Closet Confessions: 35+ Fashion Pieces Women Secretly Don’t Want To Wear

By Abigail T

Fashion, it’s like pizza—we all love it, but we each have our unique toppings. The beauty of fashion is that it’s your canvas for self-expression. So why squeeze into the latest trends like a pair of too-tight jeans?

In a world where fashion can sometimes feel like a game of follow the leader, it’s refreshing to know that not everyone’s in the parade. Cue Reddit user Rachel_BA1, our fashion superhero, who created a subreddit for women to spill the beans on their fashion foes.

From crop tops that seem like they’re auditioning for the role of a handkerchief to printed tees that make your eyeballs dizzy, these brave souls laid it all out. Get ready to nod in agreement, chuckle at the fashion absurdities, and perhaps even find your own closet confessions. Scroll on down to see if you’re in cahoots with these style-savvy ladies’ unapologetic fashion sentiments!

False pockets

This is exactly why we have trust issues! Whether it’s on a jacket, skirt, or pair of trousers, women’s clothing will have a zipper that doesn’t open to a pocket. We’re already struggling to carry our stuff; we don’t need false hope, too!

Photo courtesy of Lerzi21 / reddit

Women are so desperate for pockets in their clothing that every time they wear a dress with pockets, they have to announce it. Dear fashion industry, please do us the courtesy of just putting in pockets for us behind those zippers.

Cropped tops

While cropped tops and tank tops are perfect for those hot summer days, not all women enjoy wearing them. Sadly, it seems like tiny tops are all that’s available in stores these days. What happened to a good old-fashioned t-shirt?

Photo courtesy of Savgillespie / Instagram

Some people may not be comfortable bearing this much skin. Others may just like the cut of a regular t-shirt on them. Not everybody has to be wearing crop tops. Where’s the uniqueness and individuality in that? More t-shirts in stores, please!

Color of the year

Every year, there’s bound to be one or two colors named “color of the year,” and they dictate what colors all the new items in stores will be. This year, it’s hot pink and orange. But this isn’t for everyone.

Photo courtesy of danelm / Ideogram

What about other people who don’t particularly like those colors? What if they want something blue? Or green? While there will always be standard neutrals and nudes, sometimes these just don’t cut it. We’re looking forward to colors of the year that are more appealing.

Short skirts

While some people on the subreddit expressed their disdain for skirts in general, others were quick to criticize short skirts in particular. This specifically applies to any kind of skirt that falls above the knee, no matter what the cut.

Photo courtesy of danelm / Ideogram

One Reddit user said they found these kinds of skirts “restrictive.” While we understand a tight short skirt would be restrictive, there are plenty of other cuts, such as the one in the picture, which is looser and allows for more movement!

Live, laugh, love

Some manufacturers decide to create shirts and tanks with inspirational quotes on them. This is totally fine and might be some women’s cup of tea. But most of the time, the quotes are much too cringy to wear in public.

Photo courtesy of danelm / Ideogram

Why is “live, laugh, love” the ultimate quote to print? Not just on t-shirts, but everywhere! It’s on refrigerator magnets, posters, doormats, kitchen displays; you name it! We’re petitioning for a boycott of this particular quote. It’s probably the cringiest one out there.

Ripped jeans

As much as this item of clothing is a staple for some people’s wardrobes, there is a portion of the world that aren’t fans of ripped jeans. But these jeans are so common amongst women that not liking them seems like a hot take.

Photo courtesy of MS_studio / Shutterstock

When you think of it, you’re still paying the price of normal jeans for something that has less material and looks mangled. Also, you’re never safe walking around in ripped jeans under the sun. Many have fallen victim to the blotchy tan!

Sports jerseys

These days, it’s also a trend to wear sports jerseys as tops. People usually still dress it up by accessorizing, but in its essence, it’s still a sports uniform. Whether it’s a basketball, hockey, or football jersey, some women are just not about that life.

Photo courtesy of chloeyoung15 / Instagram

Perhaps some people are just of the opinion that there is a time and place for everything. Sports jerseys are for the court or arena only and worn only when one is in support of the team. This makes total sense.

Bodycon dresses

Tight-fitting bodycon dresses are designed to accentuate a woman’s curves. They’re fitted that way for a reason — to create that curvy silhouette. But the reality is, not all women have that hourglass figure, and not all women are thin.

