When Clothes And Everyday Life Coincidentally Collide

By Jhoana C

Has someone ever passed by you that made you look no matter how hard you tried not to? We’ve all been told it’s rude to stare at people but sometimes we just can’t help it. Often, it is because of the clothes they are wearing. Someone a long time ago said, “Clothes make the man” so it also goes without saying that clothes can also undo a man. Certainly, various interesting sartorial situations warrant more than just a cursory glance and we’ll give you 40 examples of that. With our list, you’ll see interesting patterns, notice coincidence of colors, and look through some designs that will make you wonder if they were all planned just to get your attention. How did they end up like that? Read on to find out.

All images were found on the Reddit board mildlyinteresting.

#1 Careful about what you wear or you’ll get burned

Be careful what you wear because with the heat at its height during summer, you need all the protection you can get. Of course, it’s best to wear light cotton fabric so your skin can breathe but you also want to be protected from the sun.

Image courtesy of martamarie/Reddit

This lady didn’t seem to heed that advice so she ended up with sunburn, but it’s not your usual sunburn. It followed the pattern of the stripes on her skirt. This doesn’t happen very often. As a matter of fact, we haven’t seen it before.

#2 What a coincidence!

This is what we call serendipity! The chances of this happening are one in a million and it’s like it’s been designed by fate. The woman in front of the man has a tattoo of a gecko or a lizard on her back and it’s the same design that the man has on his shirt.

Image courtesy of Croutoninspace/Reddit

Did she borrow his shirt when she went to the tattoo shop? Did she even know the man standing behind her was wearing a shirt with a similar design to her tattoo? We want to know what her reaction would be.

#3 Looks like it was designed that way

This pair of shoes look like it belongs in the workshop of a great designer as if they were meant to be that way. But all this happened by accident. This pair of footwear was found in a tree that was cut down.

Image courtesy of Urbangius/Reddit

We wonder how long they had been there. Years or decades, perhaps? The pair looks just as fashionable as the designer shoes that are showcased behind glass in upscale shops. This is going to be the next big thing in footwear and we’re excited.

#4 Natural tie-dye job

Don’t you just love nature? Most of the time it does the job for you without you expecting it to. This guy got the most pleasant surprise when he accidentally left his t-shirt in the back of the car and it was made into an accidental fashion statement.

Image courtesy of IntrepidFlow/Reddit

The plain black shirt got turned into a tie-dyed shirt after the sun did a perfect number on it. If you look at it, you’d think someone took the time and effort to design it that way. It was such a pleasant transformation.

#5 The coffee cup just melted right into the pants

You wake up in the morning, grab the first pair of pants you see, and head out to work but not before you grab a cup of coffee to jolt you into consciousness. However, you notice that your coffee cup melts right into your corduroy pants.

Image courtesy of ElectricPid/Reddit

If he wasn’t holding the coffee cup, we wouldn’t be able to tell that it was there in the first place. Maybe it was a conscious decision for him to wear this pair of pants or perhaps it wasn’t. Who knows? We’re just happy he did.

#6 The dress and the Kleenex box: a perfect pair!

We are aware that Kleenex boxes come in a variety of designs but we didn’t know that they came in dress fabric designs. This lady was at a restaurant waiting for her breakfast when she noticed the matching Kleenex box.

Image courtesy if azaleahey/Reddit

It was similar to the fabric of the dress she was wearing. You can see that it blends right in. Where does Kleenex come up with their tissue box designs? Now, we’re inclined to believe that they lift the patterns from clothing designs.

#7 Are you wearing any shoes?

If you didn’t take a second, longer look at this photo, and if it wasn’t for his shoelaces, you’d think that this guy wasn’t wearing any shoes and that is because his shoes blend perfectly well with the bathroom floor.

Image courtesy of qyteria/Reddit

He’d better be wearing shoes though because public restrooms can be so dirty and we wouldn’t want him getting infected or anything. Just imagine all the hundreds of people who use the public restroom tracking the dirt from all their shoes.

#8 Bring out the party shoes

When we look at this photo we can’t help but think that it’s time to party! We want to take our pom-poms and the confetti and start parading down the streets. The way this guy spilled toner on his shoe, it looks like he’s already been to a party.

Image courtesy of popodelfuego/Reddit

The colors and the pattern can be compared to fireworks. Is it the fourth of July yet? Only October, you say? We are excited to take time off from work, say goodbye to our computers and desks, and start having a good time. Aren’t you?

#9 Is that a cat or a sweater?

Cats are known to take the shape of any container they are in but this photo proves that they can also take the form of any nearby item they choose as well. Can you tell which of the two is the cat and which is the t-shirt?

