Wild Hair Don’t Care: 40+ Weird And Wacky Hairstyles That Made Us Do A Double Take

By Jana I

Getting a haircut can be a big decision since it can be the thing that ruins your whole look. It can either enhance your features and beautify you or completely butcher your vibe if the stylist has no idea what they’re doing. So, it’s essential to find one that you can trust. If you don’t have one, you can always ask your friends for a recommendation.

However, even that could go either way. A hairstyle you think looks gorgeous on someone might not translate that well on you. Furthermore, the market is huge, and there are so many choices, which can make picking a style even harder. Today, we decided to share 45 hair disasters we found online and thought were hilarious. Hopefully, none of you have experienced this first-hand. Sit back, and enjoy!

The Claw

This hairstyle will enable you to do a lot of things with just a simple nod. For example, if you need to tap someone on the shoulder, all you need to do is nod. Though we would never be able to pull off this style, it’s definitely a show-stopper.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Someone even said that he looks like the Angler fish in Finding Nemo, and now, we can’t unsee it! The angle at which the hair falls is the same as that lamp light that dangles down the fish’s face. Not a bad comparison at all, so we second it.

He Took It Too Literally

It’s unbelievable how some hairdressers are able to look at a picture of a haircut once and give you the same one by not taking a second look! Frankly, it never ceases to amaze us. On the other hand, some of them look at a photo and don’t think twice.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

The haircut on the left looks so clean. It was screenshotted from a video online, and, unfortunately, the hairdresser didn’t note that. They, in fact, shaved a play button into the client’s hair! Frankly, we can’t decide whether this was a win or a disaster.


When you’re feeling a little bit daring or in the mood for some animal awakening, then get this haircut. We are obviously being sarcastic out of the pure shock we experienced when we first laid our eyes on this photo. The guy surely knew what he was doing.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

He must have said, “I want a rat tail,” and the hairdresser just went with that. This is a super original idea and a head-turner, for sure. However, it’s also pretty hilarious and derpy. We bet he stole the show everywhere he went.

That is a Mane

We don’t care what anyone says because that is not hair. Nuh-uh. That’s the mane of a black lion. She must have done something for it to turn out like this. It’s more than just “I woke up like ‘dis,” if you know what we’re saying.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Hair can get puffy and weird when it’s rainy and humid outside, but this surpasses every rule of physics known to humankind. It looks like a wig. We can only imagine how comfy and cozy it is to sleep on it. She certainly doesn’t need to buy pillows since she has a portable one!


Our brains hurt from looking at this picture because we are trying so hard to understand what is going on with this person’s hair! It looks like a jellyfish and also kind of makes us think of hair under high voltage at the same time. Confused dot com.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Apparently, this strange hairstyle was popular back in the ’80s and ’90s. However, it required a little bit more hair, which is something this person did not have, unfortunately. If it looks this bad from the back, we shudder to think how much worse it is on the front.


There are people who are allergic to bees. Well, to bee stings, to be precise. Imagine you are chilling in nature, and suddenly, a bee or a wasp decides to sting you. You are done, dude. You need to react as soon as possible.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

On our side, what we are allergic to is this haircut, not the bees or even the stings themselves. Sorry, maybe that was too harsh. We apologize. Though we respect the bravery and the idea, we hate the execution and the end result. Okay? Okay.

Cheeto Cheese Puffs

This next one features a man who fears nothing. He is dedicated, diligent, and always willing to take on challenges by the horns. That said, we don’t know if this haircut was one of those challenges. But it sure looks like a bad idea.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This man, quite literally, glued cheeto cheese puffs to his scalp. Frankly, we are flabbergasted. He must be such a huge fan of this popular snack that he had to have it with him at all times, only a hair pull away. What a champion.

Sometimes It’s Better Not to Ask

You know that situation when someone asks, “how do you like my ______?” and you think it’s trash, but now you have to lie and say you like it because you don’t want to be rude. Some people tell the truth. They choose chaos above all. And we respect it.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This person seems to enjoy sarcasm and intentionally poking fun at themselves. However, you never know. Although we are not fans of the hair, we totally love those cute y2k sunglasses! So fabulous! However, we can’t say the same about the hair. You know us; chaos rules!

