Keeping Up With All The Kardashian Fashion Fumbles

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on docjournals

For some people, fashion is more than just mere clothing. It’s a way of life. Even for those who can’t tell the difference between Goodwill and Gucci, fashion still has a hand to play in their daily lives. Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada explained best that even a blue sweater that couldn’t care less about represents millions of dollars and countless jobs that are not exclusive to the fashion industry.

So, even if the Kardashian family displeases our standards of artistry with their questionable fashion choices, they are trendsetters who contribute to a billion-dollar industry. That doesn’t mean we can’t cast a dubious eye on some of the more controversial outfits they’ve worn over the years. Here are a few Kardashian outfits that might inspire you or repulse you—either way, they are sure to get you thinking.

Lay Down To Clean the Floor

Cleaning the house can be quite tedious, and it can be difficult to get to all the chores. Well, if you are not a fan of wiping the floors, this is the perfect dress for you! All you have to do is douse yourself in bleach and lie down!

Image Courtesy of

Then, make a snow angel. If you prefer, you can roll over and crawl like they do in the army or swim through the stockpile of dust and grime. Make sure to reach beneath and behind that refrigerator because that’s where the crumbs of our food cheats fall.


They are every girl’s favorite go-to headpiece, just like this shirt. Why? Well, they’re inexpensive. If you rummage through your girlfriend’s bin or makeup table, you’ll find one of these lying around. When done correctly, they’re just as scrunched up as Kylie’s face on this shirt.

Image courtesy of

We bet that you will never look at scrunchies the same way again. Heck, we will never look at Kylie’s face the same way again. If we ironed that shirt, do you think we could stretch out the clunks of makeup on her eyelids? No, well, it’s worth trying!

Curtain Rack

This look would have been great had someone gone easy on the holes. It looks like she can be hung on a clothes rack or a curtain rail. This fashion designer must have been an interior designer in their past life.

Image Courtesy of

The material is sheer enough to show off her amazing body—there was no need for so many holes. The holes are even on her shoes! We wonder what on Earth she was thinking. Even Kanye looks unimpressed with this outfit choice.


Don’t you hate it when you get attacked by a cat shortly before leaving the house? It looks like poor Kim got into a bit of a tussle with a feisty feline before she stepped in front of the paparazzi. That is the only logical explanation for that illogical outfit.

Image courtesy of FameFlynet

Perhaps Kim wanted to have some ventilation in case the weather turned. New York weather can be very unpredictable, you know? Whatever her reasons for this atrocious outfit were, this is one outfit that should have stayed on the hanger.

Working Out

This is a great outfit for the busy modern woman. After a whole day’s work, we’re itching to amp up our metabolism by going to the gym or having a fun night out at the club. If you have no time for an outfit change, you should try this outfit.

Image courtesy of

If you’re sweating at the club, the breathable fabric of that sportswear will allow the sweat to evaporate quickly while giving a nice sheen on the dance floor. You’ll also look sexy because that dress hugs every curve. This is a true multifunctional outfit.


We were going to call this unrealistic, but since we’re talking in terms of fashion and art, we’ll label it as surreal. It’s “surreal” to head into the maternity section and find a dress that suits a pregnant woman so perfectly.

Image Courtesy of

Yes, Kim was pregnant at the time that she wore this. She was even brave enough to rock some sky-high stilettos in spite of the baby bump. Even though she wasn’t very far along in her pregnancy, that is still impressive.

Sweats All Over

Let’s face it, the Kardashians were not really made to exercise. They were made for nips & tucks to keep up their gorgeous figures. So, for Kim to saunter around wearing cycling shorts and spandex might be a tad disingenuous.

Image Courtesy of The Daily Mail

The only thing that is true to Kim is those knee-high boots. Had this been worn by any other celebrity, we would have seriously discredited their fashion sense and their glamour team. Since it’s Kim, we can excuse her for the lapse in judgment. She tends to experiment from time to time.

Suited and Booted

As we previously mentioned, Kim loves rocking knee-high boots. Whether they are brown and suede or shiny and pink, Kim K is not afraid to don some sky-high footwear. True to Nancy Sinatra’s words, Kim’s “boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do.”

