40+ Fashion Dos That Have Seen Their Day And Are Now Fashion Don’ts

By Ana J

Trends come and go all the time. Everyone probably cringes when they remember their middle school fashion choices. For most in their 20s and 30s, this would probably mean remembering your frosted tips or your “emo” phase with burned straightened and teased hair! Our poor 7th-grade hair. Some trends come back, but some might be better to remain in the past. Let’s review some of these fashion choices we hope will take a while to come back again. As we enter the nostalgia for the y2k era, maybe we should reevaluate some trends that did not age well. More and more teenagers are digging up flared jeans, iconic early 2000s leggings, butterfly hair accessories, etc. While a bit of nostalgia in these turbulent times can’t hurt, here are some trends that we don’t plan to revisit.

Big Hairdos

As mentioned, teasing your hair to make it look massive was once a very desirable thing. On the other hand, some people might have hair that’s naturally big. However, with the advancements in beauty, there are ways to make it less messy.

Source: luxandlush.com

Curly and wavy hair can be messy to maintain, and frizz is a constant issue. Today, there are fantastic subreddits full of products for this hair type. Some Redditors have even made lists of specific products you can buy in each country and mapped the stores!

Super long hair

Growing your hair is a long, long process. Hair breaks under the stress of the environment, such as wind, heat, humidity, and whatever is in the air. Sometimes people opt to sacrifice their hair’s health just to keep it a certain length. 

Source: hairfreaky long hair / Flickr

Often, this creates more trouble than it’s worth. In the end, your long locks must go if there are damaged, possibly leaving you with shorter hair than you wanted. We hope that sacrificing hair health for length is a trend that stays in the past. 


Oh, the moral frenzy around jeggings in the early 2010s! Is it hot or is it not? Are they more leggings or are they more jeans? Does this combination have an appropriate place in the fashion world? Everyone had an opinion!

Source: socialcoffeebreak.com

Now, these hybrids seem to be making a comeback. But the question a decade later is, should they? While it is a comfortable style to go to the store and back, it might not be for every occasion. Or for everybody. 

Statement necklace

Statement necklaces and big, big jewelry were a wardrobe must-have around the 2010s. Giant owls, big mustaches even! Everything was a pendent, and the more beads or charms, the merrier! While some can pull this trend off, it’s not for most.

Source: theaudonewholifts / Instagram

As mentioned, this can be a wardrobe and accessory staple for some. If you can pull this off, good for you! You are a fashion icon. However, it might be for the best for it not to come back as a trend. 

Overdone fake tan

Here is another former debate that we hope does not enter the public space again. Although, it probably will. At some point during the last decade or so, it was considered desirable and fashionable to tan often and tan a lot!

Source: LegLuvrUK / Flickr

This style is not only unflattering in most cases, but it is also unhealthy, increasing the risk of skin cancer and related skin diseases. Natural Tan is amazing and gives a healthy glow. It’s a great option if you do want a tanned look.

Overplucking eyebrows

We are so glad that Cara Delavigne made thick, healthy eyebrows popular. Not only did she make them trendy again, but it still seems to be going strong almost a decade later. The craze that came before it though was…

Source: rebekahtate / Instagram

… overplucking eyebrows! Oh, the days! The pain of overplucking them is a not-too-distant memory. Often, it would take months to regrow your eyebrows. For some, they never fully came back. Let’s keep this one in the past, please, for everyone’s sake.

Jersey dress

Jersey dresses can be a cute look for those who work hard on their bodies or are naturally blessed with a flat stomach. Wearing one of these dresses can give those lucky few cute girl-next-door vibes. But is it universal?

Source: trendscatchers.io

Probably not. Like most trends, not everyone can pull it off. So maybe this one can stay in the closet as a memento from another time. Or if this is what makes you feel pretty and comfortable, you do you!

Head-to-toe pastel

Pastels are cute and pretty timeless. But apparently, pastel on pastel is an example of “too much of a good thing.” Some consider that dressing in all pastels from head to toe might not be the most flattering look. But what do you think?

