Not For Automatonophobes: 45 Mannequins That Set Unattainable Beauty Standards

By Jana I March 10, 2022

Shopping can be an exhausting experience. Although it’s eventually fun and rewarding, spending a whole day running around the mall is tiring. Mannequins you see around the stores are there to display the best and usually, most expensive pieces of clothing the store holds. Rarely are mannequins the highlight of your shopping experience. They are usually plain white or black, a marketing tactic used to make the clothes stand out and draw the shopper’s full attention. However, there are instances in which the mannequins are so ridiculous, controversial, or creative the clothes are irrelevant, and you must take a quick picture. We are here today to show you some pictures of hilarious and terrifying mannequins we’ve found online. Some might intrigue you; others make you laugh. Enjoy!

Under Construction

This store is going under construction, so the workers thought it was a fantastic idea to dress their mannequins appropriately. We say it’s serving looks. It’s not only innovative and fitting but kind of fashionable as well. Take a peek!

Image Courtesy of Bbilbo1 /

If you look closely, you will realize the arms are made up of a different material than the torso. It looks eco-friendly, which gives it another dimension, a new flavor which we love! The design of these outfits is so creative and matches well. Well done!


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you’ll know the menacing Dementors. Foul beings that suck out your soul by kissing you on the lips. Overall, these demon-like beings are everything but good news. If you’re wondering why we brought it up, look at this picture we’ve found:

Image Courtesy of EltaninAntenna /

Tell us these two mannequins don’t look like Dementors. The one on the right is spot on a Dementor creeping out of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and you can’t convince us otherwise. Everything about this is both weird and funny.


This pumped-up mannequin appeared in our searches multiple times, so we decided to include it and put it towards the top of our list. When we see it, we are inspired to go to the gym or do any kind of work we’d been putting off.

Image Courtesy of Palifaith /

If mannequins could be attractive, this would be one handsome mannequin. The suit, the build, the stance, it’s a head-turner for sure. If only mannequins could turn heads. Alas, this clothing store/brand did an excellent job. This type of advertising keeps people talking, and that’s all that matters.

I Did It, Boss

We all know those people that do the bare minimum and get through life easily. Mediocre work can hardly take you far, but it can at least push you far enough. We feel like the employee that did this thinks exactly that about life.

Image Courtesy of Luvsomeone2nite /

This worker simply put the shirt over the mannequin’s whole torso, without pulling the arms through the sleeves, like it’s supposed to be. It’s oddly funny, and a little absurd since the purpose of putting clothes on these things is a way to make you buy them. This won’t make us buy that T-shirt. Or will it?

Ken, is That You?

Barbie and Ken are an iconic couple; there is no point in denying that. Both proper and preppy, beautiful and fashionable, a couple not everyone can be or wants to be. Nonetheless, they are well-known. Now, we’ve found Ken after his divorce from Barbie.

Image Courtesy of PurpleOwl85 /

This mannequin’s head has pretty boy vibes, and it made us think of Ken at first sight. However, this is not your regular preppy boy; he is grown and has gone through some struggle. Although the only struggle we can see is his attempt to grow a beard. What is that, Ken? You better shave it off, dude.

Brock in the Military

The age-old question: Pokemon or Digimon? We have a treat today for Pokemon fans — you’ll love this mannequin. At least we did since it reminded us of one of the classic Pokemon characters. Remember Brock, the hopeless romantic? This is him now; feel old yet?

Image Courtesy of pablo1019 /

We were always wondering why Brock had those tiny, squinty eyes. Now that we are adults, we have an idea, but that’s not important now. Although it reminds us of our childhood hero, this mannequin Brock is a bit creepy, too.

One Word: Wow!

Usually, we can tell the difference between real people and mannequins. Mannequins look like plastic because they are made of it, of course — that’s given — and they often have certain features that keep them from causing us distress. We’ve stumbled upon something that confused us for a moment.

Image Courtesy of livllovable /

She is the moment. This mannequin looks super realistic, from the curve of her feet to the strands of her hair. If it weren’t for the stone-cold expression and recognizable reddish lips every girl mannequin has, we would easily mistake her for Mrs. Claus.

