Home Sweet Hilarity: 35+ Bizarre Home Design Choices

By Saniya B

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Get ready for a twist in the world of home design! You’ve probably seen your fair share of stunning and stylish ideas on Pinterest, but today, we’re taking a detour into a completely different realm. Buckle up, because if you thought everyone went for beauty and minimalism, we’re about to turn that notion upside down!

While we were happily scrolling through Instagram, we stumbled upon an account @pleasehatethesethings that showcases the absolute worst and most bizarre home designs ever attempted by people. Brace yourself for the “What?” moments that will make you question the sanity of these homeowners!

No need for any more suspense; let’s get into it! 

No Idea About What’s Happening Here! 

Okay, let’s take a moment to admire this antique collection—it doesn’t look too bad at first glance! We’ve got some charming books, an old rustic showcase, and a bunch of adorable knick-knacks. But when you put them all together, it’s a bit like organized chaos (and not the trendy kind)!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a doll collection… usually. But in this case, we’re not getting those warm and fuzzy vibes. Nope, what we have here looks like it walked right out of a scary movie! Don’t believe us? Go ahead, and zoom in on the top shelf.

Is It a Tub or Is It Not?

You’ll forget about those lavish and spacious bathtubs after looking at this one. Now, no one really knows the true purpose of this bathtub masterpiece. Is it for indulging in a relaxing soak? Or is it secretly designed to double as a snack storage unit for those mid-bath cravings?

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

But wait, it gets even better (or worse, depending on your perspective). This pint-sized tub is made of good ol’ steel! Can you imagine the horror of hopping into a warm bath only to be greeted by the scorching touch of metal? Ouch! 

The Bathroom of Your Dreams!

Step into this bathroom, and you might think you’ve entered a surreal dream world. Not the kind of dream where you frolic in a field of flowers with unicorns. Oh no! We’re talking about the wild and wacky dreams where elephants sprout wings and soar through the sky!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

The bathroom offers an interior that’d leave you in a trance. There are just so many bright colors and patterns to distract you from doing your business! Although if you’re into the whole 80s pop aesthetic, you’ll love this bathroom.

Let’s Kill this Love 

We’re all for the power of red—it can turn anything into a stylish, bold, and classy statement. But we came across a makeup room that made us rethink our passion for all things crimson. It turns out there might just be such a thing as too much red.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

The owner of this room had big dreams of glam and glory, but they went a bit overboard. Lips everywhere, a bold red wash basin that demands attention, and fiery red curtains to top it off. It’s like they let their inner makeup artist loose without holding back.

Don’t Look At the Ceiling!

At first glance, this home design had us nodding in approval. The bed looked invitingly cozy, and that cute little bookshelf on the side added a touch of charm. Plus, the lavender theme perfectly matched the room’s vibe. It all seemed wonderfully normal… until our gaze shifted to the ceiling.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Those coils lurking above the bed are practically begging to trap your precious locks in a tangled mess as soon as you wake up. And let’s not forget the danger zone here—one accidental head-bumping incident, and you might find yourself on a not-so-fun trip to the emergency room.

A Mix Between a High-Rise and a Bungalow

The owners couldn’t decide between a cozy house or a towering high-rise, so they decided to have the best of both worlds. The result? A structure that appears to be a charming house but can’t hide the fact that there’s a tall pillar awkwardly hanging out on the side.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

The pillar reminds us of Rapunzel’s castle, and if you look closely, the house also has a platform on the top. But let’s give them credit for their innovative approach to neighborhood watch! Who needs binoculars when you have a whole platform on your house, right?

Cat House or Human House? Your Guess. 

There are fancy stairs, ordinary stairs, and then stairs that resemble the stairs of a cat playhouse. The staircase in this picture falls squarely into that feline category! If the owners were aiming for a grand, regal look, well, let’s just say they might’ve missed the mark by a whisker or two.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If they had gone with sleek black or striking red staircases of the same pattern, it could have really spruced up the room’s appearance. Unfortunately, the presence of a yellow staircase and matching flooring gives the house a comical playhouse vibe.

An Inconvenient Bathroom

If there’s one bathroom we’d want to steer clear of during an emergency, it’s none other than this one. Now, the interiors aren’t as dreadful as some might imagine. The lighting is on point, the wall painting exudes a touch of class, and even the bathroom accessories give off an air of luxury.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Now, here’s the catch with this bathroom: its layout is a bit, well, peculiar. Despite having ample space, they made the interesting choice of positioning the toilet seat right next to the bathtub. And hold on tight, because it gets even more puzzling—the toilet seat isn’t even centrally aligned.

