The Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Not So Ugly After All

By Fatime G

Admit it! Shoved at the bottom of your drawer is that tacky Christmas sweater(lettered I love you across the chest) your Nana gifted you five or ten holidays ago. I know because I have it too. At the farthest corner of my attic or somewhere in storage is the abandoned sweater, which made us wonder, ‘What was grandma thinking?’

The Genesis 

Image Courtesy Sincerely Media/ Unsplash

If you think the Christmas sweaters are ugly and plain now, you should see how they looked decades back. Nordic people wore them knitted with reindeer and moose patterns to keep warm. No one really talked about the Ugly Christmas sweater until the 80s.

For years, the sweaters were grandmother’s holiday statements who made sure to show off the sweater each day of the holiday and even knitted a couple for their grandkids who dreaded having to wear them. It was only in the early 2000s that the sweater was popularized. They became an essential part of the holiday at Christmas parties, bar brawls, and even family get-togethers. Furthermore, people one-upped one another with who had the ugliest or tackiest Christmas sweater. 

Ugly Is The New Cute 

Image Courtesy Thought Catalog/ Unsplash

Are we surprised at how popular the Ugly Christmas sweater has become? Absolutely! Even those anticipating its fame could not imagine it becoming a billion-dollar industry. But fashion companies have gone to great lengths to keep this Ugly Christmas sweater tradition alive. Every year, a line featuring Christmas sweaters with different designs is dropped, and customers eat them up. From personalized designs and inside jokes to favorite movie lines, we see the Ugly Christmas Sweater in a new light with a fun and cute vibe. With the cheer, laughter, and smiles the Ugly Christmas sweaters bring to match the holiday spirit, could you wish for any better ugly gift?


Saying the Ugly Christmas sweater is growing on us is an understatement. No longer the fit tucked away in the wardrobe; we choose to own it. So the next time you are set to attend an event during the holidays or curled up on the sofa enjoying a holiday movie with some hot chocolate, remember to bring out your red and white sweater to get with the holiday vibes.