Source: xsummerafternoonx / Instagram

For us, the problem might be the wrinkled skirt. For a complete outfit, ironing might do the trick. However, pastels are considered to be pretty, soft, and childish, and it might not be the best if you want to tackle the harsh corporate world!

Super long skirts

Super long, floor-length skirts are another fashion item that will not be for everyone. If you are short, it could make you look shorter. If you are trying to look casual, it might make you look too formal, or bit too “hippie-dippy.”

Source: ribbon_satin / Flickr

Not to mention, long skits have the same problem as flared jeans. You can’t wear them in the rain. Definitely not a great outfit choice if the weather might change during the day. Anyway, it can be a wardrobe staple with some restrictions.

Cakey makeup

Modern makeup tutorials are moving away from the 20-product makeup looks. However, that was the standard once for professional makeup and those who wanted to get into it as a hobby. This picture is not representative of the time though; it is pretty mild. 

Source: evefreimane / Instagram

This look could even work on camera as dramatized makeup is desirable for the person not to blend into the background. However, it might not be the best for your skin in the long run. Too many products can clog your pores.

Covering your neck too much

Turtlenecks get a bad rep, but it’s definitely a fashion item not suited for all. Steve Jobs made them cool for a hot minute, but less is more when it comes to the turtleneck! Oversized turtlenecks can consume a significant portion of your neck. 

Source: bootar / Flickr

They can give the person wearing it the appearance of not having one! And that’s just not the goal. The picture we used is not the worst example of it. However, this woman’s turtleneck is not flattering her natural beauty. 

Same hairstyle for years

Apparently, having the same hairstyle for years is a fashion no-no. We are not sure why, when icons like Vogue’s Anne Wintour, who’s been rocking the same iconic hairstyle for years, even decades. Or Lisa Rinna’s short and fun hair. 

Source: lisarinna / Instagram

Allegedly, the rule of thumb is that something should change after 5 years or so to represent progress. However, why mess with something it isn’t broken? Experimentation is important, but if you find something that just works and makes you feel good, you’ll be fine.


Florals come back every spring. Some might even go as far as to say that florals are a must-have for the season. While the floral prints are generally cute, there is such a thing as too much of it. Remember when it wasn’t even popular, back in middle school? 

Source: tooshorttopincurl / Instagram

Too many florals can give off the grandma vibe. You have to be careful with this print. It can quickly go from cute to “I’m pretty sure my grandma has it in her closet?” That can be a cute look for some, but just be aware if you’re one of them.

Visible undergarment

This trend can be adorable and fashionable. Whoever wears a bra struggles to coordinate their undergarment with summer outfits. For years women wondered how to solve this fashion puzzle! Finally, it became fashionable to coordinate specific bras with certain outfits. 

Source: 320828282 / Flickr

However, before we collectively figured out to strike a balance, this was what we had to deal with. Wearing a top like this with a bra that has a different shape leaves you prone to getting weird tan lines in the summer. 

Long Sleeve Seam

Another unflattering look that should stay in the past or in your in-home closet is long-sleeved shirts with weird and asymmetrical seams. Often these fashion choices evoke the “vibe” of a pajama. Which is great for the indoors…

Source: finance101.com

…but not so great for the outdoors! So, while these items don’t need to disappear from the shelves altogether, they might not be a part of your go-to office outfit. Unless you work from home, then who cares? You do you!

Panda Eyes

Again, if you were a middle schooler anytime between 2000 and 2015, you must remember the panda eye phase! Makeup trends have come a long way from just manically circling black eyeliner around your eyes. Some make it work, though. 

Source: mommodel1881 / Instagram

Like this lady who somehow makes panda eyes seem like it wasn’t such a bad trend! However, if you are not blessed like this, maybe blending your smokey eye is more for you. Not everything ages well like this lady!

Small handbags

This one is a mystery to us! The trend keeps coming back every now and then. With the technological developments and the phones becoming bigger and bigger every year, how does the small purse thing come back? Who is it for?