Photo courtesy of mirifnky / Instagram

These types of dresses only look good if the wearer has a flat stomach. In reality, nobody has a flat stomach! Again, clothes are supposed to fit us; we’re not supposed to fit the clothes. Why would anyone design clothes that would not flatter most types of bodies?


Cut-outs have become a fashion trend over the years, following the slits in dresses. Some people find these to be flattering, but others are completely against it. Not everyone wants to show some skin; some people prefer to just be covered throughout.

Photo courtesy of dailykongfidence / Instagram

When it comes to fashion, the phrase “to each their own” comes to mind. What one person prefers, another might totally despise. It’s important to have all the varieties and options available to everyone in order not to oversaturate the market.

Oversized jumpers

Wearing oversized clothes can be cozy. It can also make you look thinner. But for some people, it’s just not a flattering look. Again, to each their own. Some women expressed their dislike for sweaters like this one on the subreddit.

Photo courtesy of / Instagram

Someone even said that it makes people look like they’re wearing their mom’s clothes. Not wrong, but we also see the appeal in this kind of fit and silhouette. While some are thinking “mom’s clothes,” others are thinking “boyfriend’s clothes—cute!”

Cropped sweaters

These days, it’s not only t-shirts and tank tops that are cropped. We have cropped sweaters as well! For some people, this completely defeats the purpose of a sweater. It’s supposed to keep you warm, but being cropped doesn’t do that.

Photo courtesy of layla_rain / Instagram

Why wear a cropped sweater in cold weather when you know that your torso will be exposed to the cold? But you can’t wear a cropped sweater in warmer weather either, because then you’d just be too hot. You can’t win with this fashion item!

Ugg boots

Ugg boots were a big thing back in the mid-2000s. But sadly, it has fallen out of fashion in recent years. Though they are incredibly warm and cozy, some people have expressed negative opinions about this particular style of boots.

Photo courtesy of amrit_bilkhu / Instagram

Apparently, Ugg boots get dirty quickly. Looking at the material, that would make sense. And some people have an issue with the boots not being able to hold their shape for long, too. It seems that these boots are only good for comfort and not much else.

Knee-high boots

Here’s another type of shoe that some women have a problem with. Knee-high boots are cute during the fall and winter months. They make you look classy as heck on Instagram. But wearing them is a completely different and difficult affair.

Photo courtesy of laurenprice_looks / Instagram

The sizes of the boots tend to only be for the feet and not the calves. Despite getting a larger size, women will more often than not have to still squeeze into the boots. What effort, just to look like a Gossip Girl!

Printed shirts

Prints may not be for everyone, no matter what kind of print it is. It could be animal print, words, or photos of actors or bands — some people just like their clothes plain, simple, and straightforward. So something like this just wouldn’t do.

Photo courtesy of twentyoldman_ / Instagram

This shirt is already loud with its bold red color. Add the white polka dots in, and you’ve got yourself a shirt that’s visually screaming, yet is still palatable. But when you add in the Marilyn Monroe print, somehow it all just gets a little too much!

Cold shoulder tops

This is a big deal in the school dress code discourse. But apart from whether or not it’s appropriate for students to wear to school, many people are also questioning the aesthetics of a cold shoulder top such as this one.

Photo courtesy of meher_pal / Instagram

This seems to be an argument between style and functionality. While it may be fashionable to wear a dress or top with shoulders exposed, it defeats the purpose of wearing clothing to keep warm. On the other hand, some have argued for it as a compromise for wearing short sleeves when it’s hot out because it hides their arms.


Why do men get really comfy boxers and briefs, while women end up with underwear with a skimpy amount of material? G-strings may be ideal when wearing a form-fitting dress or skirt, but they are in no way comfortable for most women.

Photo courtesy of divadiamond82 / Instagram

Women in the subreddit expressed their frustrations that wearing a g-string is like walking around with a permanent wedgie. From our experience, they’re not wrong! Nobody wants to be that uncomfortable when they’re supposed to be having a good time.


These were all the rage a few seasons ago. In fact, variations of the jumpsuit are still being made today, and even worn by our favorite celebs on red carpets. But some women admit to finding this particular fashion trend a bit ridiculous.

Photo courtesy of miriam_poessnicker / Instagram

For the most part, rompers can be flattering on one’s body, but it certainly creates a bit of a hassle when one has to go to the bathroom. You basically have to take off the whole outfit just to pee. It’s inconvenient, to say the least.

