; place it on the middle of your head and tie the two ends below your chin, or tie the two ends of the scarf around your neck. Voila!

  1. Scarf Top 

The defining scarf top has not passed us by with many 2000s trends plastered on our social media timelines. If you have some big enough scarves at your disposal, you can make your Y2K fashion dream finally come true. Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the two ends behind your back using a knot. From the front, the scarf should look like an inverted triangle. A perfect look for the summer, which can be paired with some leggings, jeans, or a mini skirt. 

Final Statement 

With multi-million dollar companies coming up with various styles, fabrics, and designs, the scarf has become one of the most iconic fashion statements. These are stylish ways to rock the scarf with your fit, whether as a complimentary piece, add-on statement, or purposeful clothing. Happy styling!