40 Weird Fashion Trends That We Simply Don’t Understand

By Abigail T

Fashion is a great medium that people use to express themselves. Whether it’s through bold or muted colors, sneakers or heels, a power suit, or an elegant dress, fashion is something that showcases one’s personality.

However, there have been many times when fashion was taken just a little bit too far. And no, we’re not just talking about those absurd runway looks we see at every fashion show! Some people spot bizarre things in shops, things that don’t make sense to them, and that only makes them think, “that’s weird.”

Social media is the perfect place to find amazing fashion trends, but it’s a place where we find horrendous things. In this article, we have collected 40 fashion trends that are a bit weird. We’ll let you decide which category these next items fall under.

Spidey jewelry

You know that feeling when you think you have something crawling on you — whether that’s on your arm or just behind your ears? Well, with these earrings, you can feel that constant tickle all the time. We’re not fans of that feeling, so we definitely wouldn’t be making this purchase.

Photo courtesy of BurnedDeuteron39/Reddit

But we can appreciate the earring itself as a piece of jewelry. It’s structured very well, and it’s a beautiful bronze. The detail is great, with one of the spider’s legs acting as the earring hook. Very clever! Arachnophiles are sure to love this one.


Can you tell what the fashion statement in this picture is? It took us some time to figure it out, but these are actually nails! Nail art is a category of its own that fashionistas use to express themselves, but this one might have gone a bit too far.

Photo courtesy of allankcrain/Reddit

Would you get these mermaid nails done on your hands? While they may look pretty, they are probably a hindrance to everyday tasks. Imagine trying to type on your phone or work on your laptop with these on. And we won’t even talk about how hard it must be to eat with those!

How do you physically walk in these?

High-heeled shoes come in a variety of different styles. You’ve got mules, peep-toes, stilettos, wedges — the list is endless! But have you ever seen a high-heeled shoe that is heel-less? We’re being serious here. Check out this questionable footwear.

Photo courtesy of timmanteau.xyz

While the shape of the shoes is artistic and aesthetically pleasing, we can’t help but wonder how one would walk in these. Would the person wearing them feel like they’re standing on tiptoes all night, or would they immediately fall over backward?

Glass shoes?

Cinderella got her happy ever after because of a glass slipper. You can, too, with a pair of transparent boots, apparently. These shoes are block-heeled, open-toed, and see-through. And, if you don’t like your bare feet, you style them with long socks.

Photo courtesy of tablewareforlife.co.uk

We’re not gonna lie; we’re vibing with this. With the right outfit, it could look pretty fire. But on a hot day when your feet start to sweat, they don’t seem like a good fashion choice. Would it fog up the plastic? Surely that would hurt to walk in after some time. Yikes!

Wearing ramen

Over the years, we’ve seen clothing mash-ups with brands outside of the fashion industry. But we’ve never seen it done quite as tastelessly as this. Check out this atrocious chicken noodle soup get-up someone found at their local convenience store.

Photo courtesy of Kendocreep/Reddit

Somebody decided to blow up the design for ramen packaging and paste it directly onto a hoodie and a pair of sweats. Why anyone would wear this outside the house is beyond us. Scratch that; we don’t even understand why anyone would buy this for loungewear either!

It’s been done

This pair of meat socks looks weird, disgusting, awkward; you name it. It’s worth noting that this has actally been done before. While this is just socks with meat print, someone else has gone the extra mile and used real meat.

Photo courtesy of Brenttouza/Reddit

Yup, we’re talking about Lady Gaga’s meat dress moment at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The entire outfit included using meat as socks, too! She wore literal meat socks in a strappy high heel. We wonder if that outfit inspired these socks.

Toilet paper earrings

Apparently, toilet paper doesn’t only belong in bathrooms nowadays. They can also be worn in a miniature form as earrings. Of course, we don’t mean literal toilet paper. We’re referring to this next questionable fashion choice: the toilet paper earrings.

Photo courtesy of Sylabull/Reddit

It looks like these were handcrafted from little plastic pearls. Well done to whoever made this by hand for achieving such a realistic look. Also, well done for putting the roll in the right direction. It’s always over, not under!


Dress codes these days can be subverted by changing up one or two aspects of your outfit. For example, you could be wearing shorts, but pair them with leather boots and an oversized dress shirt, and suddenly it’s not so casual.

Photo courtesy of styledumonde/Instagram

We’d like to call this one athleisure-chic. This pair of slim-fit Adidas joggers, paired with the high-heeled leather boots, may not make for a coherent fit, but we can’t deny that it’s fashion. At least, not as much as the other items on this list.


When is it appropriate to crochet a bikini set with three matching tops instead of one? No, it’s not for a varied vacation wardrobe. It’s for when you have a female cat, and you want her to look hot for the summer but still PG-13.

