Accessorizing In The Best Way Possible

By Divya G

Accessorizing is an art and a science. It’s also one of the most important things you can do to make your outfit work for you, not against you! The right accessories will bring out the best in your clothes, but they can also save a look that might be going downhill fast. These life-saving accessorizing tips for women are all about making every outfit better without spending tons of time or money on new clothes.

Image courtesy of Kingcraft/Shutterstock

Don’t Wear High Neck And Bulky Scarf Together

Putting on a bulky scarf as an accessory can be difficult enough, but trying to balance it out with other layers or thicker coats is near impossible. Instead, opt for lighter scarves that won’t bulk up your outfit and instead help show off the rest of what you’re wearing underneath.

Don’t Combine Bright Outfit With Bright Accessories

This can be a huge contrast and make you look way too flashy. If your outfit’s clashing, tone down the rest of your accessories so everything looks put together.

Don’t Combine Pastel With Black For Your Accessories

Women should avoid pairing pastel colors with black accessories, as this combination can be unappealing. Instead, it is recommended that women opt for lighter shades of color to accent their outfits rather than opting for an all-black ensemble.

Don’t Add Too Many Accessories With Any Outfit

Image courtesy of New Africa/Shutterstock

When accessorizing, women should avoid putting too many accessories together in an outfit. Rather than wearing three bracelets and five earrings, select one or two items to complete the look. It will help make you look more appealing and put together.