Source: styledby_jamielewis / Instagram

If you think of the size of women’s pockets and then this bag, where does the stuff go? This thing can’t even hold a coin purse. It might function as a coin purse on its own. Even that is a stretch.


Unless you are a politician who is over the age of 50, we recommend you stay away from tweed! We don’t know who started this trend. In modern times it’s associated with a certain former US presidential candidate. Tweed just came to be…

Source: valentinamoda.ch / Instagram

… known as the go-to material for something called a “power suit.” If you are looking to be fashionable and modern, this is not the material you should pick up first. If you want to look presidential, then go for it!

Too much blush

Makeup trends come and go. At some point during the last few years, Doja Cat popularized the e-girl look, which is heavy on the blush. However, if you still haven’t mastered blending, you might want to stay away from it.

Source: penguinmd.com

Instead of the kind of anime-looking e-girl vibe with too much blush, you might end up looking a bit like the blush took over. Not the pop culture trope you probably intended. The best advice is, if you have not mastered blending, less is more.

Eyewear from a different time

Rectangle-shaped glasses were all the rage sometime in the early 2000s. Was it The Matrix that popularized them? We are not sure. However, straight-cut eyewear with bling on it too is definitely one of the trends that should stay in the past.

Source: katherineewilliams12 / Instagram

From what we can see in the new Matrix trailer, even they moved away from the square shape. These glasses can be shown somewhere in the back of the closet as mementos, but we love the current trend of big glasses that really show off the eyes.


At some point in the last decade, foundation became all the rage. However, nobody explained the importance of the correct shade. This revelation came in later. It was too late for some as their wrong foundation phase was on camera, forever. 

Source: sassycassie3 / Instagram

This is a common makeup mistake. Nothing to be ashamed of and nothing a bit of blending can’t fix. The makeup industry has blown up since then, and there’s a shade for everyone! We know this trend won’t come back because now we all know better.

Matching tracksuits

At some point as well matching tracksuit top and bottoms was all the rage too. This trend made a bit of a comeback during the pandemic. However, luckily, not in the same form as before. Before this was a look…

Source: luxandlush.com

… you could even wear it with heels! WITH HEELS! For a night out even. Not just to run errands or check the mail. During the pandemic, it was cool to have a matching outfit for your only reason to go out – to the store and back.

Chunky highlights

This haircut was also very popular as the gateway for a complete hair dye. Since then, it’s evolved into a more subtle version like the balayage or the ombre. While its predecessor, the kind of chunky highlight version came to be known as…

Source: texanhairitage / Instagram

… the infamous “Karen” haircut! Now, we didn’t pick this name, but we have noticed it is not in style for any age group anymore. You might still love it. However, it might not be advisable and won’t get you much praise. 

Blazers that don’t fit

This one isn’t a trend per se. It’s more something that happens to young professionals when they enter the corporate world for the first time. When you are young, you might not own a blazer, and you might not yet have the hang of your size. 

Source: theprimarymarket.com

This is an understandable look when you are in your early 20s. You might have borrowed some more formal clothes from your mom, and you are trying to find your business-casual vibe. However, at some point, there aren’t many excuses. 

Rhinestone prints

At the same time those matching tracksuits were trendy and used to be worn as an everyday look or for a night out, rhinestone details and prints were all the rage too. Rhinestones on a tracksuit? The ultimate fashion combo!

Source: icepop.com

However, rhinestone details and prints are something that can probably stay in the past. They tend to fall apart quickly and make the fabric look cheaper. Not a great fashion detail. Especially when it evokes the memory of those PINK tracksuits!

Bright eyeshadow

Bright eyeshadow can be really cute. Indeed, there are trendsetters on TikTok like Chrissy Chlapecka, who is known for her bright makeup and empowering other women to wear and look however they like. However, bright eyeshadow might not be for everybody. 

Source: doreenhelm / Instagram

Blue eyeshadow is a big no-no in the makeup industry. Other bright colors might work for most, but apparently, it is hard to make blue eyeshadow flattering. Much like with all makeup advice, if you can make it work, do it. 