Image courteys of Hoax_xaoH/Reddit

You might need to take a closer and longer look to be certain. Kitty, you have to stop doing this because one of these days someone is going to step on you and you’re not going to like it. You’ll end up scratching them and creating a whole drama.

#10 He didn’t get the memo

It seems that this guy didn’t get the memo. He went to a concert without knowing the dress code and there he was standing out like a sore thumb. You can tell where he is even from a very far distance. We wonder what the other people thought.

Image courtesy of Packyadacks/Reddit

There he is in his neon green shirt, walking around as if nothing is amiss. Dude, we can see you from way over here. You should have picked that dark, nondescript shirt at the back of your closet. But it is a really cool effect, for sure.

#11 Would you wear that?

Are you courageous enough to wear this whole outfit? Do you have the guts to do what this lady did and wear and show off your most recent DIY project? We sure envy her because we don’t think we’d be able to pull this off with such flair.

Image courtesy of earthy_info/Reddit

There she is parading around town, proud of her crochet creation. And it’s not just a single piece of clothing. It’s the whole outfit plus a purse. We wonder how long it took her to make this glorious masterpiece. If we put that much work into something, we’d rock it too.

#12 He loves his new socks

This guy got a pair of socks as a Christmas gift and he is loving it, can’t you tell? He’s proudly showing them off to everyone and his happiness is palpable in this photo. We’d also be stoked if we got socks that matched our furniture.

Image courtesy of mrstrictmachine/Reddit

Now we can’t even tell where the socks end and where the ottoman begins. The only thing that would make us appreciate this even more was if it was handmade. Oh, the effort and love it would take to make them.

#13 Cat in the hole?

Forget about Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat. This cat in the hole is so much better. The way this guy’s t-shirt perfectly lined up with the hole on his gaming chair is the champion of champions. It wasn’t even orchestrated.

Image courtesy of laserwafflez/Reddit

Someone just noticed it, took a photo, and shared it with the Reddit community. The feline face on the shirt seems to be pleased with the result too. Just look at that smile. It looks downright smug about this perfect fit.

#14 Coincidence?

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear this wasn’t a coincidence, but it is! Sometimes the universe just conspires to ensure everything is aligned, kid’s birthday party hats and sweaters included. First, we’d like to say we love the pastel shades of her sweater.

Image courtesy of mageeser85/Reddit

Aside from her sweater and the party hat, everything must have gone well during the birthday party, with no tantrums and no crying children, because she looks happy and satisfied in her photo. We should all aim to be as happy as her.

#15 The eye of Shoe-ron

If you’re read The Lord of the Rings, you’d recognize the Eye of Sauron. It was the symbol adopted by the Dark Lord and it is said that only a few could endure its gaze. Well, this here is not that eye. Rather, it is the eye of Shoe-ron.

Image courtesy of slyeguy25/Reddit

This guy must have been wearing his dress shoe frequently that it got so worn out an eye has started to form at the bottom. We’d be quick to throw the shoe away if it started blinking because that would mean something is seriously wrong.

#16 What are the chances of this happening?

This photo makes us think that this guy deliberately purchased this shirt because the pineapple printed on it perfectly lines up with the tattoo on his arm. It is marvelous and all but we have the same question in mind.

Image courtesy of hartlok/Reddit

Where did they get this shirt and can we get one too, in blue or something? Okay, we have another question. Is the pineapple tattoo an ode to piña coladas? Jokes aside, the artwork is legit. Minimalist but extremely well done.

#17 Do we need to ask where he got that shirt?

We think it goes without saying that we know exactly where this guy got his shirt. He must have gone to the market before. He came back, wore the shirt, and had his photo taken in the same place just to show people how he fits in.

Image courtesy of LucasHormann/Reddit

He must have been pleased when he saw the photo because he could pass as the mannequin in the background. We bet he’d make a convincing salesman seeing as he is wearing exactly what he is selling. He could help drive profits up.

#18 Flamingo fuzz

Flamingos are elegant and beautiful creatures. We like their pink shade, long legs, and we love that a group of them is called a flamboyance. We only get to see flamingos in zoos and parks nowadays so we are elated if we see on in our home or office.

Image courtesy of littleorganbigm/Reddit

Even if it’s not a real flamingo, we’re thrilled. This woman’s sock has flamingo fuzz. Not only is it the right shape, but it is also the right shade. That’s one tiny jazzy bird that we love. If we had sock fuzz, we’d want them to look like this.

#19 Shirt + pasta bowl = perfect match

Unlike others who plan their wardrobe ahead of time, most people just pull things out of their closet so they’d have something to wear to school or to the office with the hopes that they won’t meet anyone who’s wearing the same thing.

Image courtesy of lrossp/Reddit

However, aside from people wearing the same clothes, nowadays, we also have to worry about our clothes matching Kleenex boxes, tablecloths, floors, and even pasta bowls. This was something this guy was not prepared for. It really is identical, isn’t it?

