Mad Or Rad: 40+ Unique Pieces Of Jewelry Sold On The Internet

By Aileen D

There is a fine line between art and insanity. Sadly, most artists can’t tell how their artwork comes across. We would find a lone item of jewelry forgivable on this list, but some artists have created a mad series of these “creative” pieces. We have raunchy beef necklaces, unbelievable umbilical brooches, and even eye jewelry worn like contact lenses. What’s the catch? There’s a chain-link hanging from the end of the lens! Can you even imagine wearing any of these items to a social function? You would be inclined to lose friends instead of gaining contacts. However, people are willing to do just about anything to get a couple of likes on social media. Are you daring to wear any of these looks, or will you pass on the opportunity?

Need A Hand?

At what age did you discover your individual style? We still haven’t found a fashion that best reveals our personality. It seems like our shirts and skirts are fleeting like the season. A few friends have noticed. And they curtly asked, do you need a hand?

Image Courtesy of @etsy / Hand Necklace / Pinterest

We hadn’t known accessories to be ultimate game-changers. But ever since we had worn this hand necklace, almost all of our outfits look perfectly matched. You can always count on good pals to give you solid advice, especially about fashion.

Found Where?

Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and we thought it best to order some items we could give our loved ones. We signed in to our Etsy accounts and then scrolled. A couple of minutes later, something caught our eye. But it was for all the wrong reasons.

Image courtesy of @ teambling whores / Dead Man’s Toes Necklace / Pinterest

For only $40, you can avail of a dead man’s toes necklace on Etsy. There’s no need to go to the Black Market to get yourself severed digits. You only have to sign up with your e-mail, full name, and a chosen password. Etsy will hook you up with an artificial set of toes perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Otherworldly Connection

It’s never easy to grieve the loss of our loved ones. But we can learn a thing or two from the Victorian elite. They would take locks of hair from the deceased and then enclose them in a brooch. That way, they could carry their loved ones with them.

Image Courteys of mourning hair brooches / @bad news betty 44 / @ nanetti / Pinterest

Some report an otherworldly connection with their loved ones. And others had to entomb these brooches altogether because they couldn’t move on with their lives. How do you feel about wearing these brooches with your deceased spouse’s lock of hair inside? Because we would give this jewelry a hard pass.

Smile Plastered On

Don’t you hate having to attend functions? It’s hard to keep that smile plastered on without feeling your cheeks twitch. But thanks to this Face-Changing Jewelry, you won’t have to worry about maintaining that insincere smile. Bear a smile for a few seconds, then wear this piece to keep those cheeks drawn.

Image courtesy of Face Changing Jewelry / @ The Things Celebrity / Youtube

There are several items to choose from riding on the vibe that you want to give off. Do you want to go for a smile, a cocky green, or a leer? Whatever you choose, we are confident that there’s a piece of Face-Changing Jewelry suited for the occasion!

Showing Off Those Pearly Whites

So here’s one unsolicited life hack, if you plan to buff any of your jewelry, you can always try toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. Alternatively, you could wipe it on the piece, leave it for a bit and then rinse it off. In no time, you should be able to see those pieces tinker.

Image Courtesy of @wonderlists / Denture Bracelet / Pinterest

In this case, it’s mighty important to have to use floss and charcoal toothpaste. Those work twice as efficiently when buffing accessories such as this denture bracelet. Don’t be frightened to exhibit those pearly whites. It’s not like everyone has a good set of teeth.

Lean Into Your Spine

Most freelancers and artists have learned this life lesson a few months into their career – you have to lean into your spine. That means holding yourself accountable for your decisions, marketing strategies, and artwork, even when you get bad reviews from clients and art connoisseurs.

Image Courtesy of Vertebrae Necklace / @ max bites / Pinterest

This artist has received mixed reactions regarding his vertebrae necklace. Something is disturbing yet attractive about it. And despite getting negative feedback, people keep on buying the artwork because everyone keeps on talking about it. Isn’t that enough reason to feel the chill down your spine?

Run Out of Material

As an artist, you have to continuously reinvent yourself. But don’t destroy yourself if you encounter a dead end. You just might need to re-evaluate. Just take a look at this woman. She needed to repurpose some of the products she was marketing, aptly named tirdy works.

