40 Nifty Shoe Hacks That Help ‘Save Our Soles’

By Navkiran K

This article was originally published on morehackz

Do you ever feel like life is just one long list of things to do? Do you recall the last time you went shoe shopping because your old ones were starting to wear out and they don’t make that style anymore? Well, we’ve got good news for you. We found some fantastic tricks that will make all your shoe problems go away. These tricks and tips will save you tons of time and effort, from preventing socks from getting lost in the wash to keeping your shoes smelling fresh. Not to mention saving money! If you want to be in style, then it’s essential that your shoes last as long as possible. With these shoe hacks, you’ll find ways not just to protect your feet but also to keep those heels from cracking, too. So sit back and read through them all because there’s something in here for everyone!

Control Your Shoes With Heel Grips

Have you always loved those sky-high stilettos you passed by at the mall but were too afraid to buy them? Don’t worry! There are many innovative ways to alleviate pain and discomfort from wearing high heels that work both discreetly and affordably.

Image courtesy of ebay.com

One such product is a heel grip. It comes in different sizes, so no matter what kind or size shoes you wear, just slip it underneath either side so all weight rests on top of it so you can avoid any marks or bruises. 

Fix Shoe Wrinkles With A Steam Iron 

With this tip, you can prevent shoe creases from happening in the future. If your favorite pair of trainers have been wearing down and looking a little worse for wear the past few months, then this next hack might be able to give them new life. 

Image courtesy of toritoshoes.com

With a wet cloth and steam iron, you can make your sneakers look like new again. Put the damp cloth on the wrinkles and gently rub it with a steam iron. It might not get rid of all of them, but they will definitely be less noticeable after this.

Get Rid Of Squealing Shoes

Squealing shoes can be annoying. It’s hard enough that you have to listen to them all day at work, but it’s even worse when your coworkers overhear and start laughing, too. Fortunately, there is one quick fix for noisy or squeaking footwear.

Image courtesy of teenateen.com

The best way to keep your feet comfy is to add some baby powder beneath the shoe sole. Rubbing this gentle substance between both parts of the shoe will create better cohesion, meaning there’s less squealing and more comfort for you.

Get Creative With Your Shoelace Patterns

We all know how it seems when our shoes seem a bit boring or aren’t as cool anymore. But, there’s an easy solution. Simply tie them differently than everyone else, and you’ll be able to make them look way more personal, unique, and cooler.

Image courtesy of today.com

There are many different ways to tie your shoe. You can find lots of patterns that will change the look of your old kicks. Don’t want to tie them with crisscrosses? Try switching them out for something new instead, just like this picture.

Heel Caps Are Actual Lifesavers

Imagine the worst nightmare possible. Your favorite pair of heels are broken, and it’s not something you can fix with duct tape or superglue. Imagine how terrifying that would be. Luckily, there is a solution. Heel caps can save the day.

Image courtesy of cap.union-13.com

The pain of broken heels can be intense, and when they are slippery, it is nearly impossible to keep them in place. Investing in a couple of heel caps will help you fix your favorite pair when the emergency strikes. 

Design Your Own Inner Soles

Wearing shoes can sometimes feel uncomfortable. But if you are looking for an effortless way to solve the problem without spending too much money on painful inserts or expensive soles, then check out this next nifty shoe hack.

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If you want a more comfortable sole, make your own. You need thick and grippy fabric that’s cut to the size of the shoe. Then, use a hot glue gun to make them stick together. Put them in any footwear with confidence when they are dry.

Apply Some Sandpaper For A Grip

New shoes can be a bit slippery and lack grip, but there’s an easy fix that will help you get better traction. Apply some sandpaper to the soles of your feet, and they will feel much more secure on any surface.

Image courtesy of angelusdirect.com

Additionally, you could also do this before going out for maximum safety by fixing them at the outer layer in case anything happens while you’re walking. It will improve friction between your foot and the floor, which makes balancing easier, too, especially if you’re wearing heels. 

Limit Blisters With Deodorant

Is there anything more frustrating than getting blisters from dancing all night? Well, now you can avoid this with just a bit of clear gel deodorant. Just rub the inner heel area on your shoes and watch them disappear.

Image courtesy of shared.com

Rubbing deodorant wherever you notice the friction that is causing the blisters will help prevent more of them in the future. It needs to be an actual stick-type deodorant because this creates a barrier layer between your foot and shoe. Don’t let your feet pay the price for fashion.

Widen Your Boot Shafts

If you want to wear comfortable boots, make sure they’ve got a snug fit. But if there’s no other way around it, and your favorite pair just isn’t doing the trick any longer for whatever reason, then all you need is some newspapers to help fix this problem.

