All The Reasons We Need To Jump Ship From Fast Fashion

By Fatime G April 12, 2022

2021 – The year of enlightenment. Fast fashion is not a new concept, and for the better part of the 20th century, it has overtaken the fashion industry. Mass clothing production and at meager prices, which consumer doesn’t love the sound of that? Sure, we now can fill up our closets, jumping aboard every single style that pops in the fashion industry. But have we stopped to ask at what expense? Join us in uncovering the dark side of fast fashion and why we should all leave it behind in 2021. 

1. Production Over Quality

One of the reasons fast fashion has amassed adoration among consumers is the inexpensive finds, but this comes with some significant cons. The cheap materials provide degrading quality that doesn’t guarantee durability because, after several washes, the garments tend to fall apart, sending you back to the store for another purchase. Cheap becomes expensive when you think about it, so why not invest in a well-made garment that stands the test of time? 

2. Animal Cruelty 

Image courtesy John Fornander/Unsplash

Using animals to satisfy consumer wants is not unheard of. However, the fast fashion industry takes unacceptable approaches to meet these wants. Animals have been poached, hunted, and slaughtered, and we all know the importance of animals to our ecosystem and frankly saying if animal cruelty is the price to pay to obtain those leather boots, it really isn’t worth it. 

3. Water Wastage

Production of clothes in the fashion industry requires multiple liters for only one garment. For instance, it takes 2700 liters and 10,000 liters of water to manufacture one cotton shirt and a pair of jeans, respectively. That is a lot of water wasted which in turn creates water stress globally. 

4. Poor Worker Conditions

Image courtesy Rio Lecatompessy/Unsplash

To keep the cost of production low, most fast fashion industries set up shops in third world countries where labor is cheap and working conditions poor for employees. In other words, slave labor has no respect for human rights offering workers no legal protections and has no regard for child labor. 

5. Environmental Pollution

More than anything else, our planet has taken a major hit from the fast fashion sector and its unsustainable production. The principle of fast fashion is taking, making, and wasting a ticking time bomb for our planet. Fabric wastage from manufacturing fills landfills and is released into water bodies, resulting in environmental degradation. 

Summing Up

Is our home worth several luxury items of clothing? Taking several steps away from fast fashion may hurt the clothing industry, but the price is small at the expense of our home and its people. However, it is upon us to decide: which is fine clothing or a better planet?