Getting Dressed Isn’t Always Simple – Here Are Clothing Problems That All Can Relate To

By Harpreet K

Everyone loves expressing themselves through their fashion choices, but it does come at a price. That price can be your peace of mind. You may get frustrated with your clothes sometimes. Is your shirt always coming untucked? Are your pants’ pockets nonexistent? If you have difficulty picking items that fit well and are of good quality, you’re not alone. Whether man or woman, we have all faced the same clothing problems. There are several annoying problems to deal with, from lint to pesky zippers. We found some tips for these common problems that will hopefully eliminate all your woes. You will certainly find many fashion disasters you can relate to on this list and find the solutions we offer to be life-changing.

1. Is This Cold Breeze Normal

Jeans are a great option to express your personality and stay comfy. If you like to wear ripped jeans, you know the struggles. Sometimes, they just don’t stop ripping! There is no easy fix for this. We just have to hope the denim will hold up.

Image Courtesy: Sunhoney / Instagram

Some styles of jeans can be worn without feeling too exposed, though, but that means they don’t have many holes in them. Just find a good fabric and pray it will last. Wearing ripped jeans is a risky business, but we love them.

2. How to Plan for a Turtle Neck

Moms in the ’90s had a love-hate relationship with turtle necks. And now it seems like everyone is sporting them again! It’s important to know how to put them on correctly. What could possibly go wrong with a sweater, you ask?

Image Courtesy: Rozel Randhawa / Instagram

Those who like to get all glammed up know what we mean. Just remember that if you plan to put on any makeup (especially for an event), we suggest you put on your turtle neck first. Trying to pull it over your head afterward might ruin your look.

3. Strapless and Slipping

Sometimes the strapless top or your new stylish dress just won’t stay up. It turns out there is typically one major factor behind these types of problems, such as your chest size and the kind of material the manufacturers used.

Image Courtesy: Christine Mayoral / Instagram

It is so frustrating when your top or tube dress slips down. We can’t help how our bodies are shaped. But, thankfully, with a little bit of double-sided fashion tape, you’ll be able to keep your dress up all day. 

4. Battle with Jumpsuits

It is not easy to take off overalls. You have to completely disrobe! Dressing like this may seem cute and practical, but it can actually be quite frustrating when you want to try something on or take off one of your layers underneath.

Image Courtesy: paulina_barr_ / Instagram

The idea that these items are comfortable and practical is false; any woman who’s worn them knows how frustrating they can be after only wearing their outfit once. Whoever tries to take these off for a bathroom break knows how nerve-wracking it is. 

5. Bring a Portable Iron

The Princess Diana wedding gown was a hit even though it looked like she’d been stuffed into miles of crepe fabric. Her iconic dress was no doubt love at first sight for us all; however, it had some issues that any bride can relate to.

Image courtesy:

The moment she stepped out of her horse-drawn coach, we knew something was off. It was the crepe fabric of her dress that wrinkled too quickly. So, if anyone wishes to use a material that wrinkles easily, make sure you carry a portable iron. 

6. Who Can Figure This Out

No one likes to find themselves in an endless search for clothing, but the problem is particularly bad when it comes down to sizes. You might think that since everything labeled a size eight has similar dimensions, they would all fit similarly, too.

Image Courtesy: chloemmx / Twitter

Yet nothing could be further from reality! We are beyond ready for sizes to be standardized. Jeans labeled as a size eight should have similar dimensions. It seems all brands use different measurements. The time for the revolution is now.

7. We Need an Explanation

For years now, women have been complaining about the lack of pockets in their clothing. And why should we stop? We deserve pockets too! Women have long been fighting this battle for so long it’s become a cliche and a meme or two.

Image Courtesy: no_control / Reddit

And don’t be deceived by these fake ones that often come decorated with real zippers and buttons, giving us false hope while they only bring disappointment. If we like our bottoms tight, we might not have extra space on our hips or waistline, but we’d like the option. 

8. Baggy Pockets for Knees

The more you wear your favorite pair of sweatpants, the worse they look on you. It is not just us who notices this either; even brands are aware that fabric changes cause all sorts of problems with the fit! Is it a conspiracy to buy more stuff?

Image Courtesy:

Soft, cozy sweats sometimes get baggy around our knees after repeated movement and stretching, which causes a big loose pocket of fabric across these areas as well as a shabby appearance. It doesn’t even take that long! A huge disappointment right there.

