Everything You Need To Know About Clueless Fashion

By Divya G July 19, 2022

The classic tale of matchmaking revolving around Jane Austen’s Emma, which feels relevant and fresh as it did 200 years ago, Clueless, the 90’s adaption lies in the clothes and not in the story. Transporting to Beverly Hills mansion from English manor House, an integral role was played by fashion in every novel of Austen. These clothes are the leading characters in Clueless.

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More About The Film 

From the amazing wardrobe of Cher Horowitz’s to the power hats of Stacey Dash, few movies are there which leave a good impression like Clueless. The attires that famous artists have worn in this movie have become extremely popular which have been loved by people for 25 years.

Learn About The Costume Design

Money May, a costume designer, has created the amazing attires of the famous singer, Enchanted and Never Been Kissed. In 1995, the costume design was not known by all, and it was with the director of Clueless, Amy Heckerling, that she had a marvelous launch. Her eclectic styling sense is inspired by the US, Poland, and India. 

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When Amy Was Writing Clueless 

When Amy was writing clueless, she said May is the girl who has the right fashion sense for this movie. This detail was revealed by May itself to Tatler. But the surprising thing was, even after such an inspiration, she was not allotted a huge costume budget, and she just received $200,000. She has to spend this entire amount on 50 for Dionne, 60 looks for Cher, and 40 for Tai. This was everything about Clueless.