Stylish TV Shows That Should Be On Your Watchlist

By Moureen N

Dramatic plotlines, memorable characters, and an unexpected climax are not all. We have enumerated some of the most trendy and stylish TV shows that should be on your watchlist. So binge and get ready to get creative.

The Crown

Image courtesy of Matthew Rogers / YouTube

The show is a sensation in and of itself, but there is one thing about The Crown that everyone can agree on: the clothing. Recreating royal garments amps up the era’s glitz, making us desire to wear them ourselves. From Prince Charles’s out-there outfits to Princess Diana’s one-shouldered ball gown, royal fashion has always been a source of fascination. The royal family has brought their “A” fashion game.

The Mad Men

Like no other program, Mad Men has made its viewers completely obsessed with clothing. The looks for men can be replicated with some linen jackets, old-school loafers, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. While for the ladies, cashmere jackets, bell-bottomed skirts, or a dress with bell sleeves can do the trick. It might take a while to put together the ensemble, but it is absolutely worth it.

Sex and the City

Image credits: Everett Collection / Shutterstock

The original release of Sex and the City was almost two decades ago, yet the movie’s iconic clothing has impacted our everyday fashion. Even after all this time, we still get a lot of design ideas from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda’s stylish outfits in the movie. Patricia Field, the show’s stylist, made sure that every garment she put on the girls, from Carrie’s iconic tutu to Samantha’s skin-tight frocks, was not only wildly stylish but also memorable.