9. Everything is Denim 

The warning labels on dark denim jeans are pretty clear about the potential for them to rub off on other things, even after being washed. Unfortunately, this person didn’t listen, and now their light-colored purse is covered in faded indigo.

Image Courtesy: Kaitlin Serio /

Next time if you wonder what the dark blue warning label on your jeans is for, remember this. It’s so you can avoid dying all the other clothes spinning in the washer with them, or worse yet – having dye rub off onto your purse. 

10. Yellow in the White 

White clothing is a staple in most closets, but many people don’t wear this color because they know that stains are inevitable and very noticeable. They feel like there is no chance of getting rid of the stain no matter what they do.

Image courtesy: byjillee / Instagram

Even those who put up with yellow armpit stains from time to time still struggle. Bleach can help, right? Even that can turn white cloth yellow if you use it too much. You can, however, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with soap. You have to scrub it out yourself with a scrubber.

11. Can’t Live Like This Anymore

What do you get when three siblings share a bedroom? Some might say it’s an endless supply of drama and arguments. But what any sibling can tell you is that the lack of closet space can be the biggest source of serious conflict.

Master bedroom closet makeover. See how this disorganized and messy closet was completely transformed with custom shelving, crown moulding and storage.
Image Courtesy:

The person who shares a bedroom with two of their siblings is clearly not happy about it. There are clothes hanging on the rail and an impressive floordrobe (wardrobe on the floor). The crazy thing? None of this is theirs.

12. Designer Sunburn

Cutouts are a popular trend these days. You see them on the internet, in magazines, and all over social media- but why? The answer is simple – because it looks good! People love to show off their body parts in cute ways. 

Image Courtesy: realbobbyguard / Instagram

This way, they can follow fashion while also getting those likes on Insta. But what happens when things go wrong, as seen here where one man donned a funky-shaped shirt only for some oddly-shaped burns to appear across the chest area? Don’t forget the sunscreen, friends.

13. We’ll Don’t Need Loops

It’s like they’re putting evil spells on us or something. These little loops of ribbon are everywhere, and it seems as if people only use them for hanging clothes up – but why? We can’t stand how we constantly tuck these things back in.

Image Courtesy:

We all understand how frustrating it gets when an item falls off the hanger and hits the floor, but these weird loops inside every single thing we own are just asking for trouble. So please stop putting them in our clothing! 

14. I Swear I Am Innocent

The anti-theft tag is a great way to deter shoplifters. Not only does it make the offender think twice, but tags also protect customers who buy clothes from retail stores by making sure their new item wasn’t resold or purchased fraudulently.

Image Courtesy: Maricris G / youtube

What’s worse than this, though, are mistakes made by employees who forget to remove these from actual customers while they register purchases. This means buyers get home only to discover something that isn’t wearable yet. Then they have to go through the hassle of going back to the store. Ugh!

15. Knitwear Pilling

The problem of “balling” is a common issue among knitwear lovers. It occurs when your sweaters become covered in tiny little balls. We probably all try to pick them off. It has another term, “pilling.” It happens to other materials but not as much as knit fabric.

Image Courtesy: Fernando Brian / Quora

There is a solution to this if you are committed to keeping those sweaters – you could carefully shave the pills with a razor blade or even use a pumice stone. Just lay the garment flat, then work on it slowly, one layer at a time. 

16. Hemlines Aren’t Your Friends

Here’s the frustrating thing about body con dresses: when you take a step, your hemline will ride up. It isn’t just for strapless tops either, as it can happen with any dress or skirt that has vertical seams. (so all of them!).

Image Courtesy: Galaxystartsmoon / Reddit

This is because of how this garment behaves with movement! Not only does this look unattractive, but as soon we start pulling it down in public, everyone thinks something is wrong with us. The best is to wear shapewear under such dresses. 

17. Stuck Inside Alone

All the problems of polo necks come to life in a new way when you can’t get your head through one hole. It’s like they’re making fun of us! The problem is worse for those trying something on in a changing room.

Image Courtesy: Olivia Skuce / Twitter

There are lots of different problems with clothing, but what about the tiny measurements? Companies make tiny holes that are really difficult to get into and out of for some reason. This person tried putting on their new PLT top and instead got trapped inside! 

