40 Fashion Failures That No Fashionista Could Pull Off

By Jana I

Although we’ve talked about epic fashion fails in the past, there are still a lot more to go through! Sure, not every social occasion requires a cocktail dress or three-piece suit; it’s natural to want to be comfortable while lounging at your friend’s house eating Dorritos straight out of the bag. If you see someone during a casual stroll to the local grocery — do not judge their outfit! We have all had those times when we need to go out to face the day but don’t have the energy to put on our best clothes. Of course, there are some clothes that look hilarious regardless of context. Ones that are ridiculous to look at, even on the rack. Today, we’ve compiled 40 of these famous fashion fails to share with you. Scroll down for a good time!

Shoe Hybrid

Have you ever heard of a chimera? They’re mythological creatures comprised of several animals. The combination of these elements that should not coexist creates an unusual hybrid that is often uncomfortable to look at. Well, we’re not saying that this shoe is alive…

Image Courtesy of kentaki_cat / Reddit

…but they are certainly an uncomfortable mix. These sneaker/heels, whatever you want to call them, don’t look good. If the heel was thicker, or full — maybe. However, it looks like someone glued a Converse sneaker to a stiletto. It looks neither good nor comfortable.

Norway – Australia; Potato – Potato

There is an expression we love to use to say something is a trivial, or unimportant difference, or correction. For example pink and magenta; potato – potato. However, we wouldn’t think of that phrase when discussing Norway and Australia. One is a continent, the other is a country in Scandinavia.

Image Courtesy of biggles-266 / Reddit

Nonetheless, someone has put a Norwegian flag over the continent of Australia. What was their intention with this — we are unsure. We cannot even say this is a hilarious fashion fail. It’s either ignorance, or they are trolling all of us, and we are falling for it!

We’re All Mad Here!

If you haven’t watched or read Alice in Wonderland, you are missing out, friend! It’s an amazing story, not only because of its adventurous and bewildering features but because of its uniqueness, unconventional approach to childhood, imagination, growing up, etc.

Image Courtesy of ohyeesh / Reddit

Looking at this person’s Cheshire Cat leggings, we’d take a bet that she’s a fan. We are not sure if they realize how unsettling this looks; however, we are living for it. It made us chuckle! The Cheshire Cat is probably one of the most iconic characters besides the Queen of Hearts!

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is nowhere near, but it’s never too early to start making a Christmas shopping list, and it can take months to detangle those lights. We might not add this to our wishlist, though. Check out this haunting pair of leggings someone shared online…

Image Courtesy of ColdFireplace411 / Reddit

We love a good pair of comfy pants to lounge around in, especially if they are holiday-themed ones. So cozy and festive. However, these leggings in the picture are not it. What we can’t take our eyes off is the part where two Santas overlap. It’s just too much.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

How often have you heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Probably a million. We are here today to remind you of that expression and show you how judging something by how it looks on the surface can be extremely deceiving.

Image Courtesy of ModestZombie / Reddit

This Reddit user found these South Park socks and thought they hit the jackpot! They were in the clearance aisle, very cheap and cute-looking, too. Little did they know, when you put them on they get deformed and unrecognizable. It’s too funny not to share.

What Are Those?!

Do you remember a Vine from a long time ago that went: what are thoooooose?! — that is exactly what came to our millennial minds as soon as we saw this fashion atrocity. This is what happens when East Coast meets Southern Texas.

Image Courtesy of sugar-biscuits / Reddit

We have a question: do we consider these shoes, jeans or boots? We are, as they say, confused dot com. Although the invention is somewhat original, eco-friendly, and all, it’s still not good. We can not imagine anyone wearing these if not to cosplay as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears from 2001.

It Doesn’t Get Stranger Than That

We can’t get enough of the Netflix hit Stranger Things! We are super excited for the next few seasons, but will certainly be sad to see it go after season five, the confirmed final season. Until then, we’ll hold on to that excitement.

Image Courtesy of Scrimmybinguscat / Reddit

While impatiently anticipating the fourth season of the show, we are giving you a little gem we’ve found on Reddit, of course. This T-shirt connivingly says Thinger Strangs. So, technically not any copyright infringement, right? And let’s not talk about those random slits…

Too Many Letters

Sometimes the idea is there, and we can see it; however, it gets clouded by sheer foolishness and clumsiness to create a good product. This backpack we’ve found is not that bad, but it’s on the list for a reason. Let us break it down.