Image courtesy of kimkardashian/Instagram

As if the boots weren’t enough of a fashion statement, Kim has paired them with a bright pink spandex jumpsuit and bug-eyed glasses. These glasses might be a bit much for regular people like us, but they must be great at blocking out the paparazzi flashes.

Queen of Spandex:

Kim’s love of the color pink and spandex has no bounds. Regardless of whether it’s workout gear, a catsuit, or a ball gown, if it can be made in spandex, then Kim will wear it. This undoubtedly earns her the title of “Queen of spandex.”

Image courtesy of kimkardashian/Instagram

And are those boots peaking out of the bottom of the dress? Kim is nothing if not consistent. We wonder how she will carry all of the belongings she needs in that micro handbag. It looks to be only big enough to carry a single lipstick.

Sesame Street Chic

The Karjenners do love to take inspiration from each other. For example, the bug-eyed glasses. Kylie’s other style inspiration must be the Cookie Monster. Her furry sweater is reminiscent of the lovable Sesame Street character. As strange as this outfit is, somehow, it works! Maybe it’s just because we love the Cookie Monster.

Image courtesy of kyliejenner/Instagram

However, their fashion sense is where the similarities between the Cookie Monster and Kylie end. We cannot imagine Kylie devouring a heap of cookies—not with that amazing body. Her fit bod is built on kale salad and green juice, not cookies.


Unlike her sisters Kim and Kylie, Kendall is not currently dating a rapper. Even though she was briefly connected to A$AP Rocky, she is not as acquainted with rap culture as her sisters might be. Despite that, she has drawn inspiration from the culture with this oversized beanie and the gold chains.

Image Courtesy of

We are unsure if this is a look from one of the countless runways she has walked or if she actually picked out this outfit herself. Either way, this outfit is not working. Corduroy and gold chains aren’t a match made in heaven. Who knew?

Animal Prints

Each of the Kardashian members has their own unique fashion sense. Kim and Kourtney don’t mind exposing intimate wear, while Khloé and Kris go for animal patterns. While Kris has her clothes tailor-fit, Khloé likes them flowy. This was Khloé nearly a decade ago.

Image Courtesy of

As lovely as this dress is, we love when Khloe shows off her marvelous figure. She is the tallest and curviest of all her sisters. That is something to be proud of, not something to hide. As mentioned, this was a decade ago. She is much more comfortable with figure-hugging clothes nowadays.

Tin Foil Fashion

One Kardashian who is not afraid to show off her figure is Kim. The mommy mogul is in the best shape of her life, and she is not afraid to flaunt it. Take this dress, for example. The fabric perfectly hugs her hourglass figure.

Image courtesy of kimkardashian/Instagram

As glamorous as she looks, we can’t help but notice that she looks like the Tin Man if he had a fancy gala to attend. On anyone else, this outfit would be outrageous. However, on Kim K, it somehow works.

Kylie Bun-ner

These days, teenagers use makeup and clothing to look older than they actually are. So it was a shock when Kylie Jenner chose to step out into public with this youthful look. From the space buns to the exposed socks, she looks downright adorable.

Image Courtesy of

The last time we wore socks beyond the edges of the shoe was in second grade! The only thing that’s missing is the itchy lace trim. This picture is pretty rare—it’s not often one sees a Kardashian prioritize comfort over fashion.

Skorts, Anyone?

This peplum two-piece is the perfect ensemble if you aren’t sure whether you want to wear a skirt or shorts. It has the feminine flair of a skirt and the functionality of shorts. So, you can look cute and still run if you need to.

Image courtesy of

Luckily, Kim K isn’t running from anyone. She is not like other celebrities who dislike the scrutiny of the public eye. She thrives in it—even allowing an entire camera crew to have constant access to her home while filming their reality show Keeping up With the Kardashians.

Who Wore it Better?

Who wears flower curtains better? Mrs. Doubtfire or Kim K? Let’s weigh in on the differences. In the 1993 movie Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams dons a fatsuit and a multi-piece mask during filming, whereas Kim gets pregnant. Robin wears a floral print dress with a blazer, while Kim wears a curtain with a thigh-high slit.

Image Courtesy of

Kim Kardashian admits that after the 2013 Met Gala, she cried all the way home because Williams and the rest of the internet had made snide remarks about her dress. We think she looks great in pretty much anything. However, Robin Williams is giving her a run for her money in his outfit.

