Good As Gold: A Collection Of Tattoos From The Artist With The Midas Touch

By Jhoana C

Tattoos are the oldest art form. Though they’ve been around since 3,000 B.C., they didn’t become popular until the 1970s. That was the time when more regular folk started asking for their bodies to be inked. Prior to that, only sailors and military men opted to have their bodies tattooed. After suddenly gaining popularity, tattoos became a form of self-expression.

Nowadays, you can find tattoos in a variety of designs and colors, including gold! That’s right; some tattoo artists are giving a metallic sheen to their artwork. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your next tattoo, or just appreciate the art, scroll down to see some of the most dazzling works by Manhattan-based artist, jooa_tattoo. If you’re left wanting more, check out the artist’s Instagram handle for more magnificent tattoo works.

The king of bears

Is this one of the three bulgy bears—old Narnians living in hiding during the Telmarine Age of Narnia? Or maybe it’s Papa Bear, showing Goldilocks who’s the boss. Either way, it’s one good-looking tattoo. We’d be proud to have that on our skin.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The melting golden crown probably has some significance that only the artist and the “canvas” know. But that’s okay. We’re satisfied to just sit back and admire gorgeous golden tattoos right now, and this has to be one of the most beautiful.

The golden elephant

Gold has always been associated with magic, affluence, and affection. Elephants, too, hold significance, representing luck and prosperity. Combine them and you have the ultimate good luck charm. The golden elephant symbolizes bountifulness, good luck, and positivity, and it is associated with welcoming your life’s desired manifestations.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The person who had this golden elephant tattooed on their arm must believe in good luck and the power of making your dreams come true. We just hope it opens doors for them and helps them achieve what they want in life.

Fit for a queen

Now this is a tattoo fit for any royal—are they even allowed to get tattoos? Speculation aside, crowns are symbols of power, tradition, legitimacy, or authority. This is a nice design to get if you have conquered something, perhaps a difficult situation in life.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

It’s not necessary to conquer something, though; as long as you are an admirer of tattoos and you fancy a similar design, might as well get one with gold, right? It elevates the whole tattoo and gives it another dimension.

Power and beauty

A legendary creature with a single large and pointed spiraling horn, the unicorn is depicted in European art as a white horse-like or goat-like animal. Add some wings and you’ve got a beast to rival the pegasus, an amazing winged unicorn!

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

This winged unicorn tattoo reminds us of Valkyrie riding into battle—yes, she just had a pegasus, but the sword undeniably screams “beauty and power.” The shading and color perfectly match the gold. We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hard to book an appointment with this artist.

Even Thanos would approve

The mad Titan Thanos might be one of the most powerful and menacing beings in the universe, but we bet even he will turn putty at the hands of this tattoo artist and giggle with delight when he sees this recreation of the Infinity gauntlet.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

We can almost see the gauntlet coming snapping its fingers as Thanos seeks to create balance. Amazing tattoos such as this might not be inevitable, but once in a while, a super-talented individual by the name of jooa_tattoo comes along to make dreams a reality.

Too pretty to eat

This cupcake looks too good to eat. Or, rather, too expensive to eat. Is it just us, or does it look like those desserts only the wealthy have the luxury of eating? The dishes in Dubai made with 24-karat gold need to move over. There’s a new kid on the block.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

We’re guessing that the owner of this tattoo is either a baker, owns a café, or just loves cupcakes. Looking at this realistic-looking tattoo makes us want to go to a bakery right now and grab something to satisfy our cravings.

Frozen delight

There are some common tattoos, and soft-serve ice cream is not among them. You have to love the frozen treat enough to want it tattooed on your body, so we reckon this fellow must have an insatiable sweet tooth. Or maybe they’re a fan of Carvel.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Tom Carvel is a great example of innovation and quick thinking. In 1934, his ice cream truck broke down. Instead of calling it quits and mourning the lost income, he served up the melting comestible. Who knew the childhood treat had such humble beginnings?

Who’s feeling lucky?

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, and some people reserve the process for only special symbols. jooa_tattoo doesn’t share the meaning of the tattoos alongside their photos, but that’s okay. We’re just grateful they’re sharing their art with the world.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Someone asked jooa_tattoo for a golden horseshoe, and boy did they deliver! Perhaps the person wanted some extra luck in their life, or the design just called to them. The former is definitely true since they managed to get a booking with the famous NYC-based artist.