Look Up!

Don’t Look Up is a movie that came out in 2021. Besides starring amazing actors and talented people such as Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence, it has an intriguing and interesting story that keeps you on your toes for a few hours on end.

Image Courtesy of Aecko_ /

This picture is exactly what open-minded, intelligent people did in the movie. Something the government told them not to do, of course: look up! Directly at the sky, seeing the deadly comet approach the Earth. Movie — awesome. Mannequins — also awesome and dramatic.

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

There is this weird, lingering feeling we can get from time to time as if someone is watching or listening to what we’re saying. This is often simply paranoia, however, at times it can be our intuition sensing something strange.

Image Courtesy of Myschism /

As we’ve said, sometimes that feeling is true, and something is watching you from afar. However, this is rarely what you would expect. There are nine mannequin heads in a row, creepily watching through the window. Disturbing — someone call 911.


This one was so disturbing and hilarious we had to include it here. If we saw this in real life, we would be bawling our eyes out at the mere sight of it. It’s amazing, even artistic, but weird and confusing. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of Cnmbnmya /

Someone has placed a male mannequin head on a tiny body that is meant to represent a child in a dress. It’s true nightmare fuel, to be honest with you. In case you have a dream of a man-like girl chasing you in a pink dress, just don’t sue us, okay?

White Walkers

You either belong to the group of people that watched and obsessed over Game of Thrones, or you are that special person that hasn’t watched it and doesn’t plan to. We envy and admire you. Alas, these mannequins reminded us of White Walkers from the franchise.

Image Courtesy of ReksilTheRed /

The dead stare, white skin, skeleton-like features — they have the essence of those devilish, bad guys we watched and hated while binging the show on HBO. Who thought it was a great idea to include these in their retail store? We got the chills.

I Love Technology!

Some people just loooove technology so much, they have to wear it. We’ve found a mannequin in front of a phone store or repair shop that is head to plastic toe, covered in old phones we are all nostalgic over.

Image Courtesy of cigarettehaze /

This is kind of a look, don’t you agree? It could easily pass as a Halloween costume if you’re brave enough. You can make people guess what phones you have on you. Is that a Motorola, Nokia, TCL, Samsung, iPhone? Wow, good one dude!

This is My Swamp!

Shrek is an iconic movie with amazing characters and timeless music. We certainly watched it more than five times, and it never leaves us disappointed. Maybe that’s why the store decided to put a Shrek-like mannequin in their window. What do you think?

Image Courtesy of TheoreticalButt /

The funniest thing about this is that the mannequin next to Shrek is completely normal; your usual, local store mannequin. Shrek is there, getting all the attention — both good and bad. It’s a surprising sight, for sure. We are very happy about it.

BoJack Horseman

We all know those extremely dramatic news and tabloid titles that go like this: “The lady ate a yogurt, and you will not believe what happened next! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)” We can introduce the next picture similarly: “The place where Bojack Horseman works now will leave you speechless! (PHOTO)”

Image Courtesy of eurfryn /

We were never huge fans of BoJack Horseman; however, we find this mannequin hilarious. Maybe we should give this show a shot after rolling on the floor from this picture. Someone thought it was a funny idea to put a horse head on top of a fancy mannequin, and we agree with that decision.

Get a Room

Some couples just don’t know any limits when it comes to expressing their emotions or desires, so they can’t keep their hands off of each other. We honestly think it’s gross, and we do not support this kind of behavior. It’s downright rude.

Image Courtesy of voltroom /

Not only are these mannequins kissing, hugging, and falling over each other, but they are doing so in lingerie! Scandalous! Why don’t they take it somewhere private like, say, a dressing room? As much as we dislike PDA, we can appreciate the humor the employee put into posing them like this.

Something is Fishy Here…

Who remembers that movie Shark Tale and the gorgeous, attractive fish everyone was enamored with? Her name was Lola, and we all had a tiny crush on her. Don’t act like you haven’t! This mannequin’s eyes remind us of her.