What Happened Here

We are as confused as this guy looks while he stares at the camera. He looks bewildered and caught off guard even though he is the one taking a picture of himself. Is it because he just made a grave mistake with his hair? Probably.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We just hope this was for some monetary gain, like a video on YouTube or TikTok. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense. Why anyone would do this to their hair is beyond us, especially since we think he would actually look good in a buzz cut. Cut it all off, dude!

That Is a Beautiful Mane

This is not the first time someone with a mane has shown up on this Twitter page, claiming it’s their hair. It is so beautiful, long, wavy, and shiny. However, we are going to need your opinion on this. Do you think it’s their real hair?

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We think it’s not real. This is either photoshopped or a wig. On a funny note, it conveys cocker spaniel vibes a little bit, doesn’t it?! We know you can see it too! The hair is actually gorgeous, except for the bald part.

A Perfect Circle

This might be one of the most hilarious yet. It was not a haircut fail caused by a dare someone lost. Oh no. It was a calculated decision, and there’s a hilarious story behind it. This man got a haircut that made what was left of his hair and beard into an oval!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

It almost seems like the guy went to a hairdresser/barber and said, “Hey, I want a look that frames my face,” and the hairdresser/barber responded, “say less!” Thus, this abomination was created. We stan, we support, we love! We hope they were satisfied with the result.

Lord Voldemort, Is That You?!

We all remember that incredibly memorable moment in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone when “Lord Voldemort” was revealed to be hiding underneath “Professor Quirrell’s” turban. It was an eerie scene. Everyone’s tummy turned at the first sight of it.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This hairstyle reminded us of that scene. That said, the craftsmanship here is mind-blowing. This must have taken a few good hours to create. It’s almost like a tattoo but with hair. If you weren’t convinced that hair styling is an art, we hope this convinced you.

Check Mate

If you ever find yourself craving a game of chess (who craves chess, though?!), this guy will be your best friend. The one you come to when in need, the one you can rely on, etc. Frankly, we think this haircut is one of the more original ones, and it was also done pretty well!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We’d love to know if the chess pieces are just random or if the positions are from a famous chess match. Well, we’ll never know since we are clearly not big fans of the game. “How’s my hair looking round the back, dude?”… “I dunno, I’ll just check, mate.” Sorry, we couldn’t help it!

To Keep The Head Warm

If you are bald, all you need to do to keep your head warm is to put on a nice, warm, fuzzy, cozy, comfy hat. That was a whirlwind of adjectives, but you catch the drift. We wonder if that was the inspiration behind this haircut.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We can’t say it’s not original and intriguing, though. If he was going for the shock value, he nailed it! We also can’t deny that he looks like a rather dashing middle-aged dad coming to pick his daughter up from school. But he would also fit the description of “Sherlock Holmes'” lost brother!

Feelin’ Festive

This hairstyle is one of the few we would recommend most for the winter holidays. It is festive, colorful, and just perfect for Christmas and New Year when everyone is feeling happy, jolly, and in a good mood. Take a look at this dude.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

He even made it spiky with some hair gel and added colorful ornaments. Furthermore, the guy looks just as jolly and happy as the Christmas holiday promises. Maybe the festive haircut is behind that. Shall we all dye our hair green and red?

The Villain Trope

This haircut is so popular among villains of fantasy and science-fiction movies and shows that it’s almost expected now. A number of male villains have haircuts that feature a style where the middle of the head is shaved off, and there is a lot of spiky, fluffy hair on the side.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This guy also looks like a baddie. His sly smile indicates he knows something you (the main character) don’t know. It gives off creepy vibes. How could such a simple haircut be so adept at conveying this demeanor universally? We’ll have to investigate this.

DreamWorks Logo

This guy clearly loves to stand out from the crowd. He is not the one to follow the rules or stick to the well-known, safe paths in society. No, no, no, he is special. He loves to express himself and does so with charm.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Gotta admit it; you can’t hate this. It has a quality that intrigues you and doesn’t appall you. It’s pretty impressive. At the same time, it has different vibes, and all of them passed the vibe check. DreamWorks, is that you?!