Gym Class

Another KarJenner that can rock almost anything she wears is Kendall Jenner. Of course, it helps that she is a supermodel with an amazing figure. However, as gorgeous as she is, we are having a difficult time understanding this outfit.

Image Courtesy of

Firstly, if she is cold enough to wear a big fur coat, then we wonder why she decided to expose her mid-drift and go out with bare legs. She must be freezing. Secondly, we really hope that the coat is faux fur, or else PETA will have something to say about that.

All Wound Up

Kim Kardashian wore these leggings and a green Chinese-collared top to the 2008 Victoria’s Secret pink carpet. Kim is surprisingly modest here. She has a tiny bit of cleavage showing, but, for the most part, she is pretty covered up.

Image Courtesy of

It’s such a shame that the print on her top distracts from her beautiful face. It also feels like she came as an assistant instead of showing up as one of the stars. After all, she would be vying for attention with other socialites and glamorous lingerie models.

Sesame Street Part II

Think pink Big Bird. But this time, she’s wearing shades, and she has long, wavy auburn hair. After seeing this picture, we can just hear Big Bird’s voice singing, “everyone makes mistakes, so why can’t you?” Well, Khloe made a mistake with this outfit.

Image courtesy of Wonderwall

Unfortunately, the proportions of the dress make her look bottom-heavy and shapeless. If Khloe, with her stunning figure, can’t rock this jumpsuit, then there is no hope for us mere mortals. Might as well throw this jumpsuit in the trash.


Bodysuits can be worn for different events. They are perfect under a ski suit or even for a night out. They are flattering and easy. In the ’80s, bodysuits were used for working out. This outfit looks like all it is missing are leg warmers.

Image Courtesy of dailycelebritystyle

We have to admit that the color palette makes her skin and eyes pop. However, while we understand this is a “nude” color, it also makes her appear such while walking the street. Almost every crevice of her body is tucked and shaped to the line.

Blinding Lights

We love Kanye’s eyes in this image. However, they almost look like wax figures. Kim’s eyes look dull, and her face is expressionless. To be fair, all of us have taken a bad picture before. The difference is that their bad picture is on the front cover of every newspaper.

Image Courtesy of worldtravelling

To us, it looks like Kim is ready for battle. Hand her a shield and sword and let the lions loose. This sequined gladiator is ready to slay all of her haters. Perhaps next time, they shouldn’t embellish the whole outfit. There is a lot going on here.

Ruffled Feathers

How many hens were aggrieved to make this outfit? The poor chickens are already mass-produced to feed hungry KFC customers; now, they must provide material for Kourtney’s outfit too. If these aren’t chicken feathers, then perhaps someone wrapped a feather boa around her waist?

Image Courtesy of

This outfit definitely ruffles our feathers. In other news, though, this is probably the first time we have seen Kourtney with bangs. These days she sports her iconic black bob. We must say, she looks very youthful and radiant in this picture.

Spotted Minion

Yellow, adorable, and enthusiastic – that’s what Kris Jenner appears to be in this picture. Everything appears to be yellow, from her neck to her legs. It’s like someone took a robe and used it to fashion the coat, pants and top, then stamped their name on it to make it justify the price.

Image Courtesy of

Also, where has her left leg gone? Some users claim that it can be found behind the right one, but was this a product of bad editing? We would hope as much time is put into making sure both her legs are in the picture as the time spent styling her look.

Going Biking

Would you ever go to the gym with your makeup on? Kim has got us wondering if she really had gone to work out or to be photographed. After all, who needs to exercise when you can get liposuction? Take it from the Vandergeld sisters from White Chicks.

Image Courtesy of

If you’re not biking or running, there’s no justified reason to wear cycling shorts. Leave them be. They’re meant to sweat through or maintain a respectable degree of decency under skirts. Please don’t make this a fashion trend like they did in the ’90s.

Latex Caramel

That sums up this picture perfectly. If this suit were a flavor, it’d be latex caramel. We can almost hear the high-pitched squeak of her bodysuit as she walks through the rain. Funny how she’s still using an umbrella when she’s basically wearing a waterproof suit.

