The Roadmap: Unleash Your Inner Fashionista With This Guide

By Fatime G May 10, 2022

Fashion is an art and an effective communication tool at that. But get this: there is a big difference between putting together a fit and dressing to your style. Personal style encapsulates what you embody, your likes, who you are, and what you represent. Your style isn’t just clothes from your wardrobe; it is a form of expression. What do you like? What is your wardrobe core? Which style do you feel most comfortable in? Figuring out your style can feel overwhelming, but here is a roadmap to help you hone your likes and figure out your unique personal style.

1.Find Some Inspo

Thanks to social apps, you do not have to pluck a style out of thin air. Pinterest, Instagram, and many other platforms allow you to discover your style and what you like. Look at models, celebs, and style icons like Bella Hadid, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga to find whose style you resonate with most. It should be easy to decide what style you like vs. what you can wear when you have references.

2. Revisit Your Closet

Image Courtesy Sarah Brown/Unsplash

To discover who you are, let’s go to where it all begins; the closet. Online searches tend to have some of us all in over our heads, but going through your closet can give you some grounding.  Use your closet as a foundation for your style or steer you to your wardrobe aspirations. Look at the pieces that make up your closet and begin building your style from there; if there are things that do not work for you, time to clean out that closet.

3. Scout Thrift Shops

Image Courtesy Becca McHaffie/Unsplash

Believe it or not, style does not always mean expensive.  A splurge here and there is acceptable but choose wisely. But if you are still trying your hand at different styles, thrift shops are a great place to start. Apart from having affordable clothes, thrift shops are a goldmine for vintage pieces and timeless fits that can be asset pieces to your closet.

4. Trust Your Instincts

‘That looks amazing on you!’ said every shop attendant, and we get it; it’s their job. But you have to be able to trust your instinct.  Building your wardrobe takes time, so feel no pressure to purchase something that someone says you look good in or is on sale. Put together a list of signature pieces to get and try sticking to it. 

5. Skip The Trends

Image Courtesy Ali Karimi/Unsplash

We love trends but can’t brush off that they are here only for a season. When you think about it, you can’t bank your style on them. Fash fashion will have you bleeding money without any pieces you love, so steer away from fads when discovering your style.


Fashion has made big statements fighting for causes and representing meaningful movements. So far, it is an effective tool for discovering who you are and your people, so do not stop putting together looks but uniquely your style. You now have the recipe to define your style. Time to get busy!