That is Some Hair, Old Man

Having a lot of hair when you’re old is such a flex since old people, grannies, and grandpas often lose their hair. It starts to thin, gets frail, and falls off. It’s nature, they say. However, there are some old folks who still have so much hair!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We’re not saying that it looks good because it doesn’t. But it’s still impressive. Those are some good genes, dude. Kudos to you. We hope the guy is doing well and that this unkempt look isn’t caused by any issues or problems in his life.

Runway Hair

Now, we have something we didn’t think would appear on this list. So far, we’ve seen people with crazy hairstyles, which they did or paid for deliberately. However, now, we have a runway model with an abomination on her head. Though we doubt it was accidental, we still can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

You can tell she is such a beautiful lady. These kinds of runway shows, more often than not, include weird hair and makeup like this. With a beautiful model, everything looks gorgeous and acceptable somehow, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually applauded.

Middle School-inspired Hair

We don’t see anything particularly wrong with this one. We’d actually say it’s cute and quirky. A bit weird, sure, but not absurd or hilarious like some on this list. It features an Asian singer and performer with a sweet, silly hairstyle.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Don’t act too innocent, now. We’re pretty sure you had this kind of hairstyle at least twice in your life in middle school. You are not above it. And, after all, the girl looks fine. She is gorgeous, and the hair didn’t make her look bad.

Yeah, A Great Idea

Who thinks to themselves, “lemme add some chains and diamonds as hair on my head. Yeah, that’s gonna look sick and drippy.”Frankly, we are greatly confused. Not only does this look cheap instead of wealthy, but it also seems so uncomfortable to sleep in!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

That, paired with the gold teeth he has and a chain around his neck, is just too much. It is just trashy. If it’s meant to be worn like a wig you can easily wear for a pic, and take off, then fine, we guess. That said, we would still judge if that was the case!

I -Bald Spot- You

Some people have a condition that creates bald spots on their scalps. It is very infuriating and can cause stress, insecurity, and lower someone’s confidence. However, we are not certain this picture is about that. We think this was done intentionally.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

It seems like this girl decided she was going to shave a heart-shaped bald spot on her head. Perhaps (and we really hope we’re wrong) it was a Valentine’s Day present for her significant other. What a gesture! We just hope it was appreciated.

Pineapple Head

This one might be one of our favorites. Not because it’s good. On the contrary, it’s so not good that we think it’s amazing. You know how some things are so ugly, but you still find them so intriguing that you can’t help but admire them? That’s how we feel about this.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Apparently, he was kicked out of school for expressing himself. We are not even sure what pineapples had to do with that. For some reason, though, he reminds us of one particular pineapple; “SpongeBob’s” house. And now we can’t stop singing the theme song in our heads!

That Way, He Never Loses His Sunglasses

Sunglasses are almost like hairpins. You lose them as soon as you turn around and take your eyes off them. They are easily lost and also pretty brittle. It always feels like you buy them every year, only for them to disappear again.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This guy is a genius. He found a way to keep sunglasses on his head at all times. Sure, he can’t use them, but the illusion is there. The cut is hilarious, but it’s a vibe; we are not gonna lie. We would definitely hang out with this guy!

A Murder of Crows

How old were you when you learned that a group of crows is called a murder of crows? We assume today years old. Well, this person looks like they have a murder of crows on their head, both literally and metaphorically.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This hair is a whole moment; we can’t deny that. And though it’s very impractical, it’s also kind of a banger. It looks great in the photo, which it was intended for (hopefully). The dark hair against the yellow background – chef’s kiss.

Immediate Pass

If we ever saw this person in front of us, we’d immediately cross to the other side of the street. If it looks this dirty and unkempt, can you imagine the smell? We don’t even want to know… Does this person shower, bathe, or at least wash their hair?

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

It’s so matted and messy and reminds us of a beaver’s tail. The thickness, the color, and even the texture. Imagine how long they didn’t cut their hair for it to be this long. So many questions, yet we don’t even have the face for the case.

Whose Giraffe is That?

