Comfortable Slippers For Everyday Wear

By Moureen N

Wearing the appropriate footwear is advised given the recent trend of spending more time at home. Your at-home footwear deserves the best in both comfort and style. It doesn’t matter if you’re making the daily trip from your bedroom to the living room or just want to look good in your newest TikTok video. Indeed, these are challenging times.

Image Courtesy of @yanuk_official / Instagram


These shoes, known by their Arabic name “bush,” were made in the Mesopotamia region and were characterized as having a pointed toe and resembling slippers. If you wore this slipper, people knew right away that you cared a lot about your public image and way of life. On top of being comfortable, the Babouche was considered a piece of haute couture due to its strict creation process.


The Pantofle is a lavish slip-on slipper that resembles a clog and mostly provides support for the forefoot. The best part of this slipper is that it is lightweight and backless like most slippers, so it’s really easy to slip them on. Pantofles are widely used in France and became popular after this famous personality wore them. Cinderella, the princess from the Disney movies, wore a glass slipper, right? Rumor has it that her slippers were pantofles!

Image courtesy of @ekaterina-bolovtsova / Pexels


There are several different types of slippers available today, according to different review websites on the internet. You’d be surprised to see how many fashion designers offer their perspectives on indoor foot comfort. Slippers are great to wear around the house to keep your toes toasty and to prevent any unexpected slips and falls on slick tile or hardwood flooring. Over the years, there have been numerous slipper designs, which is definitely great news!