The Fabulously Feminine: 45 Hacks To Adopt For A Easier Fun-Filled Life

By Navkiran K

This article was originally published on MoreHackz

Women always find themselves with a lot on their plate. From work to home, and from errands to caring for children r fur babies, we are often feeling stressed or even overwhelmed. But there is hope! We have put together a great list of the best life hacks specifically designed for women’s needs, ranging from household chores all the way through fashion trends of today. These tips will help you make your day-to-day life more manageable and enjoyable with fewer complications! Learning these hacks is something nice you can, and should, do for yourself. This list will make your lives so much easier by offering awesome organizational tips and time management strategies that are sure to help you out and relieve some stress!

Get a French Manicure with the help of a rubber band

Getting perfect nails can be a hassle, but with the following hack, you can have a French manicure anytime! All that’s necessary for this hack are rubber bands and nail paint. Our favorite part is it only takes a few minutes in total.

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For the perfect manicure, wrap a rubber band around your nail, leaving just the tip bare. Then apply polish to get gorgeous nails that are ready for showtime! Remember to remove the rubber band only after the paint has dried. 

Better loosen your hairband than lose hair

You might think you’re cool with your hair always up, but there are some downsides. Tight ponytails can cause hair to fall out by damaging the follicles and then impact regrowth. The same goes with ponytails that are always tied at the same spot.

Image courtesy: Pius Martin / Unsplash

Not only a loose ponytail is in style, but it also has the potential to keep our heads full of hair for years (and decades). If you’re accustomed to tying your strands in the same location every time, try switching things up!

Get your jeans to fit perfectly

Saying goodbye to your belt isn’t easy. Whether you just dropped some weight or someone gave you some hand-me-downs, having ill-fitting jeans is pretty annoying! Don’t toss those imperfect jeans out yet, though. We’ve got a great idea to save them. 

Image courtesy: jordyn_acc / TikTok

Now, you don’t even need a belt for this. Pull the button through the first loop on whichever side you want. It will stay fastened like it all day while being much tighter than normal. It definitely beats giving up on your favorite jeans!

No more frustration while putting on your bracelet 

Sometimes you may be getting ready by yourself and have no help in putting on your jewelry. It may get annoying when your bracelet just keeps on rolling off your wrist. Consider that annoyance a thing of the past. We have the perfect solution for you. 

Image courtesy: SarahMeagan4 /YouTube

For this, we suggest you use a tape of paper to stick one end of the bracelet to secure it in one place. Now clasp the bracelet without breaking a sweat and remove the tape after it is securely shut. 

Lash growth hack: Vaseline

You may use Vaseline for several things, such as moisturizing your skin or soothing your chapped lips. It may even be used to get rid of those annoying split hairs. We have one more hack for you that involves Vaseline. 

Image courtesy: Jana D /Pixabay

Use Vaseline every night to get long and thick lashes. You may apply it with your fingers or use a mascara brush. In a few weeks, you will see your lashes have more volume and are defined enough for you to skip mascara. 

Make your coffee even more coffee-er 

Everyone loves their morning cup of coffee to feel awake and have the energy to take on the day. We have an excellent hack for those who love iced coffee but hate how ice makes their coffee less effective. You can thank us later.

Image courtesy: Antonio Cansino /Pixabay

Brew some coffee before hitting the bed and freeze it in an ice tray. Add these cubes to your coffee in the morning, and you will have the best cold coffee with a strong aroma and boost of caffeine to start the day right. 

Use the chapstick container as a secret wallet

Everyone expects your money to be in your purse or wallet, and you may feel a bit unsafe if you are walking alone at night. This situation is anxiety-inducing when you are just hanging by a shoestring. We can help with that!

Image courtesy: Smarter Travel /YouTube

To get some relief, you may use an empty chapstick container to store some bills and prevent anyone from stealing those away. You’ll be the only one aware of this secret place and feel like a cool spy. Try this with any similar container.

Freeze your jeans to clean them

Let’s be honest, washing your jeans is one of the most dreaded tasks when it comes to laundry. And it also makes your jeans dull in color and affects the shape of the fabric. What can help? You may keep your jeans in the freezer. 