Image courtesy of @etsy / Moose Poop Earrings / Pinterest

Beautiful, aren’t they? So long as you don’t ask what they’re made of! This pair of unequal weighing earrings are actually made of moose turd. The artist explains that everyone goes to the bathroom and that her artwork is something everyone can relate to. She thinks of it as halfway decent and funny, but the sentiment is pretty one-sided. What do you think?

Retinal Detachment

It’s hard to tear away your gaze from the page after seeing most of the items on the list. But try as you might; you might not have the courage to hit back. Neither can we, especially after seeing this entry. Rated 5 out of 5, you are guaranteed retinal detachment just a few minutes after using the item.

Image Courtesy of @daren beek / Instagram

Simply wear it like you would your contact lenses. Unlike the latter, these are guaranteed to aggravate your vision. This would go best with an evening gown. Dazzle the crowd with your accesorries, a dazzling combination of poise and risk. Just make sure not to trip over the red carpet.

Break-In Case of Calcium Deficiency

At first, this piece of jewelry made little sense to us. After all, why would anyone want to encase this in resin and then have them worn around the neck? But after careful thought, archaeologists and ichthyologists have been uncovering fossils and preserving remains of the past. Why shouldn’t we do any different with anchovies?

Image Courtesy of @linggo artist / Real Fish Necklace / Pinterest

You can use all three pendants in one necklace or hand them out as presents to loved ones and family members. We are confident they all will treasure this unexpected gift. And when asked why you would ever give such, you can always tell them to break in case of calcium deficiency.

For Our Beloved Pets

There comes the point in every fur parent’s life that they have to mourn their pets. A predatory animal might have come along, or they might have died young of a sickness. Whatever the cause, it’s a challenging process to undergo. But one way most fur parents have learned to cope is by engaging the services of a taxidermist.

Image Courtesy of @peahces o really / Taxidermy Necklace / Pinterest

This is best for people who have attachment issues. Can’t say goodbye to your pets? Then you can have your dearly departed furballs preserved and line the walls of your house or in this case, the arch of your neck. You can buy this preserved rat on Etsy for over $100!

Showing Off Those Bling

What’s one thing a lot of people find attractive? A perfect set of teeth! That’s why it’s often a dealbreaker to date someone lacking one or two teeth or on the verge of losing them. Fret no more! This woman has the timeless remedy: wear an extra set of teeth for any occasion.

Image Courtesy of @india pim / Tooth Rings / Pinterest

As you can imagine, some guests nearly went pearly white. Women raised their hands to muffle a gasp or a snicker and then greeted her. But most men kept their lips tightly pursed. It’s a stiff competition. There’s no way their veneers could win against this set.

The Gift of Life

While browsing for some jewelry, we came across this one on Etsy. Looks legit, doesn’t it? And while it costs a whopping $100+ we couldn’t help but add it to our cart. What was it about this necklace that amounted to that much money? Look closely. Can you tell?

Image Courtesy of @ FAtherly HQ / Umbilical Stump Necklace / Pinterest

It sounds like quite a good offer, and it looks pretty ordinary. But that’s where most people made a mistake. There are 200 of these made globally every minute. And it bears sentimental value for mums. It’s the cord between women and their offspring so long as they were in the womb.

Own Set of Kinks

Dating can be exhausting. Imagine the amount of individuals you have to swipe through to discover your Mr / Mrs. Right. But that has never discouraged this man from trying his hand at online dating. This person explains that everyone has just got their own set of kinks.

Image Courtesy of @etsy / Mouth Brooch / Pinterest

And just what is this man’s kink? Like any other’s, his partner has got to have good oral hygiene. It isn’t any secret of his. He wears this mouth brooch he had bought on Etsy to emphasize his love for all things oral, including hygiene.

In for A Scare

Some things change, and some things just don’t. Take teenagers’ dislike of their parents. They tend to rebel and find a sense of identity at a certain age, distinct from their parents. It’s normal. But teenagers are coming up with the most unreasonable ways to mock their mums and dads.

Image courtesy of @Pinner 62764 345 / Cut Fingers Ring / Pinterest

You can only imagine how many parents have had a heart attack once they saw their kids calmly tapping the kitchen top with this ring on. Just what happened to you? They grab their kids’ hands and carefully inspect the wound. Their kid yanks back their hand and cocks their head. Jeez, it’s only a ring. There’s no need to lose your cool.

Just Smitten

This woman had gotten tired of her makeup palette. She threw her brush at the vanity mirror and put her chin on her hand. There’s got to be another way to draw attention to my eyes. Fortunately enough, a friend had introduced the concept of eyelash jewelry.

