40 Shoe Hacks That Add An Extra Pep In Our Step

By Iulia P

Finding a good pair of shoes that last is a problematic mission for most people. That’s why, when we find that perfect pair, we refuse to let them go. That could mean getting them fixed frequently, or just brushing off the dust and working up the nerve to wear them “one last time.” Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, we have those pairs that look stunning, but just the thought of wearing them makes our feet ache.

If you’re constantly struggling with your shoes, worry no more! We have some tricks and hacks to help you enjoy those sneakers, flats, heels, etc., without dealing with blisters or smelly feet. Bear with us because these hacks were invented for shoe lovers!

No more sweaty feet

If you’ve ever worn high heels, then you probably know how bad and uncomfortable the situation can get if your feet start to sweat. Not only can the shoes slip and come off, but your feet can end up with all sorts of bruises.

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

And there is one thing about feet blisters and bruises: once you get them, they will be there for a while. So in order to prevent this from happening in the first place, line your shoes with panty liners on the soles of your high heels like you see in the photo above.

Fleece-lined slippers cleaning

If you don’t already own shoes that have fuzzy soles, you should run to the store to pick up a pair. Not only are they the most comfortable shoes ever, but also they can be very practical during the cold winter months.

Photo courtesy of toritoshoes.com

The only problem you might run into with this type of should is that washing the fleece-lined soles can be a total headache. But we are here to help you! Take some warm water and mix it with some dishwashing liquid. Scrub the insides with a sponge and let them soak in the mixture for about an hour. Voila! Your shoes are as good as new!

The stretching device

We were today years old when we found out that someone had the fantastic idea to invent a device like the one pictured below. Yes, someone wanted to make our life easier and created a shoe-stretching device. What a brilliant idea!

Image courtesy of pretty.big.shoes/Instagram

If you like wearing leather shoes, then you most probably know that the first couple of times you wear them can be really uncomfortable. Sure, leather stretches over time, but this device will make the shoes easier to wear until then.

Re-designing your shoes

Some shoes might go out of style, but it is a pity to get rid of them if they are still wearable. Instead, you can do something to bring them back to life (sure, from a fashion point of view).

Photo courtesy of 108story.com

All you need to do is go to your local crafts shop and get yourself some beads, patches, and anything that will make your shoes more trendy. Also, make sure not to forget about the glue. Now that you have all that is needed, let your creativity take the wheel.

Organizing your shoes

Many people find it challenging to come up with the right way to organize so many pairs of shoes. When we throw them into a pile, it makes us want to wear them less. But, when we manage them efficiently, we tend to take better care of them.

Photo courtesy of morehakz.com

You can find pegs like this at any crafts store, or, if not, you can recycle your old doorknobs. Either way, this hack will make your hallway look more spacious and will help you save some space for something else in the storage room.

Banana to the rescue

Bananas are full of good vitamins and minerals, and they are literally medicine for the body. But who knew that bananas could come in handy when it comes to our shoes too? It turns out that the banana peel works wonders.

Photo courtesy of pioneeringthesimplelife.org

But this is only if you use it for your leather shoes. If they get worn out, a good scrub with a banana peel will bring them back to life, making them look as good as new. Believe us! You will be shocked.

Flip-flop dilemma

We all have to agree that during summer the best and most comfy pairs of shoes to wear on a hot day are definitely flip-flops. They are easy to put on and take off, simple, and very refreshing because it allows your feet to breathe.

Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

The only bad thing when it comes to flip-flops is that when you least expect it, they can break. The rubber piece that goes in between the toes can just detach at random. In order to prevent this, all you need to do is to secure it with a bread tag.

No more sliding

If your favorite pair of shoes feel really dangerous on smooth surfaces, we have the perfect solution for you. For this little hack, you will need a hot glue gun machine, and of course, some time in order to prepare the shoes.

Photo courtesy of howdoesshe.com

You will need to clean the shoes’ sole thoroughly and slowly pass some dust paper over them. Once these two steps are done, you can get the glue machine out and start tracing glue lines on the front side of the sole. No more sliding for you now!

Blister protective spray

Did you know that someone actually invented a blister protective spray? We only learned about this now, and to be sincere, we are stunned. This invention is revolutionary for everybody, but mainly for the high heels lovers out there.

Photo courtesy of morehaks.com

Spray right before putting your shoes on, and you will see that your feet will be protected against anything that an uncomfortable pair of shoes can do to them. According to the internet world, you can find this type of product in pharmacies and in shoe shops.