Petite dresses

Nowadays, in addition to plus sized clothing, there is also a segment for the other end of the spectrum — petite people. Unfortunately, the industry confuses “petite” for “slim” because the clothes available still don’t fit most people considered to be petite.

Photo courtesy of paygehanover / Instagram

Petite clothing are not only small in height but also overall size. What about those who are just shorter but not necessarily thinner? As much as the industry tries to be inclusive, it drops the ball time and time again.

Dresses without pockets

The fact that women have been deprived of proper pockets for centuries is atrocious. If all dresses come with pockets, the world would be a better place. Plus, women wouldn’t have to carry bags everywhere just to hold their phones and wallets.

Photo courtesy of leeticiamr / Instagtam

While some are okay with this, and even like the opportunity to accessorize with a cute bag, not everyone is fond of it. To each their own, all we’re saying is that not every girl agrees with this fashion choice.


Some women feel sexy in lace lingerie. Others prefer plain old cotton underwear. For something that only a handful of people will see you wear, lingerie is not only expensive, but uncomfortable to wear. Women on the subreddit have claimed they itch and are unaffordable.

Photo courtesy of irelandsthrifts / Instagram

While wearing lingerie can make one feel powerful and sexy, it’s also perfectly fine to just wear cotton. Not everything has to be lace, and not everything has to be pretty. As long as they’re clean and comfortable, they will do.

Short shorts

Wearing shorts can be the way to go during hot weather, but not many people actually like wearing them. This makes sense, especially considering it’s quite difficult to find shorts other than the really short shorts on the high streets.

Photo courtesy of danelm / Ideogram

One Reddit user expressed that they had a problem with denim shorts in particular, as they are normally way too short to wear in public. We share in this person’s sentiments! Whatever happened to a pair of good old-fashioned Bermuda shorts?

Ironing and steaming

In this hustle culture, we’re always on the go, always moving. We rarely have time to stop and do the little things, like have a proper breakfast or iron our clothes before leaving the house. It’s 2022, shouldn’t there be a material that doesn’t need ironing by now?

Photo courtesy of olivia_jenkins / Instagram

If only there was a way for clothes to come out of the dryer unwrinkled. That would solve all our problems! Nobody wants to waste precious time standing over the ironing board in the morning getting the wrinkles out of their work clothes.

High heels

As a woman, wearing heels is normal, and for some, an everyday thing. But it doesn’t mean that we like wearing them! No matter what kind of heels you’re in, it’s always uncomfortable to walk. You’re always holding onto things just so you won’t fall over.

Photo courtesy of mysexystilettos / Instagram

One person on the subreddit described high heels as “death contraptions,” and honestly, we couldn’t have described them better ourselves. Even in wedges, you always feel like you’re teetering precariously down the street. Why are women the only ones who have to suffer just to look good?

Dainty shoes

One user on the subreddit went on a rant about how women’s shoes aren’t as sturdy as men’s shoes. They are only designed to look pretty but not necessarily support the body. Men’s shoes are “clunkier and more sturdily built.”

Photo courtesy of stivalicolombia / Instagram

Meanwhile, in comparison, women’s shoes are “so slim and dainty.” Shoes like ballet flats are not meant to sustain the weight of a heavier person. The industry has, yet again, proven that they only make things for the ideal, unattainable body.

Oversized shirts

It seems that the oversized shirt style, in general, has upset some people. In addition to oversized sweaters, some people also don’t particularly care for baggy t-shirts. In their opinion, this cut is unflattering and a waste of extra material.

Photo courtesy of misskimnayoon / Instagram

Imagine if manufacturers made plus-sized clothing that actually fit bigger bodies, instead of creating large clothes that fall baggy on normal bodies and still don’t work for larger-sized people. Unfortunately, this just isn’t a thing right now, even in 2022!


When it comes to fashion, bags are a completely different facet. Some may argue that the bag makes or breaks the look. But as it turns out, some women aren’t fans of the handbag being in the outfit at all.

Photo courtesy of klechic / Instagram

The purpose of a handbag is to carry your necessities around. But a lady on the subreddit shared that she preferred just to have deep pockets in her trousers and dresses. Honestly, it’s a wonder why women’s clothing gets such shallow pockets!

Everything is crop

You can’t get away from cropped items of clothing these days. It’s almost like the industry is telling women to show more skin. For some people, this isn’t a problem. But for others who would rather cover up, crop tops are just not an option.