Image Courtesy of Papixs/Goff

We hope they don’t come across anyone allergic to latex! The hair and makeup are beautiful, but we wonder how she fits her glorious body into that rubber sheath. How many hours do you think it took her? How many hours would you last in this?

Lovers of Latex

It seems that Kim cannot let go of her love for latex. Regardless of the outfit, Kim K will make a version out of latex. She did it previously with a blazer and trousers, and here she is again with a latex dress.

Image courtesy of FameFlynet

One has to wonder, what weather conditions would make this dress comfortable to wear? If it is warm, she might sweat profusely under all of that stifling latex. However, if it’s cold, she won’t be warm enough with her arms and legs exposed. How curious.

Safety Boots

Kim K was feeling particularly handy when she wore this outfit. Plumber meets firefighter! She is wearing her trusty jean attire, and she’s ready to roll those sleeves up. Hand her a wrench and help her find that pesky leak!

Image Courtesy of

Meanwhile, those knee-high boots were inspired by firemen’s safety boots. It might look good from afar, but if we were to wear it, we would want to wear socks. Nothing is more unattractive than seeing sweat droplets condense over your feet and thighs.

Hold Your Horses

This cowgirl thought that a full denim look was the way to go. Perhaps her brassiere was also the same fabric. If so, we are surprised she didn’t have it on display—it would be typical for a Kardashian to expose their bosom if they go for a mono-color look.

Image Courtesy of

We had actually expected her to be wearing heels that had a denim material too. Either that or we could imagine her going for felt. This would be a hard look to launder during the rainy season. Good thing she has her security guard to keep her dry.

Mirror, mirror on the Kardashian

Who would have thought that platinum blond would look so good on Kim Kardashian? Kim traded her long, dark locks for a short shaggy ‘do. This hair, paired with this outfit, makes her look like a rockstar’s girlfriend from the 80s.

Image courtesy of kimkardashian/Instagram

Her pants look to be inspired by cowboy chaps. However, we do not think cowboys are wearing shiny trousers. One benefit of this outfit, though, is that it will come in handy if there are not enough mirrors at the party.


The Kardashian Klan seems to have a thing for full denim looks. This next look by Kim reminds us of the infamous Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim-on-denim look. That look has been recreated a plethora of times, but we have never seen it done like this.

Image courtesy of Backgrid

Kim has added her own twist with an asymmetrical waistline and a one-shoulder top. We must say, we prefer Britney’s denim look—it was much more iconic. And Ye? We don’t even know where to start. Perhaps with the red mohawk. Ye certainly knows how to keep things interesting.

Taking Up Space

Here, ladies and gentlemen, you will see Kris relive her walk down the aisle. She’s wrapped in white ruffles, and the end bits look like they were made to trail a cathedral. The texture of the bow looks like cheap styrofoam if you ask us.

Image Courtesy of YouTube/ET Online

Kris Jenner is anything but old-fashioned, but that is how she looks with this outfit on. The rough texture of the bow could have been masked by a smoother inner lining, but the designer decided on more lumpy material. Kris looks matronly instead of the sexy woman that she is!

Deck of Cards

Oddly, Kourtney reminds us of a deck of cards in this outfit. If you stare at this suit for too long, you might feel like you’re hallucinating. The fact that someone can be paid millions to air their dirty laundry on a reality show already feels like a hallucination.

Image Courtesy of

In this outfit, she looks less like a queen of hearts and more like a joker. Kourtney is usually the most sensible Kardashian there is. It’s hard to believe she chose this look. It honestly looks like something is missing—perhaps a pair of sleeves!

Dolled Up

So that’s how she gets her kid to stay calm in her presence. Mommy has to get all dolled up, literally, to play with her kid. Whereas other parents would use a mobile toy or a Dollie, she chose to dress up as one! Great parenting hack!

Image Courtesy of

Why does it look like Kourtney has just gotten out of bed and rolled out of it in her pajamas? Even Barbie had a better fashion sense than that. The only thing that salvaged this look were those pumps. They’re absolutely to die for!

Biggest Mystery Revealed

Some women exercise, some pair it with a strict diet…others wear shapewear. It’s our dirty little secret, and every time our girlfriends catch wind that we’re using it, we’re reduced to a profound level of shame. It’s just that the keto diet we said we are on isn’t working fast enough!