All black

The all-black look is a classic. But apparently, too much black can be a no-no. Once, wearing all black was almost a personality trait to show off your edginess. It was a particularly popular fashion choice for goths, metalheads, scene, and emo kids.

Source: Beercha / Flickr

It’s still a popular fashion choice for fans of those music genres or anyone who likes that style. However, this might not be the look you want to wear to the office. But this one, we think, is super subjective.

Boxy blazers

Boxy blazers can make you feel like a diva on the red carpet. After all, it is a look popularized in modern times by Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and even Julia Roberts! However, it can be a risky fashion move. 

Source: anantolinfifty / Instagram

Boxy blazers can also eat you up and make you lose yourself in them. Not even the stunning Priyanka Chopra could pull it off completely. So tread carefully with this one! Although it’s pretty much timeless and trendy, it can go wrong fast. 

Big Platforms

Chunky heels are making a comeback. But should all of them be back? For example, a sandal with a little platform – iconic and cute. An Oxford shoe with a little platform? Big yes for short people. But what about some other hybrids?

Source: Ceddie2000 at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Like this one! Big platforms just don’t work on flip-flops. Or traditional Japanese slippers, if that is the term you prefer. It doesn’t look comfortable either. This trend can stay in the past, and be replaced with something that won’t make you fall.

Neon Hair

Neon hair is going through a renaissance too. However, it was not as cool as it is now in the early years of the trend. Bright hair colors first entered the scene for our generation through Nickelodeon characters who sometimes had a little streak.

Source: alexppeters / instagram

But the trend was not as developed as it is today, with Manic Panic hair dye being accessible almost everywhere. So maybe the little streaks of crazy colors with uneven tones can stay in the past, or at least be done with balayage or ombre tones. Let’s embrace progress!

Combed back hairstyle

Now, this trend is a little more recent. We don’t need to take long trips down memory lane for this one. Slicked back hair is another Kim Kardashian classic taken on by Iggy Azealia and other icons of the mid-2010s. 

Source: ghd / YouTube

While it can look pretty cool and give some outfits an elegant finish, it’s hard to imagine everyone with it. For example, would it work as well with curly hair? Probably not. It’s a good style for once in a blue moon. 

Cat glasses 

These glasses make a comeback every now and then. They were rocked by the icon Audrey Hepburn who looked absolutely fabulous in them. Although they are fun, cat-like glasses are a very demanding fashion item. Not even the queen…

Source: violet_bizsu / Instagram

…Rihanna could truly pull them off! These glasses consume most of the face and can hide your natural beauty. So if you are tempted when this cat glasses trend inevitably makes a comeback, be honest with yourself. How do we mortals pull it off if Riri can’t?

Big Logos

A few years ago, almost everyone had that plain white T-shirt with a big Levi’s logo. Oversized logos are always going in and out of style. If you are planning on getting one of these shirts with a big logo…

Source: amanda_s_carmen / Instagram

…it might be tacky by the next season! Therefore, it might not be the best investment unless you feel strongly about wearing it right then. Logos are just not a timeless item. They come and go out of style fast.

Statement hats

Much like big logos, statement hats come and go fast. There was a time when an outfit wasn’t complete without a fedora, and then overnight, wearing a fedora became a meme you do not necessarily want to be associated with. 

Source: lynda.gardener / Instagram

The “tips fedora” meme makes fun of unsuccessful attempts to hit on somebody pretending to be a women’s rights activist. Ouch. Anyway, it’s simply not a timeless look. Yes, English royalty has a set of statement hats, but unless you are related to the Queen… maybe don’t.

Athleisure all the time

This one is a big debate in the fashion industry. Athleisure all the time used to mean giving up on your appearance and signaling you are quitting. However, today the look has been embraced by rich celebrities and starlets.

Source: therealtall / Instagram

This shift drastically changed the narrative on athleisure. Is it cool now? Is it the ultimate look? No idea. But unless you are a soccer mom or an extremely wealthy celebrity, maybe people won’t let you get away with it.  