Image courtesy: Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida /Pixabay

The cold temperature will ensure they are fresh when you wear them again. Now, this may not get rid of all the stains and dirt from the jeans. However, it will kill the bacteria and remove odor from them, which is a step in the right direction. 

No need to buy expensive jewelry holders

Accessories are fun and add a new dimension to the outfits. When it comes to storing fancy earrings, you cannot just put them in a drawer and expect them not to tangle. Not to mention they lose their shine when kept like this. 

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To store your earring and ensure you find both pairs while getting ready, you can use an ice cube tray. It will keep your earrings in a good state and will be easy to choose from when you can see all the options together. 

Get all your money’s worth

We all know how expensive makeup products are. Plus, we very often end up buying a lot more than we need and end up with a hefty bill. However, there may be one product that is your favorite of them all.

Image courtesy: fotostrobi /Pixabay

When you pay so much for a specific product, you will be tempted to use it till the last drop. When there is a lot of liquid foundation stuck in the corners or hard-to-reach parts, you may use a hairdryer to melt the rest. 

Display your jewelry using a cheese grater

Adding quirky décor items to your room is always a fun idea. And you have the exact item you need in your kitchen. You can use an old cheese grater to store your jewelry and display it at the same time. We’re serious!

Image courtesy: Melissa Nelson /Pinterest

Using the grooves of the grater, you can store different items and give your room a DIY makeover. Besides, you will be able to pick your accessories easily from the display instead of wearing the same jewelry every day, as you’re tempted to do when the rest is jumbled.

Stop buying those pretty pink razors

If you do not know about the pink tax, we have you covered. It’s when companies produce pretty-looking products marketed for women at a higher price. The worst thing is that they don’t even work well. One such product is women’s razors. 

Image courtesy: kropekk_pl /Pixabay

You will have better luck if you pick the cheaper razors that are designed for men. Besides, they will give you a closer shave and leave your skin smoother for longer. Don’t let other companies scam you. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it works!

Baggy jeans and boots, no problem

Now your favorite pair of jeans may not work with the knee-high boots if they are too baggy at the bottom. We have a hack for you to wear your nice jeans with the fancy boots without it looking clumsy. 

Image Courtesy: Tanya Dusett /Unsplash

All you need is a tight pair of high socks to make your jeans appear skinny from the bottom. Just tuck the ends into the socks, and it will be easier to wear boots over bell-bottom jeans and look amazing in your winter outfit. 

DIY shaving cream for smooth skin

Are you tired of buying expensive air-filled shaving foam cans? Besides the fact that it’s one extra thing to buy, they also dry out the skin and leave it itchy after shaving. We have the perfect DIY shaving foam for you that will leave your skin baby soft. 

Image courtesy: Mario A. P. /Flickr

All you need is baby oil and some hair conditioner to soften the hair right before shaving. Just apply the baby oil after applying conditioner to the skin. If you don’t have the baby oil, you may just use conditioner and water before shaving. 

Never lose your bobby pins again

Do you always find yourself losing bobby pins right when you need them? They have a way of hiding in the unreachable corners of your drawers. But! You can keep them in one place using a magnetic strip near your vanity table.

Image courtesy: Hey Paul Studios /Flickr

With this strip, the pins will stick to one place and will be so much easier to find. With this magnetic magic, you will no longer deal with the stress of finding them under your bed or on your couch. 

No more juggling to find the right key

We understand that sorting through keys is a nightmare. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have so many different colors and shapes of keys together in your pocket or purse. But there are some solutions to this everyday problem! 

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For starters, paint each one with nail polish of a unique color. When it comes time to find the right key – just look at the color without trying each key for the door! No more panicking to open the door in a hurry!

Sweat it out at the peak time

We know it can be near impossible to maintain a workout routine. Here’s some insider scoop on when your body is at the peak of physical performance. Between five and six in the evening, you have more energy and fewer injury risks.

Image courtesy: Steve Buissinne /Pixabay

Also, this is the perfect time to set an everyday routine for your workout session. At this time of day, your hand-eye coordination and muscle strength will be the best. Your lungs will be able to expand better for more endurance. 

