Conformity Is A Crime: 39 People With A Peculiar Aesthetic Who Accomplished The Unimaginable

By Sachin

People with an offbeat sense of style get a lot of attention. We won’t ever get the image of Lady Gaga in her meat dress out of our head, no matter how hard we try. Many of us love to use our clothing, shoes, accessories, and even home decor to share with the world who we are. We love and appreciate everyone who lets their quirk shine through with their unique styles. The images you’re about to see are eccentric and unconventional, to say the very least. Hardly anything can ready you for what you will see in this article. It’s best summed up by the slogan ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ (ATBGE), which is inspired by the subreddit with the same name. The execution and creation of their masterpieces are one of a kind; we might, however, reconsider the design aesthetic.

Chef’s kiss!

That’s it. We stan this haircut to the fullest extent of support we can extend to our capabilities. Just look at the powder blue color! It looks so pretty! We can’t believe that this was categorized as bad. Did we mention we’re still into Pokemon?

Photo courtesy of: elmex_frotado2 / Reddit

Because it is actually not bad at all on the large scale of things, this is a valid showcase of the hairdresser’s talent. And he for sure is one capable person. To get the nuances of Squirtle like this? Epic!

Creativity: Over 9000

Just looking at this, it’s a bit hard to comprehend what is actually wrong here. With this setup, that is; or settee up -haha. We can’t let a good pun slide off now, can we? But this is actually quite ingenious.

Photo courtesy of: hippolottaass / Reddit

It’s a bathtub cut into three matching pieces. The two ends have been repurposed as chairs. The middle part has been repurposed as a table with a glass top. All it needs, in our opinion, are some proper cushions to bring out the vibe.

Things that make you go, “hmm…”

It’s the sort of item that you can’t decide for sure whether you like it or hate it. As a clothing material, denim is quite versatile, and if you are like us, you might like the feel of the fabric.

Photo courtesy of: mokoe101 / Reddit

There’s a certain appeal that we can’t describe, having denim touch the sole of your feet—kind of a comfortable feeling. But the thing is this. These slippers must be worn inside the house, most preferably in the bedroom, or risk the run of wearing out quickly.

Urine big trouble

The Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) is a modern and contemporary art showroom found in Santa Ana, California. It is now housed at a temporary location at South Coast Plaza Village. The museum’s outstanding collection has about 4,500 artifacts. Very impressive!

Photo courtesy of: F-O / Reddit

They focus on California and Pacific Rim art from the 2000s to the present. Some clever person took the opportunity present here and went with it. They even added a yellow urine stain to make the whole thing pretty authentic.

Dorito dress

We mean it when we say that this dress is an absolute stunner. Sure, it is made from Doritos packets that are empty. But look how good it looks on her! The dress perfectly captures her form. Wow!

Photo courtesy of: lildyllyo / Reddit

Plus, this is a very creative way of recycling plastic into reusable items with value. We know the upcycle advocates would lose their collective mind at this. This is E for Effort, and the E stands for excellent also, which this is!

Cat people, rejoice!

Yet another thing that makes us go hmmm… Because like the denim slippers we saw a bit earlier, this also keeps us on the fence. Aesthetically, it is pretty bold, but there is something here that we can’t quite place our finger upon.

Photo courtesy of: Testostacles / Reddit

Maybe it’s the cats. It definitely has to be the cats. Three cats just playing around, trying to claw at the fabric, gives it an effect that is quite the spectacle to behold. So, would we wear this? Why not?

Anime? Anime!

Well, any hardcore or softcore anime lover knows that facial profile anywhere. That’s Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z. Goku’s teacher while raised on Earth. At first glimpse, it is a bit difficult to discern, but the mustache makes all the difference.

Photo courtesy of: UnosDosMe / Reddit

Yeah, it sure does. The turtle hermit does sport some impressive facial hair on his chevy chase. Plus, the reflection on his lenses cannot be mistaken. It’s Bulma! Vegeta’s wife and quite the resourceful woman of her own. Now, that’s well thought out!

That’s a what?

A giant sock drawer? Who was this made for? Paul Bunyan? By the size of the socks, it is pretty evident that this was not made for an ordinary human being. Obvious, yeah, we know! But the truth is stranger!

Photo courtesy of: saltysnatch / Reddit

It is, at this juncture. This happens to be the world’s most enormous chest of drawers. And they happen to take painstaking effort just to paint the socks in different colors now and again, to give it the effect of a change in clothes.

Aim and pee

After the porcelain body was dried and adorned with purified cobalt-blue dye mixed with water and applied with a paintbrush, it was covered with a transparent glaze and burned at a high enough temperature. This is why these are much sought after.