Image Courtesy of ral365 / Reddit

The color combination is great, and the font is not too basic. However, they made a mistake putting the letters so close to each other and in the same font, as well. It looks as if it says atwoetsaolmley, and not totally awesome. It’s not awesome; fix it, please!

Are You Serious?

Any ladies out there will find this one extra annoying. Fashion brands fail to include pockets in women’s clothing, and yet, when they finally do make a full functioning pocket, they destroy the design. In this case, they destroyed a quote.

Image Courtesy of author / Reddit

To add, this was not some off-brand, unknown fast fashion store. It was in Forever 21, where all the influencers buy their clothes and get brand deals. We know Forever 21 is fast fashion, but we weren’t expecting this kind of mistake.

Women Want Pockets!

Let’s stay on the topic of pockets for a moment or two. We have already discussed how women are treated unfairly in the fashion industry and are deprived of space for their phones, keys, pencils, and cash. Why is that?

Image Courtesy of evening_shop / Reddit

This is how the inside of women’s jeans looks. That lighter fabric is designed to be a pocket; now, that seam that starts from the middle and curves to the left is the actual pocket space women have for their stuff. What the heck?!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is one of the most desirable men in show-biz at the moment. He is cute, talented, tall, British, and seems to have a certain charm ladies and lads fall head over heels over. We like him too, but we’re not sure we’d wear socks with him on them.

Image Courtesy of B4D*SS / Reddit

His face stretches out so much that we can’t even recognize that it’s him. He almost looks like a meme, with his stretched-out eyes gazing into the distance portraying someone confused or just contemplating their existence. We feel ya, Harry.

Are You Sure, Friend?

While making this shirt, someone got seriously confused. Maybe they misinterpreted things, translated the phrase incorrectly, or simply made a huge mistake — we don’t know. The T-shirt itself is simple, black and white, but the quote is where things fall apart.

Image Courtesy of 2kittygirl / Reddit

There is nothing wrong with being average! In fact, we fully support it. It’s better to be average and be okay with it than to be anxious, overachieving, and never satisfied with your progress. But, if your job is lining up quotes, make sure you get the order right.

Body Neutrality

Surely you’ve heard of body positivity, the movement of accepting all body types. Until now, media and the fashion industry have pushed for a certain body type as the “ideal.” But now, even body positivity is losing out to body neutrality. When you look at the next picture, you’ll realize why remaining body neutral is important.

Image Courtesy of chloemmx / Reddit

All these jeans are, believe it or not, size 12. Yes, all are the same size, which is unbelievable, but true nonetheless. How all of them are the same size is beyond us, but it does raise an important question: why do fashion brands opt for the same numbers that, when compared, represent different sizes?

Bro, I Got a New Prosche! It’s Sick, Bro!

It’s funny seeing how knock-off brands try to mimic and sell their clothes as high-end designer products. Not only is it extremely obvious, but the mistakes they make, whether intentional or accidental, are hilarious. We’ve seen Louis Vuitton, Gucci, but this one is a first.

Image Courtesy of uspn / Reddit

First of all, why would anyone wear a car logo on their T-shirt? Second of all, if you look closely, not only Porsche is misspelled, but the city Stuttgart, too. It’s Stguttuart now; deal with it. Maybe this is how people imagine Americans speak: incorrectly and ignorantly.


We all know someone with a God complex. You don’t know what that is? Well, it’s when someone behaves as if they are the main character, and are directly connected to everyone on this planet. Extremely entitled people think they are the one, they are special.

Image Courtesy of Caitlin Rommel / Reddit

Okay, maybe we too have a bit of a God complex; however, it doesn’t compare to the God complex the person wearing this shirt has! At least, we think that’s what it says. Now that we think of it, we are not certain what they were trying to say…Let’s move on.

Someone Was Playing Mechanic

Mechanics have one of the most difficult professions. It’s a job and a half to know machines, how they operate, and how to fix any hardware that comes to your hard-working hands. No wonder mechanics often have dirt underneath their fingernails and oily blotches all over their working uniforms.