Image Courtesy of Eyelash Jewelry / @ we fashion trends / Pinterest

With a ten-dollar budget, you could buy a wide array of feathers and gems to decorate your eyes. You would be the envy of the crowd with this cute ensemble. And the best part is that you can reuse any of these pieces for future occasions.

Going Gaga

Despite her eccentricities, there’s no doubt that Lady Gaga is one of the best musical artists of our time. She has a fabulous stage presence, and her voice rightfully deserves many Grammy awards. She can command the crowd to sing her songs and just dance with or without auto-tune.

Image Courtesy of @ 10 linty toes / Bacon Necklace / Pinterest

And it wouldn’t be like Lady Gaga to go to an awards festival without wearing something eccentric. She wore a meat necklace to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, where she was the talk of the town. If you would like to sport the bacon, try looking up the Onch Movement which creates meat-inspired necklaces.

Bedazzled Bugs

Mexicans have such a rich culture. If it weren’t for them, America wouldn’t really be dubbed the melting pot that it is. Mexicans have also gained notoriety for their use of beetles when making jewelry. It is said that they cover these insects with rhinestones and diamonds.

Image courtesy of @ Lidia Castro 79 / beetle Brooches / Pinterest

The legend goes that long ago, a princess fell in love with a peasant man. They were forbidden to marry each other and tried to keep their love a secret. When the townsfolk found out, the man was sentenced to death. The princess pleaded a shaman to turn the man into a beetle – which she then wore over her heart as a reminder of their love.

Frankenstein Resurrected

If you thought that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was just fiction, think again. Mary Shelley took human form in this artist. He wanted to create something unconventional from bits and pieces of humans. He scoured the graveyard and found a host of willing beneficiaries for this trendy item.

Image Courtesy of @piximus net / Franken- Bracelet / pinterest

Behold, the Franken – bracelet! It’s guaranteed to give anyone a good scare and a thumping heartbeat. You could have artificial blood seep out of those eyes. You’ll just have to pay an extra amount on top of the $70 dollar bracelet.

Take Your Garden With You

Only parents know how difficult it is to leave a loved one behind for work or even just for a weekend. They scour the list of close friends and family members with whom they can entrust their prized possessions. Have you ever experienced the same? It’s pretty hard to find someone to keep after your dog or the orchids in your garden.

Image Courtesy of @michal likes pizz / Planter Necklace / Pinterest

But thanks to this ingenious idea, plant lovers wouldn’t have to worry about leaving their soil boxes unchecked. They can take parts of their prized plants with them in this planter necklace. You would need to expose it to the sun and water it as frequently as your potted plants, and feed it some fertilizer from time to time.

What’s Slurping?

This starlet was a known name in every household. Women wanted to be like her; men wanted to date her, and designers wanted to work with her. When she agreed to be Chanel’s muse, Chanel was ecstatic to clothe her with the most delicate garments and the most eye-catching jewelry. When she walked onto the red carpet, all eyes were directed to her chest.

Image courtesy of @andion sofia 47 / Bolognaise Necklace / @obey the bee / Pinterest

Men licked their lips in anticipation. And while most women felt the urge to grate some cheese, some were furiously tapping their cellphones to figure out which shop they could purchase this Bolognese necklace from. After all, who doesn’t want to take their meal to go for an estimated cost of $40?

In Case of Famine

There’s a very thin line between art and madness. After all, the most eccentric individuals of their time were able to revolutionize artistic expression by first shocking and then charming the audience. Well, what would you say about this bug farm bracelet?

Image courtesy of @ Thing I Verse / Bug farm Bracelet / Pinterest

We aren’t the people to take things from their natural habitats and then cage them elsewhere. But then again, this bug farm bracelet could be put to good use when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Simply break when you require protein.

40/40 Vision

This woman was tired of being the center of attention. She needed someone or something to direct her attention to. So she thought it best to wear this piece of jewelry. Everyone at the mart gave her the same odd stares, but at least they weren’t talking about her behind her back. No…they were talking about these quirky earrings.

Image courtesy of @marro felisa 108 / Eye Earrings / Pinterest

It was too disturbing to even think about. And if people around her got the courage to broach the subject, the people they told it to wouldn’t believe their eyes. You’re insane. There’s no way she would have worn those kinds of earrings. What can we say? Seeing is believing.

