Oh No They Didn’t: 40+ Cringe-worthy Fashion Choices That Can’t Be Unseen

By Aileen D

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Instead of paper, paint, or ink, you use clothes to make a statement. Just look at the Suffragettes, for example. That said, you must learn how to pair certain pieces with unique accessories to gain the public’s eye. Once you’re an expert at this, fashion designers and enthusiasts who are absolutely besotted with your style will mimic you.

But that doesn’t mean fashion trends always make sense. It’s likely that some fads work to your figure’s advantage, whereas sometimes, they just make you look like a troll. However, the clothes we’ll feature today look horrendous on everyone. We can’t understand why someone even bothered to make them!

After seeing these pieces, you’ll be convinced that they were designed by pranksters. Not only is it crazy to pay any kind of money for these works of art, but to wear them? Logic screams, “No!”

Out of Ideas

Denim jeans as tops? Well, that’s certainly a new fashion trend. But frankly, it’s not exactly the most practical or comfortable idea. Can you imagine trying to zip these things up over your chest? Talk about a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

Image courtesy of Alexa McClain/Facebook

And let’s not forget about the heat factor. Denim is already pretty warm, so wearing it as a top would just be a recipe for a sweaty disaster. Plus, how do you even accessorize? Do you wear shoes or just go barefoot? What do you wear at the bottom? Leather pants? So many questions.

Nice and Clean

White feather boots: the ultimate fashion statement for those who want to look like they’re walking on clouds. Or maybe like they just stepped out of a chicken coop. Either way, these boots are certainly eye-catching. But they’re best left on shelves.

Image courtesy of Lia Bia/Facebook

White feathers are not the most practical material for footwear. Sure, they may look fluffy and soft, but what do you do if it rains? Your feet will be soaked, and those feathers will be clumped and matted, leaving you looking more like a wet bird than a fashion icon.

Open-Toed Boots

Plastic knee-high boots with stones glued on them? Well, that’s certainly a fashion choice that screams, “Bye-bye practicality. I just want attention!” Plastic boots are not exactly known for their breathability, so be prepared for some sweaty and stinky feet.

Image courtesy of Charlotter Gijsemans/Facebook

It might help that this designer made them”open-toe boots,” but the reality is that they’re still uncomfortable. Also, this kind of footwear isn’t known for its elegance, so expect to sound like a herd of stampeding horses, neighing every now and then wherever you go.

Designed With Thieves In Mind

Who needs a bag that actually holds things when you can just show off your items to the world? It may look cool and edgy, but what happens when it starts raining, or you stand next to a pickpocket? Say goodbye to your belongings.

Image courtesy of Savannah Paytash/Facebook

You might as well just wear a sign that says, “Please steal my stuff,” because everyone can see what’s inside your bag. Forget about trying to hide your snacks or your other guilty pleasures. A true fashionista knows when to compromise comfort and privacy.

Pin Drop

Who needs regular sneakers when you can have shoes that double as party favors? Make a fashion statement by wearing these to prom or date night! Just make sure to dance far away from the crowd. You wouldn’t want anyone stepping on these kicks.

Image courtesy of Isadora Carbonero / Facebook

After all, what do you think will happen when someone, like your date, steps on one of these inflatable bows? You’ll have to say goodbye to your inflated fashion statement. By the end of the night, one or both shoes will have come undone, and so will you!


Lime green Crocs made in the shape of pumpkins? It’s giving off “I don’t care about style; I just want to be festive” vibes. Many people said that these shoes are meant for one ghoulful occasion in a year, and we certainly see their point.

Image courtesy of Ronni Virgil Danger Merz/Facebook

Do folks store these things in the deepest darkest corners of the attic, or do they wear them all year round? Interestingly, some people said they would risk being laughingstocks having these on their feet, asserting that if that was the price of comfort, they’d pay it without hesitation.

Safety Precaution

Next up, we have a Croc shoe with a snow plow at the front. Inspired by those who frequently slip on ice, this shoe can double as a gardening tool and a winter safety precaution. It isn’t going to win you fashion awards, though.

Image courtesy of Amazon Handmade

You’ll be the life of the party with your snow plow. Just try not to act shocked when people start requesting you to come over to clear their driveways. On the bright side, you can make a couple of bucks during the winter months or ask for a cup of cocoa with these babies.


Fans claim that these shoes are so durable they were able to cross the Amazonian jungle in them. But what did you expect? If you fashion a pair of boots from old Lee pants, then you’re guaranteed durable footwear no matter the terrain.

