Are We Saying ‘Goodbye’ To Winter Fabrics? 

By Fatime G

Every year like clockwork, we find ourselves digging through our closets for our warm wool coats. Who could blame us? We have bought into the ‘must-haves for the weather for decades, if not centuries. It is hard to imagine cold winters without layers of wool. But is banning certain fabrics in winter a false narrative that has kept enjoying some fabrics when the sun is out? Well, that is some food for thought for you. Let us look at whether fabrics are all there is to keep warm in the winter. 

Tips for Dressing In Winter

Isn’t it time to kill the narrative that dressing for winter is more about the fabric than anything else? If you ask us, layering is the secret to winter dressing, allowing people to enjoy their outfits without being constricted to particular fabrics. The three layering essentials include base, middle and outer layering. The base should be a fabric suited for absorption and sung, the middle best for insulation, and the outer layer for protection.


Image credits: Ali Karimiboroujeni / Unsplash

After discovering leather to be a non-typical winter-friendly fabric, people are no longer sleeping on leather. Moisture resistance and warmth retaining, leather has proved to be quite the winner during winter. You can use it for layering and add a coat on top for extra warmth or wear it as outerwear. If you pick out the high-proof-rating material, the rain and snow have nothing on you. 

Shed Off The Cashmere?

Rich, comfortable, insulating, and lightweight. Is there a better way we would like to spend our winter day? We love cashmere. The sweater, scarves, and windbreakers give us that much-needed layer of warmth even in the winter. 

Image credits: Johnstons of Elgin / Unsplash

Final Verdict 

While there is still much to adopt from winter fabric culture, we should not entirely scrap off other fabrics in our winter closet. This piece proves we can still explore other materials while keeping warm in the winter. Learning to balance your closet is the secret to staying warm in winter.