Image Courtesy of robgod50 / Reddit

When we looked at this sweatshirt all we could think about is how much it looks like a hoddie a mechanic was wearing while fixing his neighbor’s car, lying in his garage. This is a tie-die project that went wrong.

Poor Word Order

Were you team Edward or team Jacob? It’s important to know! Okay, okay, let’s focus on the topic for now… (You were team Edward, we know it!) This lucky Redditor has a purse with an unfortunate word order: Always Forgotten Remembered Never.

Image Courtesy of prodigious-starfruit / Reddit

We know it is supposed to read “Always Remembered Never Forgotten,” however, the word placement allows us to be mischievous, and we are taking that strand of chance and running with it. We love to poke fun at Twilight, although we have all secretly watched (and loved) it.

Naruto Looks Different Here

Naruto might not be as much of a household name as Goku, but the series was popular in its own right. If we were to list the “gateway animes,” Naturo would surely be in the top 10. The Naruto jacket, however, doesn’t look like a powerful ninja…

Image Courtesy of ral365 / Reddit

Sure, Kurama looks scary, as a fox demon should, but Naruto is the one giving us the creeps. He looks both cursed and hilarious at the same time. The zipper breaking up the graphic widens his face, giving him a derpy look.

Backward Jacket

Some people do everything the opposite way; they love to stand out and be unique. Sometimes you’ll notice this in the way someone behaves, what they study at university, or the clothes they wear. We’ve found a guy we love and who embodies this.

Image Courtesy of gingeralecranbrbrbrb / Reddit

This guy right here has put on his collared shirt backward. Not only that, but it’s half white and half navy. We’ve never seen such a thing. Is this haute-couture or what?! He is too busy watching the game; if he wasn’t we would’ve asked him about it.

First of All — Ew

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your interests are, we all have one thing in common: shoes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all have at least one pair. The purpose is, of course, to protect our feet while we go about our day. But this pair…

Image Courtesy of mmonzeob / Reddit

These sandals serve no purpose. They are not covering anything, and yet not revealing anything either. They don’t look attractive, appealing, or casual. They are not formal either. We are confused about what their purpose is, and as such, we don’t support this one. Sorry, next!

Watermelon Shoes

We love colors! Bright, fun hues are what make our day better and much happier. That’s why we love the coming of spring, the cherry blossoms, and the vibrant colors of the seaside towns. However, we’ve found some colorful slippers that made us a little hesitant.

Image Courtesy of CrypticDemon520 / Reddit

It looks like these manufacturers have discovered opposing colors for the first time and love watermelon so much that they decided to make slippers inspired by this fruit of vivid colors. We don’t like it, to be frank. At the very least, they could do away without the yellow rhinestones.

‘If Only I Had Bigger Arms!’

Did you know that scientists nowadays believe that dinosaurs were covered in feathers rather than scales, since the chicken is a direct descendant of the dinosaurs, and it’s a bird?! Cool! Imagine a T-rex covered in feathers, with its tiny arms — not as threatening anymore, right?!

Image Courtesy of _misha_ / Reddit

We found this ridiculous jacket/sweatshirt online and had to share it; you deserve to see it too! Although the head flopped to one side is nightmare fuel, the stubby arms sticking out at the worst place makes it quirky and funny. We wouldn’t wear it necessarily, but it would be a unique Christmas gift.

Not Dirty-Dirty Look

There is nothing worse than going out in public, not seeing a stain on your clothes, and only to find one while on the bus or as you enter the office. It’s so embarrassing and uncomfortable, yet, there is nothing you can do at the moment to fix it.

Image Courtesy of sirSosig/ Reddit

Now, some people willingly choose to look dirty. The reason behind this is beyond us! It’s one thing to look or be dirty at home, while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or doing other chores; however, going to school with a sweatshirt that intentionally looks dirty — it’s a no-no.

Space Cat

Cats are our jam! We love these fluffy, lovely, and devilish creatures. They are sometimes so sweet, and sometimes so…not. They are perfect no matter how spoiled, aggressive, or annoyed they get. Or, should we say, purrfect? Pun fully intended on that one.