The Golden Buddha

According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha was born in a place called Lumbini—now Nepal. He was born to royal parents but renounced his richness to live a wandering ascetic life. After living a life of meditation and begging, he attained enlightenment.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Today, you will find a statue of the golden Buddha in Bangkok. It weighs more than 5 tons, stands more than 9 feet tall, and is said to be worth more than $250 million in its gold. If this tattoo Buddha weighs a fraction of that, this person will have some great arm muscles.

The most expensive Coca-Cola bottle

Over time, the Coca-Cola company has come up with bottles of different designs, but there’s one that will always stand out as the Coca-Cola bottle. The contoured fluted lines of the classic Coke bottle has been celebrated in advertising, art, and music.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Vintage Coke bottles can fetch a pretty penny, but we’re sure they never made an all-gold bottle. We can’t even fathom how much that’d be worth. That’s the sort of drink someone eating the golden cupcake would enjoy…or at least afford.

Walt Disney would love this

It’s been almost 100 years since Walt Disney gave life to the most recognizable cartoon of all time. The American animator, voice actor, writer, and film producer was the man behind the happiest place on Earth and was responsible for creating the movies that shaped our childhood.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

No matter how much animation techniques and technologies change, Mickey Mouse has always stayed the same mouse we all know and love. He might no longer be around to look at this golden Mickey Mouse, but we’re sure it would make Walt Disney proud and happy.

Tea time

This decadent cup and saucer combo seems to just jump right out of this person’s skin. It looks so real that we want to reach out and plop a couple of sugar cubes into it. How fancy would we look drinking from something as beautiful as this?

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Based on records, the first sets of matching cups and saucers reached the Arabian Peninsula in 1645. During that period, coffee was served in brass or silver bowls set on top of a saucer. However, the cup and saucer as we know it originated in China.

When life gives you golden lemons

Lemons may be sour, but this golden tat is sweet (we’re not sorry for the pun)! The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, has endless culinary uses, and has various health benefits. Amazingly, unlike other trees, lemon trees produce fruit all year round.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

We know what to do when life gives us a surplus of lemons, but what’s the right answer when you get a bounty of golden fruit? If it’s worth its weight in gold, we would probably be set for life!


One prominent character in ancient myths is Medusa. One of the three monstrous gorgons, she is described as a winged female with living venomous snakes on her head instead of hair. Not a very nice sight, if you ask us.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

She had looks that could literally kill because anyone who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone. This golden tattoo makes her look a lot better and less scary than her description in the ancient myth. Still, this stunning tattoo would make us freeze in our tracks.

Not The Grapes of Wrath

There is archaeological evidence that humans grew grapes as early as 6500 B.C. By 4000 B.C., grapes were grown extensively from Transcaucasia to the Nile Delta in Egypt. Credits were given to the Hittites for spreading grape culture to the west.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

If it weren’t for the Hittites, we would be enjoying a variety of grapes today. And although we still don’t have the golden variety we see in the photo above, it doesn’t matter because we have wine, and that comes really close to gold.

Something for the masquerade

Masquerade balls first appeared in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance. The costumed public festivity was quite the rage in Venice. During these masquerade balls, elaborate dances for members of the upper classes were to be expected. Even if you know nothing about masquerades, you probably know the masks.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Masquerade masks have been made in Italy for over a millennium, though the materials have changed over time. Traditionally, paper mache is preferred because it is comfortable, light, and does not become humid. Although none were ever made entirely of gold, some were adorned with it or something similar in color.

Permanent modern art

One of the most recognizable objects today—at least in terms of modern art—is Jeff Koons’ balloon dog sculpture. The ten-foot-tall orange balloon dog sold for $60 million in 2013. In 2019, the artist broke records when his Rabbit creation sold for $91 million.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The Rabbit was the most expensive work made by a living artist. If you’re an admirer of Koons but don’t have the deep pockets needed to afford his works of art, you can at least get a tattoo of one of his most popular creations.