Image Courtesy of persianversionspeaks /

Her eyes looked exactly like this mannequin’s do. It’s both creepy and funny. We can not decide which one is more prominent here. If we set aside the eyes, the hair doesn’t do the mannequin any justice either. Just downright disturbing.


As we said before, mannequins are there to show off the clothes to entice people to buy something, even if they are just window shopping. This classy mannequin is certainly doing its job because WOW! He looks like a movie director, sitting in that chair, and the folded sunglasses hanging off his shirt simply add to the look.

Image Courtesy of Mr_Simmonds /

Whoever set up this mannequin clearly knows what they’re doing. Unlike the employee who wouldn’t even put a shirt on properly, this person went through the effort of posing the mannequin like a suave gentleman. We’d like to add the speech bubble, “Come here often?”

Cute, Yet Strange

We love animals, especially cats. They are intelligent, independent, and set their boundaries. We appreciate that. However, mixing cat and human body parts to create unique mannequins is not how we imagine expressing our love of cats to the world.

Image Courtesy of DokkanVlack /

These are Gucci’s mannequins, and although they are quite chic and hipster, there is something a little bit strange about the whole concept. The clothes are cute, though. We are certain they cost an arm and a leg. Now, who exactly likes these cat women?

Cursed Doll

If you watched horror movies Dead Silence or Annabelle, you probably have an innate fear of dolls, whether they are made of plastic, ceramic, or wood. There is something inherently creepy about them, and we are certain they are just waiting for the right moment when we look the other way.

Image Courtesy of raph_ael /

This little guy looks cursed; there is no doubt about it. The light is hitting his face just at the right angle, making his face creepy, ghost-like, and scary. His arm fell off and is chilling in his lap, which makes it even scarier.

Act Natural

When we have a crush on someone, it’s really difficult acting naturally and keeping it together. We usually act silly or go completely silent. However, there are a few people who manage to keep their cool and charm their crush. We can not fathom that.

Image Courtesy of ShadyNasty6969 /

Your crush is coming. Act natural! — Right, sure, ahem. And then you pull out one of these moves, and they give you a dirty look as they pass right by you, rolling their eyes to their friends. “What a weirdo,” you hear as they walk away. We’re sorry. Better luck next time.

Yet Another Unrealistic Body Standard for Women

Women do have to fight a tough battle with all the unnecessary and idealistic body standards that are prevalent on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It’s no surprise why girls are developing body image issues and constantly comparing themselves with others.

Image Courtesy of nthensome /

These mannequins are yet another unrealistic body standard women must compete with! How inconsiderate, they should be ashamed of themselves! Jokes aside, they kind of look like they are trying to impersonate Michael Jackson, or at least audition as backup dancers.

Hands Where We Can See ‘Em!

One thing you have to remember about women’s dresses is that they rarely have any pockets. It’s a sad realization once you fully comprehend it. That’s why nowadays, girls can carry their ice coffee, keychains, as well as their phones, and a shopping bag all in one hand.

Image Courtesy of Nysoz /

So what surprised us most about this dress is not that a hand is poking through it, but that it has a functional pocket! What?! Unbelievable, never seen before, and showstopping! And we can’t help but laugh at whatever employee tried to glue on the hand and just gave up and shoved it in the pocket.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

We can’t tell if this mannequin is unrealistic or average because it’s under a thick layer of ice! We could say that what we aspire to with this one is to be able to handle frigid temperatures without even needing a scarf.

Image Courtesy of Rhumnzouk /

According to the person who posted this photo, the mannequin was left under a leaky gutter. Well, that was certainly a bad decision to make in the middle of winter. Hopefully, they don’t need it; otherwise, some poor employee will have to spend hours in the cold chipping it out.

You Got a Problem, Bro?!

What we hate the most are folks who try to start a fight or an argument. Leave people alone, would you? And it’s usually the shortest ones, the weakest ones, the ones that are the least successful, or at least feel like it, you know?