Photo courtesy of Emmas19/Reddit

This cat looks incredibly happy with her new bikini. You can tell that pink is her favorite color. She’s ready to tan and lounge around in the summer sun. All the male felines will be catcalling her from down the street.


You know how when girls wear a cap, they will put their ponytail through the hole in the back? Well, this girl did the same thing, but not with a hat. She put her hair through a ripped denim jacket, instead.

Photo courtesy of unknown user/Imgur

This looks way too neat for it to be accidental. It’s definitely intentional, although we’re not quite sure how she managed to do this by herself. Maybe she just did this for the photo. What do we think, everybody? Is this a look worth trying?

Slither socks

Here’s a level up from the meat socks we saw earlier. These are incredibly realistic-looking snake tights, and it’s enough to make anyone scream at first sight. Though it’s probably fine once you put on some shoes to cover the “heads” of the snakes.

Photo courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

But just looking at the snakehead on this person’s feet, with nothing to block it, is terrifying. Imagine walking into the room where this person is lying down on the bed. You’d probably be hitting their legs with a broomstick pretty quickly.

Triple denim

Many celebs paired denim with denim in the ’90s. Remember that iconic Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears red carpet looks? Or Tia and Tamera in Sister Sister? This trend has been around for a while, but it’s usually not bad enough to make lists like this.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/CHRISTOPHER SHANNON

We’ve never seen a triple denim outfit before. Not only is this model wearing a jean jacket and jean pants, he’s also wearing some kind of denim headwear. Is it a hood? Is it a beanie? Is it a Santa hat? Who knows.

Crochet shorts

We’ve seen cute cropped crochet tops. Now, get ready for their atrocious little brother — the crochet shorts. It’s a nightmare on the eyes, and it seems like a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen. Also, whose idea was it to make it yellow?

Photo courtesy of Bmchris44/Reddit

Not only are these shorts crocheted, but they’re fitted with pockets! There are even belt loops, too. We’re sure there’s a market for this somewhere, but we’re staying away from them. We’ll stick to more traditional materials like cotton, thanks!

Herbal nails

Gel and acrylic nails can be a fun way of trying out different looks. As we’ve seen, you can even get an entire mermaid’s tail on your nails. This is a whole new way to express yourself, and we support anyone who chooses to style their nails.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/chanellequashie

But maybe not like this. Instead of chic and classy, these nails just look dirty. That’s because there are real herbs inside them. Whatever message this person is trying to convey, it’s not translating. It just looks like they have poor hygiene.


A good winter coat is like a warm hug. It gets you through the cold days and protects you from the biting cold and chilling winds. This one, however, doesn’t look cozy. We’d say it looks more like a light chokehold.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/amy2824

We don’t know what the purpose of all these extra hands are on this coat. It’s not like they help tighten the coat. And even if they do, what happened to a good old-fashioned belt? This coat is a fashion don’t, for sure.

Beats the purpose

We understand that cutouts are a trend these days, and we’re generally not opposed to it. But when the cutouts are on a piece of outerwear like this, we can’t help but think it totally defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Photo courtesy of shopperboard.com

A jacket is supposed to keep you warm. How are you going to stay warm if your shoulders and most of your upper arms are exposed to the cold? This isn’t the way to go. We can see how it can be stylish, but it lacks functionality.


Here’s yet another example of cutouts that defeats the purpose! A long-sleeved shirt is also supposed to keep you warm, but judging by how many deliberate cutouts are on this shirt, it looks like your arms are the only thing you keep warm!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/edinchief

Our only question is — why? And don’t tell us the back of this shirt is also all holed up! Imagine walking around wearing this shirt on a sunny day. You’ll get holey tans all over your body, and if there is a stiff breeze, you’ll be chilly, too.

Oyster nails

Wow, people really take these crazy nails to a new extreme, huh? No offense to whoever did these, but they look a tad disgusting. We can’t tell if it’s the shape or the colors, but something doesn’t sit right with us.

Photo courtesy of uglydesign/Instagram

Yup, these are oyster nails. Not only are they completely unflattering, but they also look a little concerning. At a glance, it’s like this person has a medical condition or something. The nails are just spilling all over the place, and it is not cute.

Steve Butt-scemi

There’s merch, and then there’s this atrocity. We can all agree that Steve Buscemi is a pretty brilliant actor, so it makes sense for people to be fans and admire his work. But how far would you take your admiration?

Photo courtesy of AngelaBrisk/Twitter

Would you wear custom-made leggings with Steve Buscemi’s face printed all over it? Probably not. A shirt would have been sufficient, if still a bit odd. We can only hope that if Buscemi saw them, he wasn’t too weirded out.

