Fashion Trends That Deserve A Style Funeral

By Farah J January 2, 2024

Step into the time machine and journey back to the early 2000s, a time when sagging pants made a lasting impression on fashion—a trend that seemed to defy the natural order of clothing. Picture this: jeans locked in an eternal struggle, desperately refusing to embrace their designated spot around the waist. But hey, you’re not alone in recalling those tragic images.

In a world where people boldly embrace trends that come and go, like yesterday’s kale smoothie fad, some of these creativities that are about to be revealed to you are simultaneously trying to stay low and high at the same time, giving clothes a crisis of purpose and pedestrians a view they certainly didn’t ask for!

You know what we’re talking about, from the questionable to the downright absurd. So, please join us on this semi-friendly fashion roast you didn’t know you needed—but trust us, it’s haute hilarity!

Sag swag

The sagging pants saga—a trend that defies both gravity and common decency! With trousers dangling dangerously below butt level, it’s like a censored show revealing way more than we bargained for. The unintentional peek-a-boo with boxers is an unsolicited sight nobody signed up for!

Image Source: vrodup/instagram

It’s a walk on the wild side, but seriously, how do you even navigate the world with pants auditioning for a spot on your knees? It’s a fashion faux pas that leaves us wondering if there’s a secret handbook for the sagging stroll we missed.

Chunkily damaging

Let’s be real with this chunky mess of fashion – an ugly stepchild in the world of footwear! Those misshapen soles seem determined to bring chronic bodily damage and bad taste simultaneously! It’s a deliberate assault on aesthetics and, possibly, podiatry. 

Image Source: colourful_jax/instagram

The price tag feels like paying a premium for a visual insult, and the lasting damage might not be just to your wallet. Is the fashion industry secretly trying to create a society of wobbly walkers? Walk a mile in those shoes? We’d rather not.

In the face of regrets

Enter the face tattoo fiasco—because nothing says “forever” like ink on your face! The colorful, impulsive decisions are like visible midlife crises. We can’t help but foresee a future filled with regret, where once-chic facial art transforms into a regrettable masterpiece. 

Image Source: mannesstattoos/instagram

It’s like putting bumper stickers on the Mona Lisa—bold, irreversible, and probably better left as a fleeting thought in the tattoo parlor chair. So, think twice before turning your face into a canvas. Tattoo regret is a facial expression we’d all like to avoid!

Makeup madness

The makeup masterpiece went rogue when the trend of turning faces into a canvas went up! Excessive makeup, darling, it’s like trying to sign your name with a paint roller. We get it; facial features exist—no need to outline them like we’re preparing for an art exam. 

Image Source: betterthanguru/twitter

A dash of mascara, a touch of lipstick, you know, classics that stand the test of time. But the Picasso-level detailing? It’s a makeup intervention waiting to happen. Let your natural features shine bright like a diamond as they are; no highlighting pen is required!

Witch’s horror

Step into the pointy peril of long fake nails—the accidents waiting to happen during everyday activities! We’re all just a rub of the eyes away from self-induced claw marks on the face. We wonder if those pointy “claws” will mistake your burger for prey. 

Image Source: nail.driip/instagram

It seems like a daily struggle, living on the edge, wondering if sporting the talons is a constant battle with the face. The drama unfolds a clash between fashion and practicality, leaving us tiptoeing around the pointy battlefield. Safety goggles, anyone?

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