The Pocket Problem: New Bra Designs Aren’t The Answer

By Martin B

For many women, the lack of pockets in women’s clothing has long been a source of frustration. From pants to dresses, the absence of pockets makes it difficult to carry even the most basic of items. But one piece of clothing in particular has sparked a question among many women: why don’t bras have pockets?

Image source: Chaay_Tee/Shutterstock

The answer is quite simple: bras are meant to provide support, not pocket space. The placement of a pocket on a bra could create an uncomfortable bulge or uneven shape, which would be both unflattering and uncomfortable.

Additionally, bras are made from materials that are not well-suited to holding objects. The elastic materials used in bras are designed to stretch and move with the body, which means that any objects placed in a bra pocket would be subject to movement and shifting, which could be both uncomfortable and distracting.

Image source: brucemars/Unsplash

Another consideration is hygiene. Bras are typically made from materials that are not particularly hygienic, such as polyester or nylon. Adding a pocket to a bra would create a space where sweat and bacteria could accumulate, which could be both unhygienic and unpleasant.

Despite these practical considerations, some bra manufacturers have attempted to incorporate pockets into their designs. However, these pockets tend to be small and limited in their use, often designed for storing small items such as keys or cash.

Image source: juliarekamie/Unsplash

In conclusion, while the lack of pockets in women’s clothing is undoubtedly frustrating, new bra styles are not the answer to this problem. The design and function of bras make it difficult to add pockets without compromising their effectiveness, and the materials used in bras are not well-suited to holding objects.