18. Can’t Deal With the Strap

Who would have believed that this clothing problem is still around? It was seen as unattractive to show your bra strap in years past. We still don’t love it when they slide down. In fact, it is a serious nuisance.

Image courtesy: jshan_forever / Instagram

But if you make it too tight, you’ll have a red mark on your shoulder from the strap digging into your skin! There is no solution to this clothing problem that we have found except to adjust your bra perfectly and stitch the straps in place, so they don’t slide around.

19. Thick Thigh Problems

The perfect pair of jeans or leggings is an elusive thing. You want them to be right, the fabric comfortable, and they need that special design that makes them wearable over again until they fall apart. But many of us face the problems caused by thick thighs.

Image Courtesy: Breakspear93 / Reddit

This is kind of unavoidable while walking; the fabric is going to rub together. So, if you find a perfect fit, make sure you buy more than a pair so that it lasts several wears without breaking apart. It’s annoying, but thus is the life of thick-thighed people who like jeans.

20. Designer Wear Options

The clothing industry is a crazy, wacky place. Designers create items that sometimes have us scratching our heads even if they look cute. Too often, clothing is designed to fit imaginary people with extraordinary proportions, unlike normal people who have some fat.

Image Courtesy: Skiokpils / Reddit

The belts and straps may have one set of pre-made holes that bear no relation at all, meaning if you have narrow feet or a thick waist, trying on clothes (or shoes) in stores is frustrating because they’re never made for your body type!

21. Where Are My Socks

Some people find it difficult to keep track of their socks because they’re always getting lost or mixed up with other pieces in the laundry basket. Socks are always making a break for it, and we have all ended up with partner-less socks.

Image Courtesy: Wtf / 9gag

If we were to bother laying out all of our single socks, we’d probably all come up with a collection as big as this. One solution to this is to clip your socks together with a binder clip or something else small so they always remain paired.

22. Sock Fluff Struggle

We know this is not what any of us want to see, as that is a seriously personal close-up of someone’s dirty foot. But we think its inclusion in this list might be worth it for those who know the struggle of thick socks.

Image Courtesy: DelightfulAnna / tapatalk

When you wear new fuzzy socks, your skin will end up covered in fluff. The only way to get rid of this problem is by washing them inside out before wearing them. It may not remove all the lint, but it will save you some hassle.

23. What Was the Reason

The thing about drawstrings is that they’re rather useful. If your shorts are loose, you can pull them tighter with the strings. If your sweatpants are feeling baggy, then this will put an end to that little problem. And then we have fake drawstrings.

Image Courtesy:

A drawstring helps with fitting by cinching at the waist! But, what’s this? Drawstrings on clothing that never do anything? It doesn’t make sense. It is not a cute accessory that makes the outfit look nicer. Random bits of rope sewn to the front of your shorts are just annoying.

24. No-Stain Deodorant

So, you think yellow pit stains are bad? Well, imagine the horror of discovering deodorant stains on your pristine black shirt. It is a kind of stain that cannot be removed! However, there is still hope, so don’t give up on your little black dress!

deodorant stain
Image Courtesy: soDakZak / Reddit

Fortunately for all those who love clean shirts and laundry day joyfully ever after, though, there’s a way to avoid this, thanks to some smart companies working hard at solving this problem. We are very grateful no-stain deodorant is a thing.

25. It’s a Cloth Mountain

There is a lot of clothing piled here. Not all items can neatly fit into the closet and drawers and may need additional storage space. You may think this is untidy, but you have to consider the size of the room.

Image Courtesy: Bed SOS / Becca Walton

This pile makes getting ready easier. We know exactly where each item goes. It seems as though it would be difficult to find anything given how messy everything looks, but that’s a personal thing. Thank goodness for empty spaces in our rooms like these. 

26. Balance Jewelry With Beads

The next time you wear your necklace, take a look at how it’s hanging. Are those pesky clasps constantly shifting? Well, don’t worry because there’s an easy fix for this problem! You can buy balance beads that keep everything in place. 

Image Courtesy:

These ensure no more jiggling or swinging while walking around town. Beads have been used as decoration since ancient times; however, this new design is a game-changer when it comes to wearing jewelry hassle-free. They have aesthetic value and serve a purpose. 

27. Mild Perk of Technology

Our lives have changed dramatically since the introduction of washing machines. We used to wash their clothing by hand and then hang it outside on a line all day if we were lucky enough for there not to be any rain.

