Less-Than-Fabulous Fashion That Probably Shouldn’t Have Made It To The Rack

By Jana I

Whether you work from home or in the office, you likely have an appropriate wardrobe. Putting in some effort into your everyday image can drastically improve or affect your mood and self-confidence. Gone are the days when people dressed up in their fanciest attire for plane trips or movie dates, but maybe some of us have become too comfortable. Sure, wearing socks over your sweatpants might feel pretty good, cozy, and comfortable, but it looks hilarious. Many people are totally aware of their lack of style and couldn’t care less. We are grateful to them because otherwise, we would not have these photos. Today, we’ve collected 45 priceless fashion fails that we hope will make you laugh out loud. If you’re up for giggles, keep scrolling!

Sassy, but Not So Classy

Sometimes, designers are not fully aware of what they’re doing until they see the product all set and done. Often it’s not the colors or the font; it’s not even the design or drawings, but the position of the words on clothing can give you the wrong idea.

Image Courtesy of KanasCurrent / Reddit

Look at the picture here. Now, we know what you might be thinking and seeing. But hear us out. This was just poor execution on the manufacturer’s part. No need to point out the three words in the middle of the shirt, nor a swirling shape just beneath it.

Dirty or Unappealing?

We’ve never really understood the trend of wearing clothes, shoes, or accessories that look dirty or damaged. Recently, we’ve come across jeans from Gucci and Nordstrom, even some smaller fashion chains and fast fashion companies – they all love to make their clothing look used!

Image Courtesy of Microwave-0ven / Reddit

Nike is one of those brands that follow the trend of high fashion companies, no matter how unnecessary it seems. It’s difficult to decide whether these sneakers are dirty or just unfortunately colored. Either way, we are not huge fans.

Like, Yeah, That’s What I Was Saying

Fashion fails we love most are the ones made by non-native English speakers. It’s similar to when people get tattoos in Chinese or Japanese without getting a native speaker to proofread. We have a fun example waiting for you below:

Image Courtesy of malgreezy / Reddit

English speakers tend to include “like” in almost all sentences. “Can you, like, give me a sip of your coffee?” “Is this, like, for real?” Now, our only concern about this would be that this was manufactured by native English manufacturers. That is, to be honest, quite plausible. Oh, well… Eat milk!

Where is the S in Fun? Funs?!

Welcome to the absurd part of the article. Here, we present to you one of the most confusing, bewildering, yet entertaining pictures found on Reddit. You’ll see what fashion fails are all about in the photo below – absolute foolery.

Image Courtesy of MegaKeegan5375 / Reddit

Where exactly is the “S” in fun? We can’t answer that question because there is no possible answer. If that “S” represents a word, like sport, sun, smile, sweets, etc., then yes! All those we consider to be fun. The shirt is purposely vague, and also a marketing misstep.


Sure, thinking outside the box is amazing! It shows a critical approach and an ability to evaluate preceding systems, conclusions, and decisions. If you think outside the box, you’ll most certainly be prepared for multiple outcomes, and you’ll appear confident, authentic, creative, and refreshing!

Image Courtesy of Qischerr / Reddit

What happened in the picture above is certainly disappointing. We were expecting a little bit more from a shirt like this. Why did they pass on such an amazing opportunity to scooch the text a bit more to the right and align both the o and the x?! Frustrating!

Well, Shoot!

Sometimes it’s not the font or the misspelling; it’s simply the design and the choice of colors that set the tone. Combining red and yellow always gives ketchup and tomato vibes. And what about white and brown? You be the judge.

Image Courtesy of Asos

If you imagine a white and beige or brown clothes combo, it likely doesn’t look like this. Unfortunately, though, this is something that does exist online for purchase to this day, and you can get it for about 30 bucks. Now, why anyone would want it, we don’t know. It looks… well, unappealing.

