A Short And Useful Styling Guide For Men

By Divya G

It’s no secret that men are judged by their height. We’ve all heard the phrase “short man syndrome.” But being short nowhere means that you cannot be stylish. There are so many ways you can make heads turn with your sharp style.

Image courtesy of LightField Studios/Shutterstock

Don’t Wear Loose-Fitted Garment

Fit is everything, and if the clothes you wear are too big for your body, it will swallow you up. A loose-fitted garment can make a short man look smaller. Stick to fitted shirts with narrow(er) lapels that break on your waist instead of going down all the way to your crotch. If they go below this point, they’ll make you look shorter.

Choose Smaller Patterns

Smaller patterns are more flattering on short men. They make you seem taller by bringing the eye up towards your face instead of down to your feet where you were before. The second key is pattern symmetry, don’t wear anything with an obvious asymmetry, or it will make you look shorter still. If there’s a small detail at the bottom of your shirt, for example, make sure it’s on both sides.

Wear Slim Shoes

Wear shoes that are slim instead of wide. For all styles, except sneakers, choose shoes with thin soles or low heels to increase your height and make you look slimmer too. Sneakers have their own rules but generally avoid anything worn-out looking because it makes you seem less put together, which takes away from the attention being brought to you by your clothes.

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Wear Dark Suits In Solid Colors With Minimal Patterns

Avoid double-breasted jackets and peak lapels, which can make you look even shorter. Stick to single or double-breasted coats that have a narrow notch lapel at most. You also want your tie widths to be thick.