Image Courtesy of

And while Kris Jenner has been very open about her nip and tuck procedures, what’s the point of having to wear shapewear if the lipo worked? Should we rethink our options or cancel our appointment? We’ll probably just stick to choosing a fabric that isn’t translucent.

Gone to Heaven

The cute print says “Holy Spirit,” but the only “spirit” we see is Kim’s fashion sense. It seems that Kim’s fashion sense has just died and gone to heaven. May it rest in peace, and may she seek guidance to revert to her usual on-point fashion sense.

Image Courtesy of

It’s uncanny that a Kardashian would be caught in public wearing something comfortable. We’re not into the bright purple tights, loose sweater, and bedroom slippers look. She looks like she partied hard the night before and went to bed in those clothes.

Kanye Meets Shakira

Before becoming the ultimate power couple, Kanye briefly dated Shakira. Not really, but Kim almost looks like the Colombian singer in this picture with her wind-swept blond hair. She barely looks recognizable. It’s like seeing a fish awkwardly flop on land—uncanny.

Image Courtesy of

It’s a pretty pitiful sight. Whereas Kanye looks impeccably dressed, Kim looks like she has just gone for a dress rehearsal of a broadway show. Could we have her change into the second set’s outfit? We’re really trying to look away; maybe we’ll keep scrolling down.

Xtina, is that you?

If you thought this was an image of the Genie in a Bottle singer, Xtina, then you would be wrong. This is none other than Kim Kardashian. She seems to have taken inspiration from the Grammy award singer. From her hair to her trousers, this image is reminiscent of the Dirrty music video.

Image courtesy of KimKardashian/Twitter

As stunning as she looks in this picture, she looks nothing like our beloved Kimmy. The only clue to the fact that this is, indeed, the famous Kardashian is her boots. We all know that Kim K loves knee-length boots!

Ribs Showing

Imagine rocking out to the post-disco boogie song “Around the world” by Daft Punk. There are synthetic keys being pushed around, a globe in the center of the room, and skeletons marching up and down a staircase. That is the visual that popped into our heads after seeing this picture.

Image Courtesy of

Was she late for the music video shoot? Poor Khloe looks emaciated, with her ribs showing. Despite that, she has the strength to pull a suitcase and wade through the paparazzi. Was this after Halloween? We sure hope she had a reason to don this drop-dead fit.

Oversized Jewelry

Ten years back, your outfit wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t wearing massive hoop earrings and oversized bling. Everything had to sparkle. You had to be dressed like a bejeweled Tinkerbell, or else you were so uncool. It was a time to unleash your free spirit!

Image Courtesy of

Off shoulders tops were also a fad, but they were so uncomfortable. Back then, it was normal, but now we’re left wondering how we survived that era. Did we wear bras with only one strap on, or did we even wear a bra at all?

Feverish with Fur

She’s sexy and attractive, but the way she’s dressing downgrades all that appeal. It’s not like she’s old. She was only in her 20s when this picture was taken. A lot of Kim K’s fashion fails were when she was Paris Hilton’s assistant.

Image Courtesy of

Was it because she had channeled all the work on maintaining Paris’ outfits. Kim must have forgotten how to care for and style herself. No wonder she’s got her mom as her manager. It was wise of Kris to take on the role.

Wearing Grills

This dress deserves some roasting because why would anyone want to dress up as a grill? It’s like fishnet stockings, but its sieve openings are wider apart. Instead of trying to inject some class by putting on a one-piece body-hugging shape suit underneath, she had to expose more skin.

Image Courtesy of KCS Press/Splash News

Ever realized that all of these outfits were meant to be showcased for a maximum of 30 minutes? Wear them on your regular walk, and you’d be left freezing, even with that coat on. In addition, it’s just not financially sustainable to pay more for your clothes, even with less material.


While we love different artists and their contributions to music and design, some things are best left to exclusive ownership. Beyoncé had worn something that looked a lot like this during a concert. She rocked it, unlike Kylie in this picture.

Image Courtesy of

Beyoncé is an icon and has been in the industry for at least a decade. On the other hand, Kylie grew up famous largely because of her sisters’ success. It is understandable why Kylie might want to emulate the pop star, but perhaps she should find her own style.