Image Courtesy of SleeplessInBangkok /

Those brats usually have a stance similar to this. Arms wide and going low, showing how broad their shoulders are (not). It’s hilarious. That is what this mannequin made us think of at first and the reason we included it here.


The world would be such a boring place without snobs. However, it is also dull BECAUSE of said snobs. So, it’s a win-win or lose-lose situation, depending on how you look at it. The world might be blander if we were all the same, loving and open-hearted humans, but it would definitely be a better place.

Image Courtesy of poocatgod /

This mannequin head looks like such a snobby, spoiled girl — we almost love her because of it. The necklace it holds is a unique and gothic, dark academia vibe. You could almost hear a ‘hmph’ escaping her nose while she stubbornly turns her head away.

They Grow Up So Fast

How often have you heard the phrase: “They grow up so fast!” with teary-eyed gazes watching the children? We’ve heard it so many times before. That is the first thought we had when we saw a child mannequin with a woman’s head sipping coffee.

Image Courtesy of leer_zeichen /

First of all, it looks disturbing and hilarious, as they usually do. Second of all, she could be a long-lost sister of Lord Farquaad from Shrek. The height is similar, the hairstyle uncanny, even the paleness of the skin matches.

Got Ya!

As far as the next picture goes, we don’t have many intelligent or witty things to say. We just thought it was simple, yet so entertaining, we had to share it with all our readers. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

Image Courtesy of jacoma89 /

An employee found this beat-up mannequin, kneeling on the dirty floor, being a goof with its hands and head tilted. This is how we feel on Monday mornings; we hope we’re not the only ones. Oh, to be a mannequin and have no job…

Danny Devito Wannabe

When in Norway, there are bound to be some unexpected, unusual, yet entertaining things. It’s the land of the Vikings, of good drinks and even better lakes and night skies. It’s a beauty, we recommend it! Now, we’ve found something rather interesting on Reddit that we wouldn’t expect to see…

Image Courtesy of Fleeling /

These mannequins are from a retail store in Norway, and we couldn’t help but wonder who they were supposed to represent? The shorter one looks a bit like Danny Devito, but the one in the middle, with a reindeer backpack, desperately needs the restroom. Better step away, Danny.

Another Impossible Body Standard

We’ve never discussed why body image issues are more apparent for women than for men. We believe it’s because of the marketing, and the constant need for companies and brands to make money off of the backs of women. In archaic terms, if a woman looks young and beautiful, she is desirable.

Image Courtesy of Tisshme /

Community is an intriguing concept — it shapes you, creates you, accepts you, or denies you. For humans, it is in our innate nature to want to be and feel accepted. When there are beauty standards like the one in the picture, that’s almost impossible. Although we publish humorous content, just remember that you’re perfect the way you are!

Le Cook

One look at this picture was enough to make us want to include it here. Reddit is such a treasure. At first, we were confused as to what this mannequin was supposed to be, a baker, cook, chef, or a pharmacist? We are still unsure.

Image Courtesy of dididaada /

What do you think he is supposed to be? What we realized is it reminds us of those Moai Easter Island statues. It has the same head and bone structure. Also, it looks exactly like handsome Squidward! Who are you?! We are intrigued.

Can I Lend You A Hand?

We haven’t stopped laughing since we saw this one. The first image we shared with mannequins at a construction site was certainly cute and clever, but this one knocked it out of the park. Whoever set up this display deserves an award.

Image Courtesy of Roho_Kitnam /

When working with industrial equipment, it’s vital to stay protected at all times. You might feel silly wearing a helmet or goggles, but they’re there to protect you. This mannequin is a fantastic reminder for everyone that works there to only use equipment you are proficient in, less you end up like this guy.

One Big Happy Family

Remember the creepy dolls we were talking about, and how we don’t like them due to horror movies we watched? Well, this one might go one step further than that. Think about the movie Purge, and the masks everyone was wearing.