Image courtesy of ehow.com

Try stuffing some newspapers into each boot when you are not wearing them, then take them out when you’re ready to wear them. This will widen up those leather uppers so that you can enjoy your time outdoors with ease again.

Stinky Shoes? Tea Bags To The Rescue!

It’s the worst feeling when your shoes have an unpleasant odor. However, there’s a quick solution to eliminate it. You can make your own shoe deodorizer in a jiffy by using tea bags. It’s an effective shoe cleanser without having to go wash them. 

Image courtesy of theedition.com

Put unused tea bags in your shoes as they’re absolutely great at absorbing unpleasant scents. Any kind of tea bag will work, even the minty herbal ones. They are super absorbent and can suck all that moisture right out. 

Get Rid Of Water Stains From Leather Shoes

Do you know what looks classy? Leather shoes. But if you don’t take proper care of them, the weather can make your favorite pair look dirty with water stains. Fortunately, there’s an easy hack that will keep this from happening less often.

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Clean your shoes using a toothbrush and vinegar. To remove dirt or stains, dab the brush in the cup of vinegar and let it sit for an hour before brushing off any large bits with paper towels to see all the dirt and marks melt away.

Soften The Flip-Flop Straps

Flip-flops can be a great shoe for summer. They are easy to wear, and they are cheap. But they might hurt your toes if the straps are not soft. The intricate plastic pieces that go between your toes can hurt and can cause irritation. 

Image courtesy of sorayacartategui.com

A good trick to make your flip-flops feel better is to cover them with fabric that will feel soft on your feet. Sew the fabric over the part where the straps meet, and you are ready for a comfortable walk.

Cushion Firm Shoe Straps With Moleskin

In the same way that some flip-flop straps can cause pain, regular shoe straps can make you feel uncomfortable, too. But, there is an easy fix that includes moleskin. You’ll be astonished at how much of a difference it makes when applied correctly.

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To make your shoes as comfortable as possible, line them with moleskin foam. The padding absorbs all of that pesky friction of your shoe on the skin, so you can enjoy wearing those uncomfortable heels without getting a painful blister or hotspot. 

Purchase Shoes During Evenings

You know that distinct feeling of grabbing a pair of shoes and realizing they feel tighter than before? That’s simply because your feet have the propensity to swell during the day, especially when you’re seated for long periods of time.

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Therefore, if you go shopping too early in the day, your shoes might be too small for your feet by evening. The best time to buy shoes is at night when your feet are the biggest. This way, you’ll know the shoes will fit any time of the day.

Make Your New Shoes Comfortable With Dryer

Getting new shoes is often a process where both sides of the coin need to be considered. On one side, you want to buy cool footwear, and on the other, it can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable experience. Don’t worry. Here’s a hack for you.

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When you first start wearing new shoes, it’s best to put on thick socks and use a blowdryer on any tight or awkward spots. The heat will loosen up the material, which will help your feet get used to their surroundings much faster. 

Invest In Arch Support Inserts

Have you ever tried to walk around with pain in your feet? We know it doesn’t sound fun, and we all want relief right away. Well, there is something that can help stop the arch-ache from spreading: inserts for arches.

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Inserts are a perfect solution because they work quickly. They make you walk better and help alleviate the pain in your feet. If you have flat feet, they will still have arches, but you need to support them, or else foot pain will occur.

Make Your Heels Shorter

High heels are not for everyone, but many women wear them because they make you feel taller and more confident, primarily if they work in an office. If high-heel shoes irritate your feet, back, or both, getting them shortened might be the perfect solution.

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Not only will it take care of that chronic pain in these areas, but shortening them also helps with circulation by reducing pressure on sensitive nerve endings near our joints. We can even give old shoes like grandma’s favorite pair a new life again.

Keep Your Boots Moisture-Free

Keep your shoes from getting mold on them by keeping the moisture away. Mold can break down a shoe’s material and cause it to wear faster. Don’t let anything get wet after rain or puddles, and avoid wearing them near water sources.

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You might be surprised what you can do to keep your shoes clean and dry. You can use paper towels or newspaper to help dry them off if they get wet. That way, there won’t be an environment in them for mold to grow.

DIY Waterproof Shoes Using Beeswax

Did you know that beeswax is an easy way to waterproof your shoes? It’s so simple; even a beginner can do it. Simply rub the wax onto both sides of each shoe until they are entirely covered in this substance.

Image courtesy of todayoutlook.com

Beeswax is the perfect material for making your shoes waterproof. It’s an instant method that won’t change their color or leave any stains. In addition, it’s a quick application that can turn even delicate slippers into water-resistant companions. 