Image courtesy of Elley Chadwick / Facebook

Just note that these boots are not for the fashion-conscious or for those who need practical footwear. They are strictly meant for people who want to show off their love for blue denim and entertain the masses at the same time. A peculiar comedic genre.


Some people claim that they live their best lives through their fashionista alter-egos. They deem the people walking the runway as their superheroes. As expected, these giants often wear unique fashion accessories, such as oversized sunglasses in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Image courtesy of Jenny Hilliar/Facebook

Clear oversized sunglasses in the shape of a lightning bolt are about as practical as a screen door on a submarine. These things can’t even protect your eyes from the sun, nor can they help you navigate through a dark room. The only thing they’re good at is attracting attention and mean laughs!

Doubles as Stilts

Have you ever wanted to look like a giraffe on stilts? Well, now you can with these foot-high platform wedges! These will have you towering over everyone else. People will fall in line to feed you leaves from their hands just to take a good look at you!

Image courtesy of Livy Tilley/Facebook

Of course, you would have to bend every now and then to get to them and give into what people desire, but that’s what muses do. Guys, we get that you adore Lady Gaga and want to be like her, but not like this.

For the Kid Inside

Attention ’90s fashionistas! Boy, have we got the perfect footwear to pacify the attention-seeking kid in you. These boots were inspired by the adorable Teletubbies. Remember them? You can have the faces of “Tinky Winky” and the rest of the gang on your shoes.

Image courtesy of Stefanie Aigner/Facebook

Let’s not forget about the added bonus of being able to entertain children with your footwear. We can already picture their faces when they see you walking around with their favorite TV characters in your boots. You’ll be the life of the kid party and the talk of the playground!

Perfect Cushions

Ladies, are you tired of boring, ordinary heels? Do you crave footwear that’s both stylish and functional? Look no further than women’s heels with water balloons as heels! These serve as the perfect cushion, no matter your size or occasion.

Image courtesy of Annet Houwen/Facebook

These revolutionary shoes will not only make you look fabulous, but they’ll also provide you with a source of hydration on the go! No more stopping at water fountains or carrying around bulky water bottles. Just take a sip from your shoe whenever you’re feeling thirsty.

Social Distancing

You’re destined to be a showstopper with this next dress: frills on frills on frills. Who needs simplicity when you can wear something that was inspired by layers of whipped cream? Just note that you might not be everyone’s favorite dessert!

Image courtesy of Ali Express

This dress is great for all kinds of shindigs, from weddings to kid parties to grocery shopping. You’ll turn heads everywhere you go, and not just because of the eye-catching frills but also because you’ll be taking up twice as much space as everyone else!

Walking ATM

Are you tired of wearing plain skirts that don’t show off your love for American history? Behold the Benjamin Franklin 100-dollar bill printed skirt! This piece is perfect for any patriotic occasion, from Fourth of July barbecues to Constitution Day celebrations!

Image courtesy of Ashley James / Facebook

This skirt is also perfect for those days when you need to pay for something but don’t have any cash on you. Just show off the Benjamin Franklin print, and watch as people start marveling and throwing money at you! Who needs an ATM when you have fashion?

For the Love of Frills

Are you tired of having to carry around a purse or wear a fanny pack just to hold your phone and wallet? Well, we have a solution for you in the form of jeans with layers of thigh garters sewn to the top! Simply slip your iPod in one garter, and you’re good to go!

Image courtesy of Megan Fusaro/Facebook

With multiple layers of thigh garters sewn to the top of the jeans, you will never have to worry about forgetting your phone or wallet again. Just reach down to your legs, and voila! Instant access to all your necessities.

For Those Who Refuse to Grow Up

Allow us to introduce a unique fashion trend that’s little known among the masses: women’s shoes inspired by Peter Pan! That’s right, forget about practicality and comfort – who needs those when you can have shoes that make you feel like you can fly?

Image courtesy of Christy Wyrtzen/Facebook

These shoes are for grown women who refuse to grow up and instead choose to live in a perpetual state of childhood wonder. With their pointed toes and curved heels, they are sure to make you feel like you’re skipping through Neverland! Now, where’s “Tinker Bell” when you need her?!


Ever wanted to walk a mile in “Hulk’s” shoes? Someone took the incredible power of the Green Goliath and turned it into the ultimate footwear. Inspired by his feet, these shoes are guaranteed to give you super strength, agility, and a mean left hook!