#20 Ain’t no mountain high enough

This guy already had the mountains on his shirt even before he went to the mountains. Are we making sense? Just pretend we make sense. Look at him smug and proud with his shades on and posing with the mountains behind him.

Image courtesy of finger_the_shark/Reddit

We’re not sure if he’s been there before and got that shirt as a souvenir or if he just bought it because it looked cool. Nevertheless, the mountains lining up with his shirt perfectly are quite impressive. We’d give him an A for this.

#21 Does she work at a dentist’s office?

If you’re going to the dentist to have your teeth checked and cleaned, do you want to stand out or do you want to blend in? It seems that this lady didn’t make the choice for herself; her clothes made it for her.

Image courtesy of three-cats605/Reddit

She blended in as you can see from the photo. Her pants were the same shade as the dentist’s chair and she instantly got lost when she sat on the chair. The dentist would have a hard time telling them apart.

#22 Miss, you dropped your phone

Looking at the phone and the woman on the escalator, we’re almost tempted to call out to her and tell her that she dropped her smartphone. They’re dressed so alike that we’d consider them twinning. They both must like this color combo a lot.

Image courtesy of Myredditsirname/Reddit

Has his ever happened to you? You go out in public and you end up looking like the tablecloth, the paint on the walls, or the background? What do you do when this happens? Do you grin and bear it or pretend it didn’t happen and go on your way?

#23 Is this like that dress trick?

Do you remember that viral sensation of a dress? The one that turned into different colors, depending on who was looking at it? Some saw it as gold and white while others saw it as blue and black but there was no wrong answer.

Image courtesy of megzies1997/Reddit

This shirt might not have gotten the same attention as that dress but it looks vastly different when under different lighting. What’s the explanation for this? We guess it’s only normal for colors to be a bit different when under a soft yellow light versus harsh fluorescents, say.

#24 That’s one huge head

If you look at the shadow without seeing the person casting that shadow, you’d think he has one huge bulbous head that’s disproportionate to his body. As a matter of fact, his head is alien-like but you can rest easy.

Image courtesy of dappitydingdong/Reddit

That’s not his head. He’s wearing a hat and that explains his gigantic head. At least it’s perfectly circular because anything else would have ruined the effect. He should have this photo framed because it would make a good conversation piece.

#25 Barefoot at the beach?

What’s worse than losing your shoes? Other people staring at your feet, thinking that you don’t have shoes on. Being barefoot is a concept we can go with, as long as we’re at the beach, but not when we’re in a public restroom, a car park, or a grocery store.

Image courtesy of adognamedwalter/Reddit

You might think this woman is barefoot (and lost her toes), but she’s not. She’s wearing shoes. However, her shoes look so exactly like the rocks that if you don’t look closely, you wouldn’t know where one ends and the other starts.

#26 How did that happen?

In life, it’s a given for unexpected things to happen because it would be such a drag if we could foretell every little thing, right? There’d be no excitement and there’d be no surprises, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Nothing much to look forward to.

Image courtesy of d0nguy03/Reddit

We are not talking about huge surprises; we are also referring to everyday mundane things such as the tattoo of your girlfriend lining up perfectly with her shirt. It may not be a big deal but it puts a smile on your face.

#27 Matchy-matchy

Women most often want to match the color of their bags to the colors of their shoes, and sometimes their belts too. This explains why most women have a variety of purses in their wardrobe, something which some men complain about.

Image courtesy of weecious/Reddit

But would you go to the extent of matching the color of your work uniform to the color of your mug? This was something that this woman did not plan on doing; it just happened spontaneously but we like it.

#28 Conan in the house

No, we’re not talking about Conan the Barbarian, as it would be quite alarming if he visited your house. We are talking about funnyman Conan O’Brien; the former king of late-night talk shows who has now moved on to other things.

Image courtesy of UnderstandingEasy338/Reddit

Look at the clothes casting a shadow on the bathroom wall. Do you recognize the profile? Yup, that’s Conan alright. Is he there as a host or as a guest? If he’s the host, we are hoping he had someone interesting in the guest’s chair.

#29 She could sit on the chair and disappear

If she sat on the chair, do you think it would swallow her up and never spit her back out again? If you were in her place, would you head home as quickly as you can and change into something else? We wouldn’t bother.

Image coourtesy of adoptabeagle/Reddit

But we think it would only be embarrassing for some people. Instead of thinking too much about it, we would just say what the heck, and make a joke about it. Lighten up and don’t take things too seriously. Like we said, these coincidences make life interesting.

#30 One interesting shirt

We have to admit that this is an interesting shirt and we want to know where they bought it because we’re heading down there to get one for ourselves. When we get our hands on it, we are going to deliberately soak it in water.