A Great Way To Stop Chafing 

You may be familiar with the condition of chafing, which is an uncomfortable and annoying sensation that commonly occurs when skin rubs against other materials. However, you can help prevent or provide relief from this type of pain using home remedies. 

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One tip is coating the heels in K-Y jelly before doing intensive activities that might cause friction so it won’t hurt as much. It can take care of minor wounds and prevent chafing in problem areas, for example, the ankles or heels. 

Add Wool Into Your Soles

One of the most aching parts of winter is being stuck with cold feet. Do you dread those achy, sore toes because they’re too sensitive to the chilly weather and want warm socks as soon as possible? We have a trick for you.

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The best way to keep your feet warm when you’re outside in the winter is by wearing wool. Just add some fabric from this type of fleecy material inside any shoes; you and your feet will stay nice and cozy for hours. 

To Make The Shoe Wider, Put It In The Freezer 

Let’s face it. We all hate tight shoes. But, there is a great way to get rid of the too-tight feeling in your footwear and make sure they fit like a glove with this ingenious shoe hack. Grab an airtight bag and water.

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Fill up a sandwich bag with water and put it in the area where your shoe is snug. Then put them into the freezer. You might not know this, but ice can help stretch them out slightly, so they fit better.

Give Your Heel Linings A New Life With Patches

The best way to keep your heels in tip-top shape for as long as possible is with a good quality heel lining in place. When they inevitably start wearing down, just patch up the damage, and nobody will ever know.

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Denim is a good choice because it is durable, and you can’t see the patches anyways since they are on the inside of the shoe. It looks nice with most colors, so it’s easy to find one that matches your style if you can’t afford new shoes.

Invest In A Pair Of No-Tie Shoelaces

Lace-up your favorite sneakers and say goodbye to tying laces. No-tie shoelaces are the perfect solution for anyone who has ever had trouble keeping their shoes tied. The best part? They surprisingly stretch much further than the traditional knots that we tie.

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Simply cut them when they have passed their lifespan—no more tying up messy knots that won’t stay put. Just slip on your shoes and go about doing whatever you like without worrying about tripping over unties shoelaces ever again.

Fix Shoe Scuffs With Some Vaseline

Are you tired of scuffed-up boots? Restore them with a little vaseline. The use of petroleum jelly to restore shoes is an age-old tradition. Simply apply some vaseline on a cotton swab and rub it gently. The marks will disappear in seconds.

Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

This is a hack that will make your shoe look new again. You only need to do this for one minute. It works best when applied to patent leather because it’s difficult to remove marks from this type of leather. Thank us later!

Tape Your Toes When Wearing Heels

The hardest part about wearing high heels is that your feet will hurt. Standing in them is hard because they put a lot of pressure on the nerve between your second and third toes. This can lead to foot pain.

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Toe-tapping is the best way to relieve some of that tension. Don’t make them too tight, or else you’ll cut off blood circulation. Wrap the tape just right so it doesn’t hurt but still provides protection for your toes. It can also make walking more comfortable. 

Clean Suede Shoes With Pieces Of Bread

When it comes to caring for your shoes, suitable material is key. Leather has proven itself as durable and long-lasting, while suede can be pretty delicate, so making sure cleaning them properly from time to time should be a top priority.

Image courtesy of today.com

Instead of using regular clothes which may scratch or otherwise damage this valuable accessory, use some bread instead. Just apply it on stains with consistency until they disappear into nothingness, then brush off any excess residue before wearing them again.

Try Sneaker Protectors To Prevent Creases

Sneakers look fabulous at first, and they are totally a pleasure to wear, but after a while, they tend to develop creases. Before you purchase new shoes, consider getting sneaker protectors so that your favorite kicks stay fresh for a long time.

Image courtesy of lifehacksforu.com

You’ll never have to worry about those pesky creases again when you use a shoe protector. They’re great for protecting your investment, and they work particularly well with Air Jordan Retro sneakers because of their high-top design a sleek shape. 

Use Feet Spray Daily

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all keep our feet as happy and healthy as possible? It’s not a bad idea to make a habit of spraying your favorite foot spray before you go out because they’ll feel refreshed.

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Plus, it will also help prevent slips because of its effectiveness in protecting against moist conditions. These sprays are entirely safe to use on the skin. Spritz some on the bottom of your feet, and let it dry before you put shoes back on.

Use Toothpaste Or Magic Eraser To Clean Your Shoes 

Squeaky clean shoes are always in style, but you can keep them looking new for longer with this nifty trick. Keeping your newly purchased shoes in pristine condition is easy with the use of magic erasers or toothpaste. Trust us!