Image courtesy of Young Billboard/Facebook

These shoes are also eco-friendly, made entirely from recycled “Hulk” body parts. We are playing our role in saving the environment, one giant green foot at a time. So, indulge your inner comic book nerd and treat yourself to a pair of these incredible shoes.

Molecular Energy

We’ve taken everyone’s favorite crafting supply and turned it into the ultimate winter fashion statement. These jackets are made by meticulously gluing hundreds of tan pompoms together until they form a warm, fuzzy coat that will keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

Image courtesy of Loewe/Facebook

Who needs plain old boring coats when you can have a jacket that looks like a giant, fuzzy caterpillar wrapped around your body? Just be careful; you could feel the urge to burrow underneath the ground with hot cocoa and a good book in hand, waiting for summer to arrive!


Forget about necklaces, earrings, and bracelets – our focus now is on adorning your face with shiny, metallic accessories. From nose rings to eyebrow piercings, there’s no limit to the creativity you can achieve with this unique form of jewelry.

Image courtesy of Christy Wyrtzen/Facebook

And the best part is that there isn’t any pain. You don’t have to get a piercing if you don’t want to. You’ll just have to wait for your jeweler to measure your facial proportions before they make a piece of facial jewelry to adorn your face!

Wrong Number

Here’s the latest in provocative fashion: pants with a woman’s legs painted on them. You’ll have every construction worker catcalling you as you walk down the street with this one. Watch them horribly regret their decision as you offer your number!

image courtesy of bonne suits / Facebook

The pants are painted to look like a woman’s bare legs, complete with fishnet stockings and sexy panties. It’s the perfect combination of fashion and titillation! Plus, who doesn’t love the French? If you’ve always yearned to wear a provocative outfit but felt insecure about your legs, now’s your chance!


Do you love the feeling of wearing jeans that have been worn to the point of being almost completely destroyed? If you answered ‘yes,’ you’ll love this fashion craze – extremely tattered and worn men’s denim pants. These come complete with caked mud!

Image courtesy of Jason Robinson / Facebook

We’re talking about jeans that are so threadbare you can practically see through them. Jeans that have holes in places you didn’t even know were possible. Frankly, they look like they were run over by a truck and then dragged through a swamp!

Life Is A Play

Are you tired of looking like a modern, sophisticated individual? Do you long for the days of yore when people wore rags and didn’t have to deal with the pressures of looking presentable? We’ve got just the dress for you – the Peasant Dress 2000!

Image courtesy of Krista Stewart/Facebook

With the Peasant Dress 2000, you’ll be able to live out all your fantasies of being a lowly peasant. Need to spend a day begging? You’ll look like a natural with this. Need to carry water from the well? This dress will make you seem like you know how to do that!

Elastics to Go

We’ve taken the traditional concept of braces and turned it into a stylish accessory. Instead of hiding your braces behind your lips, why not show them off with pride by wearing them as a cuff ring? It’s not like everyone can afford them!

Image courtesy of Kaylee Ingram/Facebook

Embrace your inner orthodontist and treat yourself to a set of these incredible cuff rings. Just be warned; you might find yourself attracting the attention of every dentist in the vicinity. They won’t be able to resist the urge to give you a thorough exam!

Slinky Attire

Ever found yourself wishing you could wear your childhood toys as clothing? Well, your dreams have come true with the latest fashion craze – the Slinky Dress! That’s right. This dress is designed to look like a giant slinky wrapped around your body.

Image courtesy of Reyna Givhan / Facebook

It’s the perfect way to show off your playful side and reminisce about the good old days of being a child. Plus, it can also be very practical. Need to entertain kids at a party? Just let them play with your dress – it’s the ultimate toy and glam outfit all in one!

Haven’t Made My Mind Up

Introducing the latest fashion trend that’s causing a stir in the industry – the “Half Done” Top! This is the ideal combination of a cardigan and a polo blouse. The ultimate mix of a cool blouse and a warm top.

Image courtesy of Jill Rutten/Facebook

It’s like she started putting on a cardigan, got bored halfway through, and decided to switch to a polo blouse instead. She then decided this was the perfect look, got her car keys, and sped out of the driveway before she could change her mind!

Very Gnomely

This dress is designed to make you look like a cute and quirky garden gnome, complete with flare legs and a bright pink color. You’ll be the talk of the town as people stop and stare at your otherworldly style.

Image courtesy of Emileigh Grace / Facebook

Need to tend to your garden? No problem – just slip on your Gnome Dress and get to work. The flare legs make it easy to move around, and the pink color will blend in perfectly with your flower beds.

