TikTok Takeover: Must-Try Fashion Trends

By Joyce S December 13, 2023

In the age of TikTok, the days of tracking fashion trends solely on the runways are a thing of the past. The rapid evolution of our shopping habits means that trends can spread like wildfire, often prompting the fashion industry to catch up.

Thanks to TikTok, we’re exposed to real-life women sharing fresh fashion ideas. User-generated fashion content is taking over our explore pages, providing a wealth of inspiration beyond just professional designers.

The next time you contemplate splurging on that expensive bomber jacket, chances are someone has already given it a whirl, tested it out, and shared their review. Plus, if leather bombers are the hot item today, you can bet they’ll show up everywhere in a few weeks.

Belt Bag

The belt bag: a true street-style superstar. Not only does it scream style, but it’s also the ultimate in practicality. No more wrestling with a bulky purse; this little marvel lets you go hands-free and keeps your stuff safe. Just buckle it up, and you’re free to strut your stuff!

Image courtesy of Lululemon

It’s a game-changer for walks, runs, and adventures! From Kaia Gerber to Hailey Bieber, the coolest celebs are strutting the streets with these trendy accessories. Whether it’s errands or active wear, we love pairing this essential with comfy sweats or workout gear.

Platform Converse Sneakers

Let’s dive into the world of platform shoes! To us, they’re all about that lifted sole, especially when it comes to sneakers or athleisure kicks. And you know what? We’re head over heels (literally) for those platform or chunky sneakers—so many reasons to love ’em!

Image courtesy of Converse

They provide a little height, which is ideal for short-legged females. And height doesn’t imply discomfort (sorry but not sorry, high heels). But they also go with so many other things. They actually go with everything, from jeans to trousers to skirts and shorts.

law Clips

As hairstyles gravitate towards a low-maintenance approach, it’s only natural to shift to more practical hair accessories. The ones that effortlessly manage your hair without requiring constant wrist contortions or intricate looping, allowing you to secure it in a mere two seconds.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Claw clips can immediately give you a put-together look for everything from half-up hairstyles to chic French twists, holding a bun, or just keeping your hair away from your face. Hairstylists and celebs love the retro hairpiece from the 1990s.

Platform Sandals

When it’s time to embrace spring fashion, we do it with flair. The bold styles seen on the 2023 runways have resurrected the nostalgic charm of chunky-soled sandals from the 1990s and early 2000s. Platform shoes are a trend that’s easy to incorporate into your wardrobe right now.

Image courtesy of Amazon

They infuse personality into a simple ensemble, thanks to their stunning and distinctive designs. You really can’t make a wrong choice with any of these options; they’re all delightful. As warmer months approach, grabbing a pair of platform sandals is smart.

Chic Shades

Black sunglasses are a classy, understated item that serves multiple purposes. While quickly putting an elegant touch to any ensemble, classic sunglasses designs protect your eyes and makeup. Square lenses with thick frames are expressive and sophisticated, while aviators give the overall look a rock-and-roll vibe. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Black sunglasses are a must-have regardless of your own style or how you want to wear them. When spending some cash on shades, seek a pair of sunglasses that are adaptable and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. It’s essential to choose the proper frame that matches your face.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are an accessory must, much like a pristine white Tee or a great pair of trousers. The versatility and elegance of hoop earrings designs are among the most essential accessories in a collection—they’re a cornerstone, a go-to, and a timeless standard. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Hoop earrings never fail to make you feel more put together, regardless of size or material. Every closet must have a pair of medium hoops. Their size falls between that of a tiny huggie pair and an extravagant look-at-me style. It’s a traditional match for just about any outfit you can think of.

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