Multiple uses for your straightener when getting ready

One of our favorite hacks to get dressed in a hurry is using our hair straightener. It is portable and so lightweight. Not only can it work on collars, but also the spaces between buttons that the regular iron has trouble reaching! 

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You don’t even have to worry about lugging around something heavy. We’ve all seen the pocket-sized straighteners. Just grab your handy straightening tool out of its holster and go through the creases on those clothes before meeting up for dinner later tonight.

Stay cool and hydrated with perfect ice water

In the summer heat, it’s so much harder for your water to be at a soothing cold temperature. And if you freeze the whole bottle of water, you will have to wait for the ice to melt to quench your thirst. 

Image courtesy: Noppadon Manadee /Unsplash

Stay cool and hydrated with perfect ice water without waiting for it to melt. Freeze your favorite bottle about three-quarters of the way full instead of filling it all the up so that there’s room on the top for water! 

Bobby pins for a funky look

You can hide bobby pins in your hair and match them to look like your natural hair. But bobby pins can also give you a unique look! You can just paint your bobby pins with different colors of nail polish.

Image courtesy: /Pinterest

You could color them with your favorite colors or use glitter polish or bright neon nail polish for nighttime glamour! You can, of course pair different colors together and create a rainbow effect. These pins will add more dimension to your looks. 

Fancy silverware trays to store your jewelry 

If you’ve been looking for a solution to storing your jewelry, this is the perfect hack. Pick up some fancy utensil trays from any store – especially second-hand stores – and add miniature hooks. They work really well as inexpensive jewelry stands! 

Image courtesy: Bob Marquart /Flickr

This jewelry stand will create additional storage space without being too bulky. You may even use the horizontal space to store your rings. These customized racks are great because there’s so much room, so nothing gets tangled or pinned under other items. 

Get shiny and frizz-free locks

Want your hair to be soft and free of frizz? Use a dryer sheet! Static is one of the most annoying problems with getting ready in the morning. Simply place an unused fabric softener sheet over the bristles of your hairbrush. 

Image courtesy: iramzey /Instagram

You may use it as needed on individual strands throughout the day if static starts up again. Dryer sheets work because they are filled with fabric softener, which loosens dirt while simultaneously cleaning hair – leaving locks shinier than ever. 

A magnetic board to organize your expensive makeup

You may have spent a fortune on your makeup, but you don’t want to spend money again when it spills. The solution? A magnetic board! Say goodbye to expensive mascara and face powders scattered unorganized across the bathroom counter. 

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A magnetic board is a great way to organize your makeup and perfect for people who want to switch out their products regularly. You can store many items on larger boards. This ample space will let you store large palettes and several lipsticks.

An easy fridge makeover

It’s always a pain to go rummaging around for food in the back of the refrigerator when you’re hungry. Luckily, this hack can fix that problem. Installing a rotating shelf on each rack makes it easy to see what is hidden!

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This hack is fantastic when you’re at home trying to find something quick or just looking for some inspiration on what kind of delicious sandwich to make next. We know pulling everything out can be exhausting, so there you go.

Bobby pin storage on the go

Tired of rummaging in your purse for bobby pins? Now, you can carry them with you everywhere. A Tic Tac container, or similar size container, works well to store these small items on the go and is less bulky than other storage tins and boxes. 

Image courtesy: The Burlap Bag /Pinterest

With this convenient Tic Tac carrying case, your hair will never look unkempt and tangled even when you are outside in the wild. There are many ways to store your bobby pins, but trying a Tic Tac container is approved by us. 

Chill your wine with frozen grapes

You want something that will not water down your wine and really makes it taste great. Try freezing grapes to chill the wine without watering it down or making it too cold! Your wine will be at the perfect temperature.

Image courtesy: Günter Hoffmann /Unsplash

Besides, the frozen grapes will preserve the flavor and aroma of your favorite wine. Also, these grapes will make a cool look for any occasion, so you’ll have an interesting conversation starter at hand while also having delicious chilled wine. 

Hot water to rescue your makeup

Mascara dries out quickly, no matter which brand you get. Clumps are the worst and can sometimes cause serious damage if not taken care of quickly enough. What could be worse than an eye poke while putting on your makeup? 