Heel cap

Wearing high heels while walking on a lawn is a nightmare. Not only will your heels get all muddy and dirty, but you risk tripping and falling in front of all the guests that are attending your best friend’s baby shower.

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

So to save yourself from the potential embarrassment, here is a small trick: heel caps. They can be found at shoe shops, and they are lifesavers when it comes to attending formal outdoor parties. Plus, they make the click-clack sound disappear.


Ever since we were young, we have been taught that using toothpaste is the best thing to use in order to keep your teeth cavity-free. But did you know that you can use toothpaste to revive your white shoes too?

Photo courtesy of familyhandyman.com

It turns out that regular toothpaste works wonders on that pair of dirty and stained white shoes that have been waiting to be washed for a while now. We did not know about this trick, but we are more than glad to go and try it out on our shoes.

Feet spray

Yeah, we know feet spray can come in handy when it comes to smelly feet, but who knew that it is the main solution for other situations too. Some of them are blisters and preventing the shoe from falling off your foot.

Photo courtesy of inspiringlife.com

Well, it turns out that feet spray will prevent the apparition of blisters by keeping the feet dry and also preventing any type of friction. It’s fair to say that whoever invented this has saved the life of a huge number of high heels lovers.

Goodbye creases!

Sneaker lovers, this one is for you! We all love sneakers, but when you love them a little too much and wear them every day, they begin to crease. And do you know what creases are? A sneaker lover’s worst nightmare.

Photo courtesy of vinosharerealty.com

But a thoughtful person woke up one day and decided to help out the sneaker community by creating something that will protect their shoes from any type of creases. What a lifesaver these shoe protectors are, and they will definitely come in handy!

Dirty suede

It is fair to say that shoes made out of suede will forever be trending. Despite their looks, not many wear them because we all know that once suede shoes get dirty, the stains will be hard to take out without destroying your shoes.

Photo courtesy of today.com

There are some tricks and hacks that will make your suede shoes as good as new. One of them is definitely using bread. What you need to do is to scrub it against the stains until they disappear and then brush the excess off before wearing your shoes.

Another lifesaver

Here is another lifesaver for high heels and their lovers. If you wear pointed high heels, you probably know that most of the time, your third and fourth toes will not feel comfortable at all. We can only imagine what’s happening to your feet in there.

Photo courtesy of today.com

But most of the time, it feels like these tows are one on top of each other. The solution: secure your toes together with some good ol’ tape and get ready to be surprised how comfortable these uncomfortable shoes will feel.


What is it that a good ol’ Vaseline jar can not do? From dry hands to greasing the hinges, from repairing your dry ends to repairing your favorite pair of shoes, too, it is suitable for a variety of things, especially for that one pair of shoes that has all sorts of scratches on them.

Photo courtesy of toritoshoes.com

Vaseline is good for so many things that there is no wonder that it can make superficial scratches disappear. In order to fix your shoes, you will need a Q-tip and Vaseline. Your shoes will look new in less than a minute!

No more tying your laces

Yes, we know! As kids, it took us so long to learn how to tie our shoes, only for the retailers to start making shoes without laces, or at least the regular laces we all know. Nonetheless, no laces or fake elastic laces shoes are a thing these days.

Photo courtesy of aliexpress.com

And we are so here for it! When you buy elastic laces, there is no more wasting time while putting your shoes on, taking them off, and definitely no more stopping on the street just to lean over and fix your laces. Life has just gotten more accessible, hasn’t it?


Sometimes, even if it is obvious that you need to say “goodbye” to an old pair of shoes, it’s just really hard to let go. As hard it is when your favorite pair of sneakers are giving you signs that they are ready to retire, such as the heel lining is worn out, don’t throw them just yet!

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

The good thing is this can be fixed with some denim patches, a needle, and some strong and resistant thread. This little trick will give your shoes some more time to serve you, long enough until you get that new pair that you need.


Does the new pair of leather shoes not fit you as you imagined when you ordered them online? Worry less and say no more! Here is a hack that will make those babies fit your feet better than Cinderella’s shoe fit her.

Photo courtesy of webthreto.com

Grab two zip lock bags and fill them up with water. Then, place them inside your shoes and then place the shoes inside a bag. Now that the shoes are in, place the bag in the freezer and leave it there for a couple of hours. We assure you that you will be impressed by the results.

For the runners

This one is for the runners out there! If you are into jogging, running, and participating in marathons often, this hack will come in handy for you. Running for so long can leave you with blisters and also very annoying foot pain.