Image Courtesy of The_Gunslinger86 /

These mannequins have the same facial expressions as those masks from Purge. They are grotesquely overjoyed. It looks hyperbolized to the point of agony, and it creates the opposite effect of the emotion they’re supposed to convey. If we passed this in a shop, we wouldn’t want to step inside. No way!

Welcome to Your Nightmare

When we said some of these photos are real nightmare fuel, we were not joking around. Next picture we will show you can cause nightmares for the light-hearted. Keep that in mind if you are afraid of creepy dolls and children.

Image Courtesy of Gankubas /

They look like they belong in a Tim Burton movie or like they escaped from Spiderwick Chronicles, a book series by Tony DiTerlizzi. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t get any closer to them, just in case, they decide to jump at the window or something…

Whachu Said About My Girl Friend?!

Girls are extremely protective of one another. They use their mind as well as their claws if needed! Don’t try a girl out, if you’re not ready for the clap back. There three mannequins we’ve found look like girls ready to throw hands.

Image Courtesy of astroboots /

“Did you hear what she said?!” This is what we imagine the middle one is saying, whereas her sidekicks are already fuming, heated, and ready to react right away. Of course, you could think of it as girls dancing, showing some moves, but our imaginary story has a little bit more spice.


If you go to the gym, you’ve probably heard of Gymshark. They are one of the leading brands when it comes to workout clothes. They have urban, cool and fresh designs all the time, and it’s like a reward buying yourself a piece after a good workout streak.

Image Courtesy of cisgenderhaver /

We don’t know if this is Gymshark’s store. We highly doubt it, since one was opened only recently. So, why on Earth would anyone put a stretchy shark head on a mannequin body? We are confused. It gives Viktor Krum vibes.


Having a kid must be an experience of its own. Probably difficult to explain, yet widely well-known and perceived. If you don’t have one of your own, someone in your inner circle has, whether they are a family or friend.

Image Courtesy of BIndlovukazi /

Upon first glance, you might think to yourself ‘ah a mannequin family, cute’ but you’d be so wrong. If you look closely enough you’ll notice a pair of feet and a bush of black hair coming through the t-shirt hole. This kid is a legend. If having a child is like this, sign us up!


If this picture doesn’t jumpscare you once you see it, nothing will! It’s so good, and yet so questionable and unnecessary. When you think about it, it does make sense, but before we reveal it, please first take a look.

Image Courtesy of bmagnusson /

Slenderman mannequin is holding a pair of pants. This is genius marketing, not only because Slenderman has some snazzy, good-looking, long legs, but because seeing him will make you go number 2 in your pants out of fear, so you’ll be in a perfect place to buy a new pair. Legendary!

I am a Special Unicorn

First a shark, now this abomination?! Really?! The shark we could understand. As in Gymshark; dangerous, sharp teeth, fighting, the sentiment is there since the mannequin wore sporty/gym clothes to match the theme. How does a unicorn on this mannequin make any sense?

Image Courtesy of guitasketball /

Neither is the dress in pastel or rainbow colors, nor is the vibe of the store in total at all unicorn-y. We see brown, earthy tones, nudes, and neutrals with a few floral patterns here and there. If they wanted to use an animal head so bad, a squirrel or a hedgehog would suffice.

Lady Olenna Tyrell

This is the second time we mention the Game of Thrones, but if you don’t know who lady Olenna Tyrell is, you are missing out! She is an iconic old lady, petty and brilliant, you’d love her! This picture made us think of her in the best way possible!

Image Courtesy of magenta_lilies /

These employees deserve a raise! They have creatively thought of this idea to put a pillow and bedding on a mannequin and they have done so beautifully! It’s elegant, posh, yet has a cheeky note to it, making it authentic.

Friends Forever

We’ve found this wholesome photo and decided to show it in the end. This adorable girl, whenever she sees children mannequins, runs to take a picture with them, pretending to be one of them and a part of their friend group.

Image Courtesy of frisbm3 /

Can you spot her? We’ll give you a moment, it took us a while. You will recognize the girl because of her beautiful, bright smile that’s drawn all across her face. She is holding hands with them, posing for a photo of her lifetime.