Image Courtesy: Fjbruzr / Reddit

Nowadays, we just stuff our dirty clothes into a machine – which is nice! We just push a button and come back later. But these newfangled gadgets still come with some drawbacks, too – like how tangled up everything gets. 

28. How to Save Your Suede

If you want to keep your new suede shoes in pristine condition, don’t forget about the importance of buying and using a protector. It may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but if you’ve ever worn suede in the rain, you know it is worth the money.

Image Courtesy: TheShoeSnob / Reddit

When it comes to protecting those expensive purchases from water damage that can ruin them, there really isn’t any reason to skip this step. You may walk in the rain, and all you will need to worry about is wiping your shoes off with a towel.

29. We Don’t Play Tag

We have officially reached our limit with these pesky plastic tags! These little buggers are a nightmare to remove. No more of this! We’re calling for the canceling of these irritating little pieces that hold labels in place and poke us in the back.

Image Courtesy: Goldenboy2191 / Reddit

These strips cause a fray when you firmly pull them off or even leave behind small holes after being stubbornly stuck on by an adhesive strip. We know we can just cut them off with scissors, but we are still calling to cancel them. Who’s with us?!

30. Useless Additions

This is a perfect example of wasted plastic! There must be better ways to do things. Clerks now ask if you’d like to take your unwanted hanger home. In some cases, it’s convenient for both parties involved, but only if they are useful.

Image Courtesy: middle-name-is-sassy / reddit

If they only serve as a decoration, then everyone has been wasting time. We will say it again: hangers need to live up to their name and be able to hang. They need a hook. Otherwise, what is the point of them?

31. Love or Hate Pantyhose

We all know the importance of wearing pantyhose, but they seem like a disposable item. They’re necessary for our outfits sometimes, though, right? But think about how quickly you can ruin them if you’re wearing dangly jewelry or have a tear on your nails!

Image Courtesy: Grey-green-eyes / Reddit

So you should always take two pairs with you when going out in case one gets ruined. Of course, you can stop a run from getting bigger by applying nail polish to it. But sometimes, they tear in just the wrong spot, and they have to go.

32. Creasy Toes

Pointy shoes are not for everyone, but if you’re looking to make a statement, then there is no better way than wearing high-heeled pumps with pointed toes. Many of us love stilettos which can be quite dangerous depending on how tall your heel happens to be.

Image Courtesy: Toe cleavege / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

We know that our high heels come in many different styles and shapes. Some are shaped in a way that does not completely cover our toes. This is called toe cleavage, and we would all appreciate it if shoe companies could get together and solve this issue.

33. We Aren’t Into Labels

Labels are necessary to know how best to clean your clothes, but maybe they could be put online? After all, does anyone really look at those tiny symbols before stuffing their jeans in the washer or on the line? We admit we usually don’t.

Image Courtesy:

Some laundry symbols can be very irritating – they’ll rub up against any part of our body (not just the back). So we say let’s banish these bothersome pieces from life altogether. Just print the instructions where the tag usually goes, people.

34. What Do They Mean

Designing the dryer was hard enough. We don’t know what they were thinking when naming these settings. Now, we like to think that if we’d created the clothes dryer, our genius minds could surely have come up with a better name for settings.

25+ Photos About Clothing Troubles That All of Us Can Understand
Image Courtesy: FollyAdvice / reddit

You know what we mean? Like “cupboard” or “extra” – those really don’t tell you anything about how your machine will behave. And while some people might find this helpful in determining which setting they want, most just end up confused.

35. Slogan to Stop Slogans

We’ve all been there before. Shopping centers have a rack of cute clothes that you can spot from far away. Something catches your eye – shirts with colors we love or that have an interesting pattern. You know the feeling of excitement. Then, disappointment.

Image Courtesy:

You know what happens next: as soon as you spot this perfect shirt in one color, you’ll see an unnecessary slogan on it. Let’s just stick with plain tees unless you have something important to add to them, like your favorite song lyrics.

36. Hulk Skin Problems 

Thanks to science for dispelling the popular myth that cheap jewelry will turn your skin green only if you’re allergic ot it. It’s actually because of a chemical reaction between metal and skin, which can be caused by acids or lotions applied to it – not an allergic one!