A Scary Place for Ophidiophobics

If you’re not aware of the term “Ophidiophobics,” it simply means somebody who’s scared of snakes. Now, this house is a nightmare come true for such people! Instead of giving the window an adventurous look, the snake pattern just looks scary.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

It’s also hilarious how the owners must’ve put in a lot of time to renovate their window like that, but ended up with a house that looks like a set straight out of the movie Anaconda. Imagine dealing with snakes in your life, and then also having an interior based on that!

Joker’s Kitchen 

Calling all Joker fans! We’ve stumbled upon a kitchen that might make you do a double take. But before you get too excited, let us clarify: it’s not actually the Joker’s kitchen. However, if you observe closely, the color of the kitchen cabinets perfectly matches the Joker’s vibrant appearance and quirky personality.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

In addition to the unconventional cabinet colors, let’s not overlook the curious assortment of kitchen decorations. Prepare yourself for a mishmash of oddities, including signs that say “Chickens for Sale,” an antique fan, and even a random plant. It’s as if they went on a shopping spree and scooped up everything they could find at the market!

Too Custom and Precise

In life, you encounter all sorts of individuals, including those notorious perfectionists. They refuse to settle for anything less than flawless and will go to great lengths to ensure everything aligns perfectly with their vision. And wouldn’t you know it, this picture is a fitting reminder of that.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

When it comes to bathroom rugs, some people take their love for them to a whole new level. Instead of simply placing the rug on top of the lines, these owners decided to go the extra mile and cut the rug with astonishing precision. Talk about dedication!

A Bedroom Made Up of Tiles and an Elephant!

Prepare yourself for one of the funniest home design ideas we’ve stumbled upon! This bedroom is a prime example of what not to do when it comes to bedroom decor. Brace yourself for the big reveal: the entire interior is covered in tiles.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Oh, and let’s not overlook the other quirky surprise in this bedroom—the floating elephant painted on the ceiling! Just picture waking up in the morning, groggy and half-asleep, only to find a massive elephant staring right back at you from above.

Sink But Not Actually a Sink

The wave design in the bathroom doesn’t look weird at first glance. But here’s the catch: the owners have forgotten one tiny detail—it’s not a real granite wave! In their quest to create something “unique,” they may have gotten a bit carried away and overlooked a crucial element: a faucet for the sink.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

These owners must have an unwavering passion for the sea, considering they were willing to shell out extra bucks for a granite countertop solely to fashion it into a wave. As funny as it is, we’re now curious to see the rest of their house.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

We’ve all heard of homeowners requesting wider windows to let more natural light flood in, but this particular homeowner has taken a rather different approach. As you can see, they opted for a vertical blind, which serves no purpose except for a little sunlight to come in.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

It’s an interesting choice, to say the least! Perhaps they have a deep appreciation for unconventional window treatments or a secret admiration for that ever-elusive golden beam of sunlight. Whatever the case may be, this curious design decision certainly adds a touch of whimsy to the space.

An Artificial Waterfall!

When it comes to bathtubs and showers, some people just love to take things up a notch, and this example is no exception. The homeowners decided to forgo a traditional shower and instead opted for a waterfall-style one. We already feel uncomfortable thinking about the uneven water flow!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

On the bright side, we can appreciate the bathroom’s aesthetic design. The minimalist look, with those delicate leaves near the tub and the charming photo frame, certainly adds a touch of elegance. However, there’s one slight hiccup: half of the tub wouldn’t receive any water!

How Many Chandeliers Are Too Many Chandeliers?

When it comes to chandeliers, we’re accustomed to seeing one grand fixture per room. However, this picture took us completely by surprise! The kitchen area doesn’t settle for just two or three chandeliers; oh no, it boasts over seven chandeliers (yes, we counted).

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

While it may seem like they went all out on the lighting, there’s one major oversight—the lighting doesn’t quite complement the interior. It’s like splurging on all those chandeliers and not reaping the desired outcome. If you examine the picture closely, you’ll even spot a ladder lurking in the background.

Orange Is the New Black

The owners of this bathroom seem like huge fans of the show Orange Is the New Black. We’ve often seen all-black bathrooms, which look extremely classy. But, have you ever seen an all-orange bathroom? If not, check this one out.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If we went to take a bath in this bathroom, it would feel like we’d been trapped by an evil carrot! With its all-orange color scheme, the room exudes a certain vibrancy that can be overwhelming, especially when the sun’s rays pour in.