When Sample Text Becomes THE Text

Sometimes it’s all about the details, whether it comes to drawing, painting, writing or, you know, replacing sample text with the real text. The one you want on your design. Now, someone in the production forgot to add the quote they intended to and was left with this:

Image Courtesy of JoseGiraffe / Reddit

This shirt would look so cute with a quote like “Your Little Pony” or “Team Pony.” The colors are nice – they could be better, but overall they are appealing for children: bold, bright, contrasting. The design of the horse is decent, the art style is adorable, but the text is what does it for us.

Late Never Better Than, The Good Ol’ Saying

One of our favorite awkward things that happen in the fashion industry is misplacing the words of common idioms. It can be witty, but it’s usually just hilarious. Take a look at the picture below for the ultimate mind-blowing confusion.

Image Courtesy of wesster / Reddit

Let’s assess all the possibilities: Late Never Better Than; Late Better Never Than; Late Better Than Never; Late Never Than Better. The way of reading this properly is confusing because of the stitch in the middle of the cap, and are we supposed to read horizontally or vertically? Well, neither make sense anyway.

Mr. Worldwide

There are a few places in the world that are appealing. If you’re a passionate traveler, you are expected to see or visit them, like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, The Great Wall of China, and so on.

Image Courtesy of damla_is_cringey / Reddit

Now, what they wanted to achieve with this will forever boggle our minds. Is this New York, Paris, or Sweden? New York is certainly famous, and the Eiffel Tower is a symbol recognizable by all. What do you think the point is?


Socks are amazing. We love how they’re soft, keep us warm, and make us feel cozy. Sometimes they are a statement piece, an accessory meant to pull the look together and leave an impression. Give these socks a gander and tell us what you think:

Image Courtesy of LauraMacb / Reddit

At first, they look cute! The colors go well together, and they are a necessity for movie buffs, ones that enjoy chilling at home and watching films until sunrise. However, upon further review, you’ll notice that they, unfortunately, spell out something other than “pop!” when put together.

Wet Feet

Getting your feet wet while wearing socks and shoes must be one of the worst feelings in the world! It’s ultimately uncomfortable, awkward, and makes all feel uneasy. Who wants to have wet feet if they are not at the beach or enjoying a hot summer day in the park? No one!

Image Courtesy of Wimc / Reddit

These awful socks are designed to look as if they are always wet! Imagine going on a date, and later that evening, she invites you to her house, and you have these on. Our friend, you could just pick up your things and go home at that point.

NASA Merch

NASA is only the biggest organization in the world devoted to exploring space and doing research outside our planet. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but we are familiar with the gist of it. Now, someone found a pair of socks, selling as a copycat of NASA merch.

Image Courtesy of Haggether / Reddit

NASA is not the national aeronsmith and space. We are not sure what aeronsmith is. Did they want to say Aerosmith, the music group? Maybe. Another inconsistency: doesn’t National Aeronsmith and Space lead to NAAS, not NASA? Help us understand, please.

Shhh, Act Natural!

Some things are hilarious, and some are downright disturbing. We have mixed feelings about the next fashion disaster we are about to show you. Is it supposed to be funny or goofy? Is it a mistake, and who is responsible?

Image Courtesy of Blurry_Jpeg / Reddit

What is this animal supposed to be? Maybe a tiger, a giraffe, or a dinosaur. Those two pieces on the chest might not at all be questionable, but perhaps little T-rex arms flopping around. You know how our old friend Tyrannosaurus had short, useless front legs. Is that it? We hope so!

That Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

Most of us know and love that song: “I’ve got a feeling, woohoo, that tonight’s gonna be a good night.” It’s vibey, easy-going, relaxed, and overall a perfect summer bop! The Black Eyed Peas did something good with that song. But, let’s not forget the Beatles and their song with similar lyrics!

Image Courtesy of Felix—Helix / Reddit

First of all, okay, the quote references a song. Now, Portugal underneath it, well, alright. However, the map behind the letters is the continent of Africa, which is not Portugal. This gives off bad vibes, and we are not here for it.