This picture is so simple, yet it makes us laugh out loud whenever we see it. It reminds us of that Vine girl who bops to music with her back to the camera and then suddenly turns around and wears some goofy glasses.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This photo has the same confusing yet funny vibe. This guy (we assumed he’s a guy because of the neck width) has the longest neck and the shortest back hairline we’ve ever seen. This haircut doesn’t do him any justice.

Where Are Your Parents, Kid?!

Our parents would never let us do this when we were younger. We are pretty sure it breaks your hair and pulls it down and out of your scalp, yet some kids do it. Guess it’s interesting for a few days when you’re on holiday or something like that.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

A lot of people do this kind of hairstyle nowadays. They use wool to create those dred-like extensions. This little guy probably stole some from his granny’s sewing kit and decided to rock it! Alright, kid, better to live while you’re young.

We’re Hiding With Her, Man

Someone saw this online and commented: ‘When you ask your hairdresser for a side parting without realizing Moses is your barber,’ and we folded with laughter. This boy was done so dirty by their hairdresser that we think they should be arrested.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

The way he is also so confident with it is so laughable. He can’t be over 15 years old. Well, he’ll learn, so let’s give him a break. But the comment: ‘ima hide wit her,’ also rang so true because, boy, if hair could kill, yours would be a weapon of mass destruction.

The Frodo Baggins

This lady should have seen it coming. She didn’t need to get the haircut to know that it would suit her, just as it does “Frodo Baggins.” She looks like “Frodo” would if he was a girl. The resemblance is uncanny!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We like the hairstyle. That wet curls look always gets us. When we look at different parts of their faces individually, like the brows, nose, mouth, and cheeks, they don’t seem to look alike, but the face and expression as a whole are what gets us.

You Are What You Eat

When you take the ‘you are what you eat’ phrase too far, a haircut like this happens. We would really like to meet the hairdresser who agreed to do this. Is it good or bad marketing? Well, it’s up to you to decide. All we ask is that you approach it with an open mind.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

All things considered, the haircut was ridiculously well done. The cuts are clean, and the art is beautiful and super realistic, especially on that chunk of hair that’s dangling on the left side of the face. We just hope it doesn’t induce trichophagia!

Oval Dude

We already had an oval hairstyle in this article courtesy of the guy who left one line going from his beard all around his head, making a perfect oval. This time, we have something a bit different but with the same energy. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

The cut makes the dude’s forehead look gigantic! It’s so bad that we wanna give him a zero, but since it’s not possible, we’ll give him a 1. It kind of looks like a musical note when you look closely enough.

The Neck Line Bruh

This guy’s hair is kinda drippy; we’re not gonna lie. But that beard-neck line is killing us! Why did his barber have to do him dirty like that? We are all for tidy, nice beards, but this is too much. It looks artificial, too perfect.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Also, we assume that the guy is attractive. He looks handsome even from this angle. So, why on earth would he do this to ruin his look? Because of that neckline, it looks like he is wearing a balaclava and is just about to rob the neighborhood!

Hanging On For Dear Life

Losing hair is a sad experience, but it is a part of life. If you are selected by the powers that be, you can’t fight it. Sure, there are some remedies, shampoos, and vitamins you can take, but they never work as well as you expect them, do they?

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This guy chose to deny his bitter reality. Though he is 98% bald, he still chooses to keep the remaining 2% tied in a ponytail at the back of his head. We all know he would look better if he just shaved it all off. No one would even look at him twice.

The Perfect Rectangle

We have seen two oval hairstyles, a Christmas tree with ornaments, a few manes, and whatnot, but we haven’t seen a rectangle so far. This guy has it, though, and he is ready to show it off. Whether this is something to show off is a question for another time.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Our bro looks like he was spawned out of a Minecraft save and started blending into the society. He can walk around undetected since he looks real. But we just can’t wrap our minds around his hair and beard. It must be an optical illusion.

When Your Hair Keeps You Close to the Heavenly Principles

This hair sends a clear message, and that is: Rock & Roll is love, Rock & Roll is life! And the dude is rocking it, literally and metaphorically. It’s not to our tastes, but it’s iconic. It keeps him closer to the heavenly principles.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

The second pic is a mood. The only thing he’s missing is an electric guitar to serve some serious Rock & Roll vibes. If it turns out he was part of a famous rock band, we wouldn’t be surprised. We can totally picture him riding his Harley Davison and leading a motorcycle gang.