Rooms, But No Rooms

Amidst the array of home designs, this one manages to stand out as a not-so-bad contender. The room’s tasteful painting and interior design do garner some appreciation. However, we can’t help but scratch our heads when it comes to the perplexing staircase and the tiny room nestled above.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

In the midst of this home design, there’s one element that steals the show in all the wrong ways—the perplexing white pillar smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. It’s like a misplaced character on a stage, drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

Look At This Chair With Actual Legs!

All chairs have legs. However, those legs are chair legs and not human legs. This chair kept in a furniture showroom is made up of legs resembling human ones. It reminds us of our PE classes, where we had to crouch just like this.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Prepare to be amused by the delightful absurdity of the human leg chair, which defies conventional chair anatomy by proudly sporting not one, but two knees! Behold, one knee serves as the seat, while the other knee stands ready to lend a helping hand… or rather, a handy place to hold your belongings.

Ombré DIY Gone Wrong

We love everything ombré, except this cabinet! They were trying to match the colors to the theme of the room. Unfortunately, it just looks washed out, and the painting looks inconsistent. The choice of shades is also enough to make the cabinet look disastrous!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

It seems like someone had big plans to match their cabinet with the neighboring flower pot, or perhaps it was the other way around! But alas, their execution didn’t quite hit the mark. The blend of cream and brown colors is one thing, but the real deal-breaker is that rustic touch towards the bottom.

Kitchen or a Design Book?

When it comes to this kitchen interior, it’s like they went full-on “more is more” mode! We can’t deny the artistic flair and attention to detail, but it seems like they got carried away with the abundance of colorful elements. It’s a bit overwhelming, to say the least!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

This kitchen is not just a wild ride of colorful cabinets and walls; the owner also decided to double down on the fancy decor game! Wall plates, flower vase, and a mysterious box on the table—it’s like an art explosion, but maybe not in the right direction!

This Kitchen Will Make You Go Holy Cow!

This owner took their love for animals to a new level by opting for a cow-inspired kitchen design. But let’s face it, while it’s moo-sic to the eyes, you might wonder if it’s more suitable for a barn or an adult’s kitchen. Nevertheless, it’s a bold choice that certainly brings a lot of charm to mealtime!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Also, don’t forget to look at the number of drawers and cabinets! This kitchen is nothing short of a maze for somebody like us who tends to misplace things. Most of us would just end up opening up all the drawers to find a single spatula!

Are You Ready to Trip? 

This kitchen island may seem stylish and on point with its color and design, but beware of its feet! They seem to have a mind of their own and are sticking out like mischievous little troublemakers. One wrong step, and you might find yourself in a toe-stubbing predicament.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Those rebellious feet sticking out from the island are practically begging for unsuspecting toes to collide with them. Imagine tripping over them while carrying a piping hot meal. It’s like a difficult obstacle course designed to test your agility and bone density!

Gives Ice Fishing in Wisconsin Vibes!

These homeowners sure know how to reel in attention with their bathroom design! While most people opt for a sleek and minimal tile look, these folks decided to dive into something quirky.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

From colorful scales to playful underwater scenes, every step you take in this bathroom will feel like a deep-sea adventure. So, if you’re ready to make a bold statement and channel your inner mermaid or fisherman, this bathroom floor is here to make a splash!

Here’s to Making Things More Complicated

Ever visited a house that leaves you scratching your head in confusion? Well, prepare for a dose of architectural bewilderment with this image. At first glance, everything seems fairly straightforward: elegant staircases, spacious rooms, and ample lighting. But wait, what’s with the excessive number of railings?

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Prepare yourself for a peculiar architectural choice that might leave you feeling like you’ve stumbled into a giant baby’s crib. Yes, you read that right! This house features not one but two railings on both the ground and first floor, devouring precious space that could have been utilized more wisely.

Tiki-Inspired Bathroom

Welcome to the tropical paradise-inspired bathroom, where the tiki vibes are in full swing! You might find some appreciation here if you’re a fan of that island aesthetic. However, be prepared for a slightly chaotic execution that makes the bathroom appear more like a hodgepodge of elements.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If you look carefully, you’ll find many things like artificial parrots on the shelf, flower vases in weird places, and the two tribal statues. The expressions of the statues are enough to scare us away from using this bathroom.