Choosing Shorts

Can anyone tell Kim what shorts are? With the number of tears on her jeans, she might as well wear a pair. Once again, this item fetches hundreds of dollars but is missing a bunch of fabric. Also, imagine throwing these jeans in the laundry machine with your hooked brassieres. What a nightmare.

Image Courtesy of

A slit on one leg is fine, but leave the jean pockets out of sight. We don’t want to see if you have forgotten to wear your undies. Please stop trying to pull a Britney on us. Now could you go back inside the house and change into something less stringy?

Peplums Fairy

Usually, peplums are attractive if the blouse you’re wearing is fit to your body type. They are best worn by women who have hourglass figures, but really, anyone can pull them off. However, if you’re going to wear peplums like this, you’re going to look like you don’t have a torso.

Image Courtesy of

She is all chest and hips. Where’d her waist go? The whole point of a peplum is to accentuate her figure. This just diverts our attention from it, especially when the edges are cut too short. It might have suited Kourtney, though.

Coat Pockets

This Louis Vuitton coat is worn on a very sunny day, but because it’s worn by Kim K, it’s expected that she’ll wear something uncomfortable. The only thing that we love about it is that it has a lot of pockets. Unfortunately, those pockets are placed all over your body.

Image Courtesy of

It makes us think it wasn’t there for functionality but for aesthetics. Need our library ID? Sure we’ll just take it with our left hand from our right breast pocket. Need our tablet? Just unzip this right lower pocket here.

Sorority Girl

We would have never imagined that Kim would dress as a sorority girl. That’s more of Paris Hilton’s vibe. But this was in the early 2000s, so who can’t blame her? Much of Kim’s fashion sense was modeled after the socialite heiress. And it shows, don’t you think?

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@nicolefoccillo

The Kim we have come to know is a queen in her own right. Kim has grown a brand of her own and has forged her own signature as a media personality. She has built her own niche in Hollywood, where most people were just born into fame.

Hot Suit

Kim is looking especially royal these days; however, this outfit looks a tad matronly. Was her jacket supposed to double as a coat? Imagine it trailing across the gravel sidewalk, picking up crumbs and grime. The vibrant teal color is spot on, though.

Image Courtesy of

Also, those oversized pants are the worst fashion trend of the early 2000s. People’s baggy jeans would be tarnished lighter by the backside of the foot because they would keep rubbing against the pavement. If you revealed the inner side, the one touching your skin, there’d just be a muck of filth.

Following Hilton

It is like a comeback from the early 2000s. Hot pink, natural blonde hair, and baggy oversized tracksuits were the bomb. With the sequins on her suit, people can probably spot her from miles away. It’s like Paris Hilton reimagined.

Image Courtesy of

This is just Khloé walking out of her house. It will take her about the duration of one song to get to the car and an orchestral period sitting at the back of the car. At least then, her atrocious tracksuit will be out of sight.

New Skin

Kim had just recently celebrated her daughter’s 2nd birthday when she posed in front of the camera for this picture. She donned a full leather look, and she paired her two favorite colors, pitch-black and nude. Kim looks radiant here.

Image Courtesy of

It’s just that this is a lot of leather for a kid’s birthday party. Besides, shouldn’t her kid be the star of the show, not mommy and her mismatched outfit? Whose birthday is it anyway? To be fair, her daughter probably won’t remember the party at all.

Leopard Print

What is it with Kris and her monochromatic looks? Allow a little variety when it comes to the design of the fabric. If you fashion your entire look based on a single design, you come off shapeless. And Kris has a rocking bod, so that’s a shame.

Image Courtesy of

What is worse is that even her shoes had the same print. We would advise her to use complementary colors like yellow and purple, green and red. Don’t go bouncing around looking like Tigger! You ought to hide your tail!

Prison Grey

Someone else could have pulled off this smart-casual vibe. Kendall just does not seem like the smart-casual type. How could Kendall go out and about with pajamas colored in prison grey? It does not do anything for her wonderful figure either.

Image Courtesy of

The fabric looks rough to the touch. And we’re just looking at it. Kendall seemed to have been going for a certain vibe, but she fell short when she chose this outfit. Better luck next time, we guess. Maybe a brighter-colored pair of heels would have helped.