Image Courtesy of TheLadySif / Reddit

We would like to know who designs clothes for Target? We would love to meet the genius behind these leggings and thank them in person. Space kitties might be what we needed to feel warm on the inside again. Adorbs!

Less Fabric, More Money

There seems to be an unspoken rule in high fashion that the less fabric an item of clothing has, the more it will cost. Now, usually we’re talking about sweatshirts with holes in them or distressed jeans with fraying at the knees, but this takes it to a whole other level…

Image Courtesy of BlueChainsawMan / Reddit

What is the purpose of these jeans? Clearly, they don’t cover anything. Is it to frame your legs? Honestly, we can’t tell. The only thing we do know is that these are being sold. Some shop is actually charging people money for 1/10th of a pair of jeans.

That’s All Folks!

We simply adore Looney Tunes. They were a huge part of our childhoods. Those silly adventurous cartoon characters really shaped us into the people we are today. Especially Bugs Bunny and his reckless and mischievous behavior towards Elmer Fudd, thwarting his every move.

Image Courtesy of Sanebow / Reddit

Although we love him, we would never wear these jeans. If you can’t understand why, just take a close look at them, especially where the zipper is. It’s an optical illusion, and a bad one at that. We wouldn’t be caught out in public in those jeans.

Puffer Shoes

Puffer jackets are the reason we love windy weather and fall. They are great as a fashion statement and as protection from cold climates. However, turning a puffer jacket into shoes is something we never saw coming. The image you’re about to see is cursed.

Image Courtesy of WqrriorCow / Reddit

These look like they’d provide some insulation if necessary. We’d consider wearing them around the house or while lounging and reading by the fire on the weekends. Wearing them outside would be impossible. What if our crush sees us? Ah no, next!

That’s a Big Trunk!

Elephants are glorious creatures. Due to their size and weight, they are often discredited as aggressors. However, elephants are among the wisest, kindest animals in the savannah, and the world. They can even use their trunks to paint, draw and write!

Image Courtesy of Ecrelia / Reddit

Whoever made these little pants for a tiny gentleman knew exactly what they were doing. Elephant’s trunk is not only a useful artistic tool, but it resembles something only males have on their bodies — not to be too specific. It’s hilarious, though.

Knighty Knight

We always loved those words that sound the same but are not, in other words: homophones. We are about to use one of our favorite ones: Knight in shining armor glides through the night with his knighty armor and yells: Nighty night!

Image Courtesy of shop_bekker / Facebook

These heels look like they belong to a very fancy knight. Let’s not forget the fact that they are Balenciagas. What were these people thinking?! This is far from beautiful or avantgarde. It looks silly, to say the least. Yikes!

That’s Not Where It’s Supposed to Go

Mickey Mouse is an iconic Disney character — one of the first ones Walt Disney ever created. We’ve watched him in movies and TV shows as kids and continue to love him to this day. Oftentimes, Disney characters end up on clothing, whether that be merch or in stores like Zara, Bershka, Forever 21, etc.

Image Courtesy of NixisTM / Reddit

This sweatshirt is probably extremely adorable once put on correctly; however, tying it around your waist is not the best idea you could think of. It looks like Mickey’s head ends up in a place where it shouldn’t. This one had us laughing to the point of crying.

Unda Da Sea

On the topic of Disney, The Little Mermaid is much younger than Steamboat Willie, yet from the perspective of Moana, for example, she is ancient! In our minds, Ariel is the OG mermaid! We love her and her friends. Who wouldn’t? The music in that movie is amazing!

Image Courtesy of LydiaAgain / Reddit

These lobster slippers immediately reminded us of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Sebastian is the legendary companion that sings “Under the Sea.” You must understand, back in the day, that was the equivalent of Elsa’s “Let it Go”! Wearing these at the beach would be so fun.

Swamp Monster Cosplay

Now, enough with Disney. We can not forget about Dreamworks — another production company that created some of our favorite animated movies. And, by extension, some of our favorite characters. Who doesn’t love or hasn’t seen Shrek, cannot be our friend. Sorry!

