Gender Neutral Fashion: The New Trend Redefining Personal Style

By Fatime G

For the longest time, fashion has been defined by gender. Women-wear, men wear, blue for boys, and pink for girls, but neutral fashion is changing one outfit at a time. We are a long way from the traditional style, where people’s gender defined what they wore. As the revolutionaries Harry Styles and iconic the Bill Porter turn heads at red carpets, we see gender constraints no longer plaguing fashion. The lines between gender and fashion are rapidly blurring, and style isn’t feminine or masculine, anymore just fun and creative. Gender-neutral is the new trend, and we love to see how it is redefining personal expressions. 

1. Prints, Prints And More Prints

For prints, gender-neutral fashion takes the trophy home from zebras, bold glitter abstracts, to a peacock. You will be split for choice. Where men were once confined to subtle statements, gender-neutral fashion defies the rules and brings fun ways for anyone to experiment with prints.

2. Wide Everything

Image courtesy Flaunter/Unsplash

The fitting silhouette for women is on the sidelines as the big size is not front and center of the gender fluidity. The baggy pants, oversized suits designed for men take a shift receiving visibility across fashion lovers of different genders. The wide-legged pants are a staple in almost anyone’s wardrobe as the wide skirt is making an appearance at events and awards. 

3. Pastels 

Image courtesy Prince Akachi/Unsplash

From subtle pinks to bold turquoise neutral fashion is creating room for those looking who want to experiment with colors if you are daring to go with a co-ord pantsuit or inspire a new style with a long line shirt and any bottom or trousers. 

4. Accessories And All

Image courtesy ALLAN FRANCA CARMO/Pexels

All is fair in fashion, and we saw it first when Harry Styles broke the internet with him wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue. Gender-neutral fashion dictates that a dress is a dress and a skirt is a skirt, but that is not all. Gender fluid style is not confined to clothing, as accessories are also a big part of fashion. Heeled shoes and pearl earrings are getting all the attention at fashion week and exhibitions giving visibility to gender-neutral fashion.

Wrapping It Up 

All bets are off in gender-neutral clothing, and don’t we love seeing it! Forms of expression, communication, and personal style, gender is no longer a constraint to express a unique idea of fashion. Are you looking for a new wardrobe change? You know where to start.