You Are My Little Dumb Heart

Dumbo is one of the most amazing and wholesome movies Disney ever made. It’s old, we get that, and also, a tad sad, but that’s the appeal. Like older princess movies, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast – they are classics everyone should watch!

Image Courtesy of MartynC65 / Reddit

This designer had a great idea. The colors and font are amazing, but the execution – oh, dear. The heart was supposed to replace the letter O, but the only thing it did was, well, nothing. It looks like “dumb,” and don’t try to convince us otherwise. Poor baby.

Disturbing to Say the Least

We love Zara! It has lots of good pieces of clothing, it follows the trends and is somewhat sustainable. Did you know they want to go fully online and close all their retail stores? We think that’s cool! However, we don’t think this kid’s bag is cute.

Image Courtesy of Anvaya / Reddit

This is not even a fashion fail, but a clear oversight on everyone’s part. How someone would think this was a good idea is beyond us! If you’re confused, just pay close attention to the big giraffe’s neck and the rope around it. Also, the eyes are closed. That’s it.

Furry Queen

The next thing you’re about to see is nothing we expected. It’s almost trendy in its absurdity, almost appealing in its questionable sensibility, or the lack thereof. If you’re a kid, you’d see nothing wrong with it for apparent reasons.

Image Courtesy of justbeme0416 / Reddit

This woman herself feels a bit uncomfortable with the whole ordeal. Her slight, awkward smile says it all. Don’t get us started on her empty eyes, how she stares in the distance, concentrating hard not to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Luckily, we can giggle all we want!

Wolf or a Gorilla?

Backpacks are a must, whether you are a student in school, at university, going hiking, or visiting a local library to pick up one of the latest anticipated reads. The point is, everyone should have at least two backpacks in their closet – one for everyday activities, and another for adventures.

Image Courtesy of Creepy_Face_Thing / Reddit

This atrocity makes us confused, a bit disturbed, but in the end, leaves us giggling. We are unsure of what this animal is. It says it’s a wolf on Reddit, but considering the public opinion, the research, and the comments, the majority thinks it looks more like a gorilla. Make your conclusion.

Mono Lisa

Everyone and their mother knows about Mona Lisa, or the Joconde as they call her. She is iconic! Leonardo da Vinci was a remarkable artist, a genius, an inventor of sorts. What’s interesting about Mona Lisa is her slight, sly smile. She seems to be smiling but also frowning at the same time!

Image Courtesy of graysonshelton / Reddit

Staying on the topic of bags and backpacks, this one looks cursed. They took one of the greatest paintings in renaissance history and made it look funny and downright ridiculous! Not gonna lie; it does have a certain appeal, being this silly, but come on! You had one job!

Never Do Your Best! Quit!

We are used to hearing or reading inspirational and motivational quotes, like “you can do it,” “never give up,” “hang in there,” and so on. These are supposed to make us feel stronger, more capable, and overall better. If we’re down, these could help lift our spirits.

Image Courtesy of nifflermoon / Reddit

This shirt had all the right intentions, but the execution, again, failed. Instead of motivating you never to quit and always do your best, it just seems to tell you never to try your best and always quit. It’s kind of iconic, to be honest. Perhaps it might be fun wearing it as a goof!

Too Tall to Spot the Haters!

Women and men equally (we don’t judge!) have enjoyed high heels since, well, forever. It makes you feel taller, mightier, more put together, more attractive, and it helps some outfits look better. People who master walking in heels or platforms fear no one!

Image Courtesy of GalacticNugz / Reddit

These crocks are out of this world! Look at the height, the diamonds, the size! They are over the top in every sense of that word. We can’t decide if we love it or hate it. But let’s face it, only a certain type of people could pull this off; most of us would just look funny.


Hats, caps, bucket hats, etc., are all pretty useful when it comes to protecting your head from direct sunlight. However, often, it’s cool wearing a head accessory for the sake of it, for pulling the whole outfit together or proudly saying: “I am a tourist. Look at me.”