Angel on your shoulder

Cherubs or cherubims are prominent features in art. The rosy-faced children with halos and wings are often used to express affection, especially for children at birth. In Italian, baby angels are called putti, and the chubby baby males are sometimes depicted without wings.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

They came to represent God’s prominence during the Baroque period, but most often, they represented angelic innocence. Nowadays, when artists depict baby angels, they often have angelic or religious connotations. We wonder if the baby used in this tattoo was based on the recipient’s child.

Summon the Dark Magician!

How do you tell people you’re a nerd (we mean that in a good way) without saying anything? Get a tattoo from Yu-Gi-Oh! To a normal person, it just looks like a stylish Eye of Horus tattoo, but those in the know can identify this work of art.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

If Yugi could somehow get the Millenium Puzzle tatted, he wouldn’t ever have to worry about losing it. The shading jooa_tattoo used really makes the Puzzle stand out as a 3D work of art. We hope that they played the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme song in the tattoo parlor that day.

Da Vinci Code vibes

The fleur-de-lis means flower or lily flower in French and was a prominent symbol in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. It has been used for centuries to represent a variety of things, including light, Christianity, French cultural heritage, and even female virtue.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Legend has it that an angel presented the Merovingian King of Franks with a golden iris or lily as a symbol of purification upon converting to Christianity. Other legends say that the Merovingian king adopted the symbol when waterlilies showed him how to cross the river and succeed in battle.

Ancient art that really pops

Who says that ancient art has to be boring and serious? There’s always an opportunity to turn something old and dated into something bursting with life and modernity, and this tat is proof of that. We imagine that the person wearing this tattoo knows how to unwind and have fun.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Bust sculptures don’t always have to look pensive and brooding. They can also chew bubblegum, make funny faces, and accessorize with gold if they want to. Needless to say, creativity and artistry go a long way when you’re a tattoo artist.

Be our guest

Candleholders/candelabras have been found dating back to 400 B.C., and though they still exist today, they are often used merely as decorative pieces. Gone are the days of gold and silver-plated candelabras adorning the walls and tables of every household.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Unless you’re a big fan of antiques or are obsessed with candles, chances are you don’t have one of these laying around. We love the golden sheen, but we’re also very tempted to draw Lumiere’s cartoonish face on this person’s tattoo.

Delicate and beautiful

This work of art is both delicate and beautiful, and we hate to be negative Nancys, but before getting a tattoo, it’s important to check with the artist about their care and maintenance. We also think it’s important for artists to disclose just how long tattoos last.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Although tattoos are permanent, inks fade over time. Fine lines will become blurry, and colors may fade, which is a real bummer when you have a delicate tattoo like this one. At least the centerpiece will outlast and outshine the rest, if the person decides not to get touch-ups.

Disco turtle

This turtle looks like it’s ready to party! Turtles are by no means slowpokes, but he doesn’t need to worry about rushing to the dancefloor. He brings the party with him wherever he goes. You can identify turtles by their carapace. What species do you think this is?

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

This tattoo is so intricately done, it’d be jarring to not see the disco ball move as this person flexed their arm. Fun fact: these golden tattoos don’t actually contain gold. jooa_tattoo is just a tattoo genius and uses yellows and browns for the stunning illusion.

Chrysomallos, the golden ram

The golden ram deserves a golden tattoo. In Greek mythology, the golden ram Chrysomallos was the source of the golden fleece. It was sent by Nephele, the cloud nymph, to rescue her children when they were about to be sacrificed to the gods.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Someone who enjoys Greek mythology might want this tattoo. But even if you’re not into mythology, it’s difficult not to admire something as nicely done as this. It’s clean, it’s intricate, it’s beautiful, and it’s in gold. What more could you ask for?

Purrrfect tat

Whenever we look at compilations of cool tattoos, there are always some tats of beloved pets sprinkled in the list…and this one is no different. We love the picture used here; it’s as if the cat was caught off guard by a sudden camera flash.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Or perhaps it’s offended that it only got a golden bow rather than a bejeweled crown—as cats deserve. Still, the bow perfectly complements the cat’s golden eyes as it stares in surprise at whoever is lucky enough to spot the tattoo.