Photo courtesy of: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III / Reddit

So much so that in countries colonized by the Dutch, the blue and white porcelain bearing the logo VOC has a huge demand. They sell for eyebrow-raising amounts giving a foundation to the fact that there is a persistent demand.

We can’t believe what we’re seeing

That is precisely the sentiment we have when we see these food items! Just look at those Dino chicken nuggets! They look so crispy and infinitely better than what you can have at a McDonald’s or a Burger King.

Photo courtesy of: vProdigyy / Reddit

But what are the rings attached to them? Wait a minute! These aren’t real food to eat! These are earrings! My goodness, these had us adequately fooled. Just look at the texture of that rotisserie chicken right there. Pure talent!

Topiary has many uses

Well, first things first, if you have any seasonal allergies, we don’t suggest investing in these armchairs. Charming as they are, they’ll send you right back inside with hayfever. We’ve never before considered what sitting in a moss chair would feel like, but we suppose it would be relatively supple.

Photo courtesy of: FadedPariah / Reddit

Perhaps these moss-laden chairs would be most suitable in a garden or a scene with fairies and witchcraft. Inside our homes, however, perhaps not. Someone commented a cute joke about this set, calling it chia furniture. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Slam dunk!

Now, this is just the kind of thing you would expect Michael Jordan to have in his house. Mansion, to be exact. He is the greatest of all time, the one true GOAT, so why wouldn’t he have this in his house?

Photo courtesy of: Xander395 / Reddit

It looks posh as heck, by the way. We have grounds to believe that these are affordable or imitation crystals. But if Michael Jordan is paying for it, then for sure it will be made by Swarovski, the crystal giant.

Tarantino Vase

Quentin Tarantino has revealed why he likes incorporating feet in his movies. From Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, this director’s movies frequently use close-up pictures of women’s feet, sparked controversy. Did you notice it too?

Photo courtesy of: amberButtSquirt / Reddit

On the other hand, Tarantino is unconcerned, telling GQ, “I don’t take it seriously.” In fact, he believes it is “simply good direction.” So having said that, we could totally envision him taking the time to learn and sculpt this. To be fair, it really is not all that awful!

But, why?

Look. We have stood behind most of these “creations” because, let’s be honest here. They have a specific potential, aesthetic, and appeal at the end of the day. But there are instances where even we have to draw the line.

Photo courtesy of: C_Centaur_ / Reddit

This is something like that. Of all the designs of nail art that could have been done, this is the one they went ahead with? It also has a filling on it too! Why on Earth would anyone highlight that?

Beard the Magnificent

What a luxurious-looking beard that is. Yes sir. We can just feel the owner’s dedication to this impressive specimen of facial hair and just how much time he must spend devoted to its maintenance. The effort truly speaks volumes.

Photo courtesy of: Kfromchanged / Reddit

This gentleman happens to be the runner-up of Norway’s best beard competition held in 2019. If this intricate and delicate thing is number 2, we would really like to know what kind of a fantastic beard won number 1.

Thanks, but no thanks!

That’s all we have to state when we see this new “beauty trend.” What happened to applying the correct shade of lipstick on your lips and looking like a million bucks? What happened to those simpler times? This is just not it.

Photo courtesy of: unitedkingdombaby / Reddit

It looks like the lip was bitten by something or was in contact with something toxic. It kind of has the appearance that it broke out in hives, doesn’t it? We hope this Pink Lemonade Lip trend stays buried and won’t get picked up.

The Terrific Trio

Now that’s what you call a kickass tattoo. That’s the entire late 80s, and early 90s rolled into one single expression of art. Yeah, that is what this is. Art. The greatest of all time in their individual fields, in one image.

Photo courtesy of: whoisjuan / Reddit

We have Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. We have Mike Tyson’s famous facial tribal tattoo on MJ to represent him. To top it off, MJ is wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, the world-famous Michael Jordan’s team when he was playing basketball.

Hook, line and sinker!

When you see this, you might think that this person went through an immense amount of pain. The skin around the fingers is especially sensitive. So is the skin around the palm, as not much muscle tissue is present.

Photo courtesy of: ProjectOcean / Reddit

But the things people do for art can surprise us most of the time. But, if you glimpse closely, you will detect that this is a drawing and not a tattoo, as previously suggested. Whatever it is, this is pure talent!

Shoe on the other foot?

Shayne Oliver is a New York-based fashion icon, artist, and artistic director. Oliver is the co-founder and artistic director of Hood by Air, a fashion label he founded in 2006 with designer Raul Lopez. Oliver was designated one of Complex’s “25 Greatest Black Fashion Designers” in 2013.

Photo courtesy of: AdministrationSolid4 / Reddit

He has accomplished much, and we respect that. This is not about his creative talent. This is about his design on this shoe. Really? What is the actual purpose here? Is there something we do not see here? Is he going forward or backward? We really don’t know.


