Why You Should Dress To Impress, Even When Working From Home

By Fatime G

Working from home has become a common way of life for many people since the pandemic. While it’s convenient and comfortable to work from your couch wearing comfy clothes like sweats or pajamas, it has also come with many unique challenges.

Source: @janbaborak/Unsplash

One is how to dress when you don’t have to leave your home each day physically. It is tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, but there are some compelling reasons why you should dress to impress, even when working from home. What are some benefits of getting dressed up daily as if going into an office? 

1. Positive Mood Effects

What you wear can significantly impact your mood. Dressing in loungewear all day makes it easy to slip into a relaxed state, making it hard to stay motivated and productive throughout a workday.

On the other hand, if you get yourself dressed up in something that makes you feel powerful and confident, such as a sharp blazer or tailored trousers, then your productivity levels increase as well as your focus and motivation.

2. Professionalism

Even though we’re working from home, we must maintain professional standards when communicating with clients or colleagues via video calls or online meetings. Wearing comfy clothes may make us feel more relaxed, but they can also give off an impression of unprofessionalism that could be detrimental in certain situations.

Source: @ivan-samkov/Pexels

Dressing in business attire sends a message of respect and professionalism even when we aren’t meeting face-to-face with someone; plus, it gives us another opportunity to express our style without sacrificing professionalism.

3. Impressions Matter

When we look good onscreen during video calls or online meetings, people tend to take us more seriously and pay more attention than they would if we wore something basic and casual. People are visual creatures; our first impressions are often based upon what we see before anything else comes into play—including our title or achievements!

So by taking time out of each morning (or night) to get dressed up for work (even if no one is watching!), we’re sending ourselves and others the message that we take our job seriously and know how valuable our skills are.

4. It Boosts Your Confidence and Productivity 

One of the most significant benefits of dressing up for work (even if it’s just in your living room) is that it can help boost your confidence and productivity. Studies have shown that our clothes can affect our performance, so wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself will make it easier to focus on the task.

Source: @artempodrez/Pexels

5. It Helps You Take Yourself Seriously as an Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who works from home, then dressing up is also essential because it helps remind yourself — and others — that you take yourself seriously as a professional. It is especially true if you have clients or partners who occasionally visit your home office or virtually join calls with you.

Wearing something more formal than sweatpants conveys that you are dedicated to your work and invested in ensuring everything goes smoothly.