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

To clean your scuffed shoes, rub toothpaste all over them. You will have a new pair in no time. This is a cheap way to ensure that your shoes are clean and not scuffed up from being wet too much.

Keep Your Balance On Heels Outdoors With This Hack

If you are at a fancy event or out and about, heels are always appropriate. But when walking outside, it might not be the best idea to wear high-heeled shoes if small rocks or other surfaces could make walking difficult.

Image courtesy of nastroy.net

Heel protectors help distribute your weight and make sure you stay safe when stepping outside with their patent-pending designs. No matter where or what kind of event it may be, you’ll experience minor soreness and less slippage with this tool while outdoors. 

Buy A Special Blister-Protective Spray

How many times have you been out rushing and experienced the pain of blisters on your toes? Taking care of your feet can be hard work, but luckily, there are products out that will make it easier. One excellent option is blister prevention spray. 

Image couresy of thegrommet.com

It’s the best way to prevent your feet from becoming inflamed and painful. Not only does it work wonders for preventing blisters, but this unique type of foot product will protect against anything else that may cause harm to your feet.

Add Grip With A Hot Glue Gun

Shoes don’t only have to look good; they also need to be comfortable and provide you with enough grip. We all own at least one great pair of shoes in our closet that are just too slippery on certain surfaces.

Image courtesy of kafepauza.mk

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create better traction, try using a hot glue gun. Simply draw three squiggly lines on the sole of your shoe and wait for them to dry before taking off again in style. 

Quickly Fix A Loose Flip-Flop

Flip-flops are one of the most common pairs of shows to break on an outdoor adventure. But don’t throw them away just yet. With a bit of creativity, you can fix it yourself with inexpensive supplies that you can find around your house.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

If your old flip-flops are broken, you can fix them with a simple bread tag. Then, put the strap through the hole between your toes, where you apply pressure. This will help to prevent the strap from pulling out again. 

To Revitalize Leather, Use A Banana Peel

Leather can be worn-out to look old. Some people like this and try to wear out their boots on purpose. Others would rather keep them in good condition. You can make them look new again by rubbing them with a banana peel.

Image courtesy of nastroy.net

A banana peel is a great way to make your old leather shoes look new. Apply the peeling skin of this tropical fruit onto any part of the shoe and watch them quickly regain their color and shine in an instant. 

Buy Shoe Pegs

A shoe troupe is never complete without a good place to store it. With recent innovations in storage, keeping your footwear neat and tidy has become much easier than before. Install shoe pegs and hang them up for safekeeping.

Image courtesy of Saw Dust Girl

With this tool, all those fantastic pairings can live together as one neat stack or put away neatly on their own because we know how much time this saves from going through them individually when you try and find the pair that you need.

Give Your Old Shoes A New Look

Why not spice up your shoes with a little creativity? There are plenty of accessories for yourself, so why not let our footwear have the same treatment. Simply grab an old pair of clogs or running sneakers and get creative.

Image courtesy of Sajal’s Art/YouTube

Get your hands on some blank shoe clips and attach them to old shoes. Then, make them even more interesting with buttons or decorations. You can even customize patches that will give new life to those classic kicks in no time at all. 

Get A Bit Of Extra Stretch

We all have been there when we ordered shoes online and had them feel tight. We may have bought the wrong shoe size, or maybe one foot is different from the other. However, there is an instant fix for this issue.

Image courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Did you know that there are specific devices that can give your shoes just the tiniest bit of extra stretch? It doesn’t take long, and they’re perfect for getting any shoe close to being the right size within minutes.

Fleece-Lined Slippers A Pain To Wash?

It’s easy to believe that the soft fabric of fleece-lined slippers feels utterly amazing on your feet. But they’re not exactly fun when they have dirty stains on them. Fortunately for all those who just want an easy way out of cleaning them, we’ve got you covered.


To make things better, there’s an easy solution. Add a few tablespoons of dish soap in warm water and soak the shoes for a few minutes. Then wipe off the dirt until they are clean. Voila! New-looking shoes in no time.

Use Panty Liners To Absorb Sweat

Yes, we know it might sound weird, but wearing panty liners actually absorbs sweat and will keep your shoes fresh and smelling nice. Simply slip one into each shoe before wearing so that all sweat absorbs and goes away.

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.com

Less sweat in your shoes equals a less likely environment for bacteria growth and bad smells, which is why you need these handy things. You should change the panty liner after each use to avoid any germs or anything gross from becoming stuck.