Image Courtesy of gabebider / Reddit

Now there are a few things wrong with this cap. However, the worst of them all is the clear oversight. Why did they so desperately try to replace the letter R with the Eiffel Tower instead of replacing it with A, since there is the letter A in Paris?

Luna Lovegood Likes This

If you don’t know or remember Luna Lovegood, what are you doing with your life? She is one of the best female characters in contemporary children’s literature. She’s the perfect combination of Alice and the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Pretty, intelligent, as well as silly and quirky.

Image Courtesy of gap343 / Reddit

Luna would wear the hat in the picture above. It has all the elements she likes: the nineties eclectic style and it’s multipurpose – to be more precise: you could use it as a fashion style, art expression, sun protection, and, well, a pencil case. If you want.

This Looks Painful

We love a pretty dress, especially of the formal variety. They are either tight or flowy, depending on what you want and need from them. Generally, they make people feel good and attractive, and that’s what matters. But we found this, and we have questions.

Image Courtesy of ubaldejason / Reddit

If it weren’t for the giant, thick zipper in the back, the dress would look quite nice and elegant. The color is royal blue, very trendy all around, the cut in the back is also sultry and eye-catching, but what were the designers thinking when creating the zipper?

It’s Not How it Looks

Optical illusions are cool! They can make you see things or perceive things that are not a part of existing reality. If you’re into such a thing, you enjoy being mind-blown by a confusing picture or video. We have a fashion fail optical illusion up next!

Image Courtesy of Zoofashions.com

Now, these pants are a whopping $907! What?! First of all, the fit is not the most beautiful of them all, but okay, it’s trendy to wear oversized clothing these days. But the coloring and the skin-like cut out in all the wrong places… It’s a no from us.

Is That a Ping Pong Ball?

We talked about heels, platforms, and being taller with the help of a great pair of shoes. Now, this is, after all, an article containing hilarious fashion fails, and we have much more to share. We have an absurdly confusing, and in the end, strange, pair of shoes to share.

Image Courtesy of filemon147 / Reddit

Upon inspecting this photo closely, we’ve noticed so many odd details. First of all, these platforms are for those that can’t walk on heels well. Then, the platform is seethrough, and the design is unfortunate too. And lastly, is that a ping pong ball in the left shoe?!

Double Negative

We are yet to talk more about bags! Bags are such a necessity – they can make or break your whole outfit for the day. It’s fun finding the right purse, matching colors, designs, materials, and patterns – it’s almost like a game.

Image Courtesy of teal_banana_peel / Reddit

This bag is cute. It’s classic blush pink, but the quote is bewildering, to say the least. The mistake they made has us scratching our heads. Stay strong is impossible – man! How are we supposed to continue with our lives knowing that?!

Metallic Socks

As we’ve seen before, socks can make a statement. If you’re into fashion it’s important to pay attention to the socks you are choosing. Stop fooling yourself, everyone can see them, and yes, everyone is paying attention! Buahahaha!

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Look at these beauties! Don’t be a hater; keep an open mind. We know they look strange, and if you look closely, especially at the left image, the sock looks dirty. But we love this metallic shine. Of course, we wouldn’t buy them, even if they weren’t sold out. Can you believe they were $70? Crazy.

When It’s So Hot, You Must Unzip Your T-Shirt

Summer – some love it, some don’t. You can’t deny that it is, for some reason, the most relaxed of seasons. Is it that we relate it to summer vacations, holidays, traveling to the beach, basking in the sun near the sea? Who knows?! However, let’s not forget the unbearable summer heat!

Image Courtesy of miyagawadai / Instagram

Luckily, you can get this shirt, and you’ll surely not be overheating. It has a zipper and everything. All jokes aside, what did they think this would do? Save you from sweating, provide you some airflow? It serves no purpose, and it doesn’t even look trendy. Wasted opportunity!

One For You, One For Me

We’ve scoured the internet searching for the most ridiculous, most hilarious fashion disasters, AND fashion ventures. There is nothing quite like this. The next thing you’re about to see might scare you. It is not for the faint of heart.