Image Courtesy: Ainsley Corrigan / Instagram

The green color is just an unfortunate side effect caused by metal rubbing against your delicate pores over time! Metal with high concentrations, such as copper, do this more than others. Add a layer of clear nail polish to the inside of rings and bracelets to prevent green lines.

37. Massive Safety Violation

What a way to ruin your new shirt! You know those pins? Who can forget them when they come in handy and keep our clothes from falling around us as we get something altered. But hey can be the worst if they’re forgotten.

Image Courtesy: mattpatt0007 / reddit

The point is – these little tools will injure anyone if left unchecked by the manufacturer. This new shirt must have come from a fancy store and been folded up with neat creases. But the customer had an unpleasant surprise. Always check, is all we can say.

38. If Only Everyone Knew

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? However, we don’t think any of us ever thought about simply storing our shorts laid out instead. That way, you can easily avoid those pesky creases! It’s a great idea so long as your dresser is wide enough.

Image Courtesy:

They aren’t always big enough, so you might have to move things around. This solution to this problem is so simple, yet we would have never even considered it. We are grateful some people out there have common sense and share it with the world.

39. Zippers Do a Temp Job

Zippers are great. We would take them over Velcro any day, but once a zipper loses its zip, it becomes pretty annoying in most cases since you’re left with nothing useful. Some of us get frustrated and tug at the thing until we make the situation worse.

Image Courtesy: Mfstaunc / Reddit

When broken zips function independently at different speeds on either side, you may change with a new one. We all have that one particular item in our wardrobe which we just can’t seem to get rid of, but it may need some fixing to work. 

40. Where’s The Other One

The beauty of washing machines is that they can do so much and take up such little space. You just finish loading your wash into the dryer when you notice one sock hanging out by its lonesome as if waiting for some sort of assistance.

Image Courtesy: The dad network / Facebook

This seems to happen every single time. A renegade sock gets stuck in the rubber folds and never meets the water. Are they hiding there? Is this why we are always struggling to match the pairs, because they end up in separate loads?

41. We Don’t Like to Share

Hanging clothes on a drying rack is an excellent alternative to a dryer, especially if you live in a warm climate where your clothes will dry quickly. What you see in the photo is a bit extreme, but gets the message across.

25+ Photos About Clothing Troubles That All of Us Can Understand
Image Courtesy:

Make sure everything is spaced out well. Towels and other thick materials should be laid out across a few bars. Otherwise, everything will take forever to dry. That is not necessarily bad, as long as you have multiple racks and tons of clothes.

42. Why Do Women Have This Daily Struggle

We’ve seen this before, and we’ll see it again! It seems that clothing companies don’t understand that women like using pockets. More space would be appreciated by us girls who want to store more than just our fingers in them, you know?

Image Courtesy: Wonder0486 / reddit

The world is huge, and there are pockets everywhere! But it seems that women’s clothing designers have trouble understanding we use them too. Let’s see if they can learn from their mistakes or continue making clothes with insufficient space for our stuff in the future. 

43. The Worst Type Customers

The customer is not always right. We find it frustrating when they are always getting away with things such as leaving a mess. Anyone who has worked in retail or has human decency will know what we are talking about.

A mountain of discarded clothing confronted visitors as they entered.... |  Download Scientific Diagram
Image Courtesy: Emma Tarlo /

What is worse is that the poor people have to work in retail and deal with people who throw things all over the dressing room. Most places have a rack where you can hang up items you don’t want for the workers to put away.

44. Heel-Deep in Problems

High heels are not comfortable or convenient to wear on grass or cobblestone surfaces, but people still choose to do so for style. Stilettos fae the biggest challenges on the rugged terrains. And don’t get us started on trying to walk through mud in them!

thick girls in heels,
Image Courtesy: Mildmagnus94 / Pinterest

You may be able to avoid muddy heels with this hack. Just get a stopper to prevent your feet from sliding in. This stopper over the heel of your shoe will prevent them from slipping into the mud. These may make it a bit easier to walk in heels in general.

45. What are These Pants Doing

There’s nothing worse than trying on jeans and having them barely fit around your waist or hips before they’re too tight near the front of your leg. It feels like an impossible task to find a pair that will be both comfortable and flattering.

Image Courtesy: Twitter / George Riggall

Jean shopping can be extremely stressful when brands make such sizes that are not proportionate to the body size. Do they do it on purpose? If you look at this one, you’ll see the issue with the length. No normal-looking human can fit into those long legs.