Shoe combo

Like the shirt with dozens of holes and the jacket with the shoulder cutouts, these boots defeat the purpose of being boots. If we can even call these boots, because they’re open-toed and slip on like a pair of flip-flops!

Photo courtesy of southernthing.com

This is basically a sandal with ankle protectors, which means that your ankles and a good portion of your calves will be hot from that leather, and probably chafing after a while. We can’t say this is a flattering look on anyone. It’s actually baffling.

Plastic pants

In addition to cutouts, sheer and see-through garments are also making a comeback. But we’re not sure this is how they’re supposed to be styled. We’re not even sure what this thing is. It looks like it’s made of plastic.

Photo courtesy of atradsalesltd/ebay.co.uk

Is this one of those full-set raincoats? If so, it hardly looks like it’d be able to withstand heavy rain or winds. If this is some sort of outerwear, it’s not doing its job either. Overall, it’s completely unflattering and likely useless.

Mice collar

Here’s a fashion statement that may not be for everyone. Even if you’re wearing a plain white tank top, adding the right kind of jewelry can really make your outfit pop. But if this is the jewelry you opt to go with, you might be met with a few screams.

Photo courtesy of truebluehalloween.com

Why does it have to be white mice? And why must they look like they’re running around your collar? This thing looks heavy, too, and might be uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. Not to mention, it’s mice!


When you combine denim and fringes, you’re transported right back to the ’90s, when these two fashion trends were all the rage. But sometimes, when you combine two trends, it doesn’t look so good. This fashion designer went overboard and left us with this mess.

Photo courtesy of etsy.com

Not only are there multiple spaced-out fringes on these jeans, but it’s also flared jeans, which really bring everything to a ’90s overload boil. We can see Britney Spears or Drew Barrymore rocking something like this way back when, but not so much today.

Which came first?

Animals and nature have been a part of fashion for as long as there has been fashion. For example, leopard prints, which have replaced the outdated, unethical practice of real furs, are not an uncommon clothing pattern. Have you ever seen anything like this, though?

Photo courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

What do you think came first — the chicken or the egg? We don’t know why, but we just get the feeling that this bag is heavy. Maybe it’s the material or the very realistic-looking plumes. Maybe it’s actually filled with more eggs.


In this next installment of what the heck nails, we’ve got corn on the cob! While this may sound cute in concept, it’s not so cute when you’ve got the texture of corn on your nails. Don’t know what we mean? Take a look for yourself.

Photo courtesy of emily-dawn/Reddit

We know those little bubbles are supposed to be corn kernels, but it’s actually giving us the skeevies. If these hadn’t been realistic 3D nails, it would have been a lot better. Just innocent green and yellow would have been fine.

Hips out

Oh, look what decided to make another appearance — the cutouts! On these jeans, instead of pockets, they just have cutouts where your skin can poke through. Why? Who knows! It’s not like anybody needs pockets in their jeans; at least, according to women’s fashion designers, anyway.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com

Imagine walking around wearing these jeans and then coming back to take them off and discover two sunburnt patches on either hip. Bet you won’t think you made a bold fashion statement there! Don’t waste your time and money and get a pair of regular jeans instead.


We’re sorry, we need a minute to take in what’s going on here. At first, we thought this mannequin was wearing a necklace made out of a taxidermy frog. But then we noticed another frog on its lower half, which can only mean…

Photo courtesy of therealjohnnyjules/Reddit

Do you think this would provide enough coverage for whoever is crazy enough to wear this? Also, it’s pretty disgusting to just have a pair of frogs clinging onto your chest. This is possibly the worst bikini we’ve ever seen!

Silica bag

Take a look at this next bag. This is the first item of fashion on this list that isn’t clothing. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a perfectly cool and functional crossbody bag, except it’s got a questionabl design twist to it.

Photo courtesy of uglydesign/Instagram

Of course, the bag itself doesn’t actually contain silica. It’s just printed with the silica gel warning, like those packets that come in snacks and medicine bottles to absorb the moisture inside the bag. We’re vibing with this piece. Would you wear it?

Chicken legs

If you grew up skinny, chances are you probably got teased about having “chicken legs.” It’s not an insult, but growing up, it can be hard not to think so. So, if you want to have a good laugh about your chicken legs, these are certainly the right socks for the job.

Photo courtesy of Panda_911/Reddit

Chicken leg thighs! Okay, if you’re wearing this on a casual day, this probably would earn you a few head turns, maybe some side-eyes and confused looks. But if you wore this on, say, Halloween, or to a costume party, you’d fit right in.

Cropped hoodie

This style of cropped hoodie has actually been a trend for a while now. It’s basically not a hoodie at all. Or it’s just the top part of a hoodie anyway. You’re meant to be wearing a statement top underneath it.