Image Courtesy of Dragon_Scale_Salad / Reddit

Someone said it looks like a jacket in a cartoon where two kids are stacked inside pretending to be an adult. We found that to be extremely accurate. If we are missing some high fashion statement, please tell us; we are at a loss for words.

A Simple Sample Text

Tattoos are something that’s almost definitely permanent. Some surgeries can remove them, sure, but not completely. Usually, people cover up their tattoo fails with one more relevant to their life at the moment. Luckily, clothing is not permanent as tattoos are. Imagine having to wear this every day:

Image Courtesy of Danietta / Reddit

The thing is, you can always take your shirt off or buy a new one. From the back, we would assume this is a lady in her mid-forties or fifties, completely unaware of her shirt and what it says. It’s kind of wholesome. And who knows, maybe she has a wicked sense of humor.

Real Men Wear Yellow

In case you’ve missed those funny captions on clothes, we have another one for you and your buddies to laugh at. Please, don’t be too harsh on this fellow. He thought he was doing something revolutionary, or maybe just liked the color.

Image Courtesy of ahmadswalihck / Reddit

The company that made this shirt is to blame, not the poor guy; let’s get that clear! Why would you manufacture something that completely contradicts itself? Maybe they could make a spin-off of that famous TV show, and name it: Yellow is the New Black!

Green or Pink?!

The next picture is similar to the previous one. We get it; colors can be confusing, and there are so many options for fonts or quotes to use, one just can’t decide. Perhaps, we’ve encountered a designer that’s just trying their best?

Image Courtesy of Schweigaa / Reddit

What’s funny is that the floor and the rack are greener than the shirt itself. Maybe that’s where all the green went? At least there is a tiny M&M in the right corner there, right? Children would wear anything, so we are not too concerned about the sales.

Poor Choice of Patterns

Patterns and animal prints are pretty cute. You can play with them, enjoy them, combine and mix and match. Not everyone is particularly good at knowing how to do it well, but they can try, right? The lady you see now was done so wrong.

Image Courtesy of Gundarian / Imgur

Scan this photograph carefully and then try to proceed with reading unphased. You can’t do it. We know since that’s exactly how we feel. Although the dress is a flop, we have to applaud this lady’s perfect hair-do, posture, and elegance. You go, queen!

Someone Needs Potty Training

Even grown adults can have accidents when we least expect them. We are all human; it’s just a part of being a person. Sure, it’s embarrassing, uncomfortable, and no one wants to experience it – but there are worse things in life.

Image Courtesy of kan-neigh / Reddit

If you were wondering, this is one of those padded biker shorts that protect your inner thighs and sensitive areas. However, when we first stumbled upon this picture, we had the same thoughts you did. They should have just made the shorts all one color.

Toe Says Hi!

There is something so incredibly awkward about staring at another person’s feet or toes for too long. This is a judgment-free zone, so in case you find yourself fascinated by other people’s toes, tell us, what do you think about these heels?

Image Courtesy of Air95sports

We think the color and the quality are amazing. We can tell this is one of the higher quality brands. However, we are confused that only one toe is sticking out, instead of all of them being covered or shown. Can someone explain, please?

Can You Check Me?

There is a code among girls, and when a girl asks you, “Hey, can you check me?” you’ll immediately know what to do. We are not here today to uncover secrets girls share in women’s bathrooms of a club. Oh no, we are here to discuss fashion, so focus!

Image Courtesy of KosiQTG / Reddit

People say these jeans give off the vibe as if she had a not-so-little bladder accident, therefore making fun of the whole design. Now, we have to disagree. Sure, the pants don’t look like much, but they are okay! Leave the poor girl alone. She is probably nervously giving a presentation to her giggling classmates.

One Clothing Item to Rule Them All

Nothing is better than an item you can use on various occasions and for numerous purposes. Multipurpose items are what life is all about, friends! When we show you the next photo we’ve found on Reddit, you’ll lose your beautiful little minds.

