The 50-Something Instagram Sensation Breaking The Unspoken Rules Of Fashion

By Fatime G January 18, 2022

We’ve heard it, cut back on the skin, stick to plaids, dye the greys-the unspoken rules of style once one hits 40. But Grece Ghanem is flipping the script on everything. She may just be your local personal trainer from Montreal but, Grece Ghanem is taking Instagram by storm, proving that even at 50, you still got it and could pull off whatever style, color, and print you want. Grece combines masculine, sensual femininity to create a flair that every fashion enthusiast would love to get on. Here are some inspirational fits that prove Grece Ghanem’s style rules!

Image courtesy of Instagram/greceghanem

1. Queen Of Color Blocking

Class in session! It’s color block 101 with Grece Ghanem. 

2. Not Enough Color

We can’t get enough of the colorful simplicity Grece sports in this fit, and understandably so! Everyone needs some vibrancy in their closet, and this cheery dress is it!

3. All Power Denim

Did I hear denim on denim? Yes, you did! The straight-leg jeans aren’t only confined to tops; find fitting denim to work the look and heels to chic it up!

4. Skin, Skin, More Skin

Summer came in color for Grece Ghanem, and our favorite is the orange bareback dress she sported in the last sunny days of summer. 

5. Lover Of Print

2021 is all about print, and no one rocks print better than our favorite 56-year-old fashionista!

Image courtesy of Instagram/greceghanem

6. Puff It Up 

Puff season may be over, but our love for puffer jackets remains. Grece shows us how to pair the puff without it overwhelming the entire fit. 

Parting Shot

Grece isn’t just an inspiration for women no longer in their 20s; she’s an inspiration for all women. She brings a flair of vibrance to her fit, and let’s be honest; there are more than a few styling trips we can borrow from Grece’s fashion book!