Image courtesy: Bruno /Germany /Pixabay

Running mascara under hot water or soaking it is a great way to get rid of the clumps inside. If you have ever experienced clumping, this hack will be a game-changer for you! Your mascara will be like new again.

Save yourself from the headache of tangled headphones

It’s frustrating when headphones keep getting tangled up, and it can be a nightmare to straighten them out. You might think that your only option is constant frustration or just cutting the cords altogether. Save some time with this hack. 

Image courtesy: Karolina Grabowska /Pixabay

All you need is a clothespin. Wrap your earphones cord around the pin and use the opening of the pin to hold the end of the buds. This will keep your buds in a secure position, and the wires won’t get tangled. 

Enjoy your new shoes without them biting you

If your new shoes are too tight, you can still enjoy them without the pain. All it takes is a little prep work and some socks! Place one sock over each foot before putting on your shoes and grab a hairdryer. 

Image courtesy: Mitchel Lensink /Unsplash

Use the dryer on low heat for around two minutes while flexing those toes every few seconds. Wait for twenty seconds for the material to cool down. This will make your new shoes comfortable to wear. No more toe pinches! 

Hairdryer and oil to save your table

Do you ever have guests over, and they don’t use a coaster? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. When water rings start ruining your table, we have an easy fix for that! Get out your hairdryer again. 

Image courtesy: 21 swan /Unsplash

Set the dryer on low heat and blast away those stains until all trace of them is gone. Also, rub some olive oil into the wood once done. This will help keep things looking fresh without having to constantly re-wax every few months.

Use spaghetti to reach the bottom of your candles

Candles set the mood and also can make your home smell nice. However, it is hard to reach the bottom of the jar once it burns for a while. You can make sure you get the best use out of your candles without wasting them!

Image courtesy: Mad Russian Scientist/ YouTube

Just use a long spaghetti stick to light the wick at the bottom without the fear of burning your finger. There are many reasons this hack is great. Not only will it light wicks with ease, but it will also save on wax.

Clear coat to keep your finger from turning green

We all love some costume jewelry, but not the green line it leaves behind. A cheap and easy solution to the greening of fingers is clear nail polish! Coat only the inner lining of rings with the clear nail paint and let it dry completely. 

Image courtesy: Maddi Bazzocco /Unsplash

The metal will not come in direct contact with your skin and cause it to appear green. Your jewelry will also last a lot longer. You’ll be able to enjoy the fancy rings anytime without needing to buy more. Just be aware you will have to apply the nail polish periodically.

Use wine corks for an impressive home decoration

Wine corks are an impressive way to add some vibrancy to your home decor. Use designer picture frames, cut the wine cork in half before hot gluing it around the frame. This will give a unique look that’s easy to do! 

Image courtesy: evondue /Pixabay

Or if you want something more difficult but equally satisfying, making a pretty bulletin board with your leftover wine corks is also possible! No matter what option you choose, wine corks will bring new energy to any room or space. 

Use white wine to remove red wine stains

We’ve probably all been there: having one too many glasses of red wine at a party and suddenly being knocked into by someone else so hard we knock our glass right off the table, onto ourselves! Don’t worry- you just need more wine.

Image courtesy: XNIuI /Imgur

Simply pour some white wine on the stain and let it soak before using a damp cloth to dab at it until all of the stains have been rubbed away. Dry your clothes after removing any excess liquid with paper towels.

Handy lash curler as a bottle opener

You may know the old party tricks to open a bottle with coins, keys, and spoons. But, do you know another good way to get the party started? We suggest you crack open a few drinks with an eyelash curler.

Image courtesy: jordyn_acc / TikTok

The trick is using an eyelash curler to open a bottle cap using the grove that’s there for the rubber. You will surely be able to impress your friends with this fancy trick as everyone will get in line to get their drinks opened.

Store your boots upright

Boots are always a pain to store. You want them out of the way, but they never stay put how you need them to! But have no fear: there’s an easy solution to this problem right in your own home: pool noodles! 

Image courtesy:

Pool noodles can help boots stand upright by simply inserting one into each boot with its end sticking out and then folding or trimming it down if needed. You may also insert the tops over the other boots without trimming them. 