Photo courtesy of ladyqueen_sherrielizam_ / Instagram

One Reddit user commented on the subreddit that these days, they “Can’t find a whole shirt.” And that’s becoming more and more of a thing. Pretty soon, we’ll have a separate store specifically for normal t-shirts. Could shopping get any more complicated?

Peep toes

While peep-toed shoes have been a thing for a while, some people have expressed that the booties with the peep toes don’t make sense. Boots are supposed to cover your feet and keep them warm, but this design wouldn’t allow for that.

Photo courtesy of yellowtheexplorer / Instagram

What use is it going out with your ankles warm but your toes still cold? While this can be an opportunity to show off your latest pedicure, it beats the purpose of what booties are supposed to be. Again, some fashion items are just not for everyone.

Animal prints and patterns

The nature and fashion worlds have collided and intertwined for decades now. Whether it’s clothing with animal prints, or using actual fur and skin in certain products, everyone is familiar with this kind of fashion choice. It’s certainly nothing new in the 21st century.

Photo courtesy of mainandtaylorshoes / Instagram

Despite animal prints and patterns being especially common in fashion, it doesn’t suit the tastes of some people. What can they say? They’re just not a fan of these prints. Some people think it’s loud and distasteful, even when used on casual shoes like these ones.


These days, wearing a t-shirt, trainers, and joggers is considered an acceptable outfit to go out in. Whether it’s to run errands or hang out with friends, athleisure is a perfectly acceptable fashion choice. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Photo courtesy of alannya_rose / Instagram

Some people prefer to go out in less casual attire. Again, fashion is a matter of preference, and we can’t dictate what other people should or shouldn’t wear based on what we think looks good. We can’t say this enough: to each their own!

Strapless bras

In addition to lingerie, women also have to deal with another variant of uncomfortable underwear — the strapless bra. Many have complained that strapless bras never stay in place, resulting in them wearing the bra too tight. This is both uncomfortable and unhealthy for extended periods of time.

Photo courtesy of gabriellepeco / Instagram

Many women have experienced wardrobe malfunctions with strapless bras. The answer to this problem comes in the form of breast tape and self-adhesive covers. You just stick them on, and you’re covered and supported! Ladies, it’s time to make the switch.

Boho cut dresses

Boho dresses can be cute and all, but women with a larger bust have a bone to pick with this kind of cut. Most manufacturers create boho dresses in different sizes, but the general bust area remains the same size throughout!

Photo courtesy of jenny_kuykendall / Instagram

How frustrating must that be to be purchasing a size larger for most of your body and still have the dress be too small just because of something you can’t control? Do better, fashion brands! Women have such a wide variety of body types. We need more options.


Whatever you may call it — tights, stockings, or pantyhose — many women can attest to the fact that they are an uncomfortable item of clothing to wear. Due to its purpose, it has to be skin tight, but it almost always feel too small.

Photo courtesy of nyloninaaa / Instagram

Dislike for tights was expressed in the subreddit, with one person saying “they are so annoying” and that “they start to twist around the crotch area.” As we mentioned with the g-string, nobody wants to be walking around feeling like they have a permanent wedgie!

Pointy-toed shoes

Many women in the subreddit commented that women’s shoes are only designed to look good but not necessarily with functionality in mind. Exhibit A: pointy-toed shoes like these ones. While beautiful, it is also painful to wear for a long time.

Photo courtesy of fy_zoe_shoes / Instagram

The fashion and beauty industry is why we have that saying that “beauty is pain.” It really shouldn’t be painful just to walk and look good! All we ask is for beautiful items that don’t hurt us when we wear them.

Lace bras

While some women may find lace bras cute and even sexy, others have differing opinions. According to one Reddit user, lace bras “hardly ever looks good underneath proper clothes.” We see their point. The lacey patterns would be visible under a simple t-shirt or tank top.

Photo courtesy of / Instagram

In addition to the lack of aesthetics, they also think that lace underwear is “itchy and irritating,” which can be true, but it also depends on what brand one opts for and what material is used in the production of the garments.

One-piece bathing suits

Compared to bikinis, some people prefer to wear one-piece bathing suits. It’s more modest and covers up more of the body. But others feel like this type of bathing suit brings out their insecurities. Once again, this just proves that fashion is about preference.

Photo courtesy of suburbanstylefiles / Instagram

This Reddit user claims, “1 piece bathing suits are leading me to believe that I’m not proportioned like a normal human.” Being exposed in a swimsuit makes you scrutinize your own body. What is it about women’s clothes bringing out our insecurities?