Schoolgirl looks

The “schoolgirl” look was embraced by different people in the past 20 years. On one side, you had fans of Cher from the movie Clueless who popularized the chick schoolgirl look with her iconic, first of its kind, digitalized closet. (Yes, we’re still obsessed.)

Source: imano_ayumi / Instagram

On the other side, you have anime and manga fans who romanticize the Japanese school uniform, as seen in plenty of animes such as Lucky Star. All in all, if you are not cosplaying or thinking of a costume for Halloween, this might not be the best everyday look.


Overalls are another classic that comes and goes. Our moms owned a pair in the 80s, and we got a pair when the trend came back in the 2010s. Now, both pairs of overalls sit awkwardly in the back of the closet.

Source: rtu.angieee_ / Instagram

You always keep them thinking you are going to get your cute home renovation moment in them with a stylish bandana. But somehow, they are never most people’s go-to. Because they are simply not the comfiest! Don’t fall for the trend. Leave it.

Chunky jewelry

Listen, this is another fashion item most people fall for when it comes back! It always rebrands itself, and for a hot minute, it makes you think it’s cute. However, when the collective madness is over, you are left with a lot of plastic.

Source: nerdsquared / Instagram

Don’t tell us you don’t (or did) own at least one of these chunky accessories. Or at least your mom must have. But as time passes, you just don’t know what to do with those big bracelets or chunky necklaces.

Good jeans never go out of style

Jeans never go out of style. Unless we are talking about those flared jeans. Or low-rise jeans. Whoever invented (and popularized!) those should have their own special circle in hell. Unlike those, a pair of good jeans that fit you…

Source: Perfectly-Good / Flickr

…Is priceless! And will be a great wardrobe staple for many years to come. No matter how old or young you are, a pair of good-fitting jeans is a must-have. Avoid unique jeans that are popular just for a hot minute.

Shapeless dresses

It’s absolutely no secret that the fashion industry favors the young and skinny. These trends often set a standard most normal people can’t live up to. At some point, shapeless dresses became popular. But these were not made for everybody.

Source: bron_gets_dressed / Instagram

Many people end up looking awkward in them, and they only looked aspirational with a whole editorial. Most of us do not have a team to do their face, hair, and background just to wear a simple dress. This one should be belted or left behind.

Colorful shoes

A few years ago, super colorful shoes were all the rage. Different patterns were desirable, in all the colors of the rainbow, etc. However, these shoes were mostly fabricated with cheap materials, and if they lived to see you regret the purchase…

Source: finance101.com

…they are somewhere deep in your closet collecting dust. So, definitely not the most sustainable buy. It’s rare that you can get a job where you can wear a pair like this daily as an adult. Working in a school, maybe?

Not sustainable

Speaking of non-repeatable outfits, if you are the one to follow trends, you might want to stop that and invest in more sustainable pieces as you mature. Investing in outfits you can wear more than once reduces your carbon footprint. 

Source: kimkardashian / Instagram

Celebrities and trendsetters, like the iconic Kim K, make these outfits look aspirational and trendy. However, as a regular person, where would you have the opportunity to wear something like this? And how many times? These are some questions to ask.

Finding your style

One of the trends that come and go might end up being something you incorporate in your wardrobe forever. Like when clashing and sometimes matching patterns were popular. This is an example of a cute look that can be balanced with…

Source: icepop.com

… a cute neutral-colored blazer! Especially if you choose one of the colors on the pattern for your blazer, you can create a timeless look from a trend. Which will reduce waste in the landfills and make you feel less guilty.


In the end, you can always find a way to reuse an old trend. If you happen to buy some high fashion item that might look too weird for an everyday outfit, you can break the pattern with a good pair of jeans.

Source: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com

This look is fantastic for the runway. It’s eye-catching and hard to forget! Also, pieces of this outfit would look great every day if they were just taken apart. Good luck on your journey of navigating trends and styles! We hope we helped.