Not the Barn Door Aesthetic, Please

Once upon a time, in a world of ever-changing home decor trends, the reign of the barn door was unrivaled. But alas, times are changing, and so are people’s preferences. While the modern mirror look finds favor among many, these homeowners decided to march to the beat of their own door track.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

There are many reasons why people tend to hate barn doors. One of the main ones is that they’re not as aesthetic as other options. Yet, the mirror has been styled in a way that the above handle resembles the handle of a barn door!

The Superman Wash Basin!

When it comes to washing basins, we often encounter a wide range of designs, from elegant to extravagant. However, this one deserves a unique descriptor: “Superman.” The reason behind this nickname is the basin’s striking shape, which resembles the outstretched wings of the iconic superhero.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

It’s unclear whether the owners intended to create a distinctive look for their wash basin or if it was a result of inaccurate dimensions during installation. One thing is certain, though—the space below the wash basin is left unused and could have been better utilized. Here’s to wishing they extend the cabinet!

The Next Set of Little Mermaid

You’ll love this bathroom interior if you’re a Little Mermaid or Spongebob Squarepants fan. But if you’re not part of the fan club, fear not because we’ve got a little hating club going on too. It’s as if they’re trying to fit the entire ocean into one space! We only hope this sea-inspired extravaganza is a dedicated kid’s bathroom.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

From the pearl-shaped bathtub to every intricately designed element, they went all out. However, one can’t help but wonder just how much cleaning time it will require. It’s a beautiful space, no doubt, but it might just demand a little extra elbow grease to keep it looking pristine.

The Fire Place Is Not So ‘Fire’

When it comes to fireplaces, there are countless breathtaking designs available. Unfortunately, this particular fireplace misses the mark. The choice of color, design, and dimensions seems out of sync. The pale or skin-like color of the fireplace gives off an eerie vibe instead of the cozy warmth one would expect.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

When it comes to comedy, this fireplace takes center stage! But wait, don’t miss out on the supporting act by the windows. It’s like they were desperately trying to match the fireplace’s comical design, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save the day.

Live from the Kitchen!

In the land of ordinary kitchens, this one wanted to be the black sheep. Just when you think everything is playing it safe and following the rules, you spot the unexpected surprise—a mini table and chair on the side of the counter!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

The homeowner’s creativity knows no bounds! Rather than splurging on a tiny dining table, they ingeniously repurposed a kitchen cabinet into a makeshift table. Talk about resourcefulness! However, when it comes to the placement of the chair and table, it seems like the kitchen has ambitions of becoming a news studio set.

When Motorheads Take It to the Next Level

This homeowner’s love for cars, particularly Lamborghinis, knows no bounds! In a bold and unconventional move, they’ve taken their automotive passion to the next level by painting a Lamborghini on their kitchen window. Who needs regular window views when you can have a Lamborghini right in your kitchen?

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Also, let’s not ignore the fancy chairs and the paintings of women on the kitchen’s windows. They wanted to make a statement, and they did it in a weird way. Well, at least they have got an impressive wine collection!

The Minion’s Room

There’s only one thing we’re reminded of after looking at this bathroom’s picture, and it is Minions. Don’t you think the room looks straight out of an animated movie with Minions in it? The yellow-colored theme is the main reason!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If we shift our attention beyond the walls, it becomes apparent that the commitment to the yellow color theme extends to every aspect of this bathroom. From the vibrant yellow curtains and drawers to the sunny yellow towels, there’s no escaping the cheerful hue.

A Scene from a Horror Movie

Have you ever come across a house that sends shivers down your spine? Well, this house falls into that category. While there are humorous anecdotes about elderly individuals seeking companionship in the form of numerous cats, these homeowners have taken a slightly different approach—they’ve filled their space with dolls!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If our estimation is correct, there must be a staggering collection of more than 50 dolls. Who knows how many more of these haunting figures are concealed in other rooms, lurking in the shadows? As images of possessed dolls from movies like Annabelle come to mind, it’s hard not to feel a sense of unease.

Just Too Many Doors 

When it comes to doors, this homeowner believes in having options. While one door may close, they make sure to leave plenty of others open, including a rather unexpected addition—a barn door! It’s as if they wanted to bring a touch of rustic charm into their home, but the execution doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Now, the mystery deepens as we ponder the true purpose behind the barn door. Is there something precious hidden away in the room beyond, warranting the need for a sturdy door? Or perhaps it’s a clever way to play hide-and-seek with the kids.

House-Shaped Curtains are the Best!