Photo courtesy of shopee.co.id

To be honest, this is a look. Maybe because we’ve seen it around so much that it’s becoming normalized. If we want to talk about functionality, it is right up there with shoulder cutouts in jackets. Only your arms and clavicle would be warm!

Holding it up

Compared to the Steve Buscemi leggings we saw from a few items earlier, these leggings are about the same in nature, but at least they’re a little bit funnier. Check out what’s printed on the back legs of these pants.

Photo courtesy of amazon.com

Whoever this guy is, the exact placement of the print, coupled with the elasticity of the material, makes it look like he’s holding up this person’s behind! While conceptually a good idea, this would only work for someone with the right fit in these pants. Too small or too large, it wouldn’t have the same effect.


Layering has gone in and out of style over the years. By layering, we don’t just mean putting on a jacket over our shirt; we mean combining things that seemingly wouldn’t go together. Like this next ensemble piece, for example.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Honestly, if you get rid of either the skirt or the jeans, it’d be a coherent look. It’s just the layering of the skirt over the jeans that’s a little questionable. But come to think of it, Miranda Cosgrove and Ashley Tisdale have definitely rocked dresses over jeans back in the early 2000’s.

Denim no jacket

Well, look what we have here. It’s a denim…jacket? The upper half certainly looks like a jacket, but where’s the rest of it? Instead of more denim at the waist, we find these tasseled things that resemble the feathers on a dreamcatcher.

Photo courtesy of andrea_crews/Instagram

Maybe this is just an elaborate, wearable, denim dreamcatcher. That’s the only explanation we have for this. Except, hold on. Are the feathers actually attached to the pants?! We need a zoomed-out picture to see this entire outfit head to toe.

Whiskey jacket

Remember the ramen noodle hoodie and sweats from a few entries ago? Well, this next zip-up hoodie gives off a similar vibe. Maybe it’s a little classier in terms of branding, but it’s still making us wonder why anyone would do this.

Photo courtesy of Reddytoreggae4415/Reddit

A brand of liquor is plastered all over this hoodie. We’re not sure what’s worse — the fact that it’s purple and gold, or the gold hoodie strings that match the branding. Unless you’re a brand ambassador for this Crown Royal, we don’t see why you should be wearing this.

Home chic

When we were all working from home, we did Zoom meetings in our pajamas. Now that we actually have to get back to the office, we kind of don’t want to let go of that. So how do we get the best of both worlds?

Photo courtesy of tokopedia.com

Instead of just wearing your work clothes, why not add a touch of home by throwing on your robe over your outfit instead of your coat? Now, you can feel like you’re still working from home while you’re at the office.


The distressed look is a fashion trend that usually involves ripped-up clothes, particularly jeans. You can purchase distressed clothing items in stores, or you can also create rips in clothes that you already have. The joke is that, often, the more holes a piece of clothing has, the more expensive it is.

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

The thing about DIY-ing ripped clothes is that you can’t skimp with them. You have to go all-out in order for it to look purposeful. Otherwise, you’re just going to make it look like you had an accident and ripped a little bit of material off.

The bulkiest sandals

The purpose of putting various aspects of an outfit together is to create one coherent look. You can base an outfit off one top that you really want to wear and accessorize around it, or you might have bought new shoes and want to show it off.

Photo courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

But what if these were the footwear were the latest addition to your closet? What on earth would you pair these with? This is a recent collaboration between Ugg’s and Teva, but we can’t say that we’re fans. It’s giving us the vibe of the bottom half of a leg brace.

Teethy coin purse

Knitting and crocheting is a cathartic pastime that can even earn you some money if you’re good at it. But in order to stand out in the market of knitted and crochet products, you have to be unique. Well, what’s more unique than this product here?

Photo courtesy of TheAch/Imgur

This fake teeth coin purse is great because the zippers look like teeth! And it doubly works because the notches of zippers are sometimes called teeth. Okay, maybe real adult human teeth aren’t that small, but it’s still a smart idea.

Overdoing it

The camo trend was a thing for a short while in the early 2000’s, but it’s getting old. In general, a small amount of camouflage is acceptable. But when you’re dressed head to toe in it like this lady is, you’re overdoing it.

Photo courtesy of Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock

If you must wear camo, try to minimize it to one item of clothing on your body. Taking this outfit as a case study, either lose the hat, or change into a plain t-shirt. If she has on camo trousers here, we don’t know what to tell her. Maybe revamp her wardrobe.

Hairy suit

We’ve seen this viral bathing suit in several videos, so this last item may not come as a shocker to you. But it’s still pretty appalling to look at. If you’re a true pick-me girl, you’d probably purchase this one-piece over a cute bikini.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It’s unflattering on anyone. Plus, it might create a misconception if you’re at the beach or a public pool. Since the suit is skin toned, it might look like you’ve got nothing on from afar and that’s just your body!