The actual chance of the owner of this bed being a dentist is relatively high. Just look at this thing. A complete yet somewhat cartoonish rendition of a human mouth adorned with fangs also. Guess he’s a fan of vampire fiction.

Photo courtesy of: Masonjarununiversity / Reddit

Somehow the creator of this dental bed has managed to fit the fangs onto the four bed posts. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the mattress is able to offer a comfortable good night’s sleep.

Eco toilet

It is pretty obvious that you aren’t meant to use it as a real toilet, but we can’t figure out what else it’s meant to be utilized for the life of us. Except possibly as a laundry basket. We’re not sure what’s happening here.

Photo courtesy of: DrewChrist87 / Reddit

Let’s say it’s being used as a laundry basket for the sake of argument, but why? Out of all the creative things that can be done from wicker, why go on and create this. No wonder this baffles us to the core.

Define: unnecessary

This is the perfect thing to use when you are asked to show something unnecessary in your home. Just look at it. Why go into all the trouble just to produce something like this? What’s the purpose of this? It looks disgusting.

Photo courtesy of: DannyMThompson / Reddit

Some can argue it was created for the sake of art, but that’s only one aspect. This is also something that serves a function. Plus, it is made from resin which is eco-friendly but is toxic. Spoon collectors in the audience, is this something you’re into?


We have a rough idea of what she is trying to accomplish here. The kind of hair that medieval and early renaissance ladies of nobility had. The ones that look pretty intricate. We have an inkling that those styles were achieved with hairnets.

Photo courtesy of: mudki3p / Reddit

It seems like a much more sensible option now, doesn’t it? The only problem we notice here is that this lady went the extra mile. As she should, and it is her right. But the point here is that this looks painful, to be honest.

Creep alert

Whoa there, Nelly! The person who did this on his skin went the extra mile now, didn’t they? How hyper-realistic is this tattoo right here? This one is really driving us nuts. It kind of reminds us of the baby sun in Teletubbies.

Photo courtesy of: beanjuicebrew / Reddit

Exactly. If the inside voice went rouge and developed a visage, we would assume that it would look like this. Man, just look at the look that thing is giving. What is it supposed to mean? Is this a way of remembering someone?

Bad hair day?

Puking rainbows is a popular theme in online cartoons and images. They depict rainbow-colored vomit or an emoji vomiting up another torrent of a rainbow. Pictures of vomiting rainbows were seen on numerous blogs and imageboard sites, even considering the distasteful subject material.

Photo courtesy of: unicornmanesbymykey / Facebook

So that’s how it came to prominence, just like that. You learn a new thing every day, don’t you? But we have to commend the hairstylist on this monumental task. One look and you know that this was not easy in your heart.

The real crocs

Forget the branded crocs, which offer comfortable walking when worn. This is the kind of crocs worn by hardcore men when they are doing overly manly stuff. Just look at the execution on this thing. Took a lot of effort.

Photo courtesy of: passport89 / Reddit

But we do hope that the lower jaw is sealed from the inside. So, the upper jaw will jut out like an ornamental thing. If not, this shoe has no value. Maybe it can be put on display in some shoe museum?

Bad choice or witty choice?

The Venus flytrap is a blooming plant renowned for its carnivorous diet. Every leaf has two hinged lobes that serve as the “trap.” Trichomes are hair-like projections on the inner surfaces of the lobes that induce those lips to clamp shut.

Photo courtesy of: ral365 / Reddit

They do that whenever potential food makes contact with them. Keeping that in mind, and knowing what gets pulled out in a urinal, maybe this is not the best design idea. It doesn’t look like rocket science to implement a creative urinal now, does it?

Not the best font in our opinion

Lower back tattoos were fashionable during the first turn of the twenty-first century, and they were known for their sensual appeal. Teens often wore low-rise pants or crop tops to highlight the tattoos. Part of their success was due to the presence of female celebrities.

Photo courtesy of: pinkat31522 / Reddit

All in all, a correctly done tramp stamp is like an identity piece. It enables you to stand out in a mob only if it is correctly done. This is not the case here. This looks like demo art for a death metal band logo.

Standing ovation!

Of course, this deserves a standing ovation! Just look at it. It’s a backpack shaped like a cat. A cat pack. People won’t admit it, but we know for sure that they are dying to have this in their wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of: Avangelooney / Reddit

Who wouldn’t? It’s an adorable cat. Plus, you can put stuff in it. Plus, when you open it, there are more cats. There are only plus points with this creation. There is nothing negative so far, and we are hopeful that it will be available out our local shops soon.

Music is life

Built in 2007, this odd Piano and Violin-shaped structure serve as a showroom for displaying designs for the newly developed Shannan area in Huainan City, China. The escalators and stairs for the primary piano structure are housed in the translucent violin.