The Thinker

This is a refreshing take on The Thinker, the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin. The naked masculine figure seated on a rock is used to symbolize philosophy because he seems to be lost in thought and preponderance. It’s a bit over the top, but there’s no mistaking the artist’s intent.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

There are multiple versions of The Thinker around the world, and this tattoo can certainly be counted among them. With the addition of a golden cuff and skull, The Thinker seems to either be contemplating the meaning of death…or whether to hit the gym.

Permanent bling

Jewel chest tattoos are a dime a dozen these days, and you’ll come across plenty of females sporting them, including celebrities like Asia Argento. Jewel chest tattoos are as varied as necklaces. Some consist strictly of jewels while others feature flowers and intricate designs.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The chest is an ideal body part for larger tattoos, and a chest tattoo can be very attractive on both men and women. Regardless of gender, it can be something of a teaser when wearing blouses or shirts that reveal a little skin.

Cats rule

This artist must love ancient Egypt because this isn’t the first time he has recreated something that came straight out of Imhotep’s time. Well, cats are still around today, but felines that looked like the one in this tat belong in ancient Egypt.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Egyptians believed that cats could bring good luck to the people who offered their homes to them. To honor them, rich families dressed them in jewels and gave them treats fit for royalty. The cat you see in this tattoo has definitely been treated as a good luck charm.

The revered golden Buddha

Here is another take on the religious golden Buddha tattoo. The religion was founded by Siddharta Gautama in the late 6th century B.C. and more than 400 million people worldwide practice it. It became the state religion of India during the 3rd century B.C. during the reign of Ashoka the great.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Unlike Christianity, Buddhism does not worship a deity. The religion is based on the teachings of Buddha, and its main principles are karma, rebirth, and impermanence. We are not going to ask you which Buddha tattoo you like most because we’re not done showing off jooa_tattoo’s Buddhas yet…

Golden weapon

Weapon tattoos are very common, and people get them for a variety of reasons. Although mainly seen as instruments of violence, weapons can also represent power and authority. In fact, people also saw ancient weapons as items endowed with supernatural properties.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

For others, getting a weapon tattoo signifies conquering fears and overcoming obstacles in life and coming out victorious. For whatever purpose you want to get a weapon tattoo, there are plenty of wonderful choices, and this is one good example.

Is that you, Skeletor?

This reminds us of the villainous Skeletor—or, maybe it’s just the expressive skull that does the trick. There’s something about tattoos that brings out the inner goth in some people. We already saw a stylish skull on The Thinker earlier…

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Looking at the melting skull, we are lost in the potential meaning behind it. As we said before, tattoos sometimes bring out the inner goth in people, so the concept of decay and impermanence seems to fit that vibe perfectly.

The golden scarab beetle

A beetle is the perfect muse for a golden tattoo; their iridescent wings are works of art. And so is this tat. We were curious as to how long these golden tattoos will last over time, so we checked it out…

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Tattoos with real gold in them are only temporary, and they last for as long as ten days. A permanent gold tattoo will need ink mixed with real gold flakes which can be toxic to the skin. Hence, most people opt for gold tattoo stickers.

Another Buddha tattoo

We were serious when we told you earlier not to decide yet which Buddha tattoo you like best because we have some more coming up. This is a simple Buddha tattoo with no embellishments whatsoever, and we think it captures the real essence of Buddha.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

After all, Buddha led a minimalistic life. Even though he came from a rich family, he renounced material riches and spent his life wandering and building a monastic order. It’s only fitting that his visage wouldn’t come with excessive features.

Drippy golden hands

This is not the first drippy tattoo we have seen and if you check the Internet, particularly Pinterest, you will see various drippy tattoo designs. Tattoo experts say that some of 2023’s coolest tattoo trends include drippy chrome and bold colors.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

This tattoo artist is not only highly skilled, but he also knows what the masses want, hence the plethora of drippy tattoos on his social media handle. If you also want drippy tattoos, you better go to this guy because he knows what he’s doing.


People may see only a broken vase that’s been repaired, but in Japanese culture, this is kintsugi, sometimes called kintsukuroi. It is the process of repairing ceramics traditionally with gold or lacquer. Where the cracks used to be, you will only see golden seams after the repair is complete.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The word kintsugi comes from kin, meaning golden, and tsugi, meaning repair. Broken fragments are joined and look more refined after the process. The word also means the beauty of imperfections because although the fragments are broken, they still look great.