Image Courtesy of mega_gertz / Reddit

We figured this is some kind of a waiter/caterer uniform, but it is more than that! It’s a shirt, a tie, an apron, and a dress simultaneously. It is refreshing to see men not afraid to wear formally feminine designs or cuts. We love; we support! But we get the feeling this won’t blow up any time soon.

Can You Tell It’s a Fake?!

Perhaps the only thing worse than spending a couple of thousands of US dollars on a designer item is going to the market and buying rip-offs of those same high fashion companies, like Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and such. Yes, Kurt, we can tell it’s a fake.

Image Courtesy of mrtuxedo9 / Reddit

You’re fooling nobody with that jacked and those shorts, sir. Even the dog is judging. Is it just us, or does the jacket looks like it was made and remodeled from a bag or a case of some sort? It’s kind of boxy, don’t you agree? It’s a funny sight, that’s for sure.

Jeans Onesie, Everything We Ever Wanted

You know this saying: be careful what you wish for, because it may come true? Well… We have an image that’s the embodiment of that famous quote, and as soon as you see it, you’ll know why. It’s so unappealing, it’s almost cursed.

Image Courtesy of cheesuscharlie / Reddit

This girl, we’re sure of it, is very good-looking, attractive and all, but, man. Does every idea someone has, have to be made into reality? Can’t some ridiculous ideas just stay in the mind? This is equally hilarious and unnecessary. The question is, which one prevails?

Yes to the Sweatshirt, No to the Pants

Are you one of those that love to match their sweatshirt and pants, or are you a mismatching type of person? We are both. It depends on our mood, but more often than not, we like to match a two-piece set. We found this one on Twitter:

Image Courtesy of TheRickWilson / Twitter

If you’ve watched Batman movies, Suicide Squad, Joker, or read Batman comics, you certainly know this villain of Gotham. He is iconic for several reasons. Now, why exactly did they put his head on both the hoodie and the pants, we’ll never understand.

Dangerous Boy, Rawr!

The point of headbands is to help with sweating; let’s all agree on that premise. You’ll often encounter tennis or basketball players rocking these during a game, and they can even look cute and trendy. Take a look at what we found in this store:

Image Courtesy of wickedknot.com 

How is this supposed to keep anyone’s sweat from spreading or sliding down their face? The only thing that makes sense here is if it’s just an accessory, not meant for sports or any kind of exhausting activity. Have you ever smelled leather after sweating in it? Exactly!

Horsegirl Energy

If you’ve never heard of this thing called a horse girl, you are honestly missing out. This became an important part of the millennial vocabulary, and it is used to describe a girl that just gives off horse energy, or loves horses. For example, she has long brown hair, is tall, wears jeans and cowboy boots, and so on. You get the picture.

Image Courtesy of liveheroes.com 

We’ve found perfect pants for a horse girl. In all seriousness, we think they would appreciate this. It’s ridiculous, of course, and the horse’s hair is right where it’s not supposed to be. If you have a friend that loves horses, please, get them these.

They Have a Lot of Explaining to Do

In this article, we had our fair share of shoes that failed the fashion industry big time! It’s best if we forget about it and start afresh. Although we did everything to prepare ourselves and you for the next thing you’re about to see, I don’t think we’ll ever be ready enough. Here goes nothing.

Image Courtesy of coggles.com

Take a quick look at these shoes and tell us we are not the only ones thinking it. First of all, not only do they look completely wrong in so many ways, but they are also devilishly expensive. Luckily they are sold out. Wait, luckily? We mean, unfortunately. How many people are there walking the Earth in these?


Now that we can safely move on from the shoes, we have another surprise. We think we might’ve found the dress that was worn with these sneakers above, and soon you’ll find out why. First, we’d like you to imagine what kind of dress that could be.

Image Courtesy of unique-vintage.com 

Is this what you’ve imagined? We didn’t expect you to, because this, as the previous picture, was shocking when we first saw it. This was meant to be a cute Halloween dress for a casual night out with friends, and it turned into an inappropriate ghost adventure.