Two In One

Get ready to step into the future of fashion with this latest creation – the Reversible Shoes! That’s right, these shoes can be worn in two ways. You can wear them with the toes facing forward or flip them around and wear them with the heels facing forward.

Image courtesy of YupThat Exists/Twitter

You’ll never have to worry about getting bored with your shoes again – just switch them up whenever you feel like it. Both ways allow you to tie them up so these bad boys will be fastened tightly to your feet. They should last you until college.

Almost There

We’re taking denim to the next level by cutting off the back part of jeans and gluing them onto the hem of a shirt. With this, you can slip a carabiner with your groceries in them and carry your goods to the car hands-free!

Image courtesy of Nikita Rothschild / Facebook

However, we would suggest that you wear something underneath this outfit. If you hang heavy items on this shirt, it’s likely it will be torn into shreds, and you will have nothing to cover yourself with. But what’s fashion without risk?

Just How We Like ‘Em

Get ready to take your fashion game to new heights with the latest trend in footwear – waist-high boots! Who needs pants when you can just wear these bad boys to a date or the club and call it a day?

Image courtesy fo Dali Ekapa

Not only do waist-high boots make a bold fashion statement, but they’re also incredibly practical. You’ll never have to worry about getting your feet wet in a puddle or dealing with cold ankles – your entire lower body will be protected by these babies!

I’m Out

Want to quit your job without having to hand in your resignation letter? Then here’s a failsafe way to get your boss to fire you! Wear this asymmetrical blouse with its daring cut and watch everyone, especially HR, lose their minds!

Image courtesy of Ceara Anderson/Facebook

As you can see, this is basically a classic office blouse cut on the sides. Someone wanted people to show off their fabulous abs (or lack thereof) so they could have a little something to be remembered by their co-workers.

Under the Sea

And now we have the latest fashion trend to add a splash of whimsy to men’s wardrobes – the “Merman” blouse. Not only will this make you stand out in a sea of boring office wear, but it’s also designed to keep you feeling mythical. There’s no way anyone will ever call you boring again!

Image courtesy of shirt creations/Facebook

This blouse is also versatile – wear it with dress pants for a formal occasion or pair it with shorts for a more casual look. You can even wear it with a patch of scaly fins whenever you feel like showing your true self.

Fierce Serpent

Gone are the days of boring, basic boots. Who needs smooth leather or suede when you can have scales sticking out of the back of your shoes? These kicks will make you feel like a fierce reptilian creature ready to take on the world.

Image courtesy of Amanda Dye / Facebook

Embrace the “Scales Out” boots and let your inner reptile shine. And just in case you feel like throwing out this pair of boots, you can always tell everyone you decided to shed your scales and watch the incredulous looks on their faces. Out with the old and in with the new!

Just A Dollop

If you feel like adding a dollop of color to your bland, emo jeans, then how about decorating them with meters of fuzzy rope? This designer came up with the brilliant idea and repurposed hundreds of jeans in time for Halloween.

Image courtesy of Anon/Facebook

You might get some strange looks from your friends and family who don’t understand the appeal of pants decorated with fuzzy rope. But who cares about them? You are too busy being a fashion-forward rebel and being a bonafide trailblazer!

The Horror

Thanks to this design, we won’t have to worry about anyone stealthily sticking their grubby hands where they don’t belong. All it takes is a doll’s face with a pair of stick-thin legs hanging from a women’s purse to scare away pickpockets.

Image courtesy of Christy Wyrtzen / Facebook

Think of all the fun you’ll have pretending you’re carrying around a tiny person in your bag. “Oh, sorry, my kid and I are in a rush today; gotta catch the train!” Imagine the looks on people’s faces when they realize you’ve gone mental!

Totally Bejeweled

Do you want to stand out and shine like a diamond? Well, have no fear because we know exactly how you can do it. Just get yourself bejeweled boots. They’re covered from top to bottom in shiny gems and glittering rhinestones and are perfect for drag night!

Image courtesy of Christy Wyrtzen / Facebook

Who needs subtle and understated footwear when you can blind everyone within a ten-mile radius with your sparkling shoes? All you need to do is flash the light at the right angle, and you will have everyone shrieking in pain!

Cut ‘Em Off

Picture this: you’re out for a leisurely bike ride, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery around you. But then, as you start to pick up speed, you realize something is horribly wrong. Your shorts are so tight that they’re practically cutting off your circulation!

Image courtesy of Tamara Oline Wood/Facebook

Fear not, dear cyclist, because we have the solution -slate shorts! When you’re cycling, you need to be able to move your legs freely in order to get the most out of your ride. With these shorts, you’ll have the perfect amount of coverage and movement to win!