This is also one of the weirdest home design ideas on the list. As you know, curtains have a standard design. However, this person just chose to go for the funniest curtain design, as the whole set has three curtain rods!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure darkness prevails by placing not one, not two, but three curtains in succession. One can only imagine the dramatic effect of entering such a room and being met with this cascade of curtains, shrouding the space in a mysterious ambiance.

What’s Up With the Chimney?

There’s not much going on in this kitchen. It has a basic interior style with no paintings of Lamborghini or cows! Yet, take a look at it again, and you’ll find something really funny. Yes, we’re talking about the misplaced chimney!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

In a kitchen that appears fairly ordinary, there exists a peculiar anomaly—the chimney above the gas range. However, upon closer inspection, one quickly realizes that this chimney lacks a crucial component: an outlet. To compound the peculiarity, it is inexplicably nestled within another cabinet.

A Unique Twist to Table and Chairs

Prepare to witness an ensemble that defies the norms of conventional design. Behold the amalgamation of chairs and table—a spectacle that will leave you both perplexed and amused! This set has two chairs merged into each other, with a table in between.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Is it an elaborate prank, a lighthearted attempt at humor, or perhaps a genuinely innovative chair design? Regardless of its intended nature, there’s no denying that this amalgamation of chairs is among the most eccentric and unconventional pieces of furniture we’ve come across.

The Tiniest Wash Basin Mirrors

In this bathroom, the aesthetic appeal lies in its minimalist architectural design. The wash basins blend seamlessly into the overall composition, providing a sense of harmony. However, divert your attention slightly upwards, and you’ll notice an interesting choice of mirrors.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Not only are the mirrors small in size, but their positioning seems awkward. When you stand before them, your reflection is confined to capturing only your chin or the lower part of your mustache, leaving the rest of your face a mystery.

It’s the Live-Love-Laugh Girl!

Ah, the nostalgic era of “Live. Love. Laugh” slogans adorning Instagram bios and home decor. It appears that the homeowner in question has taken a liking to this trend as well. The framed artwork proudly displaying these words exudes a certain Pinterest-inspired charm.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Take a closer look at the stairs, and you’ll notice a peculiar addition to their design. Instead of the usual wooden steps, these stairs have been transformed into canvases for various inspirational quotes and words. While it’s commendable to embrace optimism, it seems unnecessary to plaster motivational messages on a perfectly fine set of stairs.

The Old Egyptian Gods Have Returned

Looking at this image is reminding us of the old Egyptian gods! Take a look at the cat statue, and you’ll be reminded of the same. Also, it seems as if the cat is worshipping or protecting the entire area. 

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Apart from the cat’s statue, the whole area is full of random artifacts. One cannot help but notice a whimsical piece adorning the pillar adjacent to the cat statue, which some amusingly liken to panther poop. The television case also boasts a collection of peculiar items.

Have You Seen Pillows Near a Fireplace?

This is yet another post about an uncommon fireplace. However, this time, we have an unconventional twist on the traditional fireplace concept. Instead of a typical fireplace, what we see is a cozy seating area adorned with an array of plush pillows.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Whether the picture was taken at a funny angle or the room itself is tilted, we can’t say for sure. But one thing’s for certain: those tiles are all over the place! It’s like a funhouse for people who appreciate the beauty of asymmetry.

A Broken Table!

While most people aim for sturdy, intact tables, there are those rare individuals who have an eye for the extraordinary. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon this intentionally broken table. It’s a true work of art that challenges conventional notions of functionality and stability.

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

The owners wanted to go with something “edgy” and “cool”. In trying to achieve that, they removed the edges and went for a crazy look! Also, if they have got a kid or a pet, they’re in for a rude awakening.

Farm Architecture With a Bit of Royalty

Here we have a homeowner who couldn’t quite make up their mind. They set out to create a charming barn-like atmosphere, complete with rustic wooden walls, cozy hay bales, and maybe even a hidden cow or two. But lo and behold, amidst the farm-like ambiance, they decided to throw in a chandelier!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

If the owners had simply kept the rustic interiors, with just a few items here and there, it’d have looked great. Yet, the excessive items in the room, along with that gaudy chandelier, make it look like something in between.  

When You Waste All of That Space

If you want to learn how to waste your bathroom space, this home design idea is for you! The owners have had the luxury of putting in a custom-made bathtub and two mirrors. However, the lack of space optimization is enough to put people off!

Source: Instagram (@pleasehatethesethings)

Additionally, it would take anybody so much time to get out of the tub, and return to their room! As people have mentioned jokingly, they might just die of hypothermia. The several doors around the tub are also bound to make you feel awkward.