Secure your bra to your clothes

It may not seem to be a big issue for some people, but when you’re going about your day and the strap of your bra starts sliding down on one shoulder, it can be really annoying. What if we had the ideal solution?

Image courtesy:

There is an easy solution to secure the straps to your clothes using some handy snaps! All you need is to find an easy design online and add a snap button for the straps. This will hold up straps and prevent them from falling off. 

Sparkling teeth with a banana peel

We all know the trouble with yellow teeth, but luckily there’s a way to combat it. Rubbing your banana peel against each row of your teeth for 60 seconds can whiten them! But don’t forget to brush afterward- you want healthy gums too. 

Image courtesy: Nixx Elle /Unsplash

You’ll be amazed at how well this works – and it’s absolutely free if you already buy bananas. Three sessions per week will lighten up those pearly whites like nothing else ever could! You won’t have to buy expensive whitening kits now. 

Revive your old heels with some fabric

You’ve probably seen a lot of new shoes in stores recently, but you might be wondering what to do about that pair of pumps or booties from last year. You can give them new life by doing an easy at-home hack. 

Image courtesy: Gavin Allanwood /Unsplash

If you are handy with glue, you can easily revamp your once-loved shoes instead of throwing them out. Just cut up some fabric and glue on the shoes for an instant new look! You may use fluffy yarn or glitter fabric for customizations. 

Toothpaste to cure your nail damage

Are you looking for an easy way to whiten your nails? Toothpaste is the answer! Just rub a little bit on, and they will be instantly whiter. To take it up a notch, try mixing in some lemon juice with the toothpaste. 

Image courtesy: kalhh from Pixabay

The natural bleaching agent present in lemons will help remove any yellowing that may have occurred due to any of many different causes, such as harsh nail polishes. You’ll love how shiny and beautiful they are after using this method. 

Hairspray your pantyhose to prevent runs

It may be the hardest job to prevent runs in your pantyhose. These are so delicate that they need to be handled with care. We have a hack to keep them good as new. You can fix these using hairspray.

Image courtesy: Jeneva Stiles /Pixyorg

The idea is to spray the hose with some super-hold hair spray. This will help stop any holes from expanding. So, you will be able to wear your outfit without worry. This hack is better than using nail polish that may get sticky. 

Restore your favorite sweater

Sweaters are nice and cozy when you’re feeling a little chilly. But, they can go from cute to embarrassing over time as the fabric starts to look old and creates fuzzy bits that affect the appearance. Luckily, there’s an easy hack. 

Image courtesy: StockSnap /Pixabay

You can remove the unsightly pilling without spending much money or effort! Just use an old razor blade or order some cheap ones. Gently swipe across the fabric, and you’ll notice a difference in texture- no more ugly pilling on the fabric.

Lock your buttons with some clear nail polish

For a quick and easy way to keep your buttons on the clothes you love for longer, use one coat of clear nail polish on the stitching around the buttonhole. It’ll stop any thread from coming loose so that nothing falls off! 

Image courtesy: Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The clear application will preserve wear and tear by tightening and securing the threads in place. It won’t even interfere with the color of your shirt. So, be sure to lock your precious clothing back up with some shiny new protection!

Open nail polish bottles with ease

The most frustrating part about painting your nails is when you get a new bottle, and it’s so hard to open the top. It just stays firmly in place, no matter how much strength you use or the amount of tugging you try.

Image courtesy: pure julia /Unsplash

We are going to share our rubber band trick to stop all this struggle. To save yourself some time and sore hands, try wrapping rubber bands around the neck of the cap of the bottle and then pull it off easily. 

Fresh smelling suitcase every time

What’s the best way to make your suitcase smell clean and fresh every time? Pack a bar of soap with all those dirty clothes. You will still need to wash the dirty clothes, of course! However, they won’t smell bad on the way home. 

Image courtesy: katyveldhorst /Pixabay

The soap’s scent will keep clothes from smelling dirty and ensure that new clean clothes won’t pick up the odor from the old ones. Besides, it will add a fresh scent to all your clothes and prevent any stowaways from getting in.