Ever wanted to feel like a superhero while also looking like a fashionista? Well, we’ve come across Dolls Kill tights with black fringes along the length of the back. You can strut your stuff down the street and feel like you have your own personal cape trailing behind you.

Image courtesy of Miskin Constantine/Facebook

They also provide a handy distraction for anyone walking behind you. With these, you’ll no longer have to worry about people staring at your derriere – they’ll be too busy admiring the dramatic black fringes that flutter behind you with every step!

Made for Walking

Tired of having sweaty, cramped toes in your cowboy boots? You don’t have to deal with that anymore. Toss out your old boots to make room for this pair of open-toed ankle boots. Guaranteed (by Jessica Simpson herself), these are made for walking!

Image courtesy of Jill Rutten/Facebook

You can show off your perfectly pedicured toes while still rocking that Western look. And who needs protection from snake bites or sharp rocks anyway? Just think of all the new sensations you’ll experience with your toes, free to wiggle and breathe!

Forget Alignment

This is the best-looking pair of home slippers we have ever seen. Without a doubt, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds in these. You could even clean the furniture with them if you’re flexible enough. Just dust off with these fuzzy ballooned home slippers!

Image courtesy of Kishia Metheny/Facebook

These slippers are ballooned for maximum comfort. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a fluffy marshmallow with every step you take. And don’t worry about the lack of support. Who needs arch support or proper foot alignment when you’re at home anyway?

Affordable Prices

With their constant sales and discounts, it’s easy to fall down the Shein rabbit hole and emerge hours later with a cart full of items you never knew you needed. Who cares if the sizing is inconsistent and the quality is questionable? It’s on sale!

Image courtesy of Shein

Indulge in the Shein haul, but don’t forget the true cost of this cheap footwear. When you receive the package with the items you ordered and those extra, mystery items you didn’t, just remember – you get what you pay for.

Beats the Point

White sandal boots with open toes. Sounds like the perfect combination of style and practicality, right? Well, if you’re looking for a way to show off your pedicure while also exposing your toes to all sorts of hazards, then these shoes are for you!

Image courtesy of Matikarn Dechlo/Facebook

Picture yourself walking down the street, feeling the soft breeze on your feet…until a piece of gravel decides to take a ride between your toes. But who needs comfort and protection when you can have everyone’s undivided attention? They’ll be talking about you for weeks on end!

Designed by Men

Winter is here, and what better way to stay cozy than with a pair of commercially manufactured slip-ons? Why stop at orthopedic, plain old slippers when you can add some pizazz by gluing pop puffs all over them? Well, they’re right when they say ‘bold’ because only the bold can wear these.

Image courtesy of Bianca Olivas/Facebook

Sure, the puffs might get dirty and matted down after a few wears, but that’s just part of the charm, right? And who needs traction anyway? Sliding around the house like you are on an ice rink sounds like fun!

Communicated Like A Woman

Looking for a surefire way to turn off your date? Look no further. We have a pair of heels that look like they belong on an alien’s feet. These shoes are perfect for scaring off that annoying guy who just can’t take a hint.

Image courtesy of Braedon Hill / Facebook

These shoes are also incredibly uncomfortable to wear. The pointy toes and awkward angles will leave your feet screaming in pain by the end of the night – which is exactly what you want if you’re trying to get your date to leave early!

Fashion Faux Pas

Here’s a fun scenario: you meet your Hollywood nemesis on the red carpet. You eye them top to bottom and can’t see a flaw in place. So you decide to create one. You reach for the hairpin on your head and slowly walk over to her. With one smooth motion, you pop their balloon bra!

Image courtesy of Teresita Gutierrez/Facebook

Made out of nothing but inflatable balloons, these bras provide a unique look and a whole lot of support – at least until someone decides to pop them. Back on the carpet, you seethe as you see this actress getting more attention because of the fashion faux pas.

We’re Confused

Introducing the latest fashion trend that’ll make you look like a confused hipster: square and circle glasses! We’ve taken two classic shapes and combined them into an uncomfortable pair of glasses. Who wants to choose between square and circle frames when you can have both in one headache-inducing package?

Image courtesy of Leslie Barber/Facebook

These glasses also come with the added bonus of being incredibly uncomfortable to wear. The square frame digs into your temples, while the circle frame constantly slides down your nose. It’s perfect for people who have asymmetrical faces! Click to virtually try them on!