A bee-utiful tattoo

This is a creation we would like, even without the gold in it. Ever since time immemorial, bees have been an integral part of the ecosystem, and across different cultures in ancient mythology, bees were believed to be sacred insects.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Bees are the universal symbol of purity, creativity, wisdom, diligence, and sociability. On the other hand, honey is a symbol of pleasure, truth, knowledge, and of course, sweetness. Honey is also the elixir of life and has the capability to heal wounds.

A goddess of sorts

This tattoo must represent a goddess of sorts or feminine power. We’re saying that because the tattoo has prominent feminine features, as exemplified by the bust, the long neck, and the full lips. The crown and wings leave no doubt that she holds great power.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Don’t confuse this with symbols of sacred feminine, though. The sacred feminine is symbolized by trees, serpents, water, and bees, but sometimes people opt for symbols that often represent womanhood, such as roses or the moon. We’re in awe of how jooa_tattoo can make 2D art pop.


Ancient Egypt has a plethora of gods and one of the most significant is Anubis. The jackal-headed deity is the one who presides over the embalmment process and accompanies deceased kings when they travel in the afterworld. He kept evil out of Egypt by ensuring that the rituals pertaining to life and death were maintained.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

This Anubis tattoo is one of our favorites of this artist, and we can’t get over how it looks so lifelike. The person who owns this must be into Egyptology and ancient gods, and if we had to guess, we bet they are going to add more tats like this.

More drippy tattoos

After seeing countless tattoos from this artist, we guess it’s safe to say that he likes drippy gold things. Again, what’s not to love about this creation? Works of art such as this belong in a museum, but thanks to the ‘net, people from far away can also admire the artist’s work.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

If you’re into gold and drippy things in tattoos, consider this as inspiration for your next project. You won’t regret picking a thing from this list because all the tattoos are wonderfully made and incredible. We just hope your tattoo artist can do them justice.

Another take on Medusa

Medusa is one of the most well-known characters in Greek mythology, and it’s no surprise that a lot of people want to get tattoos of her likeness. But after seeing jooa_tattoo’s designs, we think he’ll be the only one doing Medusa tattoos from now on.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The attention to detail is amazing, and the golden snake makes her locks come alive. Out of the two Medusa tattoos on this list, which do you like best? Personally, we love this one, with the single golden snake weaving its way around Medusa’s head.

Elephant with a heart

There are countless versions of the elephant holding a balloon done on different mediums, but this is the first time we’re seeing it as a tattoo. No matter how many times it has been replicated, it remains one of the most endearing images.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

The largest living land creatures, elephants are intelligent and symbolize luck and prosperity. They also represent vitality, memory, and wisdom. Elephants are revered in Buddhism and are recognized to be one of the seven precious treasures—this tattoo stands out as one of seven precious tats, if you ask us.

Sun tattoo

One of the most common tattoos is the sun and its many variants. Tribal sun tattoos symbolize the relationship between the sun and life. It could also mean light, strength, and creativity, or the dawning of a new day. Its meaning depends greatly on the culture of the person who has the tattoo.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

If you search for images of sun tattoos on the ‘net, you will be inundated with numerous examples. Some are common, while others easily stand out from a crowd of sun tattoos. They can be minimalist and small, but they can also elaborate like this one.

Queen of fire ants

There are over 200 species of fire ants, and a single colony can have more than 200,000 members. That’s a lot! Aggressive and omnivorous, fire ants can float, and their queen lives for a very long time. They were given the name fire ants because of their red color and burning bite.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Someone must have been fascinated with these little creatures that they decided to have the fire ant queen tattooed. However, we are not huge fans because of the severe discomfort their bite causes. Some humans are even highly allergic to their venom.

The Egyptian scarab beetle

This is a beautiful take on the scarab beetle according to Egyptian mythology. In ancient Egypt, the scarab represented resurrection, and it was also a symbol of life, death, and birth. They believed that the sun died each night and was reborn as a beetle each morning.

Image courtesy of jooa_tattoo/Instagram

Khepri, the Egyptian god, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or as a man with the head of a scarab beetle. If you delve deeper into Egyptian mythology, you will see a lot of references to the scarab. It may not be given as much attention today, but it held a lot of importance back then.