Photo courtesy of dailystory.me

Firstly, you need to go to the pharmacy and get yourself K-Y jelly. Once you get it, make sure to apply it to your feet before putting your running shoes on. We can guarantee you that your feet will thank you for it!

Add some wool!

One thing about dry winters is that they can make you feel so cold no matter how many layers you wear. Usually, You can still feel it. Let’s not talk about the feet and how cold they can get when the temperature drops. We all know your feet become two ice blocks.

Photo courtesy of morehakz.com

We have a hack that will make your feet happy during cold winters: wool! Take that old wool sweater that you stopped wearing, put your shoes on it, and cut around your shoes. Then put the pieces inside and say goodbye to cold feet!

Waterproof shoes

You want to wear your favorite canvas shoes today, but it looks like it’s going to rain. Your shoes are not waterproof, but this should not stop you from wearing the shoes you want. Here is a hack that you can utilize!

Image courtesy of icanstyleu.com

Beeswax is good for so many things, and it turns out that saving your shoes from getting wet is one of them, too. All you need to do is to rub the beeswax onto your shoes until they are fully covered in it. After, blow dry your shoes and put them to the test!

Goodbye, moisture!

When you store away your winter shoes this spring, you might want to do this little hack that will keep away moisture and yucky smells from your boots. All you need is an old newspaper and maybe some nice-smelling toilet paper.

Photo courtesy of bag.younmee.site

Now scrunch the newspaper sheets and the toilet paper together and fill up your boots with them. Not only will this keep them moisture-free and give them a pleasant smell, but it will keep the eventual storage creases away too.

Shorten them heels

Ladies, we all have to agree on this one. Wearing high heels will indeed give you the confidence you need, but wearing them makes us feel so uncomfortable. So much so that after you take them off, the first steps are so painful.

Image courtesy of crown_xclusives/Instagram

It turns out that is a direct result of all the pressure put on the joints and feet nerves. So, the solution to this is short heels. You can enjoy wearing them with confidence while your feet won’t suffer or be in pain.

Goodbye, arch pain!

If you’re constantly dealing with foot pain no matter the shoes you wear, then you might want to book an appointment with a foot doctor, a.k.a a podiatrist. And this is because you might suffer either from a high foot arch or a flat foot.

Photo courtesy of Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

If this is the case, then your podiatrist will probably prescribe some special insert soles that will support your foot arches, making walking much easier and less painful. All these years of feeling pain in your feet can be solved with just one visit to the doctor.

New shoes

Buying new shoes is probably one of the best feelings ever. But, this feeling comes with a cost, too: new shoes can be very uncomfortable at first, especially if they are made out of leather. If you want to know what to do in this case, keep on reading.

Photo courtesy of erhainews.com

You want to wear the new shoes as soon as possible without having to go through the pain new shoes bring. All you need to do is to put on some thick socks before putting your shoes on. Set your blow-dryer on a high temp. Use it to direct heat toward your shoes. Keep it this way for as long as you need.

Buy shoes in the evening

Of course, this hack does not apply to buying them online. But according to shoe experts and big retailers, it is better to buy shoes in the evening than buy them in the morning. Why is this, you may ask?

Image courtesy of fashionluxury_classyandy999/Instagram

It turns out that in the morning and during the day, our feet are more swollen than they are in the evening. So if a pair of shoes fit you in the morning, chances are that your shoes will feel loose in the evening. This comes in handy when buying new shoes.

Shoe straps

Shoe straps can be uncomfortable, too, to the point that they can give one bruises and blisters. Imagine a night out with very uncomfortable sandals; that is honestly the worst scenario. It can be so bad it might ruin one’s night.

Photo courtesy of webthreto.com

Here is what you can do to prevent blisters and bruises from sandals straps. Go to your nearest Walmart or drug store and buy some moleskin foam. Apply it around the straps and enjoy your night out while wearing shoes that will not hurt your feet.

No more in between toes blisters

Let’s all agree on this one once again! Flip-flops are the best shoes to wear during summer. They’re comfortable, easy to put on, and not expensive at all. This comes with a price: the straps that go in between the toes can cause blisters and irritation.

Photo courtesy of sorayacartateguy.com

What you need to do in order to keep on wearing your flip-flops is to wrap satin fabric around the straps of your favorite flip-flops. The soft satin will protect your feet and will make your shoes look unique, too.

Tea bags for the rescue!

Wearing sneakers during summer can be a little tricky. As comfortable as they can be, it’s very likely they can cause your feet to smell funky. We know how bad this can be, and this is where tea bags come in handy.