Marking Territories

Just in case Kim forgets what she looks like, she’ll have her jacket to remind her. We bet no one will be able to steal this jacket. Maybe we should go and mark our items the same way. They can steal your name, but they can’t steal your face.

Image Courtesy of

People plaster their faces on so many items, from phone cases to hoodies. You don’t even have to be famous; all you need is a great deal of vanity! We bet Versace never thought of marking his items this way.

Footspa on the Go

With so much work piled up, we can’t find the time to get a pedicure. Our heels have gotten calloused from wearing uncomfortable heels. It seems that until now, fitting in and looking good is more important than safety and comfort. Minimize chafing and blisters by having a foot spa on the go!

Image Courtesy of tabloid/foto/2691673

Just dab a spoonful of gel over your feet. You don’t have to add warm water because your skin will provide you the right temperature and humidity to sweat out the fluid. The gel cleanses while sweating and detoxifies your feet. Just makes sure to air dry after.

Going Fishing

As they say, “there is plenty of fish in the sea.” So, cast your net wide open for more romantic options. Haul and heave while you wear this suit and cover bits and pieces of your skin so that you remain modest.

Image Courtesy of

Pair it with stilettos because you wouldn’t want to wade in mud and water while doing the dirty work. Take advantage of a falling tide because that’s when the prime quality fish come out. They sense a lot of action at the top surface, and a little wink will go a long way as bait.

Social Recluse

This is a perfect outfit for when you want to meditate. With those glasses on, we wouldn’t have recognized Kendall. We didn’t know she wanted to attain Nirvana and detach herself from her worldly belongings. So why is she carrying that leather bag that probably costs more than our entire wardrobe?

Image Courtesy of

This coat could be worn if you want to sit by the street and beg for alms. We could use an additional dollar or two. However, we’re still at a loss for words that this trendy item costs hundreds of dollars.

Breaking In Footwear

How do you break shoes in quickly? You can wear socks, and blast hot air around the shoes for two to three minutes. You can walk around in them to stretch them out. Or, you can have a pregnant woman stretch them out for you—like this!

Image Courtesy of

It’s normal for women’s feet and legs to swell during the third trimester. So, the least you could do is to wear comfortable sandals or open shoes. Didn’t anyone tell Kim she could take a breather? She could wear a pair of clogs and still make them look sexy.

Bikini Bottom

Kim is rocking those assets but imagine wearing this in mid-summer heat. It’s already translucent, to begin with, but having sweat pouring through the cracks will make it transparent. She should have a towel or a sponge(bob) in hand as she manages this bikini bottom. Would you dare go out in this?

Image Courtesy of

We have to admit, it fits her perfectly. Her silhouette is perfectly encased in that pencil skirt. That top looks more like a sports bra, but if you look at it long enough, it’ll look classy enough to be worn at a social gathering—but only if you are Kim K.

No fabric wasted

It would seem that whoever made the pencil skirt above had enough fabric left over to make a trench coat, too. Kimmy also decided to keep the barely there top she had on before as well. In true Kim K fashion, this outfit covers less than it reveals.

Image courtesy of FameFlynet

Despite how questionable this outfit is, one must admit that her legs look fabulous in those heels. Kim is not one to shy away from a stunning pair of stilettos, even while pregnant. These wrap-around heels are the only thing right about this outfit.

Intimate Wear

It’s called intimate wear because it’s supposed to house your assets which are, you know, intimate. However, these ladies thought they could pull off a stunt like this. Kendall should decide if she is going to be semi-nude in just the brassier or wear the white top as it is meant to be worn.

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Do you think she was wearing a brasserie underneath the top, too? She already has one on top of her shirt, anyway. Actually, perhaps this outfit would be comfortable. It’s like wearing a sock before using shoes. Those underwires and laces wouldn’t bother us so much.

The Chronicles of Kylie:

We’ve seen The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but we don’t remember this scene. Okay, sure, calling this gorgeous mommy mogul a “witch” is not the most fitting description. However, she did get called worse after social media got hold of this image.

Image Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

Kylie wore this dress to the Spring/ Summer 2023 Schiaparelli Couture show in Paris and was swiftly met with intense backlash. Critics suggest that designs like these normalize big game hunting. The animal head is fake, but we can see why people would be upset.