Image courtesy of nider/Reddit

Why would we do that? Just so we can see the hexagonal prints on it. What kind of sorcery is this and how did they do it to the shirt? It would be interesting to know if there is any technology behind it because you don’t see this every day.

#31 What a homecoming

One of the best things about going home or visiting your hometown is going back to familiar faces and reminiscing the past. How great would it be to visit your old school and walk along its hallways? How nice would it be to find the same snacks you ate back in elementary school?

Image courtesy of ndbanana/Reddit

How groovy would it be to have a shirt that perfectly matches the soda cup in your favorite burger joint? Alright, we may have gone too far with that last question but that’s what happened to this girl. Love this!

#32 The floating head

Do you know what they say about green screens in photo booths? You shouldn’t wear anything green or you’ll get lost in the background. However, no one told this guy that he shouldn’t be wearing a fluorescent shirt, and this is the blessed result.

Image courtesy of bloodbeater/Reddit

As it turns out, fluorescent shirts also disappear into the background and this guy found that out the hard (but delightful) way. Look at his floating head in all the photos. His disembodied head would make a great Halloween prop.

#33 Perfectly cut in half

The stripe on this woman’s shirt perfectly lined up with the concrete and it looked like she’d been cut in half. We have got to chalk this one up to fate because how else could you explain it? The universe must have known she was going there.

Image courtesy of marceme/Reddit

So, the universe told her that morning that she should pick that particular shirt because that was the only way she was going to come up with this incredible photo. This deserves plenty of likes and comments on Instagram.

#34 Perfectly lined up with the bleachers

It seems that someone in this photo woke up on the wrong side of the bed today because he seems to be the only person who is not pleased. He is having a bad day; could it be because of the shirt he is wearing?

Image courtesy of Pineapple_on_Pizza/Reddit

Why did we say that? Because his shirt perfectly lines up with the bleachers. We think he is regretting his decision to choose that shirt when he woke up in the morning. He might be thinking, “Aw, man, why did I wear this?”

#35 How did the pants end up that way?

We know what you’re thinking after seeing this and we want to know the same thing, how did the pants end up in that position? What are the chances of a person removing his pants throwing them on the floor, and having them look like this?

Image courtesy of bagoombapants/Reddit

Well, it landed right on top of a vent and the air blowing throw it made it look like the person wearing them was sinking into the floor. Sometimes we get a little surprise with some of the mundane things we do and get gifted a moment of laughter by the universe.

#36 The perfect star pattern

Leaking pens and explosions of ink can be huge problems, especially if you’re wearing light-colored clothes because it makes them very obvious. There’s just no way to explain them away. The best thing to do is just change into fresh clothes.

Image courtesy of knider/Reddit

This lady’s date stamp had an accident and it exploded at work. Fortunately for her, luck was on her side that day and what you see on her white shirt are patterns of little stars. It’s like it’s been designed that way.

#37 Scarred for life

Scars are the body’s natural healing process after it has gone through damage. Collagen builds up where the tissue was once damaged and it helps to strengthen and heal the wound. A scar is also a reminder of what you have been. At least most people would like to think so.

Image courtesy of Lufister/Reddit

If you’re gonna be scarred for life, at least make it fashionable right? We’re quite sure this person did not plan things to line up so perfectly but look at how his scar and his shirt are the same color!

#38 We thought this was superimposed

At first glance, you’d think that this person superimposed the yellow pattern on the shoe. That’s what we thought too because no way could that be a real image, right? Somehow the rubber band got stuck on the grooves of the sole.

Image courtesy of HiddenBurrito/Reddit

Has this ever happened to you? It’s true what they say, sometimes you’ll find little surprises and if you’re too busy, you won’t notice them and they will pass you by. This may seem so trivial but it’s still remarkable nonetheless.

#39 Umm, does your dad work there?

This dad and son duo went to the hospital but we’re not sure if it’s for a routine checkup or something more serious. We hope it’s the former. Anyway, the son noticed something weird and remarkable while they were there.

Image courtesy of bigmeepslarryhoova/Reddit

His dad’s shirt perfectly matched the mugs at the hospital. Maybe his dad worked there at some point and bought the shirt with this design in his subconscious? The mug can disappear right into his dad’s shirt and people wouldn’t even know it was there in the first place.

#40 The perfect imprint

We understand the tablecloth is not an article of clothing but we just had to include this one here because it’s interesting and we don’t see this happen every day. It’s both cool and kinda gross at the same time.

Image courtesy of sam5020/Reddit

And we just have to ask, how long has the tablecloth been there? Maybe this was at an estate sale or in a house that hadn’t been in habited for a long time. But the pattern – dust or not – is really pretty to look at.