The Forbidden Fruit

What is it about things that we are forbidden from that attract us? This local artist took inspiration from the Biblical story, Adam and Eve, when he crafted this piece of jewelry. What better way to attract and deceive then using the serpent as an earring?

Image courtesy of @victoria fin amore 2005 / Snake Earring / Pinterest

You would need a moderately high pain threshold to use this piece of jewelry. Putting it in your earlobe is easy, but having to secure the tail in your lobe is another thing altogether. But despite the risks it brings, like being banned from the Garden of Eve, many people rush to add this item to their cart.

Shelf Span

Specific artworks fetch high prices because of their innate beauty or uniqueness. There is only one item like this necklace in the world, and you can only use it for a month max. Those limitations drive the prices to whopping amounts. Would you ever consider buying one of these for a hundred dollars?

Image Courtesy of @wonderlists / Mouse Cage Necklace / Pinterest

But if you have ever wondered why you can only use it for a month. The living critter inside it must be attended to day and night. Rattle it too much, or forget to give it food, and you might have a corpse.

Chicken Lovers Be Like…

What’s your favorite food? Could it be penne pasta, barbecue ribs, or fried chicken? If so, then you might love this next piece. People are ordering it, a bucket at a time. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with unlimited gravy.

Image courtesy of @the custom movement / Fried Chicken Necklace / Pinterest

We have received reports of fried chicken necklaces being stolen by thugs in the neighborhood. Thefts claim that they have just got to have it, or that they can re-sell it for a finger-lickin’ price. So, if you want to wear one of these necklaces, then make sure that you’re only using them for fine dine-in restos.

No Need for Introductions

Why do people even bother with jewelry? If you wear the right piece, it could accentuate a feature that you have. The same goes for contouring and makeup. So if you want to draw attention to your lips, or your newfound single status, get a custom-made chin bar.

Image courtesy of @myl- berin / Chin Bar / Pinterest

It’s sold at about $300 a piece. We’re not kidding! You could have it made from silver or gold. And if you wear it to the club, it’s an implied sign that you’re single and ready to mingle. There wouldn’t be any need for introductions. Anyone into you only has to lean in and draw the chin bar from your lips.

Sticking Out

We have had it with fads that come and go with the season. Tank tops and hipster jeans were all the buzz in the 90s. We remember begging our parents to buy us those, paired with tattoo choker necklaces. And years after, we regretted that fashion move. Now, there seems to be another fad on the rise.

Image courtesy of @ Weird Sculpture / Toe Ring / Pinterest

And it has got to deal with severed digits. Not to worry, these bizarre rings are only crafted from metal and silicone. No one was harmed in the process. But as you had guessed, wear these rings to school or work, and you will stick out like a sore thumb.

Fluff Balls

We have a love-hate relationship with cats. But here’s one sound argument to like them. You can make money turning their fur into fluff balls and then selling them as beads online. Within a week, these necklaces had been sold out and bought by fellow fur parents.

Image Courtesy of @taffy cat/ @nutsylori / Cat Hair Necklace / Pinterest

Now, this is the type of jewelry that we would wear. It bears sentimental value, is eco-friendly, and comfortable to wear around your neck. It’s almost like you had brought your cat as a special plus one to an event. But if you want to keep yourself from getting in the crosshairs with dogs, then it’s best to wash your neck with soap and water before hugging them.

Higher Up the Food Chain

Despite the years of evolution, some things remain the same. There’s still a need to establish dominance amongst animals, especially humans, over everything else. It isn’t always triggered by aggression. Sometimes, we are just driven by the need to preserve the self.

Image Courtesy of Snake Vertebrae Bracelet / @ Etsy / Pinterest

Take this man, who proudly wears this pair of bracelets on his wrist. Look closer, and you should be able to make out a snake’s spine. People can’t help but feel repulsed and afraid of him. Funny how snakes don’t feel the same. All they do is hiss at him for this predatory act.

Body Art

Jennifer Crupi is an artist and metalsmith that has studied the ways we communicate with each other. She focuses on body language and crafts jewelry that mimics the subtleties of this form of communication. Sadly, we’re not good readers of body language, and this artwork leaves us confused.

Image Courtesy of @jennifer crupi / Bodi Pieces / Pinterest

Tools for Contact, she calls them. Once this piece is worn, it would simply lock your hands into place, spread apart, and angled towards your chest. It almost looks like you’re saying something in the act of vulnerability. Would you bother buying one for $200, or would you instead just get over your fear of speaking and approach the person you want to ask out?