Photo courtesy of: antisymmetrics / Reddit

The violin also stores numerous blueprints and growth prospects for the newly created region. This has become a significant tourist attraction due to its distinctive design, and many newlyweds have their photos taken in front of it. Locals have dubbed it “China’s most romantic building.”

Aussie shades

The ways of the mostly inaccessible world of Haute fashion are not always straightforward. Every season, there’s a style that strives to strike a balance between stylish and silly, and this season’s trend is a set of eye-catching shades. Interesting!

Photo courtesy of: eggeggs / Reddit

Gucci, the luxury fashion brand, has announced a new element to its sunglass collection. It’s an ordinary pair of sunglasses that have been inverted. That’s about it when it comes to the design. So don’t worry about not standing out in a crowd because you definitely will with a pair of these.

What in tarnation?

Exactly. Our sentiments exactly. What in tarnation is this newest fashion trend, if that is what this is. It looks like two inverted jeans, sewn together. There is only one thing here that we would like to know very much.

Photo courtesy of: SGII2 / Reddit

And that would be how the wearer of these jeans intends to walk around! There is no possible scenario where we can imagine that this would aid in good locomotion. All we see when we look at this would be a future of bandages.

Tick, tick, boom?

Ticks are parasites that are arachnids that belong to the Parasitiformes superorder of mites. Adult ticks range in length from 3 to 5 mm, depending on the age group, gender, species, and “puffiness.” Ticks are parasitic insects that feed just on blood.

Photo courtesy of: Zexceed_9 / Reddit

Blood of birds, mammals, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Such a hated creature worldwide, man and beast alike, and you put them on your vehicle? Man! This guy must be a fascinating dude. The only explanation would be that an exterminator owns this vehicle.

What are these?

Many questions pop up in our heads when we see these shoes. Where does the hair go when you walk? Does it just drag behind you? Should you wash it? Does it need a conditioner? What if someone steps on it while you’re walking?

Photo courtesy of: Cgi22 / Reddit

It looks like it needs as much care or more than that than your own hair. Just look at that luxurious mane right behind, trailing like a wedding veil. Yeah, good luck wearing these on a rainy day. If you really can wear these, that is.

Luxury poo

Art may be a fantastic method to mock the powerful and almighty. Whoever crafted this awful design probably had someone significantly extra in mind. We learned that this toilet was auctioned before this lavish mansion was destroyed.

Photo courtesy of: TheSnakeTickler / Reddit

We were also referring to the golden toilet used by Donald Trump. It goes to show the ego on this dude to have something like this. But this toilet looks a bit shell-shocked compared to the throne used by the former President.

Smurf, smurf, smurf

The Smurfs is a Belgian cartoon series about a fictional colony of tiny blue humanoids who dwell in mushroom-shaped cottages in the woods. Peyo, a Belgian comic artist, first invented and launched The Smurfs as a collection of comic book characters in 1958.

Photo courtesy of: graypupon / Reddit

It was initially under the name Les Schtroumpfs. Since then, they have skyrocketed in popularity. Most people associate them with America, but they were conceptualized in Belgium. So we don’t see what’s wrong with this tattoo, right here.


Wookiees are fictitious anthropomorphic extraterrestrial beings who live on the forested world Kashyyyk throughout The Star Wars universe. Their physical strength, hirsutism, and gigantism set them apart from humans. Chewbacca, who co-flies the Millennium Falcon with his best buddy Han Solo, is the most well-known Wookiee.

Photo courtesy of: NoahWilsonMagic / Reddit

Since we have laid the background on what a Wookie is, we can turn them into these shoes. Hands down, we can say that these things will keep your feet warm on cold days. Functionality-wise, not much but aesthetic-wise, the total marks are earned.

Lines so sharp

A precision haircut is a hairstyle that considers every detail of your hair and facial characteristics. This includes your hair type as well as the design lines for your new haircut to flow smoothly and readily through into the exact specifications.

Photo courtesy of: splurgeoverthem / Reddit

The haircut’s overall contour is quite distinct on this gentleman right here. It’s like a mathematical set achieved the sharp edges. The barber must have enough patience to be a well-respected surgeon if he put in that much effort.

Y’all be tripping!

Jorts are denim shorts that can be bought or manufactured by chopping off the legs of a pair of skinny jeans. The word is used to ridicule this article of clothing as having an unattractive appearance… on guys, that is.

Photo courtesy of: anustickl / Reddit

But on gals, well, we just need to mention the name Daisy Duke. We think that is a well-rounded explanation, yeah? But a jong? Daisy Duke won’t be caught dead wearing a jong! Can you all imagine how uncomfortable it must be?