Image Courtesy of heluhowyalldun / Reddit

These trendy shoes look like they would take the swamp by storm in Shrek’s world. Fiona would have loved them, and rocked them like no other! However, picturing it in an urban area, in a city, on people, gives us an ick. These should be illegal in the real world.

Banana Sandals — Bandals

Comfy shoes are important. For example, in winter girls love to wear those UGG boots, since they are extremely warm and comfortable. However, in summer, slippers and flip-flops are a must. Now, these flip-flops we’ve found are, well, just a flop.

Image Courtesy of gabbois / Instagram

We are joking! We loved these! They are so unexpectedly good?! They look hyper-realistic as if someone truly peeled a banana and sewed them onto the bottom of the flip-flop. Combined with red nail polish, they are to die for. We would wear the heck out of these!

Certified Cowboy!

What is it about cowboys and cowgirls that’s so appealing to people? We are talking about their aesthetics, like jeans on the bottom, jeans on the top, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, plaid accessories, etc. This romanticization of Westerns is a bit concerning, but alas!

Image Courtesy of ImRussell / Reddit

We don’t like or understand this vest at all. Why would anyone want to wear this on the regular? We could consider it while horseback riding or working on a farm, but, what’s the point? No need to pretend to be dirty; just roll in the mud and head out!

So Close Yet So Far

We don’t often think about it, but every piece of clothing goes through a design phase. No shirt has ever gone straight from the designer’s brain to the factory. Drafts are made, and designs are laid out to make the product you’re wearing today.

Image Courtesy of PandaLover69 / Reddit

Well, we can tell that this indeed had a draft phase, but something went wrong after that. Did the producers think that this was the final product? We’re not sure how well the shirt would look with everything printed on it, though. It’s best just to send it back to the drawing board.

Accidents Happen

Accidents do happen, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. One thing is to have an accident happen to you; another thing is to make mistakes constantly, willingly, and do nothing to change your behavior. We’re talking about troublemakers who know what they’re doing wrong and refuse to stop.

Image Courtesy of space_pdf / Reddit

These pants look as if someone wearing them has had an accident. One particular accident we have in mind, and it’s an ugly one. Can you guess it? We hope so cause we can’t even utter it. Perhaps this bathroom mistake was meant to be another cowgirl-inspired design.

Coffee For Carnivores

Coffee is the best part of our day! A hot cup of joe makes us happy and gives us the energy needed to face what the day has in store for us. Everyone has their preferred flavor, but this cap confused us. There is a meat coffee?

Image Courtesy of carlsligh / Reddit

“You had meat coffee.” Is this a statement or a question? Then it hit us: You had me at coffee. The letters are stitched too close to each other, creating confusion. It’s a fun conversation starter. But first, ask about their diet, just to be sure.

Teddy Jacket

Teddy coats were extremely popular in 2019 and 2020, and you can still see them around town. They look cute and comfortable and are a nice statement piece. However, this jacket is something different. Seems like they took the teddy part too far.

Image Courtesy of Querray / Reddit

This jacket looks cursed. It’s as if the teddies are trying to come out of the coat, screaming for help. This is a true fashion fail. The color is to some people’s taste, and if it weren’t for the teddies it might not look too bad. But this, we’ll pass.

Fun & Business

Crocs aren’t peak fashion, but they are comfortable shoes to wear around the house, in the garden, in your backyard, or while working on something at home. They could serve well as shoes for a quick grocery store run at best. But this…

Image Courtesy of audummy / Reddit

These are business Crocs, and they are a reason we’ll have nightmares tonight. We swear. We could let it slide on a senior, on an older lady with back problems, but wearing this in the office — please, no. Some shoes look much better and are equally as light and airy.

Organic Waste

Recycle, people! It’s important to sort our trash, especially if you know a thing or two about global warming and pollution. Metal, glass, plastic, paper, organic, fabric, etc, are materials we must keep our eyes on. Especially plastic — avoid it, and go green!

Image Courtesy of El_Don_Giovanni / Twitter

This jacket looks like it’s straight out of the organic waste trash can! Sorry, that was too harsh. We love the texture; it’s probably extremely interesting! However, we are not sold on the possible smell this might have or the feeling it leaves on the skin. We’ll pass, sorry!