Image courtesy of mashable.com

According to a Reddit group where people share different hacks, putting tea bags in smelly shoes can quickly make the smell disappear. Put as many as you want in your shoes and leave them overnight. The result will most likely impress you.

Widen your boots

If you want to widen your boots that do not fit anymore, which can happen for a variety of reasons, you will have to stock up on magazines and newspapers because you will definitely need a lot of them for this next hack.

Photo courtesy of ehow.com

Roll up as many magazines and newspapers as you need, stuff your boots with them, and take them out only when you need to wear them. You will be surprised at what a difference this hack can make. However, this only works for leather shoes.

No more blisters

Here is a fast summer hack that will probably come in handy. Also, here is another reason why you should always bring your roll-on deodorant with you. Putting it on your feet will not only make them smell good but will also protect them from blisters.

Photo courtesy of shared.com

Put it on your feet as many times as it is needed, and you will be surprised about how good this hack is. It is fair to say that the person who discovered this deserves an award for this amazing hack.

Don’t slip, grip!

Some shoes, especially the elegant type, have such smooth soles that they become really dangerous on certain surfaces. Here is what you can do to prevent yourself from the unfortunate event of slipping and falling in front of everybody.

Photo courtesy of familyhandyman.com

Go open your box of tools and get that piece of sanding paper. You will need it. Make sure the soles of your shoes are clean and once you have everything in place, start sanding the soles of your shoes until they become rough.

High heels hack

One of the main reasons why wearing high heels will hurt your feet is that the sweat will make your feet slide forward, pushing all the weight on your toes. To prevent sliding, there are several hacks you can utilize.

Photo courtesy of rolloid.com

And one of them, which is probably one of the easiest, is applying a handmade sole on top of your shoe’s sole. Here is what you need: some good grippy fabric, a hot glue gun, and a crayon to trace the shape of your soles. When you finish, you can enjoy wearing comfortable shoes!

Heel caps will save the day

First of all, we are sure that the click-clack sound high heels make is annoying to most of the people who wear them. Second of all, if the tip of one of your high heels breaks, then this little hack will come in handy as well.

Photo courtesy of gogoheels.com

It is not really a hack, but instead, an item you can order online: heel caps. They are set on different sizes, and they are exactly what you need in order to be able to walk around in high heels without making any noise or without fearing that the tip of your heel will fall off.

Shoelace magic

This one is especially for the shoes that are trending. If you like them, but do not want to wear the same shoes as everyone else, you can do this little trick that will make your shoes look more unique and personal.

Photo courtesy of today.com

This hack focuses on your shoe laces. There are so many color combinations, and ways that you can tie them that will most likely have people on the street give your shoes that “where did she get them from?” look.

Noisy footwear

Let’s be honest, only toddlers love having squeaky shoes. For us adults, these types of shoes are a nightmare, both when worn by toddlers and when worn by us too. Unfortunately, some of our adult shoes become squeaky over time too.

Photo courtesy of teenateen.com

But, of course, the incredible world of the internet found a solution for this annoying problem, and this is baby powder. You should put a little baby powder inside of your shoes before wearing them. Your shoes will be as silent as they used to be after trying this out.

No more creases

White sneakers are every sneaker addict’s favorite pair of shoes. The only bad thing about them and about all the sneakers made out of leather is that they get creases really fast. But guess what, there is a solution for this as well.

Image courtesy of toritoshoes.com

And this solution is called: steam iron. A steam iron will scare away the creases. If you do not have a steam iron, a regular iron will work as well. All you need is a wet towel to apply over your shoes.

Foot saver

Here is a little thing that not many know about but always proves to be of a great help: heel grips. These little buddies will help you in so many ways that you didn’t think about before. From preventing your feet from sliding down to preventing bruises, they are amazing!

Photo courtesy of covetedeal.com

Now you can find heel grips in every pharmacy and shoe shop that has a foot health corner. They are affordable, and they come in different sizes. The best thing about these heel grips is that they are not visible from the outside of the shoe.

Extra shine

If you want to make your leather shoes as good as new again, you might want to try this hack that will leave your shoes shining. According to people on the internet, vinegar works wonders on leather shoes, helping to bring back their shine.

Photo courtesy of harpersbazaar.com

Just a couple of drops on a cotton pad and a good scrub will clean off all the stains and will give your shoes that extra shine effect you’re looking for. It’s easy, effective, and most important, it is not full of chemicals or toxic for us.