The Real Tooth Fairy

What age were you when you found out that the tooth fairy was a work of fiction? We’re pretty sure you were shocked to find out that she wasn’t real. We had thought our future would be secure with the cash flow we were getting from our baby teeth falling out.

Image Courtesy of baby teeth / @ pinterest / Pinterest

Tooth fairy or not, this man wanted to make money off his baby teeth collection. He has many young children, nieces, and nephews to outsource from. So he puts two clean pairs in a tiny bottle and seals it off. Isn’t that a cute memorabilia of his kids’ naivete? Customers can use it as a pendant or a keychain.

Snappy Friends

Lizards aren’t this boy’s first choice in pets. He would prefer dogs over these cold-blooded critters any day. But if he had bought one, he wouldn’t be able to wear these lizards to school. You read that right. This kid feeds his lizards a couple of days a week and keeps them starving most of the time.

Image Courtesy of live lizard earrings / @jackee superstar / @jack 0666 / Pinterest

That way, they take a bite of his earlobes. Not to worry, the sting is pretty faint. You wouldn’t be able to feel it over the thunderous applause and compliments you will receive from friends. And just in case your lizard friend gets tired of biting for dear life, you can fit them into your earlobes.

Got to Have ‘Em

If you could sum up the last two years with an item, what would it be? This artist knew that she wouldn’t have been able to survive the pandemic without loading up her shelves (and even art space) with this household commodity. If you guessed alcohol, then you thought wrong. It’s…

Image Courtesy of @ bebe po _ Allison / toilet paper earrings / Pinterest

toilet paper. Can’t say we blame her. Many people went loco trying to hoard 2 and 4-plies to survive an airborne disease. We don’t know how anyone thought toilet paper could help keep us from contracting a disease. But it shows that in life, as in art, you’re likely to panic-buy when logic is thrown out of the window.

Turning Rogue

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress like your favorite villain. You can exact injustice and sow panic by wearing this spike bracelet to work. Customized by Rebekah Frank and made with metal, leather, and glass, this spike bracelet is the next best investment for those who are turning rogue.

Image Courtesy of spike bracelet / @mary pesa / Pinterest

This is perfect for those who dislike handshakes. Watch people around you settle for a nod as you skip the introductions. Then raise world domination as the top priority on your agenda and ask your generals how best to proceed with this idea. Best of luck, villains!

Diamond Grillz

If you want to spice things up, you could ditch the makeup and go for this simple hack. With fang grillz, you’re guaranteed to shock anyone you speak to. Accentuate your incisors with 14karat gold, silver or a couple of studded diamonds.

Image courtesy of Fang Grillz / @ we heart it app / Pinterest

If you’re feeling a little risque, we suggest these vampire fang grillz. Revamp your fashion sense and land the magazine’s front cover in less than a heartbeat. This pair could cost you a whopping $100, but that’s a small price for a lifetime of fame.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

If hair brooches aren’t your thing, then this might cut it. For only a hundred dollars, you could have the ashes of your loved one put inside a pendant. The designer will add a couple of glitters and resin, leave it to harden, and in no time, you could wear this heart pendant around your neck.

Image Courtesy of Ashes Necklace / @vero fe dulaeva 20 / @chris _ parry / Pinterest

You can scatter the remaining ashes into the ocean and then carry this part of them anywhere you go. If you dislike pendants, you could also opt to use your loved one’s ashes as material for a painting. With some paint and resin, the artist should be able to come up with a masterpiece.

A Reason to Part

If you’re thinking about proposing to your long-term partner, we suggest that you choose a ring that would bear meaning to you. But we wouldn’t recommend that you buy a pair of these. This might give your partner a reason to part ways with you.

Image courtesy of nuts and bolts wedding rings / @tosh _ tasha / Pinterest

As you had guessed, the bulk of the client who bought this pair of rings were men. We can only imagine how well the engagement went. Some blamed poor craftsmanship for being dumped when really they just ignored our sensible piece of advice.

Stave off Appetite

It was the middle of the week when this woman received a call on her phone. It was from an unlisted number. She answered it, and to her surprise, it had been her high school friend who was calling. Her friend was calling to see if they could have a mini-reunion. So this woman thought it best to wear this rare piece of jewelry to the mini-reunion.