They Have Eyes On Their Backs

We have already seen a guy that reminded us of “Lord Voldemort” from the Harry Potter film franchise. Though these guys have nothing on “Voldemort,” they are funny as heck. They seem to have beards and eyebrows on the back of their heads!

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

They even turned their shirts and ties, so the whole thing would look even more interesting or maybe confusing. But nuh-uh, we’re not that gullible. You can tell they are the life of the party in their group of friends.

The Ghetto and Aunt Maggie

This is what happens when you are ghetto but also love your aunt Maggie, and you let her do your hair from time to time. Maggie is a retired hairstylist. She loves to do your hair and feeds you liquor candy. She also mostly lives with cats (and a few mice).

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This boy has wonderful hair with great color and seemingly amazing texture. It looks well-cared for and nice in general. Since he seems to be bursting out in laughter, we can only assume his friends roasted him the moment he entered the classroom.

That’s One Messi Haircut

Imagine you love someone so much that you tattoo their face on your body. Now, imagine going a step further by cutting and styling your hair in the shape of their face! Tattoos can be hidden underneath clothes, but hair is pretty obvious.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This is one Messi haircut. Get it? Because he is Messi, so, like, messy? We apologize, but it seems we’re not the only ones who can’t resist a good pun when we see one. We get it; he likes football and loves Messi, but come on. This is too much, no?

Yu-Gi-Oh In the Wild

If you are anything like us, you were obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh once it aired and became popular. The Yu-Gi-Oh cards had us in a chokehold for such a long time! We were obsessed with collecting them all and getting the “Exodia.”

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This guy looks exactly like “Yu-Gi-Oh.” Well, his hair resembles “Yu’s” hair. He must have a field day walking on the street and getting all the attention. We presume a lot of people also love taking pics with him, thanks to this hairdo. We would probably be among them!

Wild Moose in NY

This is something we can’t understand or get behind. It’s weird. If it were a lot of dreads, nice, a bit messy, that would be okay. No problem with that. But this style makes the guy look like he has big, long, droopy moose antlers. It doesn’t look comfy, either.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

He also reminds us of that goat-like creator from the movie adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia. Good thing he is a guy, so he can just shave without a second thought if he wants to change it up. Those massive knots can’t be good for one’s head.

Asian Johnny Bravo

This hair took us for a ride! It is so crazy, but we love it. It reminds us of “Johnny Bravo.” The only difference is he has black hair, and it’s much thicker and better, in our opinion. Why? Because it’s real, of course.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

This picture is also old as heck; look at that camera! He is such an interesting, show-stopping gentleman. We would love to hear his side of the story and what made him do this to his hair. Hopefully, he’s not as obnoxious as “Johnny” was.

That Yin Yang Drip

This guy shaved half of his head and the opposite half of his beard, so now, he is rocking that yin-and-yang look. Though we get the appeal of the idea, we wouldn’t say it is one of our favorite haircuts. Take a look for yourself.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We don’t know what made him do this, but we guess it’s nothing good. What did his hairdresser think when he saw him? Well, perhaps the hairdresser is the one that did this. Long hair can look very appealing on guys, and we think it did on him too, but this cut ruined everything.


You know that feeling when you accidentally click on the front camera of your phone and catch yourself looking all kinds of wrong with a double-triple-quadruple chin? Oops, jumpscare! This guy must be having those feelings at this particular moment.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

Not only that, but his hair tells a story special on its own. He has beautiful hair from what we can see, and he is a handsome man, so this hairstyle wasn’t necessary to get attention. A nice buzz cut would have served him well.

Tennis Player Hair

This haircut reminds us of those headbands tennis players love to wear, especially Rafael Nadal. He is the king of hairbands. The hairstylist who did this also made sure to include the Nike logo on it, which was an interesting touch.

Image Courtesy of Twitter / f**ked_up_hair

We think he shaved the whole thing off once he snapped the picture. Well, we hope so. The dude looks fine, his beard is clean and neat, and his head could be, too, so this would just ruin all that.