Strapless dresses

Aside from strapless bras, strapless dresses and tops also give women grief. Unfortunately, unlike bras which can be replaced with tapes and pasties, there is no fix for a strapless top. You can’t just hook on a pair of straps!

Photo courtesy of dishadaswani / Instagram

While strapless dresses may look elegant and flattering, women with a smaller bust feel unsafe wearing them because they always feel like the dress might slide off. They have to pull the dress up every so often, creating an awkward and embarrassing hassle.


Even though wedges were supposedly designed to be a comfortable alternative to high heels and stilettos, they still plague the lives of so many women in that they’re still high-heeled. Despite the wider heel, they’re still very uncomfortable to wear.

Photo courtesy of hannahbrooklawson / Instagram

We can’t help but wonder, who in history thought it would be a good idea to inflict such pain on women? Was this a way to make more women look taller? Who decreed that high heels mean looking refined? And what happened to men wearing heeled shoes?

Skirts in general

Skirts have played into the stereotype of women vs. men, so much so that when little kids draw girls, they’re usually wearing a skirt while boys are wearing pants. Skirts are so attached to femininity that some people who wish to look more masculine refuse to wear them.

Photo courtesy of lisa_banks / Instagram

Of course, this is as much the industry’s fault as it is society’s fault for the long-term stereotypes of gender binaries. But in addition to this identity issue, skirts are also in general not very practical for many. They prefer good old trousers.

Fuzzy shoes

We don’t see too much of these fuzzy shoes, but when we do, it’s rather jarring. That’s why one Reddit user commented that these kind of shoes are “ugly” and gives them “the ick.” They’re definitely an acquired taste, and not everyone can adjust to them.

Photo courtesy of charlottestoneshoes / Instagram

It would make sense if shoes were fuzzy on the inside. It would keep your feet warm in the cold months. But fuzz on the outside just means a lot of dust and dirt will ruin the outside of the shoe. Soon it’ll look like a dirty rug instead of a shoe!

Cropped jackets

Designers have come after shirts, tank tops, and sweaters with a cropped design, and now, someone has created the cropped jacket. The thing about cropped cuts is that it only flatters the lucky few. Others can only look on in envy that the look doesn’t suit them.

Photo courtesy of coolchicscloset / Instagram

While fashion is supposed to be a means of self-expression, the trends can also become a source of insecurity for many. The industry has already cropped all the basics. Now they’ve cropped all the outerwear as well! It’s truly frustrating.

Sheer clothes

Another happening trend is sheer clothing. Some people may opt to wear something else like a bodysuit underneath, while others are more than comfortable wearing a bralette or even going without underwear. This look does not vibe with some on the subreddit.

Photo courtesy of Labellatl / instagram

While not every item of clothing today is this sheer, one Reddit user complained that these days most clothing are quite sheer to begin with. The quality is cheap, and never lasts long. Unfortunately this is exactly the goal of fast fashion — clothes that wear out easily so that people are forced to buy more frequently.

Ripped short shorts

The distressed look is a trend we’re not going to see the end of for a while. It’s made its way to many pieces of clothing, from jeans, sweaters, jackets, and even denim shorts. For some people, this isn’t a great look.

Photo courtesy of chrissiczmg / Instagram

In their opinions, it’s bad enough that shorts these days are already way too short for comfort. The fact that they are also distressed leaves more exposed than desired. You’d think the solution would be to just not buy these kinds of shorts, but it’s difficult to find anything other than this in stores these days!

Lace underwear

Dainty lace underwear is only visually pleasing and not functional or comfortable at all. This seems to be the opinion of many of the people who commented on the subreddit. Every adjective that has been used to describe this kind of underwear has not been positive.

Photo courtesy of sietedyasss / Instagram

Although the colors, cut, and even material may give these kinds of underwear the aesthetics of a magazine shoot, wearing them is an entirely different story. We wish women wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable just to look “sexy.” It’s no wonder why so many women have body image issues.

Anything backless

Some associate backless dresses and tops with words like “sexy” or “cute” or “elegant.” Others just have zero tolerance for it. They want their dresses and tops to have a back, or they won’t wear them. As we’ve always been stating, to each their own.

Photo courtesy of sareebongs / Instagram

Seeing this picture in particular, we have nothing bad to say about backless dresses — other than the need for a friend to lace them up. But if it’s not to someone’s liking, they shouldn’t judge, either. At the end of the day, we wear what we like and should allow others to do the same.