Image Courtesy of @alyssa rad mand / Bedbug Ideas / Pinterest

As you can guess, she was the highlight of the evening. Everyone’s jaw dropped at how low the neck of her dress was and how this cockroach necklace did little to cover her porcelain skin. Her friends barely had the appetite to eat their food, so this woman thought it best to cover the bill for the night. My treat!

All Zipped Up

If there is anything we have noticed, some fashion trends are merely upcycled. Chokers used to be a thing until they weren’t. Now we see stars like Olivia Rodrigo rock it on the red carpet. Anklets were all the hype in the 90s until they weren’t. Now we’re seeing a comeback of these jewelry items for less than $10.

Image courtesy of Zipper Anklet / @bang good online / @listia / Pinterest

To be fair, this looks like a relatively reasonable piece of jewelry. It is made of metal alloys and bronze dye to get that retro look. If you want to buy some, simply check Teknistore for their products. It is said that anklets protect the wearer from diseases and fashion faux pas.

Cute Lip Rings

We had always thought that piercings could accentuate your features if you wore them in the right places. But we never thought of getting any because of our low pain threshold. Thanks to this statement lip ring, we wouldn’t have to worry about feeling any pain to draw attention to our luscious lips!

Image Courtesy of statement lip ring / @makida 13 / @ INchoo Bijoux / Pinterest

You could have your statement lip ring decorated with silver, gold, and a crest of diamonds. The only limit to your options is budget. But with a meager $130, you could purchase a dazzling lip ring from Inchoo Boux. Don’t forget to take it off when eating.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

There are still a number of us who believe that you can be married to a single person for your lifetime. It takes a great deal of work and commitment to choose this person. And just in case you find it challenging to stick to your vows, you will always have this keepsake to remind you that the alternative is so much more painful.

Image Courteys of piercing wedding ring / @ thoughtfully share / Pinterest

Unlike your traditional wedding rings, this one is embedded into your skin. You will never have to worry about losing your jewlery, but you might want to be careful when washing the dishes. It would be unsightly to see this gem rolling down the drain, and your skin…well, we’ll leave that to your imagination.

Drawing the Wrong Crowd

Attention isn’t always good. We have to put it in the proper context. But some people, like this artist, believe that notoriety is worth the creative endeavor. After all, she has made a couple of dollars from selling this pair of earrings on the internet, that is literally crap.

Image Courtesy of Dog Poop Earrings / @ Etsy / Pinterest

It hadn’t even taken her an hour. Paparazzi swarmed around her, abuzz with noise and intrigue. What caused you to draw inspiration from crap? Will we be seeing more of this in the future? And this artist merely dismissed all the questions with a wave of her hand.

Leg Day

If this earring weren’t so heavy, we might like it. This tentacle earring is made with plastic and some metal that you can pair with a casual tee and some jeans. Mix and match different colors of tentacles as you see fit. There are so many color options for these online.

Image Courtesy of Tentacle Earring / @lady _ gold 67 / Pinterest

It might be a little salty to taste but not to worry, everyone gets used to it. We would suggest that you wear it alternatively between earlobes. A slight asymmetry would invite more attention and curiosity from the passersby. And in case you dislike the odd stares they’re giving you; this jewelry just might shoot out ink.

Brain on Overdrive

There are days when we just can’t seem to silence the voices that we hear in our mind. Oh, if only we could channel these inputs into something more productive, kind of like phone charging. Thanks to Israeli inventor Naomi Kizhner, you could charge your phone from your brain conductivity by wearing this gold implant.

Image Courtesy of Phone Charging Implant Jewelry / @ inventor spot / Pinterest

You need to insert the ends into your skin. She built this jewelry piece as part of the Energy Addicts Project, believing that the human body is a natural renewable energy source. But one look at this piece, and we can’t help but feel all the blood drain from our brains.

Dollar-store Necklace

We wouldn’t suggest you try this at home. The only way you can create this necklace is by intentionally ruining plastic cups. It’s not the most environmentally conscious way of making art, but then again, that’s why this necklace has received public infamy.

Image Courteys of Plastic cup Necklace / @ abuf kov / Pinterest

It only takes $20-30 dollars to create this unique look. But we would suggest that you use recycled plastic material. Do the world a favor. Repurpose trash and invite